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Laura Laguna, Grace Farrell, Michael Bryant, Ardian Morina, Anwesha Sarkar
This study aims to investigate the relationship between rheological and tribological properties of commercial full fat and fat-free/low fat versions of liquid and soft solid colloidal systems (milk, yoghurt, soft cream cheese) with their sensory properties. Oscillatory measurements (strain, frequency), flow curves and tribological measurements (lubrication behaviour using Stribeck analysis) were conducted. Oral condition was mimicked using artificial saliva at 37 (○)C. Discrimination test was conducted by 63 untrained consumers, followed by a qualitative questionnaire...
September 22, 2016: Food & Function
Lidwina Faraline Triprisila, Suharjono Suharjono, Antonius Christianto, Fatchiyah Fatchiyah
BACKGROUND: Goat milk is reported to have antimicrobial activity of several pathogen bacteria that contained on food materials. The research related with antimicrobial activity of Alpha-S2 casein from goat milk is relatively less than other casein components. Herein, we reported the antimicrobial activity of caprine Alpha-S2 Casein (CSN1S2) protein from Ethawah breed goat milk and yoghurt in Gram positive (Listeria monocytogenes, Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus cereus) and negative pathogen bacteria (Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhi and Shigella flexneri)...
July 24, 2016: Materia Socio-medica
Rossella Attini, Filomena Leone, Silvia Parisi, Federica Fassio, Irene Capizzi, Valentina Loi, Loredana Colla, Maura Rossetti, Martina Gerbino, Stefania Maxia, Maria Grazia Alemanno, Fosca Minelli, Ettore Piccoli, Elisabetta Versino, Marilisa Biolcati, Paolo Avagnina, Antonello Pani, Gianfranca Cabiddu, Tullia Todros, Giorgina B Piccoli
BACKGROUND: Pregnancy in women with advanced CKD becoming increasingly common. However, experience with low-protein diets in CKD patients in pregnancy is still limited. Aim of this study is to review the results obtained over the last 15 years with moderately restricted low-protein diets in pregnant CKD women (combining: CKD stages 3-5, proteinuria: nephrotic at any time, or > =1 g/24 at start or referral; nephrotic in previous pregnancy). CKD patients on unrestricted diets were employed for comparison...
2016: BMC Nephrology
Tamene Milkessa Jiru, Dawit Abate, Nicholas Kiggundu, Carolina Pohl, Marizeth Groenewald
Oleaginous microorganisms can produce high amounts of oil (>20 % of their biomass) under suitable cultivation conditions. In this research work 200 samples were collected from soil, plant surfaces (leaves, flowers and fruits), waste oils from traditional oil milling houses and dairy products (cheese, milk and yoghurt) in Ethiopia. Three hundred and forty yeast colonies were isolated from these samples. By applying Sudan III staining tests, 18 strains were selected as possible oleaginous yeasts. The 18 strains were identified and characterized for their lipid production as a feedstock for biodiesel production in the future...
December 2016: AMB Express
Q Pan, N Maeda, Y Manda, N Kodama, S Minagi
Recently, the swallowing sound has been used to detect swallowing events non-invasively. A previous study, using an accelerometer, showed that the site over the lateral border of the trachea immediately inferior to the cricoid cartilage was the optimal site for detecting swallowing sounds. However, the optimal site for detection of the swallowing sound using a microphone remains undetermined. To validate the optimal site in the neck region for detecting swallowing sounds. Fourteen healthy subjects (mean age, 27·6 ± 2·2 years; seven male and seven female) participated in this study...
November 2016: Journal of Oral Rehabilitation
Jinzhong Lin, Baozhen Hua, Zhiping Xu, Sha Li, Chengjie Ma
The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of proteolytic pork hydrolysate (PPH) on yoghurt production by Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. Fresh lean pork was cut into pieces and mixed with deionized water and dealt with protease, then the resulting PPH was added to milk to investigate the effects of PPH on yoghurt production. The fermentation time, the viable cell counts, the flavor, free amino acids compounds, and sensory evaluation of yoghurt were evaluated...
2016: Korean Journal for Food Science of Animal Resources
Georgios Theodorou, Ioannis Politis
The urokinase-plasminogen activator (u-PA), its receptor (u-PAR) and the inhibitors of u-PA (PAI-1 and PAI-2) provide a multi-molecular system in leucocytes that exerts pleiotropic functions influencing the development of inflammatory and immune responses. The objective of the present study was to examine the ability of water soluble extracts (WSE) obtained from traditional Greek yoghurt made from bovine or ovine milk to modulate the expression of u-PA, u-PAR, PAI-1 and PAI-2 in ovine monocytes and neutrophils...
