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Johannes Diesel, Anastasiia M Finogenova, Nicolai Cramer
Annulated pyridones are an important scaffold found in many biologically active compounds. A Ni(0)-catalyzed C-H functionalization of 2- and 4-pyridone is disclosed, providing access to annulated pyridones via enantioselective intramolecular olefin hydroarylation. Key to the success of the transformation was the development of a sterically hindered and tunable N-heterocyclic carbene ligand resembling a chiral version of IPr. This ligand allows for mild reaction temperatures, and leads to the annulated pyridones in excellent yields and enantioselectivities...
March 15, 2018: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Joel Cramer, Felix Fuhrmann, Ulrike Ritzmann, Vanessa Gall, Tomohiko Niizeki, Rafael Ramos, Zhiyong Qiu, Dazhi Hou, Takashi Kikkawa, Jairo Sinova, Ulrich Nowak, Eiji Saitoh, Mathias Kläui
Information transport and processing by pure magnonic spin currents in insulators is a promising alternative to conventional charge-current-driven spintronic devices. The absence of Joule heating and reduced spin wave damping in insulating ferromagnets have been suggested for implementing efficient logic devices. After the successful demonstration of a majority gate based on the superposition of spin waves, further components are required to perform complex logic operations. Here, we report on magnetization orientation-dependent spin current detection signals in collinear magnetic multilayers inspired by the functionality of a conventional spin valve...
March 14, 2018: Nature Communications
Sarah D Cramer, Julie A Hixon, Caroline Andrews, Ross J Porter, Gisele O L Rodrigues, Xiaolin Wu, Tim Back, Kelli Czarra, Helen Michael, Maggie Cam, Jack Chen, Dominic Esposito, Emilee Senkevitch, Vijay Negi, Peter D Aplan, Wenqing Li, Scott K Durum
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 15, 2018: Leukemia: Official Journal of the Leukemia Society of America, Leukemia Research Fund, U.K
Emad A Rakha, Mohamed Aleskandarani, Michael S Toss, Andrew R Green, Graham Ball, Ian O Ellis, Leslie W Dalton
AIMS: Virtual microscopy utilising digital whole slide imaging (WSI) is increasingly used in breast pathology. Histologic grade is one of the strongest prognostic factors in breast cancer (BC). This study aims at investigating the agreement between BC grading using traditional light microscopy (LM) and digital WSI with consideration of reproducibility and impact on outcome prediction. METHODS: A large (n=1675) well-characterised cohort of BC originally graded by LM was re-graded using WSI...
March 13, 2018: Journal of Clinical Pathology
Traci Cramer, Moriah L Penick, Jolena N Waddell, Chris A Bidwell, Yuan H Brad Kim
The objective of this study was to determine associations of small heat shock proteins (sHSPs) in tenderness development of loins from callipyge and normal genotype lambs. Loins (M. longissimus lumborum) from sixteen lambs across four genotypes were collected throughout 9 days of postmortem aging. The loins from callipyge lambs had more intact desmin and troponin T throughout aging periods, as well as less μ-calpain autolysis and more calpastatin compared to loins from other genotypes (P < 0.05). Delayed onset of apoptosis was found in the callipyge loins indicated by less cytochrome c and more inactive procaspase-3 compared to normal lamb loins (P < 0...
March 6, 2018: Meat Science
Nicolai Cramer, Shuo-Guo Wang, Sung-Hwan Park
Chiral Cpx ligands have a large application potential in enantioselective transition-metal catalysis. However the development of concise and practical routes to such ligands remains in its infancy stage. We present a convenient and efficient two step synthesis of a novel class of chiral Cpx ligands with tunable sterics that can be readily used for complexation giving CpxRh(I), CpxIr(I) and CpxRu(II) complexes. The potential of this ligand class is demonstrated with the latter in the enantioselective cyclization of azabenzonorbornadienes with alkynes, affording dihydrobenzo¬indoles in up to 98:2 er, significantly outperforming existing binaphthyl-derived Cpx ligands...
