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Carine de Freitas Souza, Cristine Rampelotto, Bruno Bianchi Loureiro, Fernanda Alves Pereira, Adriane Erbice Bianchini, Carine Dahl Corcini, Antonio Sergio Varela Junior, Tatiana Emanuelli, Leila Picolli da Silva, Sílvio Teixeira da Costa, Kalyne Bertolin, Monique Tomazele Rovani, Paulo Bayard Dias Gonçalves, Berta Maria Heinzmann, Bernardo Baldisserotto
In aquaculture, nutrition and supplemented diets have been shown to affect broodstock reproductive performance. In this study, we investigated the effects of dietary supplementation with Cymbopogon flexuosus essential oil (CFEO) microcapsules on reproductive-related parameters in silver catfish (Rhamdia quelen) male broodfish. Adult male broodstocks were separated into three groups according to the concentrations of supplemented CFEO (0.0 = control; 1.0 or 3.0 mL per kg of diet). After 20 days under experimental conditions, the animals were euthanized and the gonads were harvested for gonadosomatic index, sperm analysis, oxidative stress, and histopathology; testosterone levels were measured in the plasma; gene expression of prl, smtl, pomca, and pomcb was assessed in the pituitary gland by real-time PCR...
May 18, 2018: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
Kolawole Aluko, Deepak E Velayudhan, Ehsan Khafipour, Aike Li, Yulong Yin, Martin Nyachoti
The aim of this study was to investigate the combined effects of chitosan oligosaccharide (COS) and a microencapsulated Enterococcus faecalis CG1.0007 probiotic (PRO) on growth performance and diarrhea incidences in enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) K88+ challenged piglets in a 14-d study. Thirty piglets, 7.19 ± 0.52 kg initial BW weaned at 21 ± 1 d, were allotted to 5 treatment groups ( n =  6) consisting of a corn-soybean meal diet with no additive (negative control, NC), NC + 0.25% chlortetracycline (positive control, PC), NC + 400 mg/kg COS (COS), NC + 100 mg/kg PRO (PRO) and NC + a combination of COS and PRO (CPRO)...
December 2017: Animal nutrition
Shirae K Leslie, David J Cohen, Sharon L Hyzy, Christopher R Dosier, Anthony Nicolini, Janina Sedlaczek, Zvi Schwartz, Barbara D Boyan
Cell-based tissue engineering can promote cartilage tissue regeneration, but cell retention in the implant site post-delivery is problematic. Alginate microbeads containing adipose stem cells (ASCs) pretreated with chondrogenic media (CM) have been used successfully to regenerate hyaline cartilage in critical size defects in rat xiphoid suggesting that they may be used to treat defects in elastic cartilages like the ear. To test this, we used microbeads made with low viscosity, high mannuronate medical grade alginate using a high electrostatic potential and a calcium cross linking solution containing glucose...
May 15, 2018: Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
Yongliang Zhao, Junli Liu, Zhi Chen, Xiaomin Zhu, Martin Möller
Double emulsions are complex fluid systems, in which droplets of a dispersed liquid phase contain even smaller dispersed liquid droplets. Particularly, water-in-oil-in-water double emulsions provide significant advantages over simple oil-in-water emulsions for microencapsulation, such as carrier of both aqueous and oily payloads and sustained release profile. However, double emulsions are thermodynamically unstable systems consisting typically of relatively large droplets. Here we show that nanoscale water-in-oil-in-water double emulsions can be prepared by adding a silica precursor polymer, hyperbranched polyethoxysiloxane, to the oil phase without any additional surfactants...
May 15, 2018: Nature Communications
Karina Ramirez, Carmina Cazarez-Montoya, Hector Samuel Lopez-Moreno, Nohelia Castro-Del Campo
Escherichia coli O157:H7 has become a global public health and a food safety problem. Despite the implementation of control strategies that guarantee the safety in various products, outbreaks persist and new alternatives are necessary to reduce this pathogen along the food chain. Recently, our group isolated and characterised lytic bacteriophages against E. coli O157:H7 with potential to be used as biocontrol agents in food. To this end, phages need certain requirements to allow their manufacture and application...
2018: PloS One
Vinh Duy Cao, Carlos Salas-Bringas, Reidar Barfod Schüller, Anna M Szczotok, Marianne Hiorth, Manuel Carmona, Juan F Rodriguez, Anna-Lena Kjøniksen
The thermal and rheological properties of suspensions of microencapsulated phase change materials (MPCM) in glycerol were investigated. When the microcapsule concentration is raised, the heat storage capacity of the suspensions becomes higher and a slight decline in the thermal conductivity of the suspensions is observed. The temperature-dependent shear-thinning behaviour of the suspensions was found to be strongly affected by non-encapsulated phase change materials (PCM). Accordingly, the rheological properties of the MPCM suspensions could be described by the Cross model below the PCM melting point while a power law model best described the data above the PCM melting point...
