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Dana A Telem, Jie Yang, Maria Altieri, Mark Talamini, Qiao Zhang, Aurora D Pryor
To determine if hospital charges correlate with patient outcomes after bariatric surgery. A retrospective review of 46,180 patients who underwent bariatric surgery from 2004-2010 was performed. Patients were identified using the New York Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System database. Hospitals were categorized on estimates from a multiple linear regression model for charge: low (<$25,027.00), medium ($25,027.00-$35,449.00), and high (≥$35,449.01). Patient outcomes were compared among the charge classification...
February 1, 2017: American Surgeon
Francesca Citron, Joshua Armenia, Giovanni Franchin, Jerry Polesel, Renato Talamini, Sara D'Andrea, Sandro Sulfaro, Carlo M Croce, William Klement, Dave Otasek, Chiara Pastrello, Tomas Tokar, Igor Jurisica, Deborah French, Riccardo Bomben, Emanuela Vaccher, Diego Serraino, Barbara Belletti, Andrea Vecchione, Luigi Barzan, Gustavo Baldassarre
PURPOSE: Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinomas (HNSCC) cause more than 300,000 deaths worldwide each year. Locoregional and distant recurrences represent worse prognostic events and accepted surrogate markers of patients' survival. No valid biomarker and salvage therapy exist to identify and treat patients at high-risk of recurrence. We aimed to verify if selected microRNAs (miRs) could be used as biomarkers of recurrence in HNSCC. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN: A Nanostring array was used to identify miRs associated with locoregional recurrence in 44 HNSCC patients...
February 7, 2017: Clinical Cancer Research: An Official Journal of the American Association for Cancer Research
Raffaele Ferrari, Laura Talamini, Martina Bruna Violatto, Paola Giangregorio, Mattia Sponchioni, Massimo Morbidelli, Mario Salmona, Paolo Bigini, Davide Moscatelli
Fluorescent poly(ε-caprolactone)-based nanoparticles (NPs) have been synthesized and successfully loaded with a titanium organometallic compound as a mimic of a water-insoluble drug. The nature of this nanovector enabled us to combine the quantification of the metal in tissues after systemic administration in healthy immunocompetent mice by inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy (ICP-MS) followed by the visualization of NPs in organ sections by confocal microscopy. This innovative method of nanodrug screening has enabled us to elucidate the crucial parameters of their kinetics...
January 3, 2017: Molecular Pharmaceutics
Maria S Altieri, Gabriel Pagnotti, Angelique Corthals, Kenneth Shroyer, Aurora D Pryor, Mark Talamini, Dana A Telem
INTRODUCTION: Autologus augmentation of wound remodeling with platelet concentrate is a burgeoning field with promising results. We hypothesized that the addition of filtered platelet concentrate (fPC) to an acellular biologic graft would improve crural healing and tissue integrity in hiatal hernia repair. METHODS: Sixteen healthy Yorkshire female pigs were divided into three groups: hiatus repair (HR) (n = 7), HR with biologic graft (HRM; n = 8, and HR with biologic graft and fPC (fPC; n = 9)...
December 6, 2016: Surgical Endoscopy
Maria S Altieri, Jie Yang, Donglei Yin, Catherine Frenkel, Mark Talamini, Dana A Telem, Aurora Pryor
INTRODUCTION: There is an increase in subspecialization and in the number of surgeons seeking fellowship training in the USA. Little is known regarding the effect of hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) fellowship programs' status of an institution on perioperative outcomes. This study aims to examine the effect of such status on perioperative outcomes across all institutions following complex surgeries involving HPB procedures in the State of New York (NYS). METHODS: The Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System administrative database was used to identify several complex surgeries involving the pancreas, liver, and gallbladder by using ICD-9 codes for inpatient procedures between 2012 and 2014...
November 4, 2016: Surgical Endoscopy
Francesca Pretto, Carmen Ghilardi, Michele Moschetta, Andrea Bassi, Alessandra Rovida, Valentina Scarlato, Laura Talamini, Fabio Fiordaliso, Cinzia Bisighini, Giovanna Damia, Maria Rosa Bani, Rosanna Piccirillo, Raffaella Giavazzi
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 21, 2016: Oncotarget
Steven N Mathews, Ryan Lamm, Jie Yang, Lijuan Kang, Dana Telem, Aurora D Pryor, Mark Talamini, Jill Genua
Conservative management trends in diverticulitis may lead to increased hospitalizations secondary to repeated attacks. The study aimed to characterize trends in management and risk-assess patients with diverticulitis that required multiple admissions to identify high utilizers. A total of 265,724 patients with diverticulitis were identified from 1995 to 2014 from the New York SPARCS database. Patients with ≥2 hospital admissions were stratified across demographics, comorbidities, insurance status, and surgical intervention...
