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Claudio L Ferre, Marina Brandão, Bhavini Surana, Ashley P Dew, Noelle G Moreau, Andrew M Gordon
AIM: To examine the efficacy of caregiver-directed, home-based intensive bimanual training in children with unilateral spastic cerebral palsy (USCP) using a randomized control trial. METHOD: Twenty-four children (ages 2y 6mo-10y 1mo; 10 males, 14 females) performed home-based activities directed by a caregiver for 2 hours per day, 5 days per week, for 9 weeks (total=90h). Cohorts of children were age-matched into groups and randomized to receive home-based hand-arm bimanual intensive therapy (H-HABIT; n=12) or lower-limb functional intensive training (LIFT-control; n=12)...
November 19, 2016: Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology
Khader A Almhdawi, Virgil G Mathiowetz, Matthew White, Robert C delMas
There is a need for more effective rehabilitation methods for individuals post-stroke. Occupational Therapy Task-Oriented (TO) approach has not been evaluated in a randomized clinical trial. The purpose of this study was to evaluate functional and impairment efficacies of TO approach on the more-affected Upper Extremity (UE) of persons post-stroke. A randomized single-blinded cross-over trial recruited 20 participants post-stroke (mean chronicity = 62 months) who demonstrated at least 10° active more-affected shoulder flexion and abduction and elbow flexion-extension...
December 2016: Occupational Therapy International
Nienke Nakken, Daisy J A Janssen, Esther H A van den Bogaart, Monique van Vliet, Geeuwke J de Vries, Gerben P Bootsma, Michiel H M Gronenschild, Jeannet M L Delbressine, Jean W M Muris, Emiel F M Wouters, Martijn A Spruit
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Loved ones (proxies) of patients with COPD are confronted with the patients' limitations in activities of daily living (ADLs). However, it remains unknown whether proxies are able to correctly estimate the problematic ADLs of the patient. Therefore, we aimed to investigate the level of agreement between patient-reported and proxy-reported problematic ADLs of the patient. METHODS: Stable outpatients with moderate to very severe COPD (n = 194) and their resident proxies (n = 194) were included in this cross-sectional study...
October 12, 2016: Respirology: Official Journal of the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology
Songül Atasavun Uysal, Gül Baltaci
OBJECTIVE: This study aimed at assessing how the addition of Nintendo Wii(™) (NW) system to the traditional therapy influences occupational performance, balance, and daily living activities in children with spastic hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy (CP). MATERIALS AND METHODS: The present study is a single-blind and randomized trial involving 24 children aged 6-14 years, classified as level I or II on the Gross Motor Function Classification System. The children were allocated into two groups: an intervention and a control group, and their families participated in the study...
October 5, 2016: Games for Health
Ashley Pinkelman, Marla Roll, David Greene
The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) has been used to assess the effectiveness of assistive technology (AT). We explored whether a modified COPM was sensitive to change in perceived performance and satisfaction, and whether frequency of AT use resulted in greater change in the domains measured (reading, writing, note-taking, test-taking, and study skills). Significant interactions were found between time and use frequency with greater change in perceived performance in the daily-use group in several domains...
October 2016: Occupational Therapy in Health Care
Hanne Tuntland, Mona Kristin Aaslund, Eva Langeland, Birgitte Espehaug, Ingvild Kjeken
BACKGROUND: The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) is an occupational therapy instrument designed to help participants identify, prioritize, and evaluate performance of important occupations. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the validity, responsiveness, interpretability, and feasibility of the COPM when used by various health professions in home-dwelling older adults receiving reablement. Reablement is a new form of multidisciplinary home-based rehabilitation for older adults experiencing functional decline...
2016: Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare
Shun Zhao, Xiao Wang, Guoqi Niu, Wei Dong, Jia Wang, Ying Fang, Yajing Lin, Lin Liu
Copper homeostasis integrates multiple processes from sensing to storage and efflux out of the cell. CopM is a cyanobacterial metallochaperone, the gene for which is located upstream of a two-component system for copper resistance, but the molecular basis for copper recognition by this four-helical bundle protein is unknown. Here, crystal structures of CopM in apo, copper-bound and silver-bound forms are reported. Monovalent copper/silver ions are buried within the bundle core; divalent copper ions are found on the surface of the bundle...
