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Gefei Liu, Yali Qiao, Yanjiao Zhang, Cong Leng, Jiahui Sun, Hongyu Chen, Yan Zhang, Aili Li, Zhen Feng
This study aimed to evaluate the profiles of Streptococcus thermophilus nutrient requirements to guide the design of media for high cell density culturing. The growth kinetics, physiological state, and nutrient requirement profiles of S. thermophilus were analyzed in chemically defined media. The results showed that the intracellular ATP concentration, H+ -ATPase activity, NADH/NAD+ , and NH3 concentrations varied with intracellular pH. The nutrient components with the highest amounts required were Leu and Asp; ascorbic acid and p-amino benzoic acid; K+ and PO4 3- ; and guanine and uracil...
April 22, 2018: MicrobiologyOpen
Simon Strobbe, Dominique Van Der Straeten
'Hidden hunger' involves insufficient intake of micronutrients and is estimated to affect over two billion people on a global scale. Malnutrition of vitamins and minerals is known to cause an alarming number of casualties, even in the developed world. Many staple crops, although serving as the main dietary component for large population groups, deliver inadequate amounts of micronutrients. Biofortification, the augmentation of natural micronutrient levels in crop products through breeding or genetic engineering, is a pivotal tool in the fight against micronutrient malnutrition (MNM)...
2018: Frontiers in Plant Science
Xingyu Yang, Ruilin Sun, Lei Ci, Ning Wang, Sai Yang, Jiahao Shi, Hua Yang, Mengjie Zhang, Jian Fei
Nfκb2(p52/p100) plays essential roles in many chronic inflammatory diseases. Tracing the dynamic expression of Nfκb2 during different biological processes in vivo can provide valuable clues to understand the biological functions of this gene and develop anti-inflammatory drugs. In this study, B6-Tg(Nfκb2-luc)Mlit transgenic mouse line, a mouse model in which the expression of firefly luciferase gene is under the control of a 14.6-kb mouse Nfκb2 promoter, was generated to monitor the expression of p52/p100 in vivo...
April 19, 2018: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Karoon Sadorn, Siriporn Saepua, Nattawut Boonyuen, Tanapong Boonruangprapa, Pranee Rachtawee, Pattama Pittayakhajonwut
Eleven previously undescribed compounds, including cytosporanthraxanthone, xanthoquinodins A7-A10, ketoxanthoquinodin A6, xanthoquinodins B6-B8, and spiroxanthoquinodins A and B, and one synthetically known compound, 2-methoxy pinselin, as well as ten known compounds, including xanthoquinodins A4-A6, B4, and B5, chrysophanol, physcion, (4S)-5-hydroxy-4-methoxy-α-tetralone, (4S)-4,8-dihydroxy-α-tetralone (or isosclerone), and gonytolide C were isolated from the fungus Cytospora eugeniae BCC42696. Their chemical structures were determined based on the analysis of NMR spectroscopic and mass spectrometric data...
April 17, 2018: Phytochemistry
Xianghe Meng, Fei Liang, Mingjun Xia, Zheshuai Lin
Two gallium-based borates, K3 Ba3 Li2 Ga4 B6 O20 F (I) and Rb3 Ba3 Li2 Ga4 B6 O20 F (II), have been successfully grown in the M2 O (M = K, Rb)-LiF-B2 O3 flux. They can be recognized as the element cosubstitutions of Sr for K/Rb and Ba and of Be for Li and Ga from Sr2 Be2 (BO3 )2 O (SBBO), which uses poisonous beryllium oxide during the synthesis and crystal growth process and also exhibits the problem of structural instability. The isostructural borates crystallize into the noncentrosymmetric space group P6̅2 c, with a = 8...
April 20, 2018: Inorganic Chemistry
En-Ling Yeh, Yi-Chia Huang, Shang-Feng Tsai, Tong-Min Yu, Ming-Ju Wu, Cheng-Hsu Chen
OBJECTIVES: Hemodialysis (HD) with dialysis adequacy could increase the excretion of B vitamins (folate, vitamin B6 , and B12 ) and raise the plasma level of homocysteine. Here we determined the associations of plasma homocysteine with B vitamins in patients with HD adequacy or inadequacy. METHODS: We recruited 68 patients who had received HD treatments (three times a week, 4 h each). Based on the individual's hemogram and quarterly urea reduction rate (Kt/V), patients were pooled into one of the following two groups: the first group with dialysis adequacy (Kt/V > 1...
February 14, 2018: Nutrition
Julian-Dario Rembe, Carolin Fromm-Dornieden, Ewa Klara Stuermer
OBJECTIVE: Vitamins are essential for human health. In terms of local application for wound healing, vitamins' positive effect remains unclear. However, because of the regular appearance of nutritional deficiency in chronic wound patients, a favorable impact of locally applied vitamins can be hypothesized. METHODS: Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B10, B12, and C individually as well as different combinations of B vitamins were investigated regarding their ability to promote proliferation and migration of human skin fibroblasts and keratinocytes...
