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Valérie Lebel, Marilyn Aita, Celeste Johnston, Marjolaine Héon, France Dupuis
BACKGROUND: Preterm infants generally spend weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit where light intensity can fluctuate as well as be high, leading to physiological instability and increased motor activity in these infants. To date, 2 lighting control methods have been studied: cycled lighting and continuous near darkness. The most appropriate method of lighting is still unknown due to ambivalent results from the studies that have assessed these 2 interventions. OBJECTIVE: To compare the effects of cycled lighting versus continuous near darkness on physiological stability and motor activity level in preterm infants born between 28 and 32 weeks of gestation...
August 2017: Advances in Neonatal Care: Official Journal of the National Association of Neonatal Nurses
Elizabeth R Moore, Nils Bergman, Gene C Anderson, Nancy Medley
BACKGROUND: Mother-infant separation post birth is common. In standard hospital care, newborn infants are held wrapped or dressed in their mother's arms, placed in open cribs or under radiant warmers. Skin-to-skin contact (SSC) begins ideally at birth and should last continually until the end of the first breastfeeding. SSC involves placing the dried, naked baby prone on the mother's bare chest, often covered with a warm blanket. According to mammalian neuroscience, the intimate contact inherent in this place (habitat) evokes neuro-behaviors ensuring fulfillment of basic biological needs...
November 25, 2016: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Werner Giehl Glanzner, Eliza R Komninou, Ashwini Mahendran, Vitor B Rissi, Karina Gutierrez, Rodrigo C Bohrer, Tiago Collares, Paulo B D Gonçalves, Vilceu Bordignon
Cell permeabilization followed by exposure to cytoplasmic extracts of oocytes has been proposed as an alternative to transduction of transcription factors for inducing pluripotency in cultured somatic cells. The main goal in this study was to investigate the effect of treating porcine fibroblast cells with cytoplasmic extracts of GV-stage oocyte (OEx) followed by inhibition of histone deacetylases with Scriptaid (Scrip) on the formation of stem cell-like colonies and expression of genes encoding pluripotency and chromatin-modifying enzymes...
June 2016: Cellular Reprogramming
Haifa Abou Samra, Janet Dutcher, Jacqueline M McGrath, Meghan Foster, Linda Klein, Gemechis Djira, Julie Hansen, Deborah Wallenburg
PURPOSE: To examine the effect of skin-to-skin care (SSC) on stress perception between mothers who provided SSC to their late-preterm born infants and mothers who provided blanket holding. DESIGN AND METHODS: This was a longitudinal 2-group randomized controlled trial of 40 infant-mother dyads recruited from a level 3 neonatal intensive care unit in the upper Midwest. OUTCOME MEASURE: Maternal stress was measured using the Parental Stressor: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (PSS: NICU) scale pre- and post-SSC intervention...
October 2015: Advances in Neonatal Care: Official Journal of the National Association of Neonatal Nurses
Kim Chi Luong, Tien Long Nguyen, Duy Huong Huynh Thi, Henri P O Carrara, Nils J Bergman
AIM: Routine care of low birthweight (LBW) neonates relies on incubators for stabilisation. An earlier study suggested that skin-to-skin contact achieves better physiological stability in the transition period when compared to incubator care. The aim of this study was to replicate that study with a larger sample. METHODS: A randomised controlled trial with LBW infants (1500-2500 g) randomised at birth, 50 to routine care and 50 to skin-to-skin contact, with stabilisation using the Stability of Cardio-Respiratory system in Preterms (SCRIP) score measured repeatedly over the first six hours of life as the primary outcome...
April 2016: Acta Paediatrica
Mahdokht Jouiaei, Kartik Sunagar, Aya Federman Gross, Holger Scheib, Paul F Alewood, Yehu Moran, Bryan G Fry
Despite Cnidaria (sea anemones, corals, jellyfish, and hydroids) being the oldest venomous animal lineage, structure-function relationships, phyletic distributions, and the molecular evolutionary regimes of toxins encoded by these intriguing animals are poorly understood. Hence, we have comprehensively elucidated the phylogenetic and molecular evolutionary histories of pharmacologically characterized cnidarian toxin families, including peptide neurotoxins (voltage-gated Na(+) and K(+) channel-targeting toxins: NaTxs and KTxs, respectively), pore-forming toxins (actinoporins, aerolysin-related toxins, and jellyfish toxins), and the newly discovered small cysteine-rich peptides (SCRiPs)...
