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ulsan university hospital

Kyung Yeon Lee, Myoung Sook Lee, Dong Bin Kim
Enterovirus 71 frequently involves the central nervous system and may present with a variety of neurologic manifestations. Here, we aimed to describe the clinical features, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings, and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) profiles of patients presenting with neurologic complications of enterovirus 71 infection. We retrospectively reviewed the records of 31 pediatric patients hospitalized with acute neurologic manifestations accompanied by confirmed enterovirus 71 infection at Ulsan University Hospital between 2010 and 2014...
April 2016: Journal of Korean Medical Science
Jae-Cheol Jo, Jin H Baek, Su-Jin Koh, Hawk Kim, Young J Min, Byung U Lee, Byung G Kim, In D Jeong, Hong R Cho, Gyu Y Kim
AIMS: Adjuvant chemotherapy is recommended for gastric cancer after a gastrectomy with D2 dissection. However, its survival benefit in elderly patients is unclear. Here we investigated the use of adjuvant chemotherapy in patients ≥70 years old with stage II or III gastric cancer. METHODS: Patients ≥70 years old diagnosed with stage II or III gastric cancer at Ulsan University Hospital were identified. A retrospective analysis of electronic and paper patient records was performed...
December 2015: Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology
Yong-Soon Kwon, Hyun Jin Roh, Jun Woo Ahn, Sang-Hun Lee, Kyong Shil Im
AIM: This study aimed to determine the feasibility and safety of adenomyomectomy with transient occlusion of uterine arteries (TOUA) in patients with symptomatic diffuse uterine adenomyosis. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Twenty-six patients with symptomatic diffuse uterine adenomyosis underwent adenomyomectomy with TOUA by a single surgeon at Ulsan University Hospital between May 2011 and September 2012. Surgical outcomes included operative time, intraoperative injury to blood vessels, nerves, and pelvic organs and operative blood loss...
June 2015: Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research
Ji-Young Cho, Tae-Heum Chung, Kyoung-Mo Lim, Hee-Jin Park, Jung-Mi Jang
BACKGROUND: Although it is known that losing weight has an effect on the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, the studies that show how losing weight affects the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease for the normal weight male adults are limited so far. In this study, we set body mass index as criteria and investigated how the weight changes for 4 years makes an impact on the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease for the male adults who have the normal body mass index. METHODS: From January to December of 2004, among the normal weight male adults who had general check-up at the Health Promotion Center of Ulsan University Hospital, 180 people (average age, 47...
September 2014: Korean Journal of Family Medicine
Su-Mi Kim, Tae-Heum Chung, Myoung-Soon Oh, Sung-Gul Kwon, Sung-Jin Bae
BACKGROUND: Simple renal cyst is the most common cystic deformation found in adults. However, there were a few systematic Korean reports for the clinical symptoms and complications of simple renal cysts. The author's purpose was to determine the relationship between simple renal cysts diagnosed by abdominal ultrasonography and hypertension. METHODS: Among 13,482 persons who took a routine physical examination at Ulsan University Hospital in 2002, 5,127 persons who took medical examinations again in 2010 were selected...
September 2014: Korean Journal of Family Medicine
Mu Yeol Lee, Taehoon Lee, Min Ho Kim, Sung Soo Byun, Myung Kwan Ko, Jung Min Hong, Kyung Hoon Kim, Seung Won Ra, Kwang Won Seo, Yangjin Jegal, Joseph Jeong, Jong Joon Ahn
BACKGROUND: In Korea recently, nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) have been more frequently isolated in respiratory specimens, while Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) isolations have decreased. The major NTM lung disease species in Korea are M. intracellulare, M. avium, and M. abscessus, whereas M. kansasii is a rare species. This retrospective study was performed to determine if there are region-specific characteristics of lung disease-causing NTM species in Ulsan, a highly industrialized city in Korea...
