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Medication related memory loss

R Galioto, D Bond, J Gunstad, V Pera, L Rathier, G Tremont
BACKGROUND: Deficits in executive functions are related to poorer weight loss after bariatric surgery; however, less is known about the role that these deficits may play during participation in nonsurgical weight loss programmes. This study examined associations between objectively measured executive functions and weight loss during participation in a medically supervised weight loss programme. METHODS: Twenty-three adult patients (age 50.4 ± 15.1, BMI 44.2 ± 8...
December 2016: Obesity Science & Practice
Jolien Schaeverbeke, Charlotte Evenepoel, Rose Bruffaerts, Koen Van Laere, Guy Bormans, Eva Dries, Thomas Tousseyn, Natalie Nelissen, Ronald Peeters, Mathieu Vandenbulcke, Patrick Dupont, Rik Vandenberghe
Primary progressive aphasia (PPA) is a heterogeneous syndrome with various neuropathological causes for which no medical treatment with proven efficacy exists. Basal forebrain (BF) volume loss has been reported in PPA but its relation to cholinergic depletion is still unclear. The primary objective of this study was to investigate whether cholinergic alterations occur in PPA variants and how this relates to BF volume loss. An academic memory clinic based consecutive series of 11 PPA patients (five with the semantic variant (SV), four with the logopenic variant (LV) and two with the nonfluent variant (NFV)) participated in this cross-sectional in vivo PET imaging study together with 10 healthy control subjects...
2017: NeuroImage: Clinical
Timothy D Nelson, Katherine M Kidwell, Maren Hankey, Jennifer Mize Nelson, Kimberly Andrews Espy
OBJECTIVE: Although numerous studies have documented the effects of sleep loss on executive control (EC) and related abilities, research examining the impact of early EC on subsequent sleep problems is lacking. Therefore, the current study reports on a longitudinal investigation of EC in preschool as a predictor of sleep-wake problems and daytime sleepiness in early adolescence. PARTICIPANTS: The participants were 141 children (48.6% female) recruited from the community for a longitudinal study spanning preschool through early adolescence, with an oversampling for high sociodemographic risk (34...
October 11, 2016: Behavioral Sleep Medicine
Damith Woods, Schwanagorn Sirirat, Sirirada Pattara-Angkoon, Janja Rattanajan
We report the clinical assessment of J.P., an 86 year-old man with Broca's aphasia complaining of memory problems. Our aim was to objectively investigate his level of cognitive functioning using standardized neuropsychological tests in order to determine the nature of his memory impairment. J.P.'s medical history included left-middle cerebral artery (left-MCA) stroke, high frequency hearing loss, macular degeneration, and a recent hospitalization related to a fall. Results from his neuropsychological testing and from information gathered during the clinical interview with his wife suggested that a deficit in executive functioning might have been the source for some of his perceived memory problems...
September 13, 2016: Applied Neuropsychology. Adult
Daniela Figueiredo, Laetitia Teixeira, Veronica Poveda, Constança Paúl, Alice Santos-Silva, Elísio Costa
The aim of this study is to evaluate the prevalence and the predictors of difficulty in medication intake across Europe, using a cross-sectional design. We used data from all participants in the wave 4 of the SHARE (Survey of Health, Ageing, and Retirement in Europe) database, which is a cross national European survey. The difficulty in take medication was evaluated using an item from the "Limitations with activities of daily living". Clinical and sociodemographic variables were evaluated as potential predictors...
May 2016: Aging and Disease
K W Miskowiak, J Macoveanu, M Vinberg, E Assentoft, L Randers, C J Harmer, H Ehrenreich, O B Paulson, G M Knudsen, H R Siebner, L V Kessing
OBJECTIVE: Erythropoietin (EPO) improves verbal memory and reverses subfield hippocampal volume loss across depression and bipolar disorder (BD). This study aimed to investigate with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) whether these effects were accompanied by functional changes in memory-relevant neuro-circuits in this cohort. METHOD: Eighty-four patients with treatment-resistant unipolar depression who were moderately depressed or BD in remission were randomized to eight weekly EPO (40 000 IU) or saline infusions in a double-blind, parallel-group design...
September 2016: Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica
Toshihiro Miyamura
Objectives Dementia brings new difficulties in the lives of people with this disorder. It is important that family caregivers accurately recognize these difficulties to help their family members live fulfilling lives. Based on information gathered from people with dementia, family caregivers, and nurses providing medical care to this population, this study compared the differences in perspectives related to the difficulties associated with dementia between the family member with dementia and the family caregiver...
