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Bianca Braz Mattos, Caroline Montebianco, Elisson Romanel, Tatiane da Franca Silva, Renato Barroso Bernabé, Fernanda Simas-Tosin, Lauro M Souza, Guilherme L Sassaki, Maite F S Vaslin, Eliana Barreto-Bergter
Cladosporium herbarum is a plant pathogen associated with passion fruit scab and mild diseases in pea and soybean. In this study, a peptidogalactomannan (pGM) of C. herbarum mycelium was isolated and structurally characterized, and its role in plant-fungus interactions was evaluated. C. herbarum pGM is composed of carbohydrates (76%) and contains mannose, galactose and glucose as its main monosaccharides (molar ratio, 52:36:12). Methylation and13 C-nuclear magnetic resonance (13 C-NMR) spectroscopy analysis have shown the presence of a main chain containing (1 → 6)-linked α-D-Manp residues, and β-D-Galf residues are present as (1 → 5)-interlinked side chains...
March 2, 2018: Plant Physiology and Biochemistry: PPB
E Jair Vidal, Daily Alvarez, Dalia Martinez-Velarde, Lorena Vidal-Damas, Kelly A Yuncar-Rojas, Alesia Julca-Malca, Antonio Bernabe-Ortiz
OBJECTIVES: Different studies have reported the association between perceived stress and unhealthy diet choices. We aimed to determine whether there is a relationship between perceived stress and fat intake among undergraduate medical students. METHODS/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: A cross-sectional study was performed including first-year medical students. The outcome of interest was the self-report of fat intake assessed using the Block Screening Questionnaire for Fat Intake (high vs...
2018: PloS One
Luis A Camuñas-Mesa, Yaisel L Domínguez-Cordero, Alejandro Linares-Barranco, Teresa Serrano-Gotarredona, Bernabé Linares-Barranco
Convolutional Neural Networks (ConvNets) are a particular type of neural network often used for many applications like image recognition, video analysis or natural language processing. They are inspired by the human brain, following a specific organization of the connectivity pattern between layers of neurons known as receptive field. These networks have been traditionally implemented in software, but they are becoming more computationally expensive as they scale up, having limitations for real-time processing of high-speed stimuli...
2018: Frontiers in Neuroscience
Laura Gómez-Virgilio, Gerardo Bernabé Ramírez-Rodríguez, Carmen Sánchez-Torres, Leonardo Ortiz-López, Marco Antonio Meraz-Ríos
Neurogenesis plays a significant role during adulthood, and the observation that neural stem cells reside in the central nervous system and the olfactory epithelium has attracted attention due to their importance in neuronal regeneration. In addition, soluble factors (SFs) release by neural stem cells may modulate the neurogenic process. Thus, in this study, we identified the SFs released by olfactory human neural stem/progenitor cells (hNS/PCs-OE). These cells express Ki67, nestin, and βIII-tubulin, indicating their neural lineage...
March 1, 2018: Molecular Neurobiology
Min Li, Tao Qi, Yves Bernabé, Jinzhou Zhao, Ying Wang, Dong Wang, Zheming Wang
We used a time domain random walk approach to simulate passive solute transport in networks. In individual pores, solute transport was modeled as a combination of Poiseuille flow and Taylor dispersion. The solute plume data were interpreted via the method of moments. Analysis of the first and second moments showed that the longitudinal dispersivity increased with increasing coefficient of variation of the pore radii CV and decreasing pore coordination number Z. The third moment was negative and its magnitude grew linearly with time, meaning that the simulated dispersion was intrinsically non-Fickian...
February 28, 2018: Scientific Reports
Tiago N Bernabé, Paula M de Omena, Viviane Piccin Dos Santos, Virgínia M de Siqueira, Valéria M de Oliveira, Gustavo Q Romero
Warming is among the major drivers of changes in biotic interactions and, in turn, ecosystem functioning. The decomposition process occurs in a chain of facilitative interactions between detritivores and microorganisms. It is unclear, however, what effect warming may have on the interrelations between detritivores and microorganisms, and the consequences for the functioning of natural freshwater ecosystems. To address these gaps, we performed a field experiment using tank bromeliads and their associated aquatic fauna...
February 27, 2018: Global Change Biology
Mareeshty Damarasingh, Wagner Marcenes, Stephen A Stansfeld, Eduardo Bernabé
OBJECTIVE: To explore the association between illicit drug use and traumatic dental injuries (TDI) among adolescents. METHOD: We used data from 618 adolescents who participated in Phases I and III of Research with East Adolescents Community Health Survey (RELACHS), a longitudinal school-based study of adolescents in East London. Illicit drug use was collected when participants were 11-12 and 15-16 years old (Phases I and III, respectively). Clinical examinations for TDI were conducted in Phase III only...
