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T J Tan, Kenneth K Lau, Dana Jackson, Nicholas Ardley, Adina Borasu
The purpose of this study was to assess the efficacy of model-based iterative reconstruction (MBIR), statistical iterative reconstruction (SIR), and filtered back projection (FBP) image reconstruction algorithms in the delineation of ureters and overall image quality on non-enhanced computed tomography of the renal tracts (NECT-KUB). This was a prospective study of 40 adult patients who underwent NECT-KUB for investigation of ureteric colic. Images were reconstructed using FBP, SIR, and MBIR techniques and individually and randomly assessed by two blinded radiologists...
October 21, 2016: Emergency Radiology
Blagovesta K Yaneva, Plamen I Zagorchev, Elena I Firkova, Ivan T Glavinkov
AIM: To assess temperature changes at specified time intervals during Er:YAG laser scaling and root planing of surfaces with dental calculus. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Fifteen single-rooted teeth with advanced periodontal disease were extracted and fixed in a cylinder thermostat filled with distilled water at constant temperature (35.5°C). A specially designed thermal probe (type K thermocouple) accurate to ±0.1°C over the range from 20°C to 80°C was fitted into the pulp chamber of tooth sample...
September 1, 2016: Folia Medica
A Willems, D Paepe, S Marynissen, P Smets, I Van de Maele, P Picavet, L Duchateau, S Daminet
BACKGROUND: There is a growing interest in health care of elderly dogs; however, scientific information about physical and laboratory examination findings in this age group is limited. OBJECTIVES: To describe systolic blood pressure (SBP), and results of physical examination and laboratory tests in senior and geriatric dogs that were judged by the owner to be healthy. ANIMALS: Hundred client-owned dogs. METHODS: Dogs were prospectively recruited...
October 17, 2016: Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine
Satvinder Singh Bakshi
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 11, 2016: American Journal of Medicine
Wei Li, Wenxi He, Ping Gao, Chengliang Zhang, Hongjiao Cai, Ying Chen, Dong Liu
The aim of this study was to develop and to investigate a film of compound Calculus Bovis Sativus (CBS) and ornidazole film. A uniform mucoadhesive film was herein successfully obtained by a film-forming solusion containing insoluable drug. This film, as a valid adjunct for the treatment of oral mucosal ulcer, consisted of two main drugs (CBS, ornidazole) and three polymers (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, chitosan, poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA)). The film was prepared with the film-forming suspension, using casting-solvent evaporation technique...
2016: Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin
Abdolmajid Taheri, Ayoob Rostamzadeh, Alireza Gharib, Daryoush Fatehi
INTRODUCTION: Recently, multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) has been introduced into clinical practice. MDCT has become the noninvasive diagnostic test of choice for detailed evaluation of biliary obstruction. AIM: the main objective of the present study was to evaluate the diagnostic value of MDCT compared to invasive procedures for detecting biliary obstruction causes. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Since February 2009 until May 2011 fifty biliary obstruction patients based on clinical, laboratory or ultrasonographic findings, were evaluated by Multidetector-row computed tomography...
July 16, 2016: Acta Informatica Medica: AIM
David E Rapp, Nada L Wood, Matthew Bassignani, Luke Gergoudis, Sarah Caulkins, Eugene V Kramolowsky
INTRODUCTION: Non-contrast CT (NCT) is commonly used to evaluate flank pain (FP). We sought to evaluate incidence of ureteral calculi on NCT in patients with FP, and to determine if clinical variables are associated with higher detection rates. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Retrospective review identified 613 patients undergoing NCT for FP. Patient clinical data, NCT findings, and intervention were analyzed. Focus was placed on variables commonly associated with urolithiasis (Vstone), comprising hematuria, nausea/vomiting, and prior stone history...
October 2016: Canadian Journal of Urology
Eric T Lofgren
Mathematical modeling is an important tool in biological research, allowing for the synthesis of results from many studies into an understanding of a system. Despite this, the need for extensive subject matter knowledge and complex mathematics often leaves modeling as an esoteric subspecialty. A 2-fold approach can be used to make modeling more approachable for students and those interested in obtaining a functional knowledge of modeling. The first is the use of a popular culture disease system-a zombie epidemic-to allow for exploration of the concepts of modeling using a flexible framework...