2016: [Nihon Kōshū Eisei Zasshi] Japanese Journal of Public Health
Francine Gachupin, Michael D Romero, Willa J Ortega, Rita Jojola, Hugh Hendrie, Eddie Paul Sr Torres, Frank Lujan, Michael Lente, Barbara Sanchez, Verna Teller, Fernando Beita, Ulysses Abeita, Beatrice Lente, Deborah Ruth Gustafson
OBJECTIVE: Few data exist on cognitive and depressive symptoms and vascular factors in American Indian (AI) elders. Since vascular risk factors increase risk for cognitive impairments, depression and dementia, and since AI elders are at high vascular risk, it is timely to assess the interplay of these factors in comprehensive studies of aging in this population. To begin, pilot studies must be conducted to show these types of data can be collected successfully. DESIGN: A cross-sectional pilot study, the Southwest Heart Mind Study (SHMS)...
April 21, 2016: Ethnicity & Disease
Jennifer A Deal, Josh Betz, Kristine Yaffe, Tamara Harris, Elizabeth Purchase-Helzner, Suzanne Satterfield, Sheila Pratt, Nandini Govil, Eleanor M Simonsick, Frank R Lin
BACKGROUND: Age-related peripheral hearing impairment (HI) is prevalent, treatable, and may be a risk factor for dementia in older adults. In prospective analysis, we quantified the association of HI with incident dementia and with domain-specific cognitive decline in memory, perceptual speed, and processing speed. METHODS: Data were from the Health, Aging and Body Composition (Health ABC) study, a biracial cohort of well-functioning adults aged 70-79 years. Dementia was defined using a prespecified algorithm incorporating medication use, hospital records, and neurocognitive test scores...
April 12, 2016: Journals of Gerontology. Series A, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences
Yue Gao, Ehsan Adeli-M, Minjeong Kim, Panteleimon Giannakopoulos, Sven Haller, Dinggang Shen
Alzheimer's disease (AD) is an irreversible neurodegenerative disorder that can lead to progressive memory loss and cognition impairment. Therefore, diagnosing AD during the risk stage, a.k.a. Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), has attracted ever increasing interest. Besides the automated diagnosis of MCI, it is important to provide physicians with related MCI cases with visually similar imaging data for case-based reasoning or evidence-based medicine in clinical practices. To this end, we propose a multi-graph learning based medical image retrieval technique for MCI diagnostic assistance...
October 2015: Medical Image Computing and Computer-assisted Intervention: MICCAI ..
Hanna Kovshoff, Tobias Banaschewski, Jan K Buitelaar, Sara Carucci, David Coghill, Marina Danckaerts, Ralf W Dittmann, Bruno Falissard, Dina Gojkovic Grimshaw, Chris Hollis, Sarah Inglis, Kerstin Konrad, Elizabeth Liddle, Suzanne McCarthy, Peter Nagy, Margaret Thompson, Ian C K Wong, Alessandro Zuddas, Edmund J S Sonuga-Barke
OBJECTIVE: There is no questionnaire to specifically monitor perceived adverse events of methylphenidate (MPH) on cognition, motivation, and mood. The current study therefore had two goals. First, to harvest accounts of such putative events from transcripts of interviews in samples enriched for such potential experiences. Second, to use the derived data to generate items for a new questionnaire that can be used for monitoring such events in medication trials or routine clinical care. METHODS: Following a literature search aimed at identifying associations between MPH and cognition and/or motivation, a qualitative semistructured interview was designed to focus specifically on the domains of cognition (i...
August 2016: Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology
Robert L Cook, Christa L Cook, Manju Karki, Kathleen M Weber, Kathleen A Thoma, Chelsea M Loy, Lakshmi Goparaju, Bridgett Rahim-Williams
BACKGROUND: Women living with HIV have increased prevalence of medical and psychological comorbidities that could be adversely affected by alcohol consumption. Little is known about their unique motivations for drinking or perceptions of HIV-related consequences. In preparation for an alcohol intervention study, we sought to better understand reasons for drinking and perceived consequences of alcohol consumption among a sample of women living with HIV. METHODS: Four focus groups, with a total of 24 adult women (96% African-American, 88% HIV-positive), were conducted in Jacksonville, FL, Washington, DC and Chicago, IL...
