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A Santos, F J Giráldez, E Trevisi, L Lucini, J Frutos, S Andrés
The increasing world population is driving demand for improved efficiency of feed resources of livestock. However, the molecular mechanisms behind various feed efficiency traits and their regulation by nutrition remain poorly understood. Here we aimed to identify differentially expressed (DE) genes in the liver tissues of fattening Merino lambs and differences in metabolites accumulated in plasma to identify modified metabolic pathways as a consequence of milk restriction during the suckling period. Twenty-four male Merino lambs (4...
February 19, 2018: Journal of Animal Science
Hai H Bui, Phillip E Sanders, Diane Bodenmiller, Ming Shang Kuo, Gregory P Donoho, Anthony S Fischl
Phosphatidylinositol (3,4,5) trisphosphate (PIP3 ) is a biologically active membrane phospholipid that is essential for the growth and survival of all eukaryotic cells. We describe a new method that directly measures PIP3 and describe the HPLC separation and measurement of the positional isomers of phosphatidylinositol bisphosphate, PI(3,5)P2 , PI(3,4)P2 and PI(4,5)P2 . Mass spectrometric analyses were performed online using ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC)-electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry (LC-ESI-MS/MS) in the negative multiple-reaction monitoring (MRM) modes...
February 19, 2018: Analytical Biochemistry
Yahiya Y Syed
Intravenous landiolol [Rapibloc® (EU)], an ultra short-acting highly cardioselective β1 -blocker, is approved in the EU for the rapid short-term control of tachyarrhythmias in the perioperative and intensive care settings. It has long been used in Japan to treat perioperative tachyarrhythmias. The efficacy of landiolol has been demonstrated in a large number of randomized controlled clinical trials. Landiolol significantly reduced heart rate in patients with postoperative or intraoperative supraventricular tachycardia relative to placebo and in those with atrial fibrillation/flutter and left ventricular dysfunction relative to digoxin...
February 22, 2018: Drugs
Malgorzata Lysek-Gladysinska, Anna Wieczorek, Anna Walaszczyk, Karol Jelonek, Artur Jozwik, Monika Pietrowska, Wolfgang Dörr, Dorota Gabrys, Piotr Widlak
The aim of the study was to investigate long-term effects of radiation on the (ultra)structure and function of the liver in mice. The experiments were conducted on wild-type C57BL/6J and apolipoprotein E knock-out (ApoE-/- ) male mice which received a single dose (2 or 8 Gy) of X-rays to the heart with simultaneous exposure of liver to low doses (no more than 30 and 120 mGy, respectively). Livers were collected for analysis 60 weeks after irradiation and used for morphological, ultrastructural, and biochemical studies...
February 22, 2018: Radiation and Environmental Biophysics
Naser F Al-Tannak
Perindopril arginine and Indapamide hemihydrate in combination were proven to have a synergistic antihypertensive impact when compared with the use of each component alone. Therefore, a new Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography coupled with Ultraviolet detector (UHPLC-UV) method has been developed and subsequently validated for simultaneous determination of the anti-hypertensive combination of Perindopril arginine and Indapamide hemihydrate. The separation of Perindopril arginine and Indapamide hemihydrate was achieved using a BEH C18 (1...
February 22, 2018: Scientia Pharmaceutica
Yinghua Liang, Rong Shang, Jinrong Lu, Li Liu, Jinshan Hu, Wenquan Cui
Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are a new type of functional material that is self-assembled by metal ions and organic ligands. In this paper, a bimetal-organic framework was synthesized and stripped into two-dimensional nanosheets structure via an ultrasonic method. We coated the UMOFNs (ultra-thinning MOFs into two-dimensional nanosheets) on Ag3PO4 nanoparticles to obtain Ag3PO4@UMOFNs core-shell photo-catalysts. Under visible-light irradiation, the degradation of phenol was 100% within 16 min, and the degradation of biphenyl A was 98...
February 22, 2018: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Charlotte Jouvène, Baptiste Fourmaux, Alain Géloën, Laurence Balas, Thierry Durand, Michel Lagarde, Marion Létisse, Michel Guichardant
Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), a prominent long-chain fatty acid of the omega-3 family, is present at high amount in brain tissues, especially in membrane phospholipids. This polyunsaturated fatty acid is the precursor of various oxygenated lipid mediators involved in diverse physiological and pathophysiological processes. Characterization of DHA-oxygenated metabolites is therefore crucial for better understanding the biological roles of DHA. In this study, we identified and measured, by ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry, a number of oxygenated products derived from DHA in exsanguinated and nonexsanguinated brains...
