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temperature pressure ulcer

Jill Cox, Loretta Kaes, Miguel Martinez, Daniel Moles
Skin temperature may help prospectively determine whether an area of skin discoloration will evolve into necrosis. A prospective, observational study was conducted in 7 skilled nursing facilities to determine if skin temperature measured using infrared thermography could predict the progression of discolored intact skin (blanchable erythema, Stage 1 pressure ulcer, or sus- pected deep tissue injury [sDTI]) to necrosis and to evaluate if nurses could effectively integrate thermography into the clinical setting...
October 2016: Ostomy/wound Management
Apirag Chuangsuwanich, Tananchai Assadamongkol, Dheerawan Boonyawan
Pressure ulcers are difficult to treat. Recent reports of low-temperature atmospheric-pressure plasma (LTAPP) indicated its safe and effectiveness in chronic wound care management. It has been shown both in vitro and vivo studies that LTAPP not only helps facilitate wound healing but also has antimicrobial efficacy due to its composition of ion and electron, free radicals, and ultraviolet ray. We studied the beneficial effect of LTAPP specifically on pressure ulcers. In a prospective randomized study, 50 patients with pressure ulcers were divided into 2 groups: Control group received standard wound care and the study group was treated with LTAPP once every week for 8 consecutive weeks in addition to standard wound care...
August 31, 2016: International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds
Gerd Hoffmann, Mark Hartel, James B Mercer
BACKGROUND: Water-filtered infrared-A (wIRA) is a special form of heat radiation with high tissue penetration and a low thermal load to the skin surface. wIRA corresponds to the major part of the sun's heat radiation, which reaches the surface of the Earth in moderate climatic zones filtered by water and water vapour of the atmosphere. wIRA promotes healing of acute and chronic wounds both by thermal and thermic as well as by non-thermal and non-thermic cellular effects. METHODS: This publication includes a literature review with search in PubMed/Medline for "water-filtered infrared-A" and "wound"/"ulcus" or "wassergefiltertes Infrarot A" and "Wunde"/"Ulkus", respectively (publications in English and German), and additional analysis of study data...
2016: German Medical Science: GMS E-journal
Yuan-Hao Liu, Hung-Yen Ke, Yi-Chang Lin, Chien-Sung Tsai
BACKGROUND: Acute aortic syndrome, including classic aortic dissection, intramural aortic hematoma, and penetrating atherosclerotic ulcer (PAU), is a term used to describe a group of conditions with similar clinical symptoms, but with different pathophysiological mechanisms. PAU is a lesion that penetrates the internal elastic lamina through the media. It is usually located in the descending aorta and rarely observed in the ascending aorta. CASE PRESENTATION: A 76-year-old man with a history of essential hypertension was brought to the emergency department (ED) because of a sudden-onset chest pain at rest...
2016: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery
H L Qin, X H Zhu, B Zhang, L Zhou, W Y Wang
Aims: The multilineage differentiation potential of human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells (HUCMSCs) holds therapeutic promise for non-healing ulcers and tissue regeneration. The present study evaluated the effects of HUCMSC transplantation after angioplasty for treatment of diabetic foot. Methods: Included in the study were 53 patients (72 limbs) with severe symptoms of Fontaine II-IV diabetic foot accompanied by varying degrees of lower extremity arterial disease. The patients were randomly apportioned to a control group (25 patients; 38 limbs) or an experimental group (28 patients; 34 limbs)...
May 24, 2016: Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology & Diabetes
Tyler Freeto, Allissa Cypress, Sarah Amalraj, Mohamed Shaif Yusufishaq, Kath M Bogie
STUDY AIM: Pressure ulcers (PU) are a common comorbidity among wheelchair users. An appropriate wheelchair cushion is essential to relieve pressure and reduce PU development during sitting. The microenvironment, specifically excessive heat and moisture, impacts risk for PU development. An effective wheelchair cushion should maintain a healthy microenvironment at the seating interface. Measurement of heat and moisture can characterize microenvironmental conditions at the wheelchair cushion interface under load...