October 2016: FEMS Microbiology Letters
Bimalesh Purkait, Manoj Kumar, Ashok Kumar Sokhal, Ankur Bansal, Satya Narayan Sankhwar, Ashok Kumar Gupta
To assess the outcomes of percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) in bilateral staghorn calculi in pediatric patients, we have performed a retrospective analysis. Staghorn calculus is defined as stone that fills a greater part of the pelvic-caliceal system. Still, in developing countries, patients may present with staghorn calculus. PCNL is the preferred treatment modality for staghorn calculus both in adult and children. Our study included fifty-one pediatric patients (<15 years) of bilateral staghorn calculi from 2004 to 2015...
September 15, 2016: Urolithiasis
Jorge Luis Montenegro Raudales, Atsutoshi Yoshimura, Ziauddin Sm, Takashi Kaneko, Yukio Ozaki, Takashi Ukai, Toshihiro Miyazaki, Eicke Latz, Yoshitaka Hara
Dental calculus is a mineralized deposit associated with periodontitis. The bacterial components contained in dental calculus can be recognized by host immune sensors, such as Toll-like receptors (TLRs), and induce transcription of proinflammatory cytokines, such as IL-1β. Studies have shown that cellular uptake of crystalline particles may trigger NLRP3 inflammasome activation, leading to the cleavage of the IL-1β precursor to its mature form. Phagocytosis of dental calculus in the periodontal pocket may therefore lead to the secretion of IL-1β, promoting inflammatory responses in periodontal tissues...
2016: PloS One
Swati Gupta, P K Jain, Madhumani Kumra, Shweta Rehani, Yulia Mathias, Ramakant Gupta, Monica Mehendiratta, Anil Chander
INTRODUCTION: Chronic inflammatory periodontal diseases i.e. gingivitis and periodontitis are one of the most common afflictions faced by human beings. Dental plaque, which is a pool of pathogenic microorganisms, remains to be current mainstay in etiopathogenesis. Dental calculus, which is a mineralized product of this plaque remains ignored and is considered merely as an ash heap of minor significance. However, the intriguing array in disease etiopathogenesis bulldozed researchers to suspect the role of calculus in disease chrysalis but still the viability of bacteria inside calculus and thus its pathogenicity remains an intricacy; the answer to which lies in the Pandora's Box...
July 2016: Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research: JCDR
Leandro Nicolao Buzatta, Roberto Hideo Shimizu, Isabela Almeida Shimizu, Camila Pachêco-Pereira, Carlos Flores-Mir, Mario Taba, André Luís Porporatti, Graziela De Luca Canto
BACKGROUND: The maintenance of gingival health around orthodontic fixed retainers (FRs) is difficult and different designs have been proposed. OBJECTIVE: The goal of this systematic review was to analyse whether FR designs that allow unobstructed interproximal flossing, compared with the ones that do not, improve gingival parameters. SEARCH METHODS: Detailed individual database search strategies for Cochrane Library, 'Latin' American and 'Caribbean' Health Sciences Literature, PubMed, Scopus, and Web of Science were developed...
September 13, 2016: European Journal of Orthodontics
Eun-Kyong Kim, Eun Young Park, Jung-Whan Sa Gong, Sung-Ho Jang, Youn-Hee Choi, Hee-Kyung Lee
PURPOSE: Because the oral hygiene is poorly prioritized in the immediate post-stroke period, we implemented an oral hygiene care program (OHCP) for stroke in-patients and evaluated its persistence after discharge. METHOD: In all, 62 patients with stroke who were admitted to the rehabilitation ward were randomly assigned to two groups: 33 patients to the intervention group and 29 to the control group. The OHCP, including tooth brushing education and professional tooth cleaning, was administered to the intervention group twice a week six times during in-hospital rehabilitation...
