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Tei index fetal

Woo Jin Kim, Hye Jin Choi, Sun Young Yang, Boo Hae Koo, Ki Hoon Ahn, Geum Joon Cho, Soon Cheol Hong, Min-Jeong Oh, Hai-Joong Kim
OBJECTIVE: The cardiovascular system maintains homeostasis through a series of adaptive responses to physiological requirements. However, little is known about the adaptation of fetal cardiac function to gravity, according to gestational age. In the present study, we aimed to evaluate the adaptive responses of cardiac function to postural changes, using Tei index measurements. METHODS: Fetal echocardiography and Doppler examination were performed on 114 women with vertex singleton pregnancies at 19 to 40 weeks' gestation...
November 2016: Obstetrics & Gynecology Science
J Degenhardt, C Enzensberger, A Tenzer, A Kawecki, T Kohl, E Widriani, R Axt-Fliedner
: Purpose: To evaluate pre- and postprocedural myocardial function in fetuses with moderate to severe congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) who underwent FETO to improve survival and to reduce morbidity and to compare these data with fetuses and CDH not undergoing FETO and normal controls. Materials and Methods: 8 fetuses with isolated left-sided CDH were included and underwent FETO at our center between 2012 and 2013. Prior to and after the operation, myocardial function was assessed by measuring the mitral annular plane systolic excursion (MAPSE), the tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion (TAPSE), Tei index, isovolumetric contraction time (ICT), ejection time (ET), isovolumetric relaxation time (IRT) for the left ventricle in PW Doppler ultrasound as well as ICT, ET, IRT and Tei index in pulsed wave tissue Doppler imaging (PW-TDI) for the left and right ventricle...
September 14, 2016: Ultraschall in der Medizin
Jiao Chen, Liang Xie, Li Dai, Li Yu, Lijun Liu, Yongbi Zhou, Guiying Wu, Fengfei Qin, Hanmin Liu
The objective of this study was to detect the effect of a large ventricular septal defect (VSD) on right ventricular function before and after birth. All consecutive children with large VSD who were born in our hospital between January 2013-February 2016 and followed up throughout early infancy, and who lacked malformations or chromosomal abnormalities, were identified by a retrospective review of the medical records and included in this retrospective longitudinal case-control study (n = 30). Thirty normal control cases with an equivalent gestational age and gender served as controls...
December 2016: Pediatric Cardiology
David S Ezon, Nancy A Ayres, Carolyn A Altman, Susan W Denfield, Shaine A Morris, Shiraz A Maskatia
OBJECTIVES: Primary fetal cardiomyopathy is a rare entity, with a poor prognosis. We sought to describe its echocardiographic characteristics and outcomes. METHODS: We performed a 12-year retrospective review of fetuses with primary cardiomyopathy. RESULTS: Of more than 6000 fetuses evaluated, 25 met criteria for primary cardiomyopathy, and 18 had sufficient echocardiographic and pregnancy outcome data for inclusion. At echocardiography, the median gestational age was 29...
September 2016: Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine: Official Journal of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine
Kasemsri Srisupundit, Fuanglada Tongprasert, Suchaya Luewan, Kuntharee Traisrisilp, Phudit Jatavan, Theera Tongsong
OBJECTIVE: To compare fetal Tei index before, immediately after and 30 min after cordocentesis for prenatal diagnosis. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Pregnant women undergoing prenatal diagnostic cordocentesis in the early mid-trimester underwent measurement of the fetal Tei index of both right and left ventricles just before cordocentesis, immediately after and at 30 min after the procedure. RESULTS: A total of 143 singleton women underwent cordocentesis at a median gestational age of 19 weeks (range 16-23)...
September 2016: Prenatal Diagnosis
Fatma Nihan Turhan Çağlar, Cem Ozde, Evrim Bostancı, İlker Murat Çağlar, Serkan Çiftçi, İsmail Unğan, Bülent Demir, Osman Karakaya
BACKGROUND: Preeclampsia (PE) is a multisystemic disorder characterized by hypertension and proteinuria that is specific to pregnancy and associated with maternal and fetal morbidity-mortality. AIM: To assess right heart structure and function in PE by echocardiography using conventional and tissue Doppler techniques. METHODS: In total, 67 women with untreated PE and 46 matched healthy pregnant women were included. PE was defined according to the ACOG (2002) criteria...