January 2017: Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery: Official Journal of the Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract
Vamsi V Alli, Jie Yang, Jianjin Xu, Andrew T Bates, Aurora D Pryor, Mark A Talamini, Dana A Telem
BACKGROUND: Since the introduction of laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC), there has been continued evolution in technique, instrumentation and postoperative management. With increased experience, LC has migrated to the outpatient setting. We asked whether increased availability and experience has impacted incidence of and indications for LC. METHODS: The New York (NY) State Planning and Research Cooperative System longitudinal administrative database was utilized to identify patients who underwent cholecystectomy between 1995 and 2013...
September 7, 2016: Surgical Endoscopy
Ryan Lamm, Steven N Mathews, Jie Yang, Lijuan Kang, Dana Telem, Aurora D Pryor, Mark Talamini, Jill Genua
INTRODUCTION: Management of acute diverticulitis (AD) has considerably changed over time. This study evaluates practice patterns for diverticulitis across demographic populations in New York State. METHODS: Two hundred sixty-five thousand seven hundred twenty-four patients with acute diverticulitis were analyzed from 1995 to 2014 from the New York-Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System database. The likelihood of having surgery over time was compared across patient demographic subgroups using logistic regression models to calculate estimated odds ratio with their 95 % confidence intervals...
January 2017: Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery: Official Journal of the Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract
Jordana Alves Ferreira, Joana Maria Santos Ferreira, Viviane Talamini, Janice de Fátima Facco, Tiele Medianeira Rizzetti, Osmar Damian Prestes, Martha Bohrer Adaime, Renato Zanella, Carla Beatriz Grespan Bottoli
The use of pesticides is directly linked to improvements in productivity and to the preservation of coconut palms. However pesticide analysis is necessary to determine whether pesticide residues in the food products containing coconut are within the maximum residue limits (MRLs), ensuring the quality of these products. This work aimed to develop a method for multiresidue determination of ten pesticides in coconut water and pulp using QuEChERS and LC-MS/MS. The method was effective in terms of selectivity, linearity, matrix effect, accuracy and precision, providing LOD of 3μgkg(-1), LOQ of 10μgkg(-1) and recoveries between 70 and 120% with RSD lower than 20%...
December 15, 2016: Food Chemistry
Francesca Pischiutta, Laura Brunelli, Pietro Romele, Antonietta Silini, Eliana Sammali, Lara Paracchini, Sergio Marchini, Laura Talamini, Paolo Bigini, Giorgio B Boncoraglio, Roberta Pastorelli, Maria-Grazia De Simoni, Ornella Parolini, Elisa R Zanier
OBJECTIVES: To define the features of human amniotic mesenchymal stromal cell secretome and its protective properties in experimental models of acute brain injury. DESIGN: Prospective experimental study. SETTING: Laboratory research. SUBJECTS: C57Bl/6 mice. INTERVENTIONS: Mice subjected to sham or traumatic brain injury by controlled cortical impact received human amniotic mesenchymal stromal cells or phosphate-buffered saline infused intracerebroventricularly or intravenously 24 hours after injury...
November 2016: Critical Care Medicine
Richard Zheng, Maria S Altieri, Jie Yang, Hao Chen, Aurora D Pryor, Andrew Bates, Mark A Talamini, Dana A Telem
BACKGROUND: Asymptomatic contralateral inguinal hernias are often present during initial inguinal hernia repair. Data on long-term results and progression to symptomaticity are sparse. The purpose of this study was to assess long-term rates and risk factors for contralateral inguinal hernia repair following unilateral inguinal hernia repair. METHODS: Using New York Statewide Planning and Research Collaborative administrative data, 32,384 adults who underwent initial inguinal hernia repair during 2002-2003 in New York State and achieved 10-year follow-up were identified...
February 2017: Surgical Endoscopy
G B Martinelli, D Olivari, A D Re Cecconi, L Talamini, L Ottoboni, S H Lecker, C Stretch, V E Baracos, O F Bathe, A Resovi, R Giavazzi, L Cervo, R Piccirillo
Cancer cachexia is a life-threatening syndrome that affects most patients with advanced cancers and causes severe body weight loss, with rapid depletion of skeletal muscle. No treatment is available. We analyzed microarray data sets to identify a subset of genes whose expression is specifically altered in cachectic muscles of Yoshida hepatoma-bearing rodents but not in those with diabetes, disuse, uremia or fasting. Ingenuity Pathways Analysis indicated that three genes belonging to the C-X-C motif chemokine receptor 4 (CXCR4) pathway were downregulated only in muscles atrophying because of cancer: stromal cell-derived factor 1 (SDF1), adenylate cyclase 7 (ADCY7), and p21 protein-activated kinase 1 (PAK1)...