May 2018: Advances in Skin & Wound Care
W T Fuhrman, J R Chamorro, P A Alekseev, J-M Mignot, T Keller, J A Rodriguez-Rivera, Y Qiu, P Nikolić, T M McQueen, C L Broholm
Samarium hexaboride (SmB6 ) is a Kondo insulator, with a narrow gap due to hybridization between localized and conduction electrons. Despite being an insulator, many samples show metal-like properties. Rare-earth purification is exceedingly difficult, and nominally pure samples may contain 2% or more of impurities. Here to determine the effects of rare-earth doping on SmB6 , we synthesized and probed a series of gadolinium-doped samples. We found a relationship between specific heat and impurity moment screening which scales systematically...
April 18, 2018: Nature Communications
Denholm J Aspy, Natasha A Madden, Paul Delfabbro
Anecdotal evidence indicates that supplementation with vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) before bed can enhance dream vividness and recall. In a single pilot study, Ebben, Lequerica, and Spielman (2002) found that vitamin B6 had a dose-dependent effect of increasing scores on a composite measure of dream vividness, bizarreness, emotionality, and color. The present research replicated this study using a larger and more diverse sample of 100 participants from across Australia. We conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled investigation of the effects on dreaming and sleep of ingesting 240 mg vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) before bed for five consecutive days...
January 1, 2018: Perceptual and Motor Skills
Hiroyuki Akai, Koichiro Yasaka, Akira Kunimatsu, Masanori Nojima, Yusuke Inoue, Osamu Abe, Kuni Ohtomo, Shigeru Kiryu
OBJECTIVES: To assess the inhibitory effect of gadoxetate disodium on the transporter system using indocyanine green (ICG). MATERIALS AND METHODS: Groups of six female B6 Albino mice were injected with the test agent (0.62 mmol/kg gadoxetate disodium) or phosphate-buffered saline (control) 10 min before injection of ICG. Identical fluorescence images were subsequently obtained to create time-efficiency curves of liver parenchymal uptake. The study was performed on hypothermic and normothermic mice...
April 12, 2018: European Radiology
Misa Hirose, Paul Schilf, Yask Gupta, Kim Zarse, Axel Künstner, Anke Fähnrich, Hauke Busch, Junping Yin, Marvin N Wright, Andreas Ziegler, Marie Vallier, Meriem Belheouane, John F Baines, Diethard Tautz, Kornelia Johann, Rebecca Oelkrug, Jens Mittag, Hendrik Lehnert, Alaa Othman, Olaf Jöhren, Markus Schwaninger, Cornelia Prehn, Jerzy Adamski, Kensuke Shima, Jan Rupp, Robert Häsler, Georg Fuellen, Rüdiger Köhling, Michael Ristow, Saleh M Ibrahim
Mutations in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) lead to heteroplasmy, i.e., the intracellular coexistence of wild-type and mutant mtDNA strands, which impact a wide spectrum of diseases but also physiological processes, including endurance exercise performance in athletes. However, the phenotypic consequences of limited levels of naturally arising heteroplasmy have not been experimentally studied to date. We hence generated a conplastic mouse strain carrying the mitochondrial genome of an AKR/J mouse strain (B6-mtAKR ) in a C57BL/6 J nuclear genomic background, leading to >20% heteroplasmy in the origin of light-strand DNA replication (OriL)...
April 12, 2018: Scientific Reports
E T Spear, E A Holt, E J Joyce, M M Haag, S M Mawe, G W Hennig, B Lavoie, A M Applebee, C Teuscher, G M Mawe
BACKGROUND: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system that, in addition to motor, sensory, and cognitive symptoms, also causes constipation, which is poorly understood. Here, we characterize gastrointestinal (GI) dysmotility in the experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) mouse model of MS and evaluate whether autoantibodies target the enteric nervous system (ENS) and cause dysmotility. METHODS: EAE was induced in male SJL and B6 mice...
April 11, 2018: Neurogastroenterology and Motility: the Official Journal of the European Gastrointestinal Motility Society
Carolin Bauer, Olivier le Saux, Viola Pomozi, Redouane Aherrahrou, Rene Kriesen, Stephanie Stölting, Annett Liebers, Thorsten Kessler, Heribert Schunkert, Jeanette Erdmann, Zouhair Aherrahrou
Cardiovascular calcification is associated with high risk of vascular disease. This involves macrophage infiltration of injured vascular tissue and osteoclast-related processes. Splenic monocytes from mice, that are predisposed (C3H) or resistant (B6) to calcification, were isolated and differentiated in vitro with M-CSF to generate macrophages, which aggregate to form multinucleated (MN) cells in the presence of RANKL. MN cell formation was significantly decreased in monocytes from resistant compared with calcifying mice...