March 12, 2018: Angewandte Chemie
Louise P Cramer, Robert R Kay, Evgeny Zatulovskiy
Attractive and repulsive cell guidance is essential for animal life and important in disease. Cell migration toward attractants dominates studies [1-8], but migration away from repellents is important in biology yet relatively little studied [5, 9, 10]. It is widely held that cells initiate migration by protrusion of their front [11-15], yet this has not been explicitly tested for cell guidance because cell margin displacement at opposite ends of the cell has not been distinguished for any cue. We argue that protrusion of the front, retraction of the rear, or both together could in principle break cell symmetry and start migration in response to guidance cues [16]...
March 7, 2018: Current Biology: CB
R Jansen, A M Wind, M J Cramer, F Nijhoff, P Agostoni, F Z Ramjankhan, W J Suyker, P R Stella, S A J Chamuleau
The purpose of this study was to evaluate mitral regurgitation (MR) severity in patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) by standardized assessment of two-dimensional (2D) transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) and 1-year echocardiographic and clinical outcomes. Pre- and post-procedural TTE's of patients undergoing TAVR between 2008 and 2014 were analyzed. MR was graded according to current guidelines with a systematic and integrated approach. Longitudinal echocardiographic and clinical results were analyzed...
March 10, 2018: International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging
John D Cramer, David H Chi, Barry M Schaitkin, David E Eibling, Jonas T Johnson
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS: Fellowship is the capstone of academic training and serves as preparation for an academic career. Fellows are expected to educate medical students and residents during and long after fellowship. However, little time is typically spent teaching fellows to become effective educators. We investigate a formal curriculum addressing teaching skills among fellows in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery (OHNS). STUDY DESIGN: E-mail survey. METHODS: We developed and implemented an educational program called Teach the Teacher to build skills as educators for fellows in OHNS...
March 9, 2018: Laryngoscope
Wacław Jeż, Beata Tobiasz-Adamczyk, Piotr Brzyski, Mikołaj Majkowicz, Piotr Pankiewicz, Tomasz J Irzyniec
BACKGROUND: Turner syndrome (TS) appears in women as a result of the lack of part or the whole of one of the X chromosomes. It is characterized by the occurrence of low height, hypogonadism, numerous developmental defects, and is often accompanied by psychological disturbances. OBJECTIVES: Although the phenotype characteristics of women with TS are quite well documented, the knowledge of the impact of Turner syndrome on the satisfaction with life is still insufficient...
February 2018: Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine: Official Organ Wroclaw Medical University
Rosemarijn Jansen, Kim Urgel, Maarten J Cramer, Egidius E H L van Aarnhem, Peter P M Zwetsloot, Pieter A Doevendans, Jolanda Kluin, Steven A J Chamuleau
Background: Clinical decision-making in symptomatic patients after mitral valve (MV) repair remains challenging as echocardiographic reference values are lacking. In native MV disease intervention is recommended for mean transmitral pressure gradient (TPG) >15 mmHg or systolic pulmonary artery pressure (SPAP) >60 mmHg at peak exercise. Insight into standard stress echo parameters after MV repair may therefore aid to clinical decision-making during follow-up. Hypothesis: Stress echocardiography derived parameters in asymptomatic patients after successful MV repair differ from current guidelines for native valves...
2018: Frontiers in Surgery
Henning Sören Schmidt, Mareike Schulz, Christine Focke, Stefanie Becker, Benedikt Cramer, Hans-Ulrich Humpf
Plant-derived phase II metabolites of T-2 toxin (T2) and HT-2 toxin (HT2) were first described in 2011 and further characterized in the following years. Since then, some efforts have been made to understand their biosynthesis, occurrence, toxicity, toxicokinetics, and finally relevance for consumers. Thus, the probably most important question is whether and how these metabolites contribute to toxicity upon hydrolysis either during food processing or the gastrointestinal passage. To answer this question, firstly, knowledge on the correct stereochemistry of T2 and HT2 glucosides is important as this affects hydrolysis and chemical behavior...
