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Lympho a

Y Wang, H Y He
Objective: To evaluate the epidemiology, clinicopathological features and prognosis in upper tract urothelial carcinoma (UTUC) patients. Methods: All archival 368 UTUC cases that underwent radical nephroureterectomy between September 1999 and October 2014 were reviewed, and their clinicopathological features were analyzed. Follow-up time was 1-216 months, with a mean follow-up of 41 month. Results: One hundred and twenty-eight male and 240 female patients were included, with a mean age of 68 years ranging from 31 to 88 years...
October 8, 2016: Zhonghua Bing Li Xue za Zhi Chinese Journal of Pathology
Laurent Alric, Caroline Besson, Nathanael Lapidus, Juliette Jeannel, Jean-Marie Michot, Patrice Cacoub, Danielle Canioni, Stanislas Pol, Frédéric Davi, Pascaline Rabiega, Loic Ysebaert, Delphine Bonnet, Olivier Hermine
: Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is associated with lymphoproliferative disorders and B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas (B-NHLs). Evaluation of the efficacy and safety profiles of different antiviral therapies in HCV patients with B-NHL is warranted. METHODS: First, we evaluated the sustained virologic response (SVR) and safety of Peg-interferon-alpha (Peg-IFN) + ribavirin +/- first protease inhibitors (PI1s) therapy in 61 HCV patients with B-NHL enrolled in a nationwide observational survey compared with 94 matched HCV-infected controls without B-NHL...
2016: PloS One
Abhijit Chakraborty, Chinmoy Kumar Bose, Jayasri Basak, Aditya Narayan Sen, Raghwendra Mishra, Ashis Mukhopadhyay
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES: Number of metastatic lymph nodes has a strong prognostic value in the course of breast cancer treatment, morbidity and mortality. This study was undertaken to determine the association between axillary lymph node metastasis and several variables such as age, tumour size, grade, lymphovascular invasion, oestrogen and progesterone receptor expression and HER2/neu status in patients with breast cancer. METHODS: In this study 426 (with complete information on study variables) patients with breast cancer on treatment during March 2010 to December 2013, were analyzed...
May 2016: Indian Journal of Medical Research
Zela Keuylian, Alain Hovnanian
Protease regulation plays a crucial role in skin homeostasis and inflammation as revealed by the identification of loss-of-function mutations in SPINK5 (serine protease inhibitor of Kazal type 5) in Netherton sydrome (NS). SPINK5 encodes LEKTI (lympho-epithelial Kazal type related inhibitor), a multi-domain serine protease inhibitor expressed in all stratified epithelia. Our laboratory has developed a number of murine models which have been instrumental to dissecting the pathogenesis of NS. This mini-review discusses the major findings of these models and emphasizes the role of protease regulation, especially Kallikrein related peptidases in NS...
October 6, 2016: Biological Chemistry
Tiago C Luis, Sidinh Luc, Takuo Mizukami, Hanane Boukarabila, Supat Thongjuea, Petter S Woll, Emanuele Azzoni, Alice Giustacchini, Michael Lutteropp, Tiphaine Bouriez-Jones, Harsh Vaidya, Adam J Mead, Deborah Atkinson, Charlotta Böiers, Joana Carrelha, Iain C Macaulay, Roger Patient, Frederic Geissmann, Claus Nerlov, Rickard Sandberg, Marella F T R de Bruijn, C Clare Blackburn, Isabelle Godin, Sten Eirik W Jacobsen
The final stages of restriction to the T cell lineage occur in the thymus after the entry of thymus-seeding progenitors (TSPs). The identity and lineage potential of TSPs remains unclear. Because the first embryonic TSPs enter a non-vascularized thymic rudiment, we were able to directly image and establish the functional and molecular properties of embryonic thymopoiesis-initiating progenitors (T-IPs) before their entry into the thymus and activation of Notch signaling. T-IPs did not include multipotent stem cells or molecular evidence of T cell-restricted progenitors...
October 3, 2016: Nature Immunology
Guilherme Galvão Dos Santos, Shafqat Batool, Araceli Hastreiter, Talita Sartori, Amanda Nogueira-Pedro, Primavera Borelli, Ricardo Ambrosio Fock
Tissues that require a great supply of nutrients and possess high metabolic demands, such as lympho-hemopoietics tissues, are the first to be affected by protein malnutrition (PM). Thus, PM directly affects hemopoiesis and the production and function of immune cells. Consequently, malnourished individuals are more susceptible to infections. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have immunomodulatory properties and are important in the formation of lympho-hemopoietic stroma. Since an adequate supply of nutrients is essential to sustain stroma formation, which is mainly constituted of MSCs and differentiated cells originated from them, this study investigated whether PM would influence some biological and immunomodulatory aspects of MSCs...
