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Jibin Abraham Punnoose, Yue Ma, Yuanyuan Li, Mai Sakuma, Shankar Mandal, Kazuo Nagasawa, Hanbin Mao
Targeting DNA G-quadruplexes using small-molecule ligands has shown to modulate biological functions mediated by G-quadruplexes inside cells. Given >716 000 G-quadruplex hosting sites in human genome, the specific binding of ligands to quadruplex becomes problematic. Here, we innovated a polyvalency based mechanism to specifically target multiple telomeric G-quadruplexes. We synthesized a tetrameric telomestatin derivative and evaluated its complex polyvalent binding with multiple G-quadruplexes by single-molecule mechanical unfolding in laser tweezers...
June 7, 2017: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Zahra Bagheryan, Jahan Bakhsh Raoof, Reza Ojani
The unique ability of living systems to translate biochemical reactions into mechanical work has inspired the design of synthetic DNA motors which generate nanoscale motion via controllable conformational change. It is believable that G-quadruplex structures in certain regions of the genome may play a role in the poor maintenance of genomic stability, which is a characteristic of many types of cancers. In this regards, formation and stabilization of the quadruplex structures at the telomeric repeats is an effective way to hamper the telomere extension and blocking the elongation step...
February 2016: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
Zahra Bagheryan, JahanBakhsh Raoof, Reza Ojani
Human telomeric DNA typically consists of many tandem repeats of the guanine-rich sequences d (TTAGGG) termed an intermolecular Gquadruplex structure. This structure plays an important role in the protection, stabilization and replication of chromosome ends and so is an active target for therapeutic purposes. Recently ligands that are able to stabilize Gquadruplex structure, have received great attention because quadruplex-binding ligands have potential applications in cancer therapy. The screen-printed graphite electrode (SPE) was modified with synthesized SBA-N-propylpipyrazine-N-(2-mercaptopropane-1-one) (SBA-NPPNSH) mesoporous structure to investigate the Gquadruplex DNA (G4DNA) formation and stabilization...
February 2016: Bioelectrochemistry
Zahra Bagheryan, Jahan-Bakhsh Raoof, Reza Ojani, Parizad Rezaei
Gquadruplex is an active target for therapeutic purposes because of the evidence which suggest that G-rich region of the human genome may form Gquadruplex structure. The electrochemical biosensor was prepared by modifying screen-printed graphite electrode (SPE) with synthesized SBA-N-propylpipyrazine-N-(2-mercaptopropane-1-one) (SBA@NPPNSH) mesoporous structure to investigate the Gquadruplex DNA structure (G4DNA). Ascorbic acid (AA) is known as an antioxidant agent that induces reductive properties. It is also important for some therapeutic purposes...
February 2014: Talanta
Vladimir Gubala, María del C Rivera-Sánchez, Gerard Hobley, José M Rivera
Guanine and G-rich oligonucleotides are known to self-assemble in the presence of a variety of cations to form higher ordered structures known as Gquadruplexes. We have synthesized a library of 8-aryl/heteroaryl-2'-deoxyguanosine derivatives (8ArGs) that are also able to self-assemble into quadruplex structures. We demonstrate that the properties of such quadruplexes can be modulated by the nature of the groups attached to the guanine base. These supramolecules are potentially useful in the development of self-assembled nanodevices...
2007: Nucleic Acids Symposium Series
Genrich V Tolstonog, Guohong Li, Robert L Shoeman, Peter Traub
Cytoplasmic intermediate filament (cIF) proteins interact strongly with single-stranded (ss) DNAs and RNAs, particularly with G-rich sequences. To test the hypothesis that this interaction depends on special nucleotide sequences and, possibly, higher order structures of ssDNA, a random mixture of mouse genomic ssDNA fragments generated by a novel "whole ssDNA genome PCR" technique via RNA intermediates was subjected to three rounds of affinity binding to in vitro reconstituted vimentin IFs at physiological ionic strength with intermediate PCR amplification of the bound ssDNA segments...
February 2005: DNA and Cell Biology
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