March 6, 2018: Mycotoxin Research
Bonan Jin, Xiaosu Xu, Tao Zhang
Finding the position of a radiative source based on time-difference-of-arrival (TDOA) measurements from spatially separated receivers has been widely applied in sonar, radar, mobile communications and sensor networks. For the nonlinear model in the process of positioning, Taylor series and other novel methods are proposed. The idea of cone constraint provides a new way of solving this problem. However, these approaches do not always perform well and are away from the Cramer-Rao-Lower-Bound (CRLB) in the situations when the source is set at the array edge, the noise in measurement is loud, or the initial position is biased...
March 4, 2018: Sensors
Camilla Lo Cascio Sætre, Arild Johnsen, Even Stensrud, Emily R A Cramer
Postcopulatory sexual selection may select for male primary sexual characteristics like sperm morphology and sperm motility, through sperm competition or cryptic female choice. However, how such characteristics influence male fertilization success remains poorly understood. In this study, we investigate possible correlations between sperm characteristics and paternity success in the socially monogamous bluethroat (Luscinia svecica svecica), predicting that sperm length and sperm swimming speed is positively correlated with paternity success...
2018: PloS One
Pavel Ryumin, Rainer Cramer
New liquid atmospheric pressure (AP) matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) matrices that produce predominantly multiply charged ions have been developed and evaluated with respect to their performance for peptide and protein analysis by mass spectrometry (MS). Both the chromophore and the viscous support liquid in these matrices were optimized for highest MS signal intensity, S/N values and maximum charge state. The best performance in both protein and peptide analysis was achieved employing light diols as matrix support liquids (e...
July 12, 2018: Analytica Chimica Acta
A J L King, R Johnson, H Cramer, S Purdy, A L Huntley
AIMS: To describe case management as experienced by patients with heart failure and their health professionals with the aim of understanding why case management might contribute in reducing hospital admissions. BACKGROUND: Heart failure is a common cause of unplanned hospital admission. The evidence for case management in patients with heart failure for reducing admissions is promising. DESIGN: Systematic review and qualitative evidence synthesis...
March 1, 2018: Journal of Advanced Nursing
Robert J Cramer, Molly M Long
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 28, 2018: Academic Psychiatry
Holger Cramer, Romy Lauche, Jennifer Daubenmier, Wolf Mehling, Arndt Büssing, Felix J Saha, Gustav Dobos, Stephanie A Shields
Body awareness is an attentional focus on and awareness of internal body sensations. This study aimed to validate German versions of the Body Awareness Questionnaire (BAQ) and the Body Responsiveness Questionnaire (BRQ) in chronic pain patients and to assess their associations with pain-related variables and to assess their responsiveness to intervention. The instruments were translated to German and administered to 512 chronic pain patients (50.3±11.4 years, 91.6% female) to assess their factor structure and reliability...
2018: PloS One
Brianna D McKay, Amelia A Miramonti, Zachary M Gillen, Todd J Leutzinger, Alegra I Mendez, Nathaniel D M Jenkins, Joel T Cramer
The purpose of the present report was to provide test- and position-specific normative reference values for combine test results based on a large, nationally-representative sample of high school-aged American football players in their freshman, sophomore, and junior classes. Cross-sectional anthropometric and performance data were obtained from 12 different high school American football recruiting combines between March 7, 2015 and January 9, 2016 across the United States. Subjects included a sample (n=7,478) of high school-aged American football athletes in their junior (n=3,779), sophomore (n=2,514), and freshman (n=1,185) classes...
February 27, 2018: Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
Joahanna A Macaranas, Anna M Luke, Mukunda Mandal, Benjamin D Neisen, Daniel J Marell, Christopher J Cramer, William B Tolman
Aluminum alkoxide complexes supported by salen ligands [salen = N,N'-bis(salicylaldimine)-2-methylpropane-1,2-diamine or N,N'-bis(salicylaldimine)-2,2-dimethylpropane-1,3-diamine] with o-adamantyl substituents have been synthesized and investigated for the polymerization of ε-caprolactone. Geometric analysis of the catalysts used for the reaction reveals the metal coordination geometries to be intermediate between square-pyramidal and trigonal-bipyramidal. A detailed kinetic study accompanied by density functional theory modeling of key mechanistic steps of the reaction suggest that, in addition to the length of the backbone linker, the o-aryl substituents have a significant impact on the catalyst's reactivity...
February 27, 2018: Inorganic Chemistry
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