February 22, 2018: Lipids
Yu Mao, Yuxi Zhang, Ruikai Xue, Yi Liu, Kunjian Cao, Shiliang Qu
We propose a highly sensitive fiber temperature sensor based on a section of liquid-sealed silica capillary tube inserted in a single-multi-single-mode fiber structure. The liquid polymer is filled into the silica capillary tube through two micro-holes drilled by a femtosecond laser. Then the micro-holes are blocked by UV curable adhesive with ultra-small volume. Obvious Mach-Zehnder interference peaks were shown in its transmission spectrum. The proposed fiber temperature sensor can be reliably used for actual point detection owing to its high sensitivity (8...
February 10, 2018: Applied Optics
Xingbo Shi, Yu He, Wenli Gao, Xiaoying Liu, Zhongju Ye, Hua Liu, Lehui Xiao
In this work, we demonstrated a single molecule photobleaching-based strategy for the ultrasensitive detection of adenosine. A modified split aptamer was designed to specifically recognize individual adenosine molecules in solution. The specific binding of dye-labelled short strand DNA probes onto the elongated aptamer strand in the presence of adenosine resulted in a concentration dependent self-aggregation process. The degree of aggregation (DOA) of the short DNA probes on the elongated aptamer strand could then be accurately determined based on the single molecule photobleaching measurement...
February 22, 2018: Analytical Chemistry
Yih-Lin Chung, Mei-Ling Wu
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) is an Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-associated lymphoepithelioma. The aim of the present study was to characterize the homogeneity and distinctness of the T-cell repertoires within and between primary and metastatic NPCs. We used ultra-deep sequencing of the hypervariably rearranged antigen-binding CDR3 regions of T-cell receptor beta (TCRbeta ) to comprehensively profile the T-cell repertoires in NPC patients receiving definitive chemoradiotherapy with long-term follow-up. We observed not only various spatially heterogeneous patient-specific TCRbeta clone compositions that changed with time but also several commonly enriched TCRbeta subclones that were constantly shared between primary NPCs in the head and neck regions, locally recurrent tumors after treatment, and later-developed distant metastatic tumors in the liver, lung and bone...
February 22, 2018: International Journal of Cancer. Journal International du Cancer
Camila Takeno Cologna, Renata Santos Rodrigues, Jean Santos, Edwin de Pauw, Eliane Candiani Arantes, Loïc Quinton
Background: Advancements in proteomics, including the technological improvement in instrumentation, have turned mass spectrometry into an indispensable tool in the study of venoms and toxins. In addition, the advance of nanoscale liquid chromatography coupled to nanoelectrospray mass spectrometry allows, due to its high sensitivity, the study of venoms from species previously left aside, such as ants. Ant venoms are a complex mixture of compounds used for defense, predation or communication purposes...
2018: Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins Including Tropical Diseases
Vahid Malekian, Abbas Nasiraei Moghaddam, Mahdi Khajehim
A non-balanced (nb) SSFP-based fMRI method based on CE-FAST is presented to alleviate some shortcomings of high spatial-specificity techniques commonly used in high static magnetic fields. The proposed sequence does not suffer from the banding artifacts inherent to balanced (b) SSFP, has low geometrical distortions and SAR compared to spin-echo EPI, and in contrast to previous nbSSFP implementations, is applied at a TR, theoretically prescribed for the optimum contrast. Its non-balanced gradient was chosen to just dephase the unwanted signal component (2π dephasing per TR per voxel)...
February 18, 2018: Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Wojciech Ogieglo, Kristianne Tempelman, Simone Napolitano, Nieck Edwin Benes
The free surface, a very thin layer at the interface between polymer and air, is considered the main source of the perturbations in the properties of ultrathin polymer films, i.e. nanoconfinement effects. The structural relaxation of such layer is decoupled from the molecular dynamics of the bulk. The free surface is, in fact, able to stay liquid even below the temperature where the polymer resides in glassy state. Importantly, this surface layer is expected to have a very sharp interface with the underlying bulk...
February 21, 2018: Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
Vahid Rahmati, Knut Kirmse, Knut Holthoff, Stefan J Kiebel
Calcium imaging provides an indirect observation of the underlying neural dynamics and enables the functional analysis of neuronal populations. However, the recorded fluorescence traces are temporally smeared, thus making the reconstruction of exact spiking activity challenging. Most of the established methods to tackle this issue are limited in dealing with issues such as the variability in the kinetics of fluorescence transients, fast processing of long-term data, high firing rates, and measurement noise...
February 21, 2018: Journal of Neurophysiology
Qiuhui Hu, Biao Yuan, Hang Xiao, Liyan Zhao, Xian Wu, Kanyasiri Rakariyatham, Lei Zhong, Yanhui Han, Benard Muinde Kimatu, Wenjian Yang
Edible mushrooms are rich sources of bioactive components. In this study, a polyphenol-rich extract, designated as PPEP, was isolated from an edible mushroom, Pleurotus eryngii. Using ultra high performance liquid chromatograph combined with triple time-of-flight mass spectrometry (UPLC-TOF/MS/MS), gallic acid monohydrate, 3-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)-propionic acid, methyl gallate, syringic acid, ellagic acid and catechin were identified in PPEP. This phenolic-rich extract PPEP exhibited anti-inflammatory effect in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated RAW264...
February 21, 2018: Food & Function
Åke Stenholm, Mikael Hedeland, Torbjörn Arvidsson, Curt E Pettersson
This paper describes the search for procedures through which the xenobiotic pollutant diclofenac can be removed from non-sterile aquatic systems. Specifically, adsorption to solid supports (carriers) in combination with biodegradation by non-immobilized and immobilized white rot fungus (WRF) Trametes versicolor were investigated. Batch experiments using polyurethane foam (PUF)-carriers resulted in 99.9% diclofenac removal after 4 h, with monolayer adsorption of diclofenac to carrier and glass surfaces accounting for most of the diclofenac decrease...
February 21, 2018: Environmental Technology
Min-Kyu Kim, Jang-Sik Lee
Low power consumption is the important requirement in memory devices for saving energy. In particular, improved energy-efficiency is essential in implantable electronic devices for operation under a limited power supply. Here, we demonstrate the use of κ-carrageenan (κ-car) as the resistive switching layer to achieve memory that has low power consumption. A carboxymethyl (CM) group is introduced to the κ-car to increase its ionic conductivity. Ag was doped in CM:κ-car to improve the resistive switching properties of the devices...
February 21, 2018: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
João Jorge, Patrícia Figueiredo, Rolf Gruetter, Wietske van der Zwaag
External stimuli and tasks often elicit negative BOLD responses in various brain regions, and growing experimental evidence supports that these phenomena are functionally meaningful. In this work, the high sensitivity available at 7T was explored to map and characterize both positive (PBRs) and negative BOLD responses (NBRs) to visual checkerboard stimulation, occurring in various brain regions within and beyond the visual cortex. Recently-proposed accelerated fMRI techniques were employed for data acquisition, and procedures for exclusion of large draining vein contributions, together with ICA-assisted denoising, were included in the analysis to improve response estimation...
February 20, 2018: Human Brain Mapping
Benjamin L Oyler, Mohd M Khan, Donald F Smith, Erin M Harberts, David P A Kilgour, Robert K Ernst, Alan S Cross, David R Goodlett
Recent advances in lipopolysaccharide (LPS) biology have led to its use in drug discovery pipelines, including vaccine and vaccine adjuvant discovery. Desirable characteristics for LPS vaccine candidates include both the ability to produce a specific antibody titer in patients and a minimal host inflammatory response directed by the innate immune system. However, in-depth chemical characterization of most LPS extracts has not been performed; hence, biological activities of these extracts are unpredictable. Additionally, the most widely adopted workflow for LPS structure elucidation includes nonspecific chemical decomposition steps before analyses, making structures inferred and not necessarily biologically relevant...
February 20, 2018: Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry
Carlos Fernández de Larrea, Ignacio Isola, Arturo Pereira, Ma Teresa Cibeira, Laura Magnano, Natalia Tovar, Luis-Gerardo Rodríguez-Lobato, Xavier Calvo, Juan I Aróstegui, Tania Díaz, Ester Lozano, María Rozman, Jordi Yagüe, Joan Bladé, Laura Rosiñol
Smoldering multiple myeloma (SMM) is a biologically heterogeneous, clinically defined entity with a variable rate of progression to symptomatic multiple myeloma (MM). Reliable markers for progression are critical for the development of potential therapeutic interventions. We retrospectively evaluated the predictive value of the evolving pattern of serum M-protein among other progression risk factors in 206 patients with SMM diagnosed between 1973 and 2012. Median time from recognition of evolving type to progression into symptomatic MM was 1...
February 2, 2018: Leukemia: Official Journal of the Leukemia Society of America, Leukemia Research Fund, U.K
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