July 2014: Journal of Thoracic Disease
Tae-Heum Chung, Moon-Chan Kim, Chang-Sup Kim
BACKGROUND: Infection with hepatitis B virus (HBV) may be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. We investigated the relationship between HBV infection and metabolic syndrome. METHODS: We performed a cross-sectional study of 9,474 Korean men and women who were at least 20 years old and who underwent a routine health check-up at Ulsan University Hospital in Ulsan, South Korea between March 2008 and February 2009. The associations of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) seropositivity with the presence of metabolic syndrome and its components were investigated by logistic regression analysis...
March 2014: Korean Journal of Family Medicine
Wookjin Choi, Min Ah Park, Eunseok Hong, Sunhyu Kim, Ryeok Ahn, Jungseok Hong, Seungyeol Song, Tak Kim, Jeongkeun Kim, Seongwoon Yeo
OBJECTIVES: The recent evolution of mobile devices has opened new possibilities of providing strongly integrated mobile services in healthcare. The objective of this paper is to describe the decision driver, development, and implementation of an integrated mobile Electronic Health Record (EHR) application at Ulsan University Hospital. This application helps healthcare providers view patients' medical records and information without a stationary computer workstation. METHODS: We developed an integrated mobile application prototype that aimed to improve the mobility and usability of healthcare providers during their daily medical activities...
December 2013: Healthcare Informatics Research
Yong-Soon Kwon, Hyun Jin Roh, Jun Woo Ahn, Sang-Hun Lee, Kyong Shil Im
BACKGROUND: To introduce the safe and effective surgical technique of laparoscopic adenomyomectomy with transient occlusion of uterine arteries (TOUA) in patients with symptomatic uterine adenomyoma. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: In a prospective case study, we examined all cases of laparoscopic adenomyomectomy with TOUA performed by a single surgeon at Ulsan University Hospital, Ulsan, Korea, between May 2011 and September 2012. Surgical outcomes included operative time, intraoperative injury of blood vessels, nerves, and pelvic organs, as well as intraoperative blood loss...
October 2013: Journal of Laparoendoscopic & Advanced Surgical Techniques. Part A
Yong-Soon Kwon, Da-Young Jung, Sang-Hun Lee, Jun Woo Ahn, Hyun Jin Roh, Kyong Shil Im
BACKGROUND: To determine whether performing transient occlusion of uterine arteries (TOUA) immediately before laparoscopic myomectomy can reduce intraoperative complications. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: In a retrospective case-control study, laparoscopic myomectomy with and without TOUA was examined. Data were analyzed from 89 laparoscopic myomectomies performed by a single surgeon (Y.-S. Kwon) at Ulsan University Hospital (Ulsan, Korea) between March 2011 and December 2011...
August 2013: Journal of Laparoendoscopic & Advanced Surgical Techniques. Part A
Jinhyun Choi, Jin Oh Kang, Seo Hyun Park, Sang Ki Kim
PURPOSE: This research aimed to analyze the patterns of co-authorship network among the Korean radiation oncologists and to identify attributing factors for the formation of networks. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 1,447 articles including contents of 'Radiation Oncology' and 'Therapeutic Radiology' were searched from the KoreaMed database. The co-authorship was assorted by the author's full name, affiliation and specialties. UCINET 6.0 was used to figure out the author's network centrality and the cluster analysis, and KeyPlayer 1...
September 2011: Radiation Oncology Journal
Hee-Jong Tak, Joon-Ho Ahn, Kun-Woo Kim, Yeni Kim, Sam-Wook Choi, Kyung-Yeon Lee, Eun Jin Park, Soo-Young Bhang
OBJECTIVE: Lamotrigine is a widely used medication for psychiatric disorders and epilepsy, but the adverse effects of this drug in adolescent Korean patients have not yet been investigated. In the present study, we sought to compare the incidence and impact of lamotrigine-induced skin rashes and different pattern of adverse events in psychiatric and nonpsychiatric adolescent patients. METHODS: Using a retrospective cohort design, all of the charts were reviewed for adolescents (13 to 20 years old), treated with lamotrigine during the previous 2 years in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinic and Pediatric Neurologic Clinic of the Ulsan University Hospital in South Korea...