August 2016: Journal of Dairy Research
Helene Egebjerg Rischel, Louise Aas Nielsen, Michael Gamborg, Per Møller, Jens-Christian Holm
Sensory properties of some foods may be of importance to energy consumption and thus the development and maintenance of childhood obesity. This study compares selected food related qualities in overweight and normal weight children. Ninety-two participants were included; 55 were overweight with a mean age of 11.6 years (range 6-18 years) and a mean BMI z-score of 2.71 (range 1.29-4.60). The 37 normal weight children had a mean age of 13.0 years (range 6-19 years) and a mean BMI z-score of 0.16 (range -1.71 to 1...
September 1, 2016: Appetite
Andreal Chioma Amakiri, Mapitsi Silvester Thantsha
BACKGROUND: Vegetal BM 297 ATO is a food grade lipid based material extracted from vegetables, and certified for human consumption. In this study, Bifidobacterium longum LMG 13197 was encapsulated in Vegetal BM 297 ATO-inulin by freeze drying, followed by evaluation of its survival in simulated gastrointestinal fluids and yoghurt. Furthermore, the effect of incorporation of such microparticles on physico-chemical properties of yoghurt was examined. Unencapsulated and encapsulated B. longum cells were exposed to simulated gastrointestinal fluids for 6 h and yoghurt at 4 °C for 6 weeks, and then evaluated for viability using plate counts...
2016: SpringerPlus
Mohammed Al-Hamdani, Steven Smith
The research on the impact of specific brand elements such as food descriptors and package colors is underexplored. We tested whether a "light" color and a "low-calorie" descriptor on food packages gain favorable consumer perception ratings as compared with regular packages. Our online experiment recruited 406 adults in a 3 (product type: Chips versus Juice versus Yoghurt) × 2 (descriptor type: regular versus low-calorie) × 2 (color type: regular versus light) mixed design. Dependent variables were sensory (evaluations of the product's nutritional value and quality), product-based (evaluations of the product's physical appeal), and consumer-based (evaluations of the potential consumers of the product) scales...
August 31, 2016: International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition
İsa Sözen, Cem Emir Güldoğan, Ahmet Çınar Yastı
OBJECTIVE: Burns continue to be a devastating trauma worldwide. Most of the childhood burns are due to preventable injuries. Burns occurring as a result of negligence of the parents'/carers' may cause mortality or life-long morbidities. Identification of the etiologies will direct the precautions that should be undertaken. MATERIAL AND METHODS: One hundred consequent burn patients admitted to our clinics were included to the study. A questionnaire was filled in with the information gathered from the parents/carers...
2016: Ulusal Cerrahi Dergisi
Ranil Jayawardena, Priyanga Ranasinghe, Maheshi Wijayabandara, Andrew P Hills, Anoop Misra
Introduction Obesity among teenagers/adolescents and young adults is associated with significant adverse short and longer-term effects on health. To date, no narrative reviews have evaluated nutrition transition and its contribution to the obesity epidemic among adolescents and young adults in the South Asian (SA) region. Methods Data were retrieved by a four-stage systematic search process. A search of the online PubMed/Medline, SciVerse Scopus and Web of Science databases was performed. The age groups were defined as follows; teenage:13-19 years, adolescence:10-18 years and young adult:19-24 years...
August 8, 2016: Current Diabetes Reviews
Zahra Cheraghi, Parvin Mirmiran, Mohammad Ali Mansournia, Nazanin Moslehi, Davood Khalili, Saharnaz Nedjat
OBJECTIVES: This study was conducted with the goal of investigating the effect of various food consumption on the incidence of metabolic syndrome (MetS). STUDY DESIGN: Prospective cohort study. METHODS: This study conducted on 3616 healthy adults aged ≥20 years, who were not affected with MetS. Nutritional intake was determined at the beginning of the study (2008-2011) by the Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ), and the incidence of MetS was investigated after a median of 24...