February 23, 2018: Acta Odontologica Scandinavica
Rodrigo M Carrillo-Larco, J Jaime Miranda, Robert H Gilman, William Checkley, Liam Smeeth, Antonio Bernabé-Ortiz
BACKGROUND: Studies have reported the incidence/risk of becoming obese, but few have described the trajectories of body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference (WC) over time, especially in low/middle-income countries. We assessed the trajectories of BMI and WC according to sex in four sites in Peru. METHODS: Data from the population-based CRONICAS Cohort Study were analysed. We fitted a population-averaged model by using generalised estimating equations. The outcomes of interest, with three data points over time, were BMI and WC...
February 22, 2018: Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health
Rodrigo M Carrillo-Larco, Lorena Saavedra-Garcia, J Jaime Miranda, Katherine A Sacksteder, Francisco Diez-Canseco, Robert H Gilman, Antonio Bernabe-Ortiz
Despite the negative effects of high sodium and low potassium consumption on cardiovascular health, their consumption has not been quantified in sites undergoing urbanization. We aimed to determine the sodium and potassium consumption in a semi-urban area in Peru with a cross-sectional study. 24-h urine samples were collected. The outcomes were mean consumption of sodium and potassium, as well as adherence to their consumption recommendation: <2 g/day and ≥3.51 g/day, respectively. Bivariate analyses were conducted to identify socio-economic and clinical variables associated with the consumption recommendations of 602 participants, complete urine samples were found in 409: mean age of participants was 45...
February 22, 2018: Nutrients
Beatriz Peñalver Bernabé, Lauren Cralle, Jack A Gilbert
Recent research has shown that the microbiome-a collection of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses, living on and in a host-are of extraordinary importance in human health, even from conception and development in the uterus. Therefore, to further our ability to diagnose disease, to predict treatment outcomes, and to identify novel therapeutics, it is essential to include microbiome and microbial metabolic biomarkers in Systems Biology investigations. In clinical studies or, more precisely, Systems Medicine approaches, we can use the diversity and individual characteristics of the personal microbiome to enhance our resolution for patient stratification...
February 13, 2018: Current Opinion in Biotechnology
K J Bernabé, N J Nokoff, D Galan, D Felsen, C E Aston, P Austin, L Baskin, Y-M Chan, E Y Cheng, D A Diamond, R Ellens, A Fried, S Greenfield, T Kolon, B Kropp, Y Lakshmanan, S Meyer, T Meyer, A M Delozier, L L Mullins, B Palmer, A Paradis, P Reddy, K J Scott Reyes, M Schulte, J M Swartz, E Yerkes, C Wolfe-Christensen, A B Wisniewski, D P Poppas
INTRODUCTION: Prior studies of outcomes following genitoplasty have reported high rates of surgical complications among children with atypical genitalia. Few studies have prospectively assessed outcomes after contemporary surgical approaches. OBJECTIVE: The current study reported the occurrence of early postoperative complications and of cosmetic outcomes (as rated by surgeons and parents) at 12 months following contemporary genitoplasty procedures in children born with atypical genitalia...
February 1, 2018: Journal of Pediatric Urology
Sergio Liarte, Ángel Bernabé-García, David Armero-Barranco, Francisco José Nicolás
Cell migration is a mandatory aspect for wound healing. Creating artificial wounds on research animal models often results in costly and complicated experimental procedures, while potentially lacking in precision. In vitro culture of epithelial cell lines provides a suitable platform for researching the cell migratory behavior in wound healing and the impact of treatments on these cells. The physiology of epithelial cells is often studied in non-confluent conditions; however, this approach may not resemble natural wound healing conditions...
January 2, 2018: Journal of Visualized Experiments: JoVE
Shiho Kino, Eduardo Bernabé, Wael Sabbah
Background: Contextual factors play an important role in health and related behaviours. This study aims to examine the association of co-occurrence of five health-risk behaviours with healthcare and education contextual factors using nationally representative samples from 27 European countries. Methods: Data were from Eurobarometer 72.3, 2009. The outcome was a count variable ranging from 0 to 5 indicating co-occurrence of five health-risk behaviours, namely smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, non-frequent fresh fruit consumption, physical inactivity and non-dental check-ups...
February 1, 2018: European Journal of Public Health
Viviana F Quevedo-Tumailli, Bernabe Ortega-Tenezaca, Humbert Gonzalez-Diaz
The spatial distribution of genes in chromosomes seems not to be random. For instance, only 10% of genes are transcribed from bidirectional promoters in humans and many more are organised in larger clusters. This raises intriguing questions asked by different authors before. We would like to add a few more questions in this context, related to gene orientation inversions. Does gene orientation (inversion) follow a random pattern? Is it relevant to biological activity somehow? In this paper, we define a new kind of network coined as the Gene Orientation Inversion Network (GOIN)...