April 2016: Pregnancy Hypertension
Ganesh Acharya, Yonghao Gui, Wojciech Cnota, James Huhta, Agata Wloch
INTRODUCTION: This review presents an overview of descriptive knowledge on human embryonic cardiovascular physiology mostly based on noninvasive assessment by Doppler ultrasonography. Our objective was to identify and analyze published studies on embryonic cardiovascular function, and summarize available knowledge in this field. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Citations related to human embryonic cardiovascular function were searched in PubMed, EMBASE, CINAHL and Web of Science using keywords and MeSH terms without any time limitation...
2016: Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica
Paul A Brooks, Nee S Khoo, Lisa K Hornberger
BACKGROUND: The functionally single fetal right ventricle demonstrates reduced longitudinal relative to circumferential contraction velocities and deformation, a pattern similar to the normal fetal left ventricle. Altered diastolic properties are also present, with greater reliance on atrial contraction for right ventricular filling. It is unknown whether the functionally single left ventricle (SLV) demonstrates similar altered deformation patterns and diastolic properties. METHODS: Echocardiograms from 29 fetuses with SLVs were retrospectively compared with those from 48 controls with appropriately grown left ventricles...
September 2014: Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography
Katarzyna Leszczyńska, Krzysztof Preis, Małgorzata Swiatkowska-Freund, Zofia Pankrac
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate changes in myocardial contractility that occur after selective laser photocoagulation of communicating vessels (SLPCV) in fetuses from pregnancies complicated with twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS). METHODS: The study included 51 pregnant women between 16 and 26 weeks of gestation who underwent SLPCV due to TTTS. Ultrasonography was performed before SLPCV and on postoperative day 1, 3(4) and 7. Fetal heart contractility in both fetuses was evaluated by determining the shortening fractions of the left and right ventricles (FS LV and FS RV), and the myocardial performance index (Tei-Index)...
April 2014: Ginekologia Polska
Kai-yu Zhou, Yi-min Hua, Yi-bin Wang, Qi Zhu, De-zhi Mu, Jun Tang, Rong Zhou, Chuan Wang, Yi-fei Li, Xiao-qing Shi
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effect of different operation time to percutaneous balloon pulmonic valvuloplasty (PBPV) to critical pulmonary valve stenosis (CPS). METHOD: Twenty-one infants (age ≤ 60 days at operating day) suffered from CPS, diagnosed by fetal echocardiogram and confirmed by echocardiography after birth, were enrolled in this case-control-study with written informed consent during April 2007 to December 2011. Of the 21 cases, 7 had prenatal diagnosis in our prenatal diagnosis center (prenatal group, Pre) and 14 were referred from other hospitals, who were divided into postpartum group A (Post A, referred within 28 days after birth) and postpartum group B (Post B, referred 29 to 60 days after birth)...
August 2013: Zhonghua Er Ke za Zhi. Chinese Journal of Pediatrics
A Hirose, Y Maeno, K Suda, N Fusazaki, H Kado, T Matsuishi
A 22-week fetus presented with a large left ventricular aneurysm, 24 × 21 × 18 mm in size, detected by abnormal four-chamber view, and severe fetal hydrops with pericardial effusion, ascites and skin edema. The aneurysm was thin-walled, hypokinetic, and had enlarged with gestational age, causing compression of the lung. Although the left ventricular function had progressively impaired as expressed by increase in Tei index, hydrops had resolved by 32 weeks of gestation, probably because of maternal digoxin therapy and successful compensation by the right ventricle, as represented by retrograde blood flow in the distal aortic arch via the patent arterial duct...
June 2013: Journal of Perinatology: Official Journal of the California Perinatal Association
Theera Tongsong, Suchaya Luewan, Kasemsri Srisupundit, Thanate Jatavan
Hemodynamic study was performed on a 32-year-old woman presenting at 27 weeks' gestation. Ultrasound revealed a single normal fetus with mild cardiomegaly, polyhydramnios, and placental chorioangioma. Doppler study showed increased middle cerebral artery peak systolic velocity, normal Tei index, and forward flow of "a" wave with normal preload in the ductus venosus. Twelve hours after initiation of indomethacin for tocolysis, frank hydrops fetalis developed rapidly. The right ventricle showed poor contractility and performance...
September 2013: Journal of Clinical Ultrasound: JCU
Hani Ghawi, Salwa Gendi, Kiran Mallula, Mohammed Zghouzi, Nadeen Faza, Sawsan Awad
Myocardial performance index (MPI), or Tei index, has become a commonly used parameter for the noninvasive, Doppler-derived assessment of global systolic and diastolic performance of the heart in both adults and children. Normal values have been established in adults and children; however, limited data exist in fetal hearts. The aim of this study was to further elucidate normal values of fetal left (LV) and right ventricle (RV) MPI values in second- and third-trimester fetuses and compare these values with other previously published data...