September 2016: Acta Crystallographica. Section D, Structural Biology
Giseli de Fátima Dos Santos Chaves, Alexandra Martini Oliveira, Juliana Aparecida Dos Santos Chaves, Orestes Vicente Forlenza, Ivan Aprahamian, Paula Villela Nunes
Mild impairment in activities of daily living (ADL) can occur in Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), but the nature and extent of these difficulties need to be further explored. The Canadian occupational performance measure (COPM) is one of the few individualized scales designed to identify self-perceived difficulties in ADL. The present study investigated impairments in ADL using the COPM in elderly with MCI. A total of 58 MCI patients were submitted to the COPM for studies of its validity and reliability. The COPM proved a valid and consistent instrument for evaluating ADL in elderly MCI patients...
July 2016: Arquivos de Neuro-psiquiatria
Meral Huri, Nilsun Bağiş, Hakan Eren, Onur Başibüyük, Sedef Şahin, Mutlu Umaroğlu, Kaan Orhan
The aim of this study was to investigate the levels of burnout and explore the relationships between burnout and occupational participation among dentists with teaching responsibilities. Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) was used to evaluate occupational participation with questions on demographic information among 155 dentists with teaching responsibilities. Age, gender, years of experience, academic position were the factors affecting level of burnout and occupational participation. Occupational performance score was negatively correlated with emotional exhausment (r = -...
July 26, 2016: Psychology, Health & Medicine
Joaquín Giner-Lamia, Sara B Pereira, Miquel Bovea-Marco, Matthias E Futschik, Paula Tamagnini, Paulo Oliveira
Metals are essential for all living organisms and required for fundamental biochemical processes. However, when in excess, metals can turn into highly-toxic agents able to disrupt cell membranes, alter enzymatic activities, and damage DNA. Metal concentrations are therefore tightly controlled inside cells, particularly in cyanobacteria. Cyanobacteria are ecologically relevant prokaryotes that perform oxygenic photosynthesis and can be found in many different marine and freshwater ecosystems, including environments contaminated with heavy metals...
2016: Frontiers in Microbiology
Svetlana Kurklinsky, Rachel B Perez, Elke R Lacayo, Christopher D Sletten
Objective. To examine the efficacy of interdisciplinary rehabilitation for improving function in people with chronic pain. Design. Retrospective Chart Review. Setting. The Pain Rehabilitation Center (PRC) at a medical center. Participants. Individuals admitted to the PRC. Interventions. The PRC operates a 3-week outpatient program that utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to treat people with chronic pain. The main treatment elements include physical therapy, occupational therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and medication management...
2016: Pain Research and Treatment
Johanna Wangdell, Jan Fridén
OBJECTIVE: To describe the early active rehabilitation concept developed for spasticity-correcting surgery in tetraplegia and to report the outcomes in grip ability and change of performance and satisfaction in patients' prioritized activities 1 year postoperatively. DESIGN: Retrospective case-control study. SETTING: Nonprofit rehabilitation unit. PARTICIPANTS: All patients who underwent surgeries for correction of spasticity in tetraplegic hands between 2009 and 2013 in the studied unit (N=37)...
June 2016: Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Sabrina Koch-Borner, Jennifer A Dunn, Jan Fridén, Johanna Wangdell
OBJECTIVE: To describe and evaluate the rehabilitation concept after posterior deltoid to triceps transfer in patients with tetraplegia. DESIGN: Retrospective observational study. SETTING: Rehabilitation units. PARTICIPANTS: Patients with tetraplegia who had posterior deltoid to triceps tendon transfer and had muscle strength measurements 1 year postsurgery from 2009 to 2013 (N=44). INTERVENTIONS: Posterior deltoid to triceps tendon transfer to restore elbow extension and postoperative rehabilitation...