August 13, 2016: Clinical Nutrition: Official Journal of the European Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition
Antoine Louveau, Sandro Da Mesquita, Jonathan Kipnis
Lymphatic vasculature drains interstitial fluids, which contain the tissue's waste products, and ensures immune surveillance of the tissues, allowing immune cell recirculation. Until recently, the CNS was considered to be devoid of a conventional lymphatic vasculature. The recent discovery in the meninges of a lymphatic network that drains the CNS calls into question classic models for the drainage of macromolecules and immune cells from the CNS. In the context of neurological disorders, the presence of a lymphatic system draining the CNS potentially offers a new player and a new avenue for therapy...
September 7, 2016: Neuron
Hariprakash Chakravarthy, Tzu-Kang Lin, Yao-Liang Chen, Yi-Ming Wu, Chin-Hua Yeh, Ho-Fai Wong
This is a case report of de novo development of two cerebral cavernous malformations adjacent to existing developmental venous anomalies. The development of cavernomas was noted over a follow-up period of 10 years. These developments happened during the course of staged endovascular management of a complex dural arterio-venous fistula along the right sphenoid wing. The patient presented with a proptosis secondary to lympho-haemangiomatous lesion of the fronto-orbital region and a high-flow right sphenoid wing dural arterio-venous fistula...
August 25, 2016: Neuroradiology Journal
Saulius Žuklys, Adam Handel, Saule Zhanybekova, Fatima Govani, Marcel Keller, Stefano Maio, Carlos E Mayer, Hong Ying Teh, Katrin Hafen, Giuseppe Gallone, Thomas Barthlott, Chris P Ponting, Georg A Holländer
Thymic epithelial cell differentiation, growth and function depend on the expression of the transcription factor Foxn1; however, its target genes have never been physically identified. Using static and inducible genetic model systems and chromatin studies, we developed a genome-wide map of direct Foxn1 target genes for postnatal thymic epithelia and defined the Foxn1 binding motif. We determined the function of Foxn1 in these cells and found that, in addition to the transcriptional control of genes involved in the attraction and lineage commitment of T cell precursors, Foxn1 regulates the expression of genes involved in antigen processing and thymocyte selection...
October 2016: Nature Immunology
Fausto Petrelli, Mohamed Ismail Yasser Hussein, Ivano Vavassori, Sandro Barni
Several prognostic factors that influence overall survival after radical nephroureterectomy for upper urinary tract urothelial carcinoma have been described. We have performed a systematic review of the literature and meta-analysis. The clinicopathological factors associated with an increased risk of death were age, multifocality, lymphovascular invasion, pT3-4 stage, pT2 vs <pT2 stage, node-positive disease, tumor grade, tumor size, and positive surgical margins. This meta-analysis of published data identified 9 significant predictors of mortality that should be systematically assessed to propose a risk-based strategy for the choice of adjuvant therapy and surveillance after radical nephroureterectomy...
August 8, 2016: Urology
Joon Young Choi, Sung-Hwan Kim, Seung-Ki Kwok, Jung Im Jung, Kyo-Young Lee, Tae-Jung Kim, Ji Young Kang
Behçet's disease is a systemic disease which may involve various organs. We describe a case of a patient diagnosed as pleuropericardial involvement of Behçet's disease. A 30-year-old woman visited our clinic presented with left pleuritic chest pain for s days. She had been diagnosed as Behçet's disease and admitted to our clinic due to pericardial and pleural effusion repeatedly in past two years. In the previous studies, effusion analysis revealed to be lympho-dominant exudate with high adenosine deaminase level...
July 2016: Journal of Thoracic Disease
Gurmukh Singh
OBJECTIVES: Serum free light chain assay is a recommended screening test for monoclonal gammopathies. Anecdotal observations indicated a high rate of false-positive abnormal κ/λ ratios. This study was undertaken to ascertain the magnitude of the false-positive rate and factors contributing to the error rate. METHODS: Results of serum protein electrophoresis, serum free light chains, and related tests, usually done for investigation of suspected monoclonal gammopathy, were reviewed retrospectively for 270 patients and 297 observations...