2018: Colloid and Polymer Science
Bahman Homayun, Chengmeng Sun, Ankit Kumar, Carlo Montemagno, Hyo-Jick Choi
Oral drugs present the most convenient, economical, and painless route for self-administration. Despite commercialization of multiple technologies relying on micro- and nanocrystalline drugs, research on microparticles (MPs) based oral biopharmaceuticals delivery systems has still not culminated well enough in commercial products. This is largely due to the drugs being exposed to the destabilizing environment during MP synthesis process, and partly because of complicated process conditions. Hence, we developed a solvent swelling-evaporation method of producing pH-responsive MPs with micron-sized macropores using poly(methacrylic acid-co-ethyl acrylate) in 1:1 ratio (commercial name: Eudragit® L100-55 polymer)...
May 10, 2018: European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics
Liliana Mihalcea, Mihaela Turturică, Vasilica Barbu, Elena Ioniţă, Livia Pătraşcu, Mihaela Cotârleţ, Loredana Dumitraşcu, Iuliana Aprodu, Gabriela Râpeanu, Nicoleta Stănciuc
Sea buckthorn carotenoids extracted using CO2 supercritical fluids method were encapsulated within whey proteins isolate by transglutaminase (TG) mediated crosslinking reaction, coacervation and freeze drying. The encapsulation efficiency was 36.23 ± 1.58%, with β-carotene the major carotenoid present in the powder. The confocal analysis revealed that TG-ase mediated cross-linking reaction enhanced the complexes stability to such a manner that a double microencapsulation was performed. The powder showed an antioxidant activity of 2...
October 1, 2018: Food Chemistry
Francisca Silva, Lucicléia Torres, Larissa Silva, Raimundo Figueiredo, Deborah Garruti, Tamara Araújo, Antoniella Duarte, Débora Brito, Nágila Ricardo
Cashew gum and maltodextrin microcapsules containing green tea leaf extracts were made using a spray-dryer. Green tea extracts were submitted to cytotoxicity analysis and characterization of bioactive compounds. Three formulations of microcapsules were performed, which were then submitted to characterization through morphological study, particle diameter and distribution, zeta potential, Exploratory Differential Calorimetry, entrapment efficiency, dissolution test and X-ray diffraction. The extract had a high bioactive compound content and no cytotoxicity was observed...
September 30, 2018: Food Chemistry
Chi-Ya Huang, Ting-Feng Yeh, Fu-Lan Hsu, Chun-Ya Lin, Shang-Tzen Chang, Hui-Ting Chang
The xanthine oxidase inhibitory activity and thermostability of Cinnamomum osmophloeum leaf oil microencapsulated with β-cyclodextrin were evaluated in this study. The yield of leaf oil microcapsules was 86.3% using the optimal reaction conditions at the leaf oil to β-cyclodextrin ratio of 15:85 and ethanol to water ratio ranging from 1:3 to 1:5. Based on the FTIR analysis, the characteristic absorption bands of major constituent, trans -cinnamaldehyde, were confirmed in the spectra of leaf oil microcapsules...
May 7, 2018: Molecules: a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
Juliana C Baldin, Paulo E S Munekata, Euder C Michelin, Yana J Polizer, Poliana M Silva, Thais M Canan, Manoela A Pires, Silvia H S Godoy, Carmen S Fávaro-Trindade, Cesar G Lima, Andrezza M Fernandes, Marco A Trindade
The aim of the present study was to add microencapsulated Jabuticaba aqueous extract (MJE) to mortadella as a natural dye and to evaluate its possible antioxidant and antimicrobial activity during refrigeration. Anthocyanins in the extract were quantified and identified. Three treatments of mortadella were prepared: without dye (Control), with cochineal carmine (Carmine) and with the addition of 2% MJE. We determined the chemical composition of mortadella, along with pH, instrumental color, lipid oxidation, microbiological characteristics (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, sulphite-reducing Clostridium, aerobic mesophiles, aerobic psychrotrophics and lactic acid bacteria) and sensory acceptance during storage at 4 °C for 56 days...
June 2018: Food Research International
Marcela Brito Oliveira, Jessica Bassi da Silva, Maiara Camotti Montanha, Elza Kimura, Andrea Diniz, Marcos Luciano Bruschi
BACKGROUND: Bladder cancer is the second type of malignant carcinoma of the urinary tract. The treatment is time-consuming and requires maintenance doses of the drug for long periods of time with important side effects. Curcumin has shown evident clinical advances in the treatment of cancer. The technology of microencapsulation and the use of mucoadhesive materials can contribute to modify the delivery and improve the bioavailability of curcumin. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to design and characterize mucoadhesive microparticles containing curcumin using multivariate analysis and the spray-drying technique...
May 3, 2018: Current Drug Delivery
A Arce, Z Ustunol
Iron-fortified Cheddar cheese was manufactured with large microencapsulated ferrous sulfate (LMFS; 700-1,000 µm in diameter) or small microencapsulated ferrous sulfate (SMFS; 220-422 µm in diameter). Cheeses were aged 90 d. Compositional, chemical, and sensory characteristics were compared with control cheeses, which had no ferrous sulfate added. Compositional analysis included fat, protein, ash, moisture, as well as divalent cations iron, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Thiobarbituric acid reactive species assay was conducted to determine lipid oxidation...