June 2016: Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Johanna Wangdell, Lina Bunketorp-Käll, Sabrina Koch-Borner, Jan Fridén
OBJECTIVE: To describe and evaluate the concept of early active rehabilitation after tendon transfer to restore grip function in tetraplegia. DESIGN: Retrospective cohort study. SETTING: Two nonprofit rehabilitation units in Sweden and Switzerland. PARTICIPANTS: All patients with tetraplegia who underwent tendon transfer to restore grip ability during 2009 to 2013 (N=49). INTERVENTION: Reconstructive tendon transfer surgery with early active rehabilitation to restore grip ability in tetraplegia...
June 2016: Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
M Elise Johanson, Jeffrey P Jaramillo, Christine A Dairaghi, Wendy M Murray, Vincent R Hentz
OBJECTIVE: To identify key components of conventional therapy after brachioradialis (BR) to flexor pollicis longus (FPL) transfer, a common procedure to restore pinch strength, and evaluate whether any of the key components of therapy were associated with pinch strength outcomes. DESIGN: Rehabilitation protocols were surveyed in 7 spinal cord injury (SCI) centers after BR to FPL tendon transfer. Key components of therapy, including duration of immobilization, participation, and date of initiating therapy activities (mobilization, strengthening, muscle reeducation, functional activities, and home exercise), were recorded by the patient's therapist...
June 2016: Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Daphne Kos, Marijke Duportail, Jill Meirte, Mira Meeus, Marie B D'hooghe, Guy Nagels, Barbara Willekens, Tom Meurrens, Stephan Ilsbroukx, Jo Nijs
Purpose to evaluate the effectiveness of an individual self-management occupational therapy intervention program (SMOoTh) versus relaxation on the performance of and satisfaction with relevant daily activities in individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS)-related fatigue. in a single-blind randomized-controlled trial, 31 patients with MS (SMOoTh: n=17, relaxation: n=14) were randomly allocated to three individual sessions focusing on pacing, prioritizing, ergonomics, and self-management (SMOoTh) or on stress management and relaxation (relaxation)...
September 2016: International Journal of Rehabilitation Research. Revue Internationale de Recherches de Réadaptation
Egil Kjerstad, Hanne Kristin Tuntland
BACKGROUND: In the face of a growing number of older adults in the population, policy-makers in high-income countries are seeking new ways to reduce the expected growth in long-term care expenditure. Research shows that disability is an important determinant of long-term care utilization. In this context, reablement has received increased attention. Reablement is a form of home-based rehabilitation, which focuses on improving independent functioning in daily activities perceived as important by the older adult...
December 2016: Health Economics Review
Catherine Morgan, Iona Novak, Russell C Dale, Andrea Guzzetta, Nadia Badawi
BACKGROUND: Cerebral palsy (CP) is caused by a lesion in the developing infant brain. Recent neuroplasticity literature suggests that intensive, task-specific intervention ought to commence early, during the critical period of neural development. AIMS: To determine whether "GAME" (Goals - Activity - Motor Enrichment), a motor learning, environmental enrichment intervention, is effective for improving motor skills in infants at high risk of CP. METHODS AND PROCEDURES: Single blind randomised controlled trial of GAME versus standard care...
August 2016: Research in Developmental Disabilities
Katia Stefanantoni, Iliana Sciarra, Nicoletta Iannace, Massimiliano Vasile, Martina Caucci, Antonio Sili Scavalli, Maria Pia Massimiani, Laura Passi, Lucia Maset, Valeria Riccieri
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the effect of occupational therapy (OT) intervention, integrated with a self-administered stretching program on the hands of patients with SSc, after one and three months of treatment. METHODS: We enrolled 31 patients with SSc, randomly allocated to the occupational group (15 patients) or to the control group (16 patients). Each patient received specific outcome measures: Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM), HAQ, Short-Form Health Survey (SF-36), Duruoz Hand Index (DHI), reassessed after 1 (T1) and three months (T2)...
April 14, 2016: Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology
Andreja Švajger, Barbara Piškur
BACKGROUND: Few studies exist on the clinical utility of the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) in vocational rehabilitation. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to explore how Slovenian occupational therapists working in vocational rehabilitation, perceived the usefulness of the COPM in their everyday practice. METHODS: A qualitative study using two focus group discussions was conducted. The meaning condensation method was applied to analyze the data...
April 7, 2016: Work: a Journal of Prevention, Assessment, and Rehabilitation
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