December 1, 2016: Oncogene
Maria S Altieri, Catherine Frenkel, Richard Scriven, Deborah Thornton, Caitlin Halbert, Mark Talamini, Dana A Telem, Aurora D Pryor
INTRODUCTION: There is an increased need for surgical trainees to acquire advanced laparoscopic skills as laparoscopy becomes the standard of care in many areas of general surgery. Since the introduction of minimally invasive surgery (MIS) fellowships, there has been a continuing debate as to whether these fellowships adversely affect general surgery resident exposure to laparoscopic cases. The aim of our study was to examine whether the introduction of an MIS fellowship negatively impacts general surgery residents' experience at a single academic center...
January 2017: Surgical Endoscopy
Daniele D''Agostino, Marco Racioppi, Dario Pugliese, Mauro Ragonese, Luca Di Gianfrancesco, Alessio Filianoti, Giuseppe Palermo, Emanuele Belgrano, Salvatore Siracusano, Mauro Niero, Ciro Imbimbo, Massimo Iafrate, Walter Artibani, Maria Angela Cerruto, Renato Talamini, PierFrancesco Bassi
BACKGROUND: To evaluate the difference at different steps of follow-up of the postoperative quality of life (QoL) in patients who had undergone radical cystectomy and ileal orthotopic neobladder derivation. PATIENTS AND METHODS: A multicentric, cross-qualitative study was performed in 5 Italian centers of reference for the treatment of bladder cancer. One hundred seventy one patients who underwent radical cystectomy and creation of ileal orthotopic neobladder according to 'Vescica Ileale Padovana' between 2006 and 2011 have been analyzed...
2016: Urologia Internationalis
Paolo Bigini, Elisa R Zanier, Silvia Saragozza, Simona Maciotta, Pietro Romele, Patrizia Bonassi Signoroni, Antonietta Silini, Francesca Pischiutta, Eliana Sammali, Claudia Balducci, Martina B Violatto, Laura Talamini, David Garry, Davide Moscatelli, Raffaele Ferrari, Mario Salmona, Maria Grazia De Simoni, Federico Maggi, Giuseppe Simoni, Francesca Romana Grati, Ornella Parolini
In the cell therapy scenario, efficient tracing of transplanted cells is essential for investigating cell migration and interactions with host tissues. This is fundamental to provide mechanistic insights which altogether allow for the understanding of the translational potential of placental cell therapy in the clinical setting. Mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MSC) from human placenta are increasingly being investigated for their potential in treating patients with a variety of diseases. In this study, we investigated the feasibility of using poly (methyl methacrylate) nanoparticles (PMMA-NPs) to trace placental MSC, namely those from the amniotic membrane (hAMSC) and early chorionic villi (hCV-MSC)...
June 2016: Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Claudio Pelucchi, Carlotta Galeone, Eva Negri, Cristina Bosetti, Diego Serraino, Maurizio Montella, Renato Talamini, Carlo La Vecchia
The role of dietary acrylamide on the risk of hormone-related, and specifically endometrial, cancers is debated. Epidemiological data are scanty. Thus, we examined the relation between acrylamide intake and endometrial cancer risk in a case-control study conducted between 1992 and 2006 in 3 Italian areas. Cases were 454 women with incident, histologically confirmed endometrial cancer. Controls were 908 age-matched women admitted to the same network of hospitals of cases for acute, non-neoplastic conditions...
2016: Nutrition and Cancer
Rick Wassing, Jeroen S Benjamins, Kim Dekker, Sarah Moens, Kai Spiegelhalder, Bernd Feige, Dieter Riemann, Sophie van der Sluis, Ysbrand D Van Der Werf, Lucia M Talamini, Matthew P Walker, Frans Schalkwijk, Eus J W Van Someren
The mechanisms underlying hyperarousal, the key symptom of insomnia, have remained elusive, hampering cause-targeted treatment. Recently, restless rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep emerged as a robust signature of sleep in insomnia. Given the role of REM sleep in emotion regulation, we hypothesized that restless REM sleep could interfere with the overnight resolution of emotional distress, thus contributing to accumulation of arousal. Participants (n = 1,199) completed questionnaires on insomnia severity, hyperarousal, self-conscious emotional distress, and thought-like nocturnal mentation that was validated to be a specific proxy for restless REM sleep (selective fragmentation: R = 0...
March 1, 2016: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Caitlin Halbert, Maria S Altieri, Jie Yang, Ziqi Meng, Hao Chen, Mark Talamini, Aurora Pryor, Purvi Parikh, Dana A Telem
INTRODUCTION: Common bile duct (CBD) injury is a serious and dreaded complication of cholecystectomy. A paucity of data assessing long-term outcomes exists. This study aimed to determine long-term mortality and liver transplantation rates following CBD injury requiring operative intervention. METHODS: Patients were identified via the New York State (NYS) Planning and Research Cooperative System longitudinal administrative database which captures patient-level data from every inpatient and outpatient hospital discharge in NYS...
October 2016: Surgical Endoscopy
Mark A Talamini
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 2016: Surgical Endoscopy
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