January 16, 2018: Journal of Proteome Research
Catherine P Benziger, José Alfredo Zavala-Loayza, Antonio Bernabe-Ortiz, Robert H Gilman, William Checkley, Liam Smeeth, German Malaga, Juan Jaime Miranda
BACKGROUND: The prevalence of and factors associated with ideal cardiovascular health (ICH) by sociodemographic characteristics in Peru is not well known. METHODS: The American Heart Association's ICH score comprised 3 ideal health factors (blood pressure, untreated total cholesterol and glucose) and 4 ideal health behaviours (smoking, body mass index, high physical activity and fruit and vegetable consumption). ICH was having 5 to 7 of the ideal health metrics...
January 11, 2018: Heart: Official Journal of the British Cardiac Society
Trishul Siddharthan, Matthew R Grigsby, Dina Goodman, Muhammad Chowdhury, Adolfo Rubenstein, Vilma Irazola, Laura Gutierrez, J Jaime Miranda, Antonio Bernabe-Ortiz, Dewan Alam, Bruce Kirenga, Rupert Jones, Frederick van Gemert, Robert A Wise, William Checkley
RATIONALE: Forty percent of households worldwide burn biomass fuels for energy, which may be most the important contributor to household air pollution. OBJECTIVE: To examine the association between household air pollution exposure and COPD outcomes in 13 resource-poor settings. METHODS: We analyzed data from 12,396 adult participants living in 13 resource-poor, population-based settings. Household air pollution exposure was defined as using biomass materials as the primary fuel source in the home...
January 11, 2018: American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
Lynn H Al-Zwaylif, Saoirse O'Toole, Eduardo Bernabé
OBJECTIVES: To explore the interrelationship between type and timing of dietary acid intake and tooth wear among American adults. METHODS: This study used data from 3,586 adults, aged 18 years and older, who participated in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2003-04. Information on four types of acidic food and beverages (fruits, fruit juices, alcoholic drinks, and soft drinks) and timing of consumption (meals versus snacks, defined according to percentage of total energy intake, self-reported eating occasion, and time of day) was extracted from two 24-hour dietary recalls...
January 11, 2018: Journal of Public Health Dentistry
Jaime Fernández-Barrera, Miguel Bernabé-Rubio, Javier Casares-Arias, Laura Rangel, Laura Fernández-Martín, Isabel Correas, Miguel A Alonso
The role of formins in microtubules is not well understood. In this study, we have investigated the mechanism by which INF2, a formin mutated in degenerative renal and neurological hereditary disorders, controls microtubule acetylation. We found that silencing of INF2 in epithelial RPE-1 cells produced a dramatic drop in tubulin acetylation, increased the G-actin/F-actin ratio, and impaired myocardin-related transcription factor (MRTF)/serum response factor (SRF)-dependent transcription, which is known to be repressed by increased levels of G-actin...
January 10, 2018: Journal of Cell Biology
Fermin Rodrigo, José María Ruiz-Moreno, Juan Bernabé García, María Eugenia Torregrosa, José Vicente Segura, David P Piñero
PURPOSE: To evaluate preliminarily and compare the level of plasmatic biomarkers of vascular risk in patients with and without exudative age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) and to relate it to vascular resistance alterations in the ophthalmic artery (OA), central retinal artery (CRA), posterior temporal ciliary artery (PTCA), and posterior nasal ciliary artery (PNCA). METHODS: Color Doppler imaging of the OA, CRA, PTCA, and PNCA was performed in 30 eyes of 30 cataract patients (control group) as well as in 30 eyes of 30 patients with naive exudative ARMD (study group), measuring the peak systolic velocity, end-diastolic velocity (EDV), and Pourcelot resistive index (RI)...
January 2018: Indian Journal of Ophthalmology
R M Carrillo-Larco, A Bernabe-Ortiz, K A Sacksteder, F Diez-Canseco, M K Cárdenas, R H Gilman, J J Miranda
Sleep difficulties and short sleep duration have been associated with hypertension. Though body mass index (BMI) may be a mediator variable, the mediation effect has not been defined. We aimed to assess the association between sleep duration and sleep difficulties with hypertension, to determine if BMI is a mediator variable, and to quantify the mediation effect. We conducted a mediation analysis and calculated prevalence ratios with 95% confidence intervals. The exposure variables were sleep duration and sleep difficulties, and the outcome was hypertension...
2017: Glob Health Epidemiol Genom
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