September 15, 2016: Disability and Rehabilitation
Ankur Jhanwar, Ankur Bansal, Satyanarayan Sankhwar, Manoj Kumar, Gautam Kanodia, Gaurav Prakash
OBJECTIVE: To analyse outcomes of holmium laser and pneumatic lithotripsy in treatment of lower ureteric calculus in pediatric patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Prospective study conducted between August 2013 and July 2015. Inclusion criteria were lower ureteric calculus with stone size ≤1.5cms. Exclusion criteria were other than lower ureteric calculus, stone size ≥1.5cms, congenital renal anomalies, previous ureteral stone surgery. Patients were divided into two groups...
September 1, 2016: International Braz J Urol: Official Journal of the Brazilian Society of Urology
Katariina Vapalahti, Anna-Maija Virtala, Tara A Joensuu, Katriina Tiira, Jaana Tähtinen, Hannes Lohi
A comprehensive feline health survey was conducted to reveal breed-specific inheritable diseases in Finnish pedigree cats for genetic research. Prevalence of 19 disease categories and 227 feline diseases were defined in a study population of 8175 cats belonging to 30 breeds. Dental and oral diseases, with a prevalence of 28%, and dental calculus and gingivitis (21 and 8%, respectively) were the most prevalent disease category and diseases among all cats and in most of the breeds. An exception was Korats, which were more often affected by the diseases of the respiratory tract (23%) and asthma (19%)...
2016: Frontiers in Veterinary Science
Murat Akand, Ozcan Kilic, Mustafa Kucur, Mehmet Kaynar, Serdar Goktas
INTRODUCTION: Spontaneous nephrocutaneous fistula is a rare manifestation of renal disease that can occur due to various etiologies, such as renal calculus, chronic pyelonephritis, stricture of the ureteropelvic junction, and renal tuberculosis (TB). An autonephrectomy with a nephrocutaneous fistula due to renal tuberculosis can be diagnosed quite late if it is not suspected. CASE PRESENTATION: We report a case of a spontaneous nephrocutaneous fistula with tuberculous autonephrectomy...
June 2016: Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal
Wei-Hsuan Huang, Chao-Hsiang Chang, Chi-Ping Huang, Hsi-Chin Wu, Po-Fan Hsieh I
PURPOSE: The percentage of parenchyma preserved plays a predominant role in predicting renal function after partial nephrectomy (PN). Currently there is no standard method to estimate preserved renal parenchyma. In this study we propose a formula of the percentage of resected and ischemic volume (PRAIV) determined by a geometric model and evaluate the relationships between renal functional change and PRAIV as well as other clinical parameters. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We identified 71 patients who underwent open PN between January 2004 and April 2014...
September 12, 2016: International Braz J Urol: Official Journal of the Brazilian Society of Urology
Xiao-Ming Zhong, Xue-Cong Ren, Ye-Liang Lou, Meng-Jing Chen, Guan-Ze Li, Xue-Yuan Gong, Zhen Huang
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: In-vitro cultured calculus bovis (ICCB) is a quality substitute for natural bezoar which is used for the therapeutic purpose of treating encephalopathy. ICCB has been authorized to use on clinic. The aim of the study is to evaluate the effects and the potential mechanisms of in-vitro cultured calculus bovis (ICCB) on learning and memory impairments of hyperlipemia vascular dementia (HVD) rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The HVD model was established by permanent occlusion of bilateral common carotid arteries based on hyperlipemia rats...
November 4, 2016: Journal of Ethnopharmacology
Julian Jara-Ettinger, Hyowon Gweon, Laura E Schulz, Joshua B Tenenbaum
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 6, 2016: Trends in Cognitive Sciences
A Siddika, A M Ferdousi, S Zaman, N Shahpor
Submandibular salivary gland system is commonly affected with sialolith (calculus) and victim suffers painful acute symptoms. Sialoliths usually are of 1-15mm in size. Although rarely giant sialoliths are seen, a giant torpedo sialolith of about 41mm × 9mm within the submandibular salivary duct is reported which was removed intraorally under local analgesia. Post-operatively, within six weeks salivation through duct was evidenced showing the process of re-establishment of salivary function.
July 2016: Mymensingh Medical Journal: MMJ
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