April 11, 2018: Scientific Reports
France Bellisle, Pascale Hébel, Alice Fourniret, Eléna Sauvage
Sugar-containing beverages are often seen as a negative influence on diet quality and body weight control. The present study examines the consumption of 100% fruit juice (FJ) based on a seven-day dietary survey in a representative sample of French adults ( n = 1607). About a half of the participants (44%) consumed FJ, most often at breakfast time (60%). Average intake in FJ consumers was 115.6 ± 4.0 mL/day (46.3 ± 1.7 kcal/day). Prevalence of consumption increased with education and income and decreased with age, but no association was observed with body mass index (BMI), physical activity, or smoking...
April 7, 2018: Nutrients
John I Glendinning, Gabrielle S Lubitz, Sarah Shelling
We reported previously that when C57BL/6 (B6) mice ingest glucose, plasma insulin levels rise above baseline before blood glucose levels do so. This observation led us to speculate that the taste of glucose elicits cephalic-phase insulin release (CPIR) in mice. Here, we examined the specific contributions of taste and glucose to CPIR. In Experiment 1, we bypassed the mouth and delivered glucose directly to the stomach. We found that plasma insulin levels did not rise above baseline until after blood glucose levels did so...
April 2, 2018: Physiology & Behavior
Marianne S Morseth, Sigrun Henjum, Catherine Schwinger, Tor A Strand, Sanjaya K Shrestha, Binob Shrestha, Ram K Chandyo, Manjeswori Ulak, Liv Elin Torheim
OBJECTIVES: Environmental enteropathy (EE) is likely associated with growth retardation in children, but the association between EE and length velocity z-score (LVZ) has not been investigated. The objective of the study was to assess associations between fecal markers for intestinal inflammation and LVZ and whether these associations were influenced by micronutrient adequacy among 9-24 months old children in Bhaktapur, Nepal. METHODS: Data was divided into 5 time slots (9-12, 12-15, 15-18, 18-21 and 21-24 months)...
April 3, 2018: Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition
Melissa Uil, Angelique M L Scantlebery, Loes M Butter, Per W B Larsen, Onno J de Boer, Jaklien C Leemans, Sandrine Florquin, Joris J T H Roelofs
Diabetic nephropathy (DN) is the leading cause of chronic kidney disease. Animal models are essential tools for designing new strategies to prevent DN. C57Bl/6 (B6) mice are widely used for transgenic mouse models, but are relatively resistant to DN. This study aims to identify the most effective method to induce DN in a type 1 (T1D) and a type 2 diabetes (T2D) model in B6 mice. For T1D-induced DN, mice were fed a control diet, and randomised to streptozotocin (STZ) alone, STZ+unilateral nephrectomy (UNx), or vehicle/sham...
April 3, 2018: Scientific Reports
Suganya Viriyakosol, Lorraine Walls, Sharon Okamoto, Eyal Raz, David L Williams, Joshua Fierer
Rodents are a natural host for the dimorphic pathogenic fungi Coccidioides immitis and posadasii , and mice are a good model for human infection. Humans and rodents both express Dectin-1 and TLR2 on myeloid cells and those receptors collaborate to maximize the cytokine/chemokine responses to spherules (the tissue form of the fungi), and to formalin killed spherules (FKS). We showed that Dectin-1 is necessary for resistance to pulmonary coccidioidomycosis, but the importance of TLR2 in vivo is uncertain. MyD88 is the adapter protein for TLR2 and 4, and IL-1R1 and IL-18R1...
April 2, 2018: Infection and Immunity
Alexandra J Borst, Dmitry Tchapyjnikov
Pyridox(am)ine-5-phosphate oxidase deficiency is an inborn error of vitamin B6 metabolism that is characterized by neonatal seizures, requiring lifelong therapy with pyridoxal-5-phosphate. We present the first case of a patient with pyridox(am)ine-5-phosphate oxidase deficiency and mild hemophilia A, whose bleeding symptoms were exacerbated by the vitamin B6 therapy essential for his epileptic disorder. This report expands the spectrum of known vitamin B6 toxicity and demonstrates a need for vigilance in monitoring for bleeding symptoms in patients requiring pyridoxine or pyridoxal-5-phosphate supplementation...
April 2018: Pediatrics
Kohei Sone, Asami Mori, Kenji Sakamoto, Tsutomu Nakahara
We previously reported that systemic administration with sodium hydrogen sulfide, a rapid-release donor compound of hydrogen sulfide (H2 S), protected retinal neurons against N-methyl-D-aspartic acid (NMDA)-induced injury. For clinical application of H2 S donors for retinal neurodegeneration, topical administration with an extended-release donor compound will be better. In the present study, we histologically investigated whether GYY4137, an extended-release hydrogen sulfide donor, had a protective effect on NMDA-induced retinal injury in the mice in vivo...
2018: Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin
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