August 2016: Journal of Tissue Viability
Erik Staffa, Vladan Bernard, Luboš Kubíček, Robert Vlachovský, Daniel Vlk, Vojtěch Mornstein, Robert Staffa
Foot complications in persons with diabetes mellitus (DM) are associated with substantial costs and loss of quality of life. Increasing evidence suggests changes in skin temperature, measured using an infrared thermographic system (IRT), may be a predictor of foot ulcer development in patients with DM. The purpose of this case study is to describe the long-term IRT findings and overall clinical outcomes of a patient with DM and peripheral vascular disease. Foot temperature measurements using IRT were obtained slightly more than 1 year before and immediately following endovascular treatment of a 76-year-old man, a nonsmoker with type 2 DM, hypertension, and ischemic heart disease with cardiac arrhythmia...
April 2016: Ostomy/wound Management
T Kanazawa, G Nakagami, T Goto, H Noguchi, M Oe, T Miyagaki, A Hayashi, S Sasaki, H Sanada
OBJECTIVE: To verify the reliability and validity of FLIR ONE, a device connected to a smartphone, for the assessment of inflammation based on relative temperature increase compared with the thermography routinely used in pressure ulcer (PU) and diabetic foot assessment. METHOD: Participants in this pilot cross-sectional observational study were recruited from the patients in the PU team rounds and the diabetic foot outpatient clinic at the university hospital in January 2015...
April 2016: Journal of Wound Care
Aditi D Rao, Ave M Preston, Robyn Strauss, Rebecca Stamm, Demetra C Zalman
BACKGROUND: Cardiac surgery patients are among those most at risk for developing pressure ulcers (PUs), with a reported incidence as high as 29.5%. Although numerous studies documenting PU risk factors and prevention strategies exist, the availability of literature examining risk factors specific to the cardiac surgery population is limited. AIM: A systematic review was completed that aimed to identify the risk factors associated with PU development in critically ill, adult, cardiac surgery patients...
May 2016: Journal of Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nursing
S Bergstrand, U Källman, A-C Ek, M Engström, M Lindgren
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to explore the interaction between interface pressure, pressure-induced vasodilation, and reactive hyperaemia with different pressure-redistribution mattresses. METHOD: A cross-sectional study was performed with a convenience sample of healthy young individuals, and healthy older individuals and inpatients, at a university hospital in Sweden. Blood flow was measured at depths of 1mm, 2mm, and 10mm using laser Doppler flowmetry and photoplethysmography...
August 2015: Journal of Wound Care
S A Bus
Plantar pressure and temperature measurements in the diabetic foot primarily contribute to identifying abnormal values that increase risk for foot ulceration, and they are becoming increasingly more integrated in clinical practice and daily life of the patient. While plantar pressure measurements have long been present, only recently evidence shows their importance in ulcer prevention, as a data-driven approach to therapeutic footwear provision. The long-term monitoring of plantar pressures with the option to provide feedback, when alarming pressure levels occur, is a promising development in this area, although more technical and clinical validation is required...
January 2016: Diabetes/metabolism Research and Reviews
Sicco A Bus, Jaap J van Netten
Diabetic foot ulceration poses a heavy burden on the patient and the healthcare system, but prevention thereof receives little attention. For every euro spent on ulcer prevention, ten are spent on ulcer healing, and for every randomized controlled trial conducted on prevention, ten are conducted on healing. In this article, we argue that a shift in priorities is needed. For the prevention of a first foot ulcer, we need more insight into the effect of interventions and practices already applied globally in many settings...
January 2016: Diabetes/metabolism Research and Reviews
J J van Netten, P E Price, L A Lavery, M Monteiro-Soares, A Rasmussen, Y Jubiz, S A Bus
BACKGROUND: Prevention of foot ulcers in patients with diabetes is extremely important to help reduce the enormous burden of foot ulceration on both patient and health resources. A comprehensive analysis of reported interventions is not currently available, but is needed to better inform caregivers about effective prevention. The aim of this systematic review is to investigate the effectiveness of interventions to prevent first and recurrent foot ulcers in persons with diabetes who are at risk for ulceration...