May 2, 2018: Journal of Dairy Science
Alireza Mehregan Nikoo, Rassoul Kadkhodaee, Behrouz Ghorani, Hussam Razzaq, Nick Tucker
One of the major challenges with microencapsulation and delivery of low molecular weight bioactive compounds is their diffusional loss during storage and process conditions as well as under gastric conditions. In an attempt to slow down the release rate of core material, electrospray fabricated calcium alginate microhydrogels were coated with low molecular weight and high molecular weight chitosans. Caffeine as a hydrophilic model compound was used due to its several advantages on human behavior especially increasing consciousness...
May 2, 2018: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
A F Athiyyah, A Darma, R Ranuh, W Riawan, A Endaryanto, F A Rantam, I S Surono, S M Sudarmo
This study investigated the probiotic effect of Lactobacillus plantarum IS-10506 in activating and regenerating leucine-rich repeat-containing G-protein-coupled receptor (Lgr)5- and B lymphoma Moloney murine leukaemia virus insertion region (Bmi)1-expressing intestinal stem cells in rodents following Escherichia coli serotype 055:B5 lipopolysaccharide (LPS) exposure. Male Sprague-Dawley rats (n=64) were randomised into control (KN), LPS (KL), probiotic + LPS (KL-Pr), and sequential probiotic + LPS + probiotic (KPR-7L) groups...
May 4, 2018: Beneficial Microbes
Jessica D Weaver, Devon M Headen, Michael D Hunckler, Maria M Coronel, Cherie L Stabler, Andrés J García
The use of immunoisolating macrodevices in islet transplantation confers the benefit of safety and translatability by containing transplanted cells within a single retrievable device. To date, there has been limited development and characterization of synthetic poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG)-based hydrogel macrodevices for islet encapsulation and transplantation. Herein, we describe a two-component synthetic PEG hydrogel macrodevice system, designed for islet delivery to an extrahepatic islet transplant site, consisting of a hydrogel core cross-linked with a non-degradable PEG dithiol and a vasculogenic outer layer cross-linked with a proteolytically sensitive peptide to promote degradation and enhance localized vascularization...
April 25, 2018: Biomaterials
Ilhwan Park, Carlito Baltazar Tabelin, Kensuke Seno, Sanghee Jeon, Mayumi Ito, Naoki Hiroyoshi
Pyrite (FeS2 ), the most common sulfide mineral in nature, plays an important role in the formation of acid mine drainage (AMD), one of the most serious environmental problems after the closure of mines and mineral processing operations. Likewise, arsenopyrite (FeAsS) is an important sulfide mineral because its dissolution releases toxic arsenic (As) into the environment. To mitigate the serious environmental problems caused by pyrite and arsenopyrite, this study investigated carrier-microencapsulation (CME) using Al-catecholate complexes, a technique that selectively forms protective coatings on the surfaces of sulfide minerals, by electrochemical techniques and batch leaching experiments coupled with surface sensitive characterization techniques...
April 16, 2018: Chemosphere
Tengfei Fan, Jae Hyeon Park, Quynh Anh Pham, Ee-Lin Tan, Raghavendra C Mundargi, Michael G Potroz, Haram Jung, Nam-Joon Cho
Pollen-based microcapsules such as hollow sporopollenin exine capsules (SECs) have emerged as excellent drug delivery and microencapsulation vehicles. To date, SECs have been extracted primarily from a wide range of natural pollen species possessing largely spherical geometries and uniform surface features. Nonetheless, exploring pollen species with more diverse architectural features could lead to new application possibilities. One promising class of candidates is dandelion pollen grains, which possess architecturally intricate, cage-like microstructures composed of robust sporopollenin biopolymers...
April 26, 2018: Scientific Reports
Qingxin Zhou, Lu Yang, Jie Xu, Xing Qiao, Zhaojie Li, Yuming Wang, Changhu Xue
Esterified astaxanthins are used as functional nutraceuticals in many food products. Unfortunately, their utilization is currently limited owing to their poor water solubility, chemical instability, and low bioavailability. In this study, esterified astaxanthin microcapsules were fabricated through electrostatic complexation of whey protein and gum arabic by adjusting the pH to 4.0. After their encapsulation, the stability of the esterified astaxanthins was effectively better than that of the oleoresin. In vitro tests revealed a 26% rate of astaxanthin release from the microcapsules, which was significantly higher than the 14...
September 15, 2018: Food Chemistry
Xiaoli Liu, Gang Zhao, Zhongrong Chen, Fazil Panhwar, Xiaoming He
Stem cells microencapsulated in hydrogel as stem cell-hydrogel constructs have wide applications in the burgeoning cell-based medicine. Due to their short shelf life at ambient temperature, long-term storage or banking of the constructs is essential to their "off-the-shelf" ready availability needed for their widespread applications. As a high-efficiency, easy-to-operate, low-toxic and low-cost method for long-term storage of the constructs, low-cryoprotectant (CPA) vitrification has attracted tremendous attention recently...
April 24, 2018: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
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