June 2012: Psychiatry Investigation
Soo-Young Bhang, Kunwoo Kim, Sam-Wook Choi, Joon-Ho Ahn
In humans, it is widely accepted that brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) participates in the psychophysiology of psychiatric disorders. Yet the relationship between BDNF levels and psychopathological traits in the general population has not been examined. To test whether BDNF blood levels are associated with the modulation of psychopathological traits in healthy subjects, we assessed the correlation between BDNF serum and plasma levels measured at 9am and psychometric parameters using the symptom checklist 90 revised (SCL-90R) and temperament and character inventory (TCI)...
March 23, 2012: Neuroscience Letters
Moon-Chan Kim, Chang-Sup Kim, Tae-Heum Chung, Hyoung-Ouk Park, Cheol-In Yoo
AIM: To investigate relationships between colorectal adenoma incidence, metabolic syndrome (MS) components and lifestyle factors. METHODS: We conducted a retrospective cohort study using data from individuals who had multiple sigmoidoscopies for colon cancer at the Health Promotion Center of Ulsan University Hospital in Korea from 1998 to 2007. RESULTS: By multivariate analysis, the incidence of distal colon adenoma was increased by more than 1...
September 21, 2011: World Journal of Gastroenterology: WJG
Sung Gyu Lee, Gi Won Song, Shin Hwang, Tae Yong Ha, Deok Bog Moon, Dong Hwan Jung, Ki Hun Kim, Chul Soo Ahn, Myung Hwan Kim, Sung Koo Lee, Kyu Bo Sung, Gi Young Ko
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE: Both curative resection and minimized in-hospital mortality offer the only chance of long-term survival in patients with hilar cholangiocarcinoma. The reported resectability rates for hilar cholangiocarcinoma have increased by virtue of combined major hepatectomy, but this procedure is technically demanding and still associated with a significant morbidity and mortality that must be carefully balanced against the chances of long-term survival. METHODS: Between January 2001 and December 2008, 350 patients with hilar cholangiocarcinoma underwent exploration for the purpose of potentially curative resection, of whom 302 (86...
July 2010: Journal of Hepato-biliary-pancreatic Sciences
Joseph Jeong, Sung Ryul Kim, Chulhun L Chang, Seon Ho Lee
BACKGROUND: Infections caused by mycobacteria have been significantly increasing. Due to the difficulty of making a decision about the pathogenicity of mycobacteria, species-level identification is very important for patients' diagnosis and treatment. The purpose of this study was to identify mycobacteria species using a high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method and to provide an initial database for the distribution of mycobacteria in Korea. METHODS: Acid fast bacteria isolated from 3,107 clinical specimens were identified by mycolic acid analysis using HPLC...
February 2008: Korean Journal of Laboratory Medicine
Sun Hye Jung, Hye Soon Park, Kyung-Soo Kim, Woong H Choi, Chul Woo Ahn, Bom Taeck Kim, Seon Mee Kim, Seon Yeong Lee, Sang Mi Ahn, Yun Kyung Kim, Hae Jin Kim, Dae Jung Kim, Kwan-Woo Lee
Obesity is a major risk factor for hypertension, coronary artery disease and type 2 diabetes. Weight loss is associated with significant metabolic benefits. Our objective was to examine changes in adipocytokines and interleukin (IL) 10 in obese subjects before and after weight loss. We measured anthropometric parameters, adipocytokine and IL-10 in 78 obese people who had visited obesity clinics at five university hospitals (Ajou, Ulsan, Catholic, Hanyang and Yonsei) in Korea. They restricted their caloric intake to less than their usual intake (by 500 kcal), were administered sibutramine and were given a program of exercise for 12 weeks...
June 2008: Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry
Chang-Sup Kim, Moon-Chan Kim, Hae-Kwan Cheong, Tae-Heum Jeong
OBJECTIVES: We wanted to evaluate the relationship between obesity and left colonic adenomatous polyps in Korean adult men. METHODS: This study was conducted among 575 adults men (aged between 40 and 69), who had colonoscopy done from January to December 2002 during a routine health examination at Health Promotion Center, Ulsan University Hospital. The patients' colons were examined up to splenic flexure by using fiberoptic colonoscopy. A questionnaire survey on behavioral factors and physical measurements were also done...
November 2005: Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Yebang Ŭihakhoe Chi
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