January 2016: Diabetes/metabolism Research and Reviews
M Keuchel, N Kurniawan, P Baltes, D Bandorski, A Koulaouzidis
This review summarizes several approaches for quantitative measurement in capsule endoscopy. Video capsule endoscopy (VCE) typically provides wireless imaging of small bowel. Currently, a variety of quantitative measurements are implemented in commercially available hardware/software. The majority is proprietary and hence undisclosed algorithms. Measurement of amount of luminal contamination allows calculating scores from whole VCE studies. Other scores express the severity of small bowel lesions in Crohn׳s disease or the degree of villous atrophy in celiac disease...
October 1, 2015: Computers in Biology and Medicine
Elena Cuaderes, Lise DeShea, W Lyndon Lamb
Diabetes contributes to sensory peripheral neuropathy, which has been linked to lower limb abnormalities that raise the risk for foot ulcers and amputations. Because amputations are a reason for pain and hospitalization in those with diabetes, it is of critical importance to gain insight about prevention of ulcer development in this population. Although the American Diabetes Association (ADA) now recommends that individuals with neuropathy can engage in moderate-intensity weight-bearing activity (WBA), they must wear appropriate footwear and inspect their feet daily...
December 2014: Care Management Journals: Journal of Case Management ; the Journal of Long Term Home Health Care
Toshiki Kanazawa, Aya Kitamura, Gojiro Nakagami, Taichi Goto, Tomomitsu Miyagaki, Akitatsu Hayashi, Sanae Sasaki, Yuko Mugita, Shinji Iizaka, Hiromi Sanada
Undermined pressure ulcers (PUs) are troublesome complications that are likely to delay wound healing. Early skin incision and debridement can prevent the deterioration of undermined PUs, thus it is necessary to identify devitalised tissue areas to determine the appropriate timing for such interventions. This retrospective cohort study evaluated whether a lower temperature at the wound edge than the wound bed and periwound skin, detected by thermography, can predict undermining development in PUs 1 week after the assessment...
August 2016: International Wound Journal
Mine Yoshimura, Gojiro Nakagami, Shinji Iizaka, Mikako Yoshida, Yoko Uehata, Michihiro Kohno, Yusuke Kasuya, Tomoko Mae, Takashi Yamasaki, Hiromi Sanada
Preventing pressure ulcers is important in patients undergoing procedures in the park-bench position. We hypothesized that the microclimate around the skin is a significant risk factor for developing pressure ulcers. This research continuously assessed factors of the microclimate in terms of skin temperature and perspiration as well as the interface pressure in order to determine whether the microclimate is an independent risk factor for the development of park-bench position-related pressure ulcers (PBP-PUs)...
November 2015: Wound Repair and Regeneration
F G Marchione, L M Q Araújo, L V Araújo
CONTEXT: The incidence and costs for pressure ulcer (PU) treatment remain high even though preventive methods are applied. Approaches that use software to support the prevention of PU are presented in the literature to make it more effective. OBJECTIVES: Identify the state of art of the approaches that use software to support the prevention of PUs. METHODS: A systematic literature review was performed to analyze approaches that use software to support the prevention of PU...
October 2015: International Journal of Medical Informatics
Bilal Bin Younis, Adeela Shahid, Rozina Arshad, Saima Khurshid, Junaid Masood
BACKGROUND: Charcot osteoarthropathy or charcot foot is a rare, chronic, non-communicable condition of bones and joints which may results into severe deformity and more prone to develop ulcers possibly leading to amputation. The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of Charcot osteoarthropathy and its association with age, BMI, gender, duration of diabetes, HBA1c and peripheral neuropathy. METHODS: A total of 1931 subjects with type 2 diabetes having mean age 50...
2015: BMC Endocrine Disorders
Jie Gao, Lingbo Kong, Si Liu, Zhiqiao Feng, Hong Shen, Qingquan Liu
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the clinical efficacy and safety of Xuebijing injection in treatment of sepsis and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS). METHODS: A prospective multicenter clinical study was conducted. The patients with sepsis, severe sepsis, or MODS admitted to Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine of 70 hospitals across the country during 2006 to 2008 were enrolled. All of the patients received the basis treatment of conventional therapy, plus Xuebijing injection of 50-100 mL, 2-3 times a day for 5-7 days, and the dose might be increased in serious cases...
June 2015: Zhonghua Wei Zhong Bing Ji Jiu Yi Xue
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