March 15, 2016: BMC Public Health
Renee DeCaro, Jonathan E Peelle, Murray Grossman, Arthur Wingfield
Reduced hearing acuity is among the most prevalent of chronic medical conditions among older adults. An experiment is reported in which comprehension of spoken sentences was tested for older adults with good hearing acuity or with a mild-to-moderate hearing loss, and young adults with age-normal hearing. Comprehension was measured by participants' ability to determine the agent of an action in sentences that expressed this relation with a syntactically less complex subject-relative construction or a syntactically more complex object-relative construction...
2016: Frontiers in Psychology
J Y Joo, H Lee
AIM: The aim of this study was to explore barriers to and facilitators of diabetes self-management among first-generation Korean-American elderly immigrants with type 2 diabetes in the United States Midwest. BACKGROUND: The number of Korean-American elderly immigrants with type 2 diabetes in the United States is expected to increase because they are at risk of adopting a Western lifestyle. METHODS: Three focus groups (N = 18) and five individual interviews were conducted with Korean-American elderly immigrants with type 2 diabetes...
June 2016: International Nursing Review
Muthukkumaran Thiagarajan, Caryn Mei Hsien Chan, Ho Gwo Fuang, Tan Seng Beng, M A Atiliyana, N A Yahaya
BACKGROUND: Much has been done to examine the psychological impact of cancer treatment, but it remains unclear to what extent anxiety and depression is related to symptom prevalence. The present study concerned the characteristics and frequency of distress as related to symptom prevalence in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy in Malaysia. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Participants were 303 consecutive adult cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy in an academic medical center...
2016: Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention: APJCP
Kyu-Man Han, Eunsoo Won, Youngbo Sim, Woo-Suk Tae
BACKGROUND: Hippocampal volume loss is known as the best-replicated finding of structural brain imaging studies on major depressive disorder (MDD). Several evidences suggest localized mechanisms of hippocampal neuroplasticity lead the brain imaging studies on the hippocampus and MDD to perform analyses in the subfield level. The aim of this study was to investigate the differences in total and subfield hippocampal volumes, between medication-naïve female MDD patients and healthy controls, through automated segmentation and volumetric methods...
April 2016: Journal of Affective Disorders
Elie Isenberg-Grzeda, Yesne Alici, Vaios Hatzoglou, Christian Nelson, William Breitbart
BACKGROUND: Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome (WKS) is a neuropsychiatric syndrome caused by thiamine deficiency. Cancer predisposes to thiamine deficiency through various mechanisms. Although many case reports exist on nonalcoholic WKS in cancer, larger qualitative studies are lacking. METHOD: Retrospective study of patients admitted to a cancer hospital and diagnosed with WKS during routine care on a psychiatric consultation service. Only patients with at least 1 additional supporting feature (magnetic resonance imaging findings, low serum thiamine concentrations, or response to treatment) were included...
January 2016: Psychosomatics
Mette Merete Pedersen, Janne Petersen, Jonathan F Bean, Lars Damkjaer, Helle Gybel Juul-Larsen, Ove Andersen, Nina Beyer, Thomas Bandholm
Background. In older patients, hospitalization is associated with a decline in functional performance and loss of muscle strength. Loss of muscle strength and functional performance can be prevented by systematic strength training, but details are lacking regarding the optimal exercise program and dose for older patients. Therefore, our aim was to test the feasibility of a progression model for loaded sit-to-stand training among older hospitalized patients. Methods. This is a prospective cohort study conducted as a feasibility study prior to a full-scale trial...
2015: PeerJ
Madeleine E Sharp, Karin Foerde, Nathaniel D Daw, Daphna Shohamy
Patients with loss of dopamine due to Parkinson's disease are impaired at learning from reward. However, it remains unknown precisely which aspect of learning is impaired. In particular, learning from reward, or reinforcement learning, can be driven by two distinct computational processes. One involves habitual stamping-in of stimulus-response associations, hypothesized to arise computationally from 'model-free' learning. The other, 'model-based' learning, involves learning a model of the world that is believed to support goal-directed behaviour...
February 2016: Brain: a Journal of Neurology
Lodovico Balducci, Dawn Dolan, Sarah A Hoffe
BACKGROUND: In general, cancer is a disease of aging, and palliative care is an essential step in the management of cancer in patients who are older. The goal of this article is to review common symptoms of cancer and oncology treatment and their management. METHODS: The pertinent medical literature was reviewed. RESULTS: The scope of palliative care includes personalized cancer treatment. This involves choosing treatment options that best fit the needs of each individual patient...
October 2015: Cancer Control: Journal of the Moffitt Cancer Center
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