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Laser peripheral iridotomy

Nikhil Shreeram Choudhari, Vanita Pathak-Ray, Sushmita Kaushik, Prateep Vyas, Ronnie George
PURPOSE: The aim of this study is to explore and compare the prevailing practice patterns in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma among subspecialists and general ophthalmologists in India. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This is an interactive audience response system (ARS) based poll of ophthalmologists attending the annual conference of the Glaucoma Society of India in 2013. RESULTS: The information was obtained from 379 ophthalmologists (146 glaucoma specialists, 54 nonglaucoma subspecialists, and 179 general ophthalmologists)...
October 2016: Indian Journal of Ophthalmology
Wakako Ikegawa, Takashi Suzuki, Koji Namiguchi, Shiro Mizoue, Atsushi Shiraishi, Yuichi Ohashi
Purpose. To quantify changes in anterior segment (AS) parameters after laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI) using AS-optical coherence tomography (OCT) of iris bombe. Method. AS images of eight eyes were captured before and after iris bombe and more than 2 weeks after LPI (post-LPI) using AS-OCT. We compared the following AS parameters: anterior chamber depth (ACD), anterior chamber volume (ACV), iris curvature (IC), iris thickness at 500 μm from the scleral spur (IT-1) in the middle between the iris root and pupillary margin (IT-2) and 500 μm from the pupillary margin (IT-3) to the anterior chamber angle (ACA) (angle opening distance [AOD750]), and trabecular iris space area...
2016: Journal of Ophthalmology
Aparna Rao, Debananda Padhy, Sarada Sarangi, Gopinath Das
PURPOSE: To evaluate the angle closure scoring system (ACSS) for stratifying primary angle course disease. METHODS: This observational cross sectional institutional study included patients with primary open angle glaucoma suspects (n = 21) and primary angle closure disease (primary angle closure, PAC, n = 63 and primary angle course glaucoma, PACG, n = 58 (defined by International society of Geographical and Epidemiological Ophthalmology, ISGEO). Two independent examiners blinded to clinical details, graded good quality pre-laser goniophotographs of the patients incorporating quadrants of peripheral anterior synechieae (PAS), non-visibility of posterior trabecular meshwork (PTM) and blotchy pigments (ranging from 1-4 quadrants), iris configuration, angle recess (sum of above depicting ACSSg) and lens thickness/axial length ratio (LT/AL), cup disc ratio and baseline intraocular pressure (IOP) to give total score (ACSSt)...
2016: PloS One
Young Cheong Kim, Mi Sun Sung, Hwan Heo, Sang Woo Park
BACKGROUND: To compare refractive outcomes after cataract surgery between patients with closed-angle and open-angle glaucoma and evaluate the influence of preoperative factors on refractive outcomes in patients with glaucoma. METHODS: Patients diagnosed with glaucoma and who underwent uncomplicated cataract surgery were enrolled in this retrospective observational study. We collected data including age, history of prior laser peripheral iridotomy and trabeculectomy, type of glaucoma, manifest refraction, intraocular pressure, axial length, and various anterior segment parameters using anterior-segment optical coherence tomography...
October 18, 2016: BMC Ophthalmology
Eray Atalay, Monisha E Nongpiur, Mani Baskaran, Sourabh Sharma, Shamira A Perera, Tin Aung
Purpose: To compare ocular biometric and anterior segment parameters between the affected and fellow eye in subjects with acute primary angle closure (APAC). Methods: We evaluated 76 subjects with unilateral APAC who had undergone bilateral laser peripheral iridotomy before enrollment. Imaging was done using anterior segment optical coherence tomography and a customized software was used to measure the following: angle opening distance (AOD750); trabecular-iris space area (TISA750); iris thickness (IT750); iris curvature (ICURV); iris area (IAREA); anterior chamber depth; area and volume (ACD; ACA and ACV); anterior chamber width (ACW); anterior vault (ACD+LV); lens vault (LV); and pupil diameter (PD)...
October 1, 2016: Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science
Nazlee Zebardast, Srinivasan Kavitha, Palaniswamy Krishnamurthy, David S Friedman, Monisha E Nongpiur, Tin Aung, Harry A Quigley, Pradeep Y Ramulu, Rengaraj Venkatesh
PURPOSE: To compare anterior segment optical coherence tomography (ASOCT) angle morphology before and after laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI) in a cohort of South Indian subjects with primary angle-closure suspect (PACS) or primary angle-closure/primary angle-closure glaucoma (PAC/PACG) and to examine baseline parameters associated with angle widening. DESIGN: Prospective observational study. PARTICIPANTS: A total of 244 subjects aged ≥30 years with PACS or PAC/PACG in at least 1 eye...
