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Cycling rehab

Yashovardhan Agarwal
BACKGROUND: The World Health Organization and the World Bank's "World Report on Disability" reported that over 1 billion people have various kinds of disability worldwide while Indian Census 2011 reported about 26 million in India. The United Nations Convention states, "The Rights of Persons with Disabilities (PwD) include accessibility to Information, Transportation, Environment, Communication Technology and Services". OBJECTIVE: This article takes forward the reason of making the "EasenAccess" (EnA) Android-based app to empower PwD with wheelchair-accessibility information, communication sentences and sending SOS signals with location...
June 14, 2018: Disability and Rehabilitation. Assistive Technology
Saiful Islam, Muhammad Hilmy Alfaruqi, Dimas Yunianto Putro, Vinod Mathew, Sungjin Kim, Jeonggeun Jo, Seokhun Kim, Yang-Kook Sun, Kwangho Kim, Jaekook Kim
Nowadays, rechargeable hybrid aqueous batteries (ReHABs) have emerged as promising sustainable energy storage devices because all the components are environmentally benign and abundant. In the present study, we report on a carbon-wrapped sponge-like Na3V2(PO4)3 nanoparticles (NVP@C) cathode prepared by a simple pyro-synthesis for use in the ReHAB system with superior rate capability and high cycleability. A high-resolution X-ray diffraction study confirmed the formation of pure NASICON NVP with rhombohedral structure...
April 30, 2018: ChemSusChem
Marwa F Harras, Rehab Sabour
A series of novel 1,3,4-trisubstituted pyrazole derivatives were synthesized and evaluated for their cytotoxic activity against three different cancer cell lines namely HCT116, UO-31 and HepG2. Compounds 3b, 3d, 7b and 9 showed excellent anticancer activity against all the tested cancer cell lines and had better cytotoxic activities than the reference drug, Sorafenib. Therefore, these compounds were chosen to be further evaluated in a panel of HCC cell lines. Among them, 3b and 7b were the most active compounds against HCC cells used here...
March 16, 2018: Bioorganic Chemistry
Kyung E K Sun, Tuan K A Hoang, The Nam Long Doan, Yan Yu, Pu Chen
The synthesis of novel zinc electrodes has been successfully implemented by using the electroplating method with the aid of inorganic additives in the electroplating solution. The selected inorganic additives are indium sulfate, tin oxide, and boric acid. From X-ray diffraction results, these synthesized zinc electrodes prefer (002) and/or (103) crystallographic orientations, representing basal morphology and high resistance to dendrite growth. The corrosion rates of these electroplated zinc samples decrease as much as 11 times smaller than the corrosion rate on zinc foil when the zinc materials are in contact with the aqueous electrolyte of a rechargeable hybrid aqueous battery (ReHAB)...
February 1, 2018: Chemistry: a European Journal
Nadia A Lustenberger, Birgit Prodinger, Delgerjargal Dorjbal, Sara Rubinelli, Klaus Schmitt, Anke Scheel-Sailer
PURPOSE: To illustrate how routinely written narrative admission and discharge reports of a rehabilitation program for eight youths with chronic neurological health conditions can be transformed to the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health. METHODS: First, a qualitative content analysis was conducted by building meaningful units with text segments assigned of the reports to the five elements of the Rehab-Cycle(®): goal; assessment; assignment; intervention; evaluation...
September 23, 2017: Disability and Rehabilitation
Bakr El-Zawahry, Dalia Bassiouny, Rehab Hegazy, Heba Gawdat, Suzan Shalaby, Mervat Khorshied, Marwah Adly Saleh
Rituximab (RTX) has been used successfully to treat refractory pemphigus. We aimed to assess the response of pemphigus vulgaris (PV) cases to RTX therapy and its effect on CD4+ CD25+ (T regulatory) cells level. Sixteen PV patients were included in this study, each received one cycle of two RTX infusions (1000 mg on days 1 and 15). Five PV patients served as controls. All cases were on prednisolone ± adjuvant therapy. Pemphigus disease area index (PDAI), autoimmune bullous skin intensity score (ABSIS), anti-desmoglein antibodies, CD4, CD8, CD20 and CD4+ CD25+ levels were assessed at baseline, 3, 6 and 12 months after therapy...