June 2015: Molecular Biology and Evolution
Nuchsuk Chanthakan, Wetprasit Nuanchawee, Roytrakul Sittiruk, Ratanapo Sunanta
The larvicidal effects of the crude protein extract and purified toxin, Jc-SCRIP, from the seed coat of Jatropha curcas Linn. against the third instar larvae of mosquitoes, Aedes aegypti Linn. and Culex quinquefasciatus Say, were investigated. This test compared the effects of the purified toxin with crude protein extracts from seed kernels of J. curcas and Ricinus communis. At various concentrations of purified toxin and crude protein extract, the larval mortality of both Ae. aegypti and Cx. quinquefasciatus were positively correlated with increased exposure time...
June 2012: Tropical Biomedicine
Sherilyn K D Houle, Anderson W Chuck, Finlay A McAlister, Ross T Tsuyuki
STUDY OBJECTIVE: To quantify the potential cost savings of a community pharmacy-based hypertension management program based on the results of the Study of Cardiovascular Risk Intervention by Pharmacists-Hypertension (SCRIP-HTN) study in terms of avoided cardiovascular events-myocardial infarction, stroke, and heart failure hospitalization, and to compare these cost savings with the cost of the pharmacist intervention program. DESIGN: An economic model was developed to estimate the potential cost avoidance in direct health care resources from reduced cardiovascular events over a 1-year period...
June 2012: Pharmacotherapy
A Moya, L Huisman, E E Ball, D C Hayward, L C Grasso, C M Chua, H N Woo, J-P Gattuso, S Forêt, D J Miller
The impact of ocean acidification (OA) on coral calcification, a subject of intense current interest, is poorly understood in part because of the presence of symbionts in adult corals. Early life history stages of Acropora spp. provide an opportunity to study the effects of elevated CO(2) on coral calcification without the complication of symbiont metabolism. Therefore, we used the Illumina RNAseq approach to study the effects of acute exposure to elevated CO(2) on gene expression in primary polyps of Acropora millepora, using as reference a novel comprehensive transcriptome assembly developed for this study...
May 2012: Molecular Ecology
Susan Birk
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 2012: Healthcare Executive
Michelle Putzeist, Aukje K Mantel-Teeuwisse, Christine C Gispen-De Wied, Arno W Hoes, Hubert G Leufkens
PURPOSE: To assess whether the content of Scientific Advice (SA) questions addressed to a national drug regulatory agency is associated with company size. This may help to increase understanding about the knowledge, strategic, and regulatory gaps companies face during drug development. METHODOLOGY: A cross-sectional analysis was performed of SA provided by the Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB) in 2006-2008. Definition of company size was based on ranking by total revenues (Scrip's Pharmaceutical Company League Tables 2008)...
February 2011: European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
Hongyuan Wang, Bingquan Fan
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to screen straw-cellulose degrading microorganisms and to investigate their degradation ability of straw-cellulose. METHODS: The methods used to screen the high effect straw-cellulose degrading microorganism included the traditional isolation methods of straw-cellulose degrading microorganism such as holes observation method on filter paper sheet, disintegration test of filter paper scrip, hydrolysis spot diameter measurement method of CMC-Na, weight lose assay method of straw, measurement method of cellulose decomposition rate, measurement method of extracellular enzyme activity...
July 2010: Wei Sheng Wu Xue Bao, Acta Microbiologica Sinica
Melissa C Cheung, Leigh Revers, Subodini Perampalam, Xin Wei, Reza Kiarash, David E Green, Aws Abdul-Wahid, Jean Gariépy
BACKGROUND: Few treatment options exist for patients with metastatic melanoma, resulting in poor prognosis. One standard treatment, dacarbazine (DTIC), shows low response rates ranging from 15 to 25 percent with an 8-month median survival time. The development of targeted therapeutics with novel mechanisms of action may improve patient outcome. Ribosome-inactivating proteins (RIPs) such as Shiga-like Toxin 1 (SLT-1) represent powerful scaffolds for developing selective anticancer agents...
2010: Molecular Cancer
M Puri, I Kaur, R K Kanwar, R C Gupta, A Chauhan, J R Kanwar
This review describes the nature and applications of ribosome inactivating proteins (RIPs) from Momordica charantia (bitter melon). RIPs from the plant kingdom have received much attention in biomedical research because they target conserved host protein synthesis machinery and show specificity towards human and animal cell targets. Recent studies aimed at unravelling the enzymatic activities of the M charantia RIPs provide a structural basis for their activities. It has been reported that RIPs are member of the single chain ribosome inactivating protein (SCRIP) family which act irreversibly on ribosome by removing adenine residue from eukaryotic ribosomal RNA...