August 2016: American Journal of Clinical Pathology
Rong Hu, Yalan Liu, Yinhong Song, Min Su, Xiuling Lu, Debra Rood, Laijun Lai
Given that donor T cells from a transplant contribute both the desired graft-versus-tumour (GVT) effect and detrimental graft-versus-host disease (GVHD), strategies to separate GVHD and GVT activity are a major clinical goal. We have previously demonstrated that in vivo administration of a recombinant (r)IL-7/HGFβ hybrid cytokine, consisting of interleukin-7 (IL-7, IL7) and the β-chain of hepatocyte growth factor (HGFβ), significantly inhibits the growth of cancer cells in murine tumour models. The antit-umour effect of rIL-7/HGFβ is related to a marked infiltration T cells in the tumour tissues...
July 22, 2016: British Journal of Haematology
J A McGovern, C Meinert, S J de Veer, B G Hollier, T J Parker, Z Upton
BACKGROUND: Epidermal homeostasis is maintained through the balance between keratinocyte proliferation, differentiation and desquamation, however human skin equivalent (HSE) models are known to excessively differentiate. In native tissue, proteases such as kallikrein-related peptidase (KLK) 5, and KLK7 cleave the extracellular components of corneodesmomes; proteins corneodesmosin (CDSN), desmocollin 1 (DSC1) and desmoglein 1 (DSG1), loosening the cellular connections and enabling desquamation...
July 21, 2016: British Journal of Dermatology
Gokhan Boyraz, Derman Basaran, Mehmet C Salman, Nejat Ozgul, Kunter Yuce
OBJECTIVES: Since parametrial involvement is believed to be a crucial factor in the management of cervical cancer, our study was designed to investigate the clinical and pathological features which predicted parametrial involvement in patients with clinical early-stage cervical cancer. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The study included patients with clinical early-stage cervical cancer who underwent radical hys-terectomy with pelvic and para-aortic lymphadenectomy between December 2001 and August 2014, at the Hacettepe University Hospital...
2016: Ginekologia Polska
Baihao Zhang, Shunsuke Chikuma, Shohei Hori, Sidonia Fagarasan, Tasuku Honjo
PD-1 (programmed-death 1), an immune-inhibitory receptor required for immune self-tolerance whose deficiency causes autoimmunity with variable severity and tissue specificity depending on other genetic factors, is expressed on activated T cells, including the transcription factor FoxP3(+) Treg cells known to play critical roles in maintaining immune tolerance. However, whether PD-1 expression by the Treg cells is required for their immune regulatory function, especially in autoimmune settings, is still unclear...
July 26, 2016: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
In Hee Lee, Seong-Kyu Kim, Min-Kyung Kim
Sjögren's syndrome is an autoimmune disease that primarily affects exocrine glands. Renal involvement of Sjögren's syndrome may lead to tubulointerstitial disease, whereas secondary glomerulopathies such as anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (ANCA)-related pauci-immune crescentic glomerulonephritis are rarely observed. In addition, crescent glomerulonephritis that is simultaneously positive for both myeloperoxidase (MPO)-ANCA and proteinase 3 (PR3)-ANCA has never been reported in Sjögren's syndrome. Here, we report a case of pauci-immune crescentic glomerulonephritis exhibiting positivity for both MPO- and PR3-ANCAs in a patient with primary Sjögren's syndrome...
September 2016: Rheumatology International
Shujun Li, Mingxue Xue, Lurong Han
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the expression of Testin gene, and analyze its possible relationship with the clinicopathological features of human nasopharyngeal carcinoma. METHOD: The expression of Testin in nasopharyngeal carcinoma tissues were detected by immunohistochemistry methods, semi-quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction and Western blot. The correlations of Testin to clinicopathologic features of nasopharyngeal carcinoma were analyzed...
February 2016: Journal of Clinical Otorhinolaryngology, Head, and Neck Surgery
Mirna Karouni, Mazen Kurban, Ossama Abbas
Plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs) are the most potent producers of type I interferons (IFNs), which allows them to provide anti-viral resistance and to link the innate and adaptive immunity by controlling the function of myeloid DCs, lymphocytes, and natural killer cells. pDCs are involved in the pathogenesis of several infectious [especially viral, such as Molluscum contagiosum (MC)], inflammatory/autoimmune, and neoplastic entities. Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) is a multifocal, systemic lympho-angioproliferative tumor associated with Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV) infection...
September 2016: Archives of Dermatological Research
Osama F Sharaf, Elamir M Amir, Yousry A Hawash
Fascioliasis is an important zoonotic disease with approximately 2-4 million people infected worldwide and a further 180 million at risk of infection. F. hepatica can survive within the bile ducts for many years through its ability to suppress the host immunity with Fasciola cathepsin L1 cysteine protease and Glutathione S transferase playing an important role. The aim of the present study is to investigate the in vitro lympho-proliferative responses of hepatic hilar lymphocytes (HLN) of infected sheep in response to different F...
April 2016: Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology
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