September 2017: Archives of Dermatological Research
Delgerjargal Dorjbal, Alarcos Cieza, Hans Peter Gmünder, Anke Scheel-Sailer, Gerold Stucki, T Bedirhan Üstün, Birgit Prodinger
QUALITY ISSUE: Responding to person's health and related needs requires the availability of health information that reflects relevant aspects of a health condition and how this health condition impacts on a person's daily life. INITIAL ASSESSMENT: Health information is routinely collected at different time points by diverse professionals, in different settings for various purposes with varying methods. Consequently, health information is not always comparable, posing a challenge to the regular monitoring of quality...
October 2016: International Journal for Quality in Health Care
H B Zhao, C J Hu, H W Cheng, J H Fang, Y P Xie, W Y Fang, T N L Doan, T K A Hoang, J Q Xu, P Chen
A rechargeable hybrid aqueous battery (ReHAB) containing NASICON-type M3V2(PO4)3 (M = Li, Na) as the cathodes and Zinc metal as the anode, working in Li2SO4-ZnSO4 aqueous electrolyte, has been studied. Both of Li3V2(PO4)3 and Na3V2(PO4)3 cathodes can be reversibly charge/discharge with the initial discharge capacity of 128 mAh g(-1) and 96 mAh g(-1) at 0.2C, respectively, with high up to 84% of capacity retention ratio after 200 cycles. The electrochemical assisted ex-XRD confirm that Li3V2(PO4)3 and Na3V2(PO4)3 are relative stable in aqueous electrolyte, and Na3V2(PO4)3 showed more complicated electrochemical mechanism due to the co-insertion of Li(+) and Na(+)...
May 12, 2016: Scientific Reports
Rehab M Amin, Brijesh Bhayana, Michael R Hamblin, Tianhong Dai
Pseudomonas aeruginosa is among the most common pathogens that cause nosocomial infections and is responsible for about 10% of all hospital-acquired infections. In the present study, we investigated the potential development of tolerance of P. aeruginosa to antimicrobial blue light by carrying 10 successive cycles of sublethal blue light inactivation. The high-performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) analysis was performed to identify endogenous porphyrins in P. aeruginosa cells. In addition, we tested the effectiveness of antimicrobial blue light in a mouse model of nonlethal skin abrasion infection by using a bioluminescent strain of P...
July 2016: Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
Ryan Monti
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Participation in baseball is prevalent across all age groups. Baseball injuries are common and can impact a player's ability to participate. An injury to any region can influence the player's ability to swing the bat. As a part of the athlete's rehabilitation, a sports-specific program should be implemented re-introducing the hitting cycle that addresses proper biomechanics as well as providing a progressive atmosphere to return to hitting. Although there are several return to throwing progression programs in the literature, to the author's knowledge no published hitting progression programs exist...
December 2015: International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy
Tuvia Ben Gal, Massimo F Piepoli, Ugo Corrà, Viviane Conraads, Stamatis Adamopoulos, Piergiuseppe Agostoni, Ewa Piotrowicz, Jean-Paul Schmid, Petar M Seferovic, Piotr Ponikowski, Gerasimos Filippatos, Tiny Jaarsma
BACKGROUND: To contribute to the protocol development of exercise training in LVAD supported patients by reviewing the exercise programs for those patients in the ESC affiliated countries. METHODS: A subset of data from 77 (26 countries) LVAD implanting centers that participated in the Extra-HF survey (170 centers) was analyzed. RESULTS: Of the 77 LVAD implanting centers, 45 (58%) reported to have a functioning exercise training program (ETP) for LVAD patients...