December 2009: Current Molecular Medicine
Gregory Brigham, Theresa Winhusen, Daniel Lewis, Frankie Kropp
Retention of pregnant substance users in treatment is challenging. In a multisite clinical trial, 200 pregnant substance users entering outpatient treatment at one of four programs were randomized to either three individual sessions of Motivational Enhancement Therapy for Pregnant Substance users or three individual sessions normally provided. Retail scrip from $25 to $30 was provided for attendance of research visits but not treatment visits. A post hoc analysis of the non-methadone-maintained participants (n = 175) evaluated the hypotheses that monetary reinforcement for attendance would result in more consecutive, and overall, weeks of attendance of research versus nonincentivized treatment visits...
January 2010: Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment
Shinichi Sunagawa, Michael K DeSalvo, Christian R Voolstra, Alejandro Reyes-Bermudez, Mónica Medina
The amount of genomic sequence information continues to grow at an exponential rate, while the identification and characterization of genes without known homologs remains a major challenge. For non-model organisms with limited resources for manipulative studies, high-throughput transcriptomic data combined with bioinformatics methods provide a powerful approach to obtain initial insights into the function of unknown genes. In this study, we report the identification and characterization of a novel family of putatively secreted, small, cysteine-rich proteins herein named Small Cysteine-Rich Proteins (SCRiPs)...
2009: PloS One
Donna L McLean, Finlay A McAlister, Jeffery A Johnson, Kathryn M King, Mark J Makowsky, Charlotte A Jones, Ross T Tsuyuki
BACKGROUND: Blood pressure (BP) control in patients with diabetes mellitus is difficult to achieve and current patterns are suboptimal. Given increasing problems with access to primary care physicians, community pharmacists and nurses are well positioned to identify and observe these patients. This study aimed to determine the efficacy of a community-based multidisciplinary intervention on BP control in patients with diabetes mellitus. METHODS: We performed a randomized controlled trial in 14 community pharmacies in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, of patients with diabetes who had BPs higher than 130/80 mm Hg on 2 consecutive visits 2 weeks apart...
November 24, 2008: Archives of Internal Medicine
Priya Raghubir, Joydeep Srivastava
This article examines consumer spending as a function of payment mode both when the modes differ in terms of payment coupling (association between purchase decision and actual parting of money) and physical form as well as when the modes differ only in terms of form. Study 1 demonstrates that consumers are willing to spend more when a credit card logo is present versus absent. Study 2 shows that the credit card effect can be attenuated when people estimate their expenses using a decomposition strategy (vs. a holistic one)...
September 2008: Journal of Experimental Psychology. Applied
Donna L McLean
Physicians in the Edmonton, Alberta, area may soon have some help in identifying and managing blood pressure. The study SCRIP-HTN aims to evaluate the effect of a community-based nurse and pharmacist active screening team on blood pressure management in patients with diabetes. The primary outcome measure is blood pressure change over six months. As of March 2007, this randomized control trial has been completed and is currently being analyzed. Recent studies suggest that as few as one in eight people with diabetes have their blood pressure controlled (McLean, Simpson, McAlister, & Tsuyuki, 2006b), and that one of the major barriers to control is that patients simply do not see their physician (Hutchison, Abelson, Woodward, & Norman, 1996)...
2007: Canadian Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, Journal Canadien en Soins Infirmiers Cardio-vasculaires
Jun Xu, Hualin Wang, Jianming Fan
The gene encoding a single-chain, ribosome-inactivating protein (SCRIP) was cloned from bitter melon (Momordica charantia L.) leaves infected with the fungus, Sphaerotheca fuliginea, by RT-PCR. The ORF was 861 bp. The ribosome-inactivating protein was expressed in E. coli and, when purified, it inhibited the growth of Fusarium solani [corrected] Northern blot analysis revealed that RIP transcripts rapidly accumulated in leaves 1-day post inoculation with Sphaerotheca fuliginea and reached a peak at 3 d. The expression pattern of RIP induced by methyl jasmonate and salicylic acid were different from that of pathogen-induced expression...
October 2007: Biotechnology Letters
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