October 7, 2016: Ophthalmology
Augusto Azuara-Blanco, Jennifer Burr, Craig Ramsay, David Cooper, Paul J Foster, David S Friedman, Graham Scotland, Mehdi Javanbakht, Claire Cochrane, John Norrie
BACKGROUND: Primary angle-closure glaucoma is a leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide. In early-stage disease, intraocular pressure is raised without visual loss. Because the crystalline lens has a major mechanistic role, lens extraction might be a useful initial treatment. METHODS: From Jan 8, 2009, to Dec 28, 2011, we enrolled patients from 30 hospital eye services in five countries. Randomisation was done by a web-based application. Patients were assigned to undergo clear-lens extraction or receive standard care with laser peripheral iridotomy and topical medical treatment...
October 1, 2016: Lancet
Hossein Jamali, Sara Jahanian, Reza Gharebaghi
PURPOSE: To evaluate the effects of prophylactic laser peripheral iridotomy on corneal endothelial cell density and cell morphology in subjects with primary angle closure suspect (PACS) within a one-year follow-up period. METHODS: In this quasi-experimental prospective study, from June 2012 to November 2013, thirty-five PACS eyes underwent laser peripheral iridotomy at clinics affiliated to Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran. After obtaining informed consent, specular microscopy was performed at baseline and at 3-month, 6-month and 12-month follow-up visits...
July 2016: Journal of Ophthalmic & Vision Research
Ephrem Melese, Jeffrey R Peterson, Robert M Feldman, Laura A Baker, Nicholas P Bell, Alice Z Chuang, Lauren S Blieden
PURPOSE: To evaluate the changes in anterior chamber angle (ACA) parameters in primary angle closure (PAC) spectrum eyes before and after cataract extraction (CE) and compare to the changes after laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI) using anterior segment optical coherence tomography (ASOCT). METHODS: Twenty-eight PAC spectrum eyes of 18 participants who underwent CE and 34 PAC spectrum eyes of 21 participants who underwent LPI were included. ASOCT images with 3-dimensional mode angle analysis scans were taken with the CASIA SS-1000 (Tomey Corp...
2016: PloS One
Zhong Lin, Ronghan Wu, Nived Moonasar, Yehui Zhou
PURPOSE: To report a case of acute primary angle closure that developed in the fellow eye rapidly after facedown position after vitrectomy surgery. PATIENTS AND METHODS: A 66-year-old female developed acute primary angle closure in the fellow eye approximately 1.5 hours after facedown position after vitrectomy surgery for macular hole. RESULTS: The intraocular pressure was controlled after treatment that included halting the facedown position, intravenous mannitol injection, and topical pilocarpine instillation...
August 22, 2016: Journal of Glaucoma
Lingam Vijaya, Rashima Asokan, Manish Panday, Ronnie George
BACKGROUND: To report the risk of cataract progression among primary angle closure suspects (PACS) 6 years after they underwent laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI). METHODS: In the Chennai Eye Disease Incidence Study, 6 years after their baseline evaluation, 4421 subjects were examined again. As part of a detailed evaluation cataract was graded using the Lens Opacities Classification System II; progression was defined as change of cataract by two or more grades or history of cataract surgery in the 6-year period...
August 2, 2016: British Journal of Ophthalmology
David A Hollander, Mark E Pennesi, Jorge A Alvarado
Plateau iris configuration describes an anatomic abnormality in which large or anteriorly positioned pars plicata push the iris root forward, thereby narrowing the anterior chamber angle. Plateau iris syndrome (PIS) is diagnosed if the angle remains occludable, either spontaneously or pharmacologically, after iridotomy. PIS has traditionally been treated with chronic pilocarpine or laser peripheral iridoplasty. A series of 9 eyes of 6 patients with PIS, diagnosed by dark room provocative testing and ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM) following iridotomy, underwent cataract extraction and endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation (ECP)...
July 27, 2016: Experimental Eye Research
Abdourahman Cham, Mayank Bansal, Himanshu K Banda, Young Kwon, Paul S Tlucek, Alexander G Bassuk, Stephen H Tsang, Warren M Sobol, James C Folk, Steven Yeh, Vinit B Mahajan
OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to review the treatment outcomes of patients with secondary glaucoma in cases of autosomal dominant neovascular inflammatory vitreoretinopathy (ADNIV), a hereditary autoimmune uveitis due to mutations in CAPN5. PATIENTS AND METHODS: A retrospective, observational case series was assembled from ADNIV patients with secondary glaucoma. The main outcome measures were intraocular pressure (IOP), visual acuity, use of antiglaucoma medications, ocular surgeries, and adverse outcomes...
2016: Clinical Ophthalmology
Vipul Bhandari, Smitha Karandikar, Jagdeesh K Reddy, Kirti Relekar
PURPOSE: To evaluate the visual outcome and intraocular pressure changes after Visian Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) implantation V4b and V4c (with central hole) for correction of high myopia. METHODS: A prospective, consecutive, interventional comparative case series of V4b and V4c ICL implantation was done in high myopic patients who were unsuitable for laser vision. The main outcome measures studied were uncorrected and corrected distant visual acuity (UDVA, CDVA), ICL vault, intraocular pressure (IOP), endothelial cell count (ECC), and development of subcapsular lens opacities...
September 2015: Journal of Current Ophthalmology
Sasan Moghimi, Hesam Hashemian, Rebecca Chen, Mohammadkarim Johari, Massood Mohammadi, Shan C Lin
PURPOSE: To compare long term efficacy of phacoemulsification in the early management of acute primary angle closure (APAC) after aborting an acute attack and performing laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI). METHODS: In this nonrandomized comparative prospective study, we included 35 subjects presenting with APAC who had responded to medical treatment and LPI with intraocular pressure (IOP) less than 25 mmHg. Twenty patients with visually significant cataract with visual acuity of <20/30 were assigned to the "Phaco/LPI" group and underwent phacoemulsification within 6 weeks of the attack...
September 2015: Journal of Current Ophthalmology
Bonnie Nga Kwan Choy, Jonathan Cheuk Hung Chan, Carol Pui Yang Chien, Jimmy Shiu Ming Lai
BACKGROUND: We describe two cases of recurrent acute angle-closure attack in patients with plateau iris syndrome after cataract extraction. Argon laser peripheral iridoplasty and cataract extraction have been used to reduce the occurrence of acute angle-closure attack in plateau iris syndrome although the risk cannot be completely eliminated. There is no consensus on the long term management of plateau iris syndrome. This is, as far as we know, the first case report of recurrent acute angle-closure attack in plateau iris syndrome after cataract extraction...
2016: BMC Ophthalmology
Michael Waisbourd, Noelle L Pruzan, Deiana Johnson, Angela Ugorets, John E Crews, Jinan B Saaddine, Jeffery D Henderer, Lisa A Hark, L Jay Katz
PURPOSE: To evaluate the detection rates of glaucoma-related diagnoses and the initial treatments received in the Philadelphia Glaucoma Detection and Treatment Project, a community-based initiative aimed at improving the detection, treatment, and follow-up care of individuals at risk for glaucoma. DESIGN: Retrospective analysis. PARTICIPANTS: A total of 1649 individuals at risk for glaucoma who were examined and treated in 43 community centers located in underserved communities of Philadelphia...
August 2016: Ophthalmology
Christian Theinert, Peter Wiedemann, Jan Darius Unterlauft
PURPOSE: The pressure gradient between anterior and posterior chamber in acute angle closure (AAC) and primary angle closure suspects is balanced by a sufficient laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI). The anterior chamber changes induced by LPI in patients with unilateral AAC were examined and compared to healthy eyes to define threshold values, which may help to discriminate between healthy and diseased eyes. METHODS: Using Scheimpflug photography, anterior chamber depth (ACD), anterior chamber volume (ACV), anterior chamber angle (ACA), and central corneal thickness (CCT) were measured before and after LPI in both eyes of unilateral AAC cases...
May 16, 2016: European Journal of Ophthalmology
Mohammad Mehdi Sadoughi, Danial Roshandel, Javad Rezaei, Neda Einollahi, Bahram Einollahi
PURPOSE: To compare the total energy required for producing patent neodymium:yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser peripheral iridotomy in patients with or without keratoconus (KC). METHODS: In this case-control study, 36 eyes from 36 patients with KC and 24 eyes from 24 patients with myopia with or without astigmatism (as control group) who were scheduled for phakic intraocular lens implantation underwent neodymium:yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser peripheral iridotomy 1 week before surgery...
July 2016: Cornea
Xiao-Yun Ma, Dan Zhu, Jun Zou, Wen-Jie Zhang, Yi-Lin Cao
AIM: To quantitatively assess narrow anterior chamber angle using spectral-domain anterior segment optical coherence tomography (SD-AS-OCT) and ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM), and to evaluate the correlations and consistency between SD-AS-OCT and UBM. METHODS: Fifty-five eyes from 40 patients were examined. Patients were diagnosed with primary angle-closure glaucoma (PACG) remission (11 eyes from 8 patients), primary angle closure (PAC, 20 eyes from 20 patients) and PAC suspect (24 eyes from 12 patients)...
2016: International Journal of Ophthalmology
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