December 15, 2015: International Journal of Cardiology
Amelia Brunani, Alberto Raggi, Anna Sirtori, Maria Elisa Berselli, Valentina Villa, Francesca Ceriani, Stefania Corti, Matilde Leonardi, Paolo Capodaglio
INTRODUCTION/OBJECTIVE: In this study, we aimed to design an ICF-based individual rehabilitation project for obese patients with comorbidities (IRPOb) integrated into the Rehab-CYCLE to standardize rehabilitative programs. This might facilitate the different health professionals involved in the continuum of care of obese patients to standardize rehabilitation interventions. METHODS: After training on the ICF and based on the relevant studies, ICF categories were identified in a formal consensus process by our multidisciplinary team...
May 29, 2015: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Joel M Stevans, Christopher G Bise, John C McGee, Debora L Miller, Paul Rockar, Anthony Delitto
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Our nation's suboptimal health care quality and unsustainable costs can be linked to the failure to implement evidence-based interventions. Implementation is the bridge between the decision to adopt a strategy and its sustained use in practice. The purpose of this case report is threefold: (1) to outline the historical implementation of an evidence-based quality improvement project, (2) to describe the program's future direction using a systems perspective to identify implementation barriers, and (3) to provide implications for the profession as it works toward closing the evidence-to-practice gap...
April 2015: Physical Therapy
Luke M Mooney, Elliott J Rouse, Hugh M Herr
BACKGROUND: Passive exoskeletons that assist with human locomotion are often lightweight and compact, but are unable to provide net mechanical power to the exoskeletal wearer. In contrast, powered exoskeletons often provide biologically appropriate levels of mechanical power, but the size and mass of their actuator/power source designs often lead to heavy and unwieldy devices. In this study, we extend the design and evaluation of a lightweight and powerful autonomous exoskeleton evaluated for loaded walking in (J Neuroeng Rehab 11:80, 2014) to the case of unloaded walking conditions...
2014: Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation
Engy M El Morsy, Rehab Kamel
CONTEXT: Paracetamol overdose is a predominant cause of hepatotoxicity in both humans and experimental animals. OBJECTIVE: In this study, we investigated the protective effect of aqueous artichoke leaf extract (ALE) against paracetamol-induced liver injury in rats using N-acetylcysteine (NAC) as a reference drug. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Rats were divided into five groups: negative control, paracetamol (2 g/kg, single oral dose), ALE (1.5 g/kg, orally for 14 d), ALE + paracetamol, and NAC (100 mg/kg) + paracetamol...
February 2015: Pharmaceutical Biology
S R Schwarzkopf, E Grill, K E Dreinhöfer
The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) provides a comprehensive and structured treatment management and outcome evaluation in trauma care based on specific ICF core sets and the ICF-based Rehab-CYCLE. The Rehab-CYCLE allows the problem-based assessment of functioning in a multi-professional team under physician-guidance and the definition of long-term, intervention and cycle goals. Defined intervention goals are assigned to the appropriate intervention principles and techniques as well as the specific evaluation instruments...
June 2010: Der Unfallchirurg
B C Craven, A R Morris
STUDY DESIGN: Observational study. OBJECTIVES: To report the intra-rater (one rater), inter-rater (two raters) and inter-session (one subject, sessions 1-5) reliability of lower extremity modified Ashworth scale (MAS) scores among patients with chronic spinal cord injury (SCI). SETTING: Tertiary Academic Rehab Centre in Toronto, Canada. METHODS: MAS scores of 20 subjects with chronic SCI (C5-T10 AIS A-D>12 months) were recorded for the hip abductors and adductors, knee flexors and extensors, and ankle plantar and dorsiflexors...
March 2010: Spinal Cord
Gustaf Sandh, Rehab El-Shehawy, Beatriz Díez, Birgitta Bergman
Examination of the diurnal patterns of basic cellular processes in the marine nonheterocystous diazotrophic cyanobacterium Trichodesmium revealed that the division of cells occurred throughout the diurnal cycle, but that it oscillated and peaked at an early stage in the dark period. Transcription of the early cell division gene ftsZ and the occurrence of the FtsZ protein showed a similar diurnal rhythmicