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Marília Daniella Machado Araújo Cavalcante, Liliana Müller Larocca, Maria Marta Nolasco Chaves, Márcia Regina Cubas, Laura Christina Macedo Piosiadlo, Verônica de Azevedo Mazza
OBJECTIVE: To analyze the use of nursing terminology as an instrument of the nursing work process in Collective Health. METHOD: Exploratory case study. For data collection was conducted a group interview with 24 nurses working in health units of a municipality in south central Paraná, Brazil. Data were analyzed in the light of interdependence between the structural, particular and singular dimensions contained in the Theory of Nursing Praxis Intervention in Collective Health...
July 2016: Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da U S P
José Leopoldo Ferreira Antunes, Tatiana Natasha Toporcov, João Luiz Bastos, Paulo Frazão, Paulo Capel Narvai, Marco Aurélio Peres
This study describes the scientific production on oral health diffused in Revista de Saúde Pública, in the 50 years of its publication. A narrative review study was carried out using PubMed, as it is the search database that indexes all issues of the journal. From 1967 to 2015, 162 manuscripts specifically focused on oral health themes were published. This theme was present in all volumes of the journal, with increasing participation over the years. Dental caries was the most studied theme, constantly present in the journal since its first issue...
August 4, 2016: Revista de Saúde Pública
Rosangela Barbiani, Carlise Rigon Dalla Nora, Rafaela Schaefer
OBJECTIVE: to identify and categorize the practices performed by nurses working in Primary Health Care and Family Health Strategy Units in light of responsibilities established by the profession's legal and programmatic frameworks and by the Brazilian Unified Health System. METHOD: a scoping review was conducted in the following databases: LILACS, IBECS, BDENF, CINAHL and MEDLINE, and the Cochrane and SciELO libraries. Original research papers written by nurses addressing nursing practices in the primary health care context were included...
2016: Revista Latino-americana de Enfermagem
Amritraj Patra, Dustin A Politica, Arindom Chatterjee, E John Tokarsky, Zucai Suo, Ashis Basu, Michael P Stone, Martin Egli
The environmental pollutant 3-nitrobenzanthrone produces bulky aminobenzanthrone (ABA) DNA adducts with both guanine and adenine nucleobases. A major product occurs at the C8 position of guanine (C8-dG-ABA). These adducts present a strong block to replicative polymerases but, remarkably, can be bypassed in a largely error-free manner by the human Y-family polymerase(hPol ). Here we report the crystal structure of a ternary Pol*DNA*dCTP complex between a C8-dG-ABA containing template: primer duplex and hPol ...
August 24, 2016: Chembiochem: a European Journal of Chemical Biology
Hadelândia Milon de Oliveira, Cristiane Pavanello Rodrigues Silva, Rúbia Aparecida Lacerda
This article is a theoretical-reflexive study that aims to discuss the development and changes in the quality of healthcare assistance to the patient over the years in Brazil, in light of the policies of control and prevention of Healthcare-associated Infection (HAI). Aspects of HAI and the process of change in health policy in Brazil, as well as the quality of assistance associated with its control, are approached in relation to policies of patient safety. There are various new theoretical and practical proposals created in Brazil...
May 2016: Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da U S P
Deybson Borba de Almeida, Gilberto Tadeu Reis da Silva, Paulo Joaquim Pina Queirós, Genival Fernandes de Freitas, Aline Di Carla Laitano, Sirléia de Sousa Almeida, Victor Porfirio Ferreira Almeida Santos
OBJECTIVE: To analyze the history of the life and activism of Portuguese nurse Maria Augusta Sousa. METHOD: Sousa's life story was obtained by means of semi-structured interview swith Sousa as the oral source of data. NVivo qualitative research software was used for data analysis. Content analysis focused on thematic analysis based on the theoretical and philosophical ideas of Michel Foucault, in particular, power and techniques of the self. RESULTS: Alienation and political participation were revealed as pertinent issues...
May 2016: Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da U S P
Maria Terumi Maruyama Kami, Liliana Muller Larocca, Maria Marta Nolasco Chaves, Laura Christina Macedo Piosiadlo, Guilherme Souza Albuquerque
OBJECTIVE: To identify ideological knowledge and tool knowledgethat provide support to the Street Outreach Office working process. METHOD: Qualitative and exploratory research. TwentyStreet Outreach Office professionals and six users collected the data, applying different semi-structured interview schedules for each category of participants. The resulting categories were analyzed in light of tool and ideological knowledge presented in the working process. RESULTS: From the participant discourses the following ideological knowledge emerged: public policies and the needs of the person ina street situation and tool knowledge, as well as devices and tools for the care of people in street situations and a weekly schedule...
May 2016: Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da U S P
Cristiane Andrea Locatelli de Almeida, Oswaldo Yoshimi Tanaka
OBJECTIVE: To analyze scopes and limits of the use of participatory methodology of evaluation with municipal health managers and administrators. METHODS: Qualitative research with health policymakers and managers of the Comissão Intergestores Regional (CIR - Regional Interagency Commission) of a health region of the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil. Representatives from seven member cities participated in seven workshops facilitated by the researchers, with the aim of assessing a specific problem of the care line, which would be used as a tracer of the system integrality...
August 4, 2016: Revista de Saúde Pública
Tatiane Bonametti Veiga, Silvano da Silva Coutinho, Silvia Carla Silva Andre, Adriana Aparecida Mendes, Angela Maria Magosso Takayanagui
OBJECTIVE: to prepare a list of sustainability indicators in the health dimension, for urban solid waste management. METHODS: a descriptive and exploratory study performed jointly with 52 solid waste specialists, using a three-steps Delphi technique, and a scale measuring the degree of importance for agreement among the researchers in this area. RESULTS: the subjects under study were 92,3% PhD's concentrated in the age group from 30 to 40 years old (32,7%) and 51% were men...
August 8, 2016: Revista Latino-americana de Enfermagem
Sandra Garrido de Barros, Ligia Maria Vieira-da-Silva
OBJECTIVE: To analyze the genesis of the policy for controlling AIDS in Brazil. METHODS: Socio-historical study (1981-1989), based on Bordieu's genetic sociology, by document analysis, bibliographical review, and in-depth interviews. It consisted of a connection between the analysis of the paths of 33 agents involved in the creation of a social space focusing on AIDS-related issues and the historical possibility conditions of the drafting of a specific policy. RESULTS: AIDS Space is a gathering point for the paths of agents from several social fields (medical, scientific, political, and bureaucratic fields)...
July 21, 2016: Revista de Saúde Pública
Priscila Meyenberg Cunha Sade, Aida Maris Peres
OBJECTIVE: Developing continuing education guidelines for the development of nursing management competencies along with the members of the Center of Nursing Continuing Education of Parana. METHOD: A qualitative research outlined by the action research method, with a sample consisting of 16 nurses. Data collection was carried out in three stages and data were analyzed according to the thematic analysis technique. RESULTS: It was possible to discuss the demands and difficulties in developing nursing management competencies in hospital organizations and to collectively design a guideline...
December 2015: Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da U S P
Francisca Marina de Souza Freire Furtado, José Anderson Galdino Santos, Stedile Loredanna, Eunice Araújo, Ana Alayde Werba Saldanha, Josevânia da Silva
In the 30 years of the AIDS pandemic in Brazil, it is recognized the HIV virus internalization of the phenomenon as a challenge to care and current health policies. In this sense, it aimed to verify sex practices and social representations that rural towns residents have about the disease. Attended by 789 people, men and women, between 18 and 90 years old, residents in 41 towns with fewer than 11,000 inhabitants in the state of Paraiba / Brazil. Data were collected by a questionnaire and the free association of words test...
June 2016: Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da U S P
Bibiana Arantes Moraes, Nilce Maria da Silva Costa
OBJECTIVE: To analyze Pedagogical Projects Courses (PPCs) from the healthcare field in light of the National Curriculum Standards (NCS) policies on healthcare training. METHOD: Exploratory descriptive study of qualitative approach, in which were carried out analyzes of PPPs of Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine, Nutrition and Dentistry of a federal university in the Midwest region of Brazil. As technical analysis of documentary sources, adopted the content analysis in the thematic mode...
June 2016: Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da U S P
Helton Saragor de Souza, Áquilas Nogueira Mendes
OBJECTIVE: To relate hospitals' organizational structure as the core of a web of outsourced services and flexible employment bonds among healthcare professionals in the context of finance capitalism, analyzing work arrangements based mainly on the type of employment bond. METHOD: Qualitative research through ethnography, interviews, data analysis, and case studies. The case studies were concentrated in 3 hospitals located in the São Paulo metropolitan region under different management types: public administration; outsourced administration via a healthcare social organization (HSO); and private administration...
April 2016: Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da U S P
Ana Luiza Vilela Borges, Osmara Alves Dos Santos, Natália de Castro Nascimento, Christiane Borges do Nascimento Chofakian, Flávia Azevedo Gomes-Sponholz
OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study is to assess preconception health behaviors among Brazilian women, and analyze the effect of pregnancy planning status in carrying out preconception measures. METHOD: This is a cross-sectional quantitative study conducted with 807 women, of whom 649 had a planned or ambivalent pregnancy. Preconception health behaviors were assessed by the Brazilian version of the London Measure of Unplanned Pregnancy. RESULTS: Preconception health behaviors were performed by only 15...
April 2016: Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da U S P
Bernard Larouzé
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 2016: Ciência & Saúde Coletiva
Thiago Hérick de Sá, Rafael Henrique Moraes Pereira, Ana Clara Duran, Carlos Augusto Monteiro
OBJECTIVE: To present national estimates regarding walking or cycling for commuting in Brazil and in 10 metropolitan regions. METHODS: By using data from the Health section of 2008's Pesquisa Nacional por Amostra de Domicílio (Brazil's National Household Sample Survey), we estimated how often employed people walk or cycle to work, disaggregating our results by sex, age range, education level, household monthly income per capita, urban or rural address, metropolitan regions, and macro-regions in Brazil...
June 27, 2016: Revista de Saúde Pública
Alberto M Ysunza, Silvia Diez-Urdanivia, Sara E Pérez-Gil
Resumen:En este artículo presentamos el proyecto de capacitación llevado a cabo en comunidades de la sierra y costa de Oaxaca, México, desde 1991, por el Centro de Capacitación Integral para Promotores Comunitarios (CECIPROC). La decisión de hacer este trabajo en Oaxaca responde a que ese estado ocupa uno de los primeros lugares de marginación y de desnutrición en menores de 5 años. El objetivo es describir un modelo de capacitación y compartir parte de las experiencias derivadas, tanto del modelo como del trabajo realizado en las distintas áreas (nutrición y alimentación, salud comunitaria, ecología y etnobotánica, y educación y organización), por promotores mujeres y hombres en sus comunidades...
June 8, 2016: Global Health Promotion
Dustin A Politica, Chanchal K Malik, Ashis K Basu, Michael P Stone
3-Nitrobenzanthrone (3-NBA), an environmental mutagen found in diesel exhaust and a suspected carcinogen, undergoes metabolic reduction followed by reaction with DNA to form aminobenzanthrone (ABA) adducts, with the major alkylation product being N-(2'-deoxyguanosin-8-yl)-3-aminobenzanthrone (C8-dG-ABA). Site-specific synthesis of the C8-dG-ABA adduct in the oligodeoxynucleotide 5'-d(GTGCXTGTTTGT)-3':5'-d(ACAAACACGCAC)-3'; X = C8-dG-ABA adduct, including codons 272-275 of the p53 gene, has allowed for investigation into the structural and thermodynamic properties of this adduct...
December 21, 2015: Chemical Research in Toxicology
A Avila, E Vanegas, L Tocaruncho
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 2015: Value in Health: the Journal of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research
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