2013: Pediatric Cardiology
S Luewan, F Tongprasert, K Srisupundit, T Tongsong
PURPOSE: To assess the effectiveness of Tei index in differentiating fetal Hb Bart's disease in pregnancies at risk in the first half of pregnancy. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Pregnancies meeting the inclusion criteria were consecutively recruited to the study. The inclusion criteria were as follows: 1) singleton pregnancies, 2) gestational age of 12 - 20 weeks, 3) at risk of Hb Bart's disease, 4) confirmed fetal diagnosis of Hb Bart's disease. Fetuses with frank hydrops fetalis or fetuses with chromosomal abnormalities or structural anomalies were excluded...
August 2013: Ultraschall in der Medizin
Paul A Brooks, Nee S Khoo, Andrew S Mackie, Lisa K Hornberger
BACKGROUND: The systemic right ventricle in palliated hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) has relatively reduced longitudinal compared with circumferential deformation, a pattern of contraction more akin to the normal left ventricle, which presumably improves right ventricular (RV) pumping efficiency. The aim of this study was to test the hypothesis that these changes in the RV contraction pattern in infants with HLHS are present prenatally. METHODS: Echocardiograms from 48 fetuses with HLHS were retrospectively compared with those from appropriately grown RV and left ventricular controls...
October 2012: Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography
Javier J Lasa, Zhi-Yun Tian, Rong Guo, Jack Rychik
OBJECTIVE: We sought to better define echocardiographic predictors of perinatal mortality in fetuses with Ebstein's anomaly (EA) or tricuspid valve dysplasia (TVD). METHOD: Parameters included measured chamber size, the presence of hydrops, and Doppler recordings of the left ventricular (LV) myocardial performance index (MPI). RESULTS: Between 1 January 2000 and 31 December 2008, 21 fetuses were diagnosed with either EA (17) or TVD (4). Five fetuses were lost to follow-up, and 12 of 16 fetuses were born live (75%)...
March 2012: Prenatal Diagnosis
Chen Chu, Yong Hao Gui, Yun Yun Ren, Li Ye Shi
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the fetal cardiac function in gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) pregnancies under different maternal glycemic controls. METHODS: Forty four GDM mothers received 78 fetal echocardiographic evaluations at three gestational periods (<28, 28-34 and >34 weeks) and were divided into poorly-(DM1) and well-(DM2) controlled groups according to their glycemic control at examination. Seventy uncomplicated mothers were selected as controls. Parameters of fetal cardiac anatomy and function were measured and analyzed...
February 2012: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
Maynor Alfonso García-López, M de la Luz Bermúdez-Rojas, Elma Díaz-Aguiar
BACKGROUND: increasing numbers of studies that attempt to introduce the Tei index as part of fetal assessment in different conditions (corrected diaphragmatic hernia, supraventricular tachycardia, fetal inflammatory response, cystic adenomatoid disease, fetal-fetal transfusion, etc.). OBJECTIVE: To determine the interobserver agreement in measuring the modified Tei index in observers with different levels of experience in obstetric ultrasound. MATERIAL AND METHOD: Three observers were classified according to their level of experience (A, B and C) and selected 65 images to analyze the modified Tei index interobserver agreement...
March 2011: Ginecología y Obstetricia de México
Kaiyu Zhou, Yimin Hua, Qi Zhu, Hanmin Liu, Sen Yang, Rong Zhou, Nan Guo
BACKGROUND: Sustained fetal tachyarrhythmia may result in congestive heart failure, hydrops fetalis, and fetal/neonatal death, which requires timely and appropriate therapy. AIM: To determine the value of transplacental digoxin therapy for fetal tachyarrhythmia with multiple evaluations. METHODS: Four cases of fetal tachyarrhythmia were diagnosed with fetal echocardiography and treated with transplacental digoxin therapy with an initial dosage of 0...
November 2011: Journal of Maternal-fetal & Neonatal Medicine
Anita Hamela-Olkowska, Joanna Szymkiewicz-Dangel
OBJECTIVE: To establish the values of the pulsed Doppler myocardial performance index (MPI, Tei index) for the left and the right ventricle in normal fetuses at 18 to 40 weeks gestation. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Echocardiography exams were performed in 140 normal fetuses at 18 to 40 weeks gestation at the tertiary centre for fetal cardiology MPI was calculated in pulsed Doppler using formula: (a-b)/b. The time a was measured from a closure click to the subsequent opening click of the mitral/tricuspid valve and time b from opening to the closure clicks of the aortic/pulmonary valve...
February 2011: Ginekologia Polska
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