August 4, 2016: Public Health
Ankit Goyal, Vivek Sharma, Manvesh Kumar Sihag, A K Singh, Sumit Arora, Latha Sabikhi
The objective of the study was to develop and characterize omega-3 dahi (Indian yoghurt) through fortification of microencapsulated flaxseed oil powder (MFOP). Four different formulations of MFOP were fortified in dahi @ 1, 2 and 3 % levels and the level of addition was optimized on the basis of sensory scores. Dahi fortified at 2 % level was observed comparable to control, which was further studied for titratable acidity, syneresis, firmness, stickiness, oxidative stability (peroxide value), α-linolenic acid (ALA, ω-3) content and sensory attributes during 15d of storage...
May 2016: Journal of Food Science and Technology
Sarn Settachaimongkon, Hein J F van Valenberg, Inge Gazi, M J Robert Nout, Toon C M van Hooijdonk, Marcel H Zwietering, Eddy J Smid
The objectives of this study were to evaluate the growth and survival of the model probiotic strain Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1 in co-culture with traditional yoghurt starters and to investigate the impact of preculturing on their survival and metabolite formation in set-yoghurt. L. plantarum WCFS1 was precultured under sublethal stress conditions (combinations of elevated NaCl and low pH) in a batch fermentor before inoculation in milk. Adaptive responses of L. plantarum WCFS1 were evaluated by monitoring bacterial population dynamics, milk acidification and changes in volatile and non-volatile metabolite profiles of set-yoghurt...
October 2016: Food Microbiology
Caroline Méjean, Wendy Si Hassen, Christelle Lecossais, Benjamin Allès, Sandrine Péneau, Serge Hercberg, Katia Castetbon
OBJECTIVE: The specific role of major socio-economic indicators (education, occupation, income) in influencing consumer choice of animal foods (AF) intake could reveal distinct socio-economic facets, thus enabling elucidation of mechanisms leading to social inequalities in health. We investigated the independent association of each indicator with intake of different AF and their effect modification. DESIGN: Cross-sectional study. AF intake was estimated using three 24 h dietary records...
July 4, 2016: Public Health Nutrition
Rachel K Thomson, Rachael M McLean, Sherry X Ning, Louise A Mainvil
OBJECTIVE: Nutritional impact of the Tick front-of-pack labelling programme was evaluated by investigating nutrient changes to the purchased food supply and the nutritional quality of Tick v. non-Tick products. Factors influencing manufacturers��� decisions to develop and license Tick products were also explored. DESIGN: Observational, cross-sectional and change over time data. SETTING: New Zealand food supply, 2011���2013. SUBJECTS: Forty-five newly licensed Tick products from five food categories were analysed: Edible Oil Spreads, Yoghurt & Dairy Desserts, Frozen Desserts, Ready Meals and Processed Poultry...
June 30, 2016: Public Health Nutrition
S Del Carmen, A de Moreno de LeBlanc, J G LeBlanc
AIMS: To evaluate the beneficial properties of a potentially probiotic yoghurt obtained by the fermentation of two selected anti-inflammatory bacterial strains using in vivo mouse models of intestinal inflammation and colon carcinogenesis. METHODS AND RESULTS: Yoghurt was administered to mice suffering chemically induced intestinal inflammation or colon carcinogenesis. It was shown that this novel yoghurt was able to prevent local inflammation in the intestines of mice through a regulation of the immune response, prevent macroscopic and histological damages, and prevent colon carcinogenesis through an anti-inflammatory response...
September 2016: Journal of Applied Microbiology
Dilek Bilgic Alkaya, Ozlem Karalomlu
This study was aimed at developing RP-HPLC method for determination of natamycin in Turkish yoghurt. Chromatographic separation was achieved on a C8 column (150 mm × 4.6 mm × 5 µm) with a mobile phase of methanol : water : acetic acid (12 : 8 : 1 v/v/v), at 1 mL/min flow rate with a detection of 303 nm. Natamycin was spiked into handmade yoghurt samples and used for validation. The method has been fully validated according to ISO 9233-2, 2007 (IDF 140-2, 2007). It was successfully applied to determination of 28 different Turkish yoghurt products...
2016: International Journal of Analytical Chemistry
Robert A Boakes, Sarah I Martire, Kieron B Rooney, Michael D Kendig
Following previous results indicating that low acceptance of saccharin-sweetened yoghurt was associated with slower weight gain, the aim of this experiment was to determine which of three measures of individual differences would predict subsequent chow consumption, body weight gain, and fat mass. Pre-test measures consisted of amount of running in an activity wheel, amount of 0.1% saccharin solution consumed over 24h, and performance on an elevated plus maze (EPM). Rats were then maintained for three weeks on a diet of standard chow and water...
October 1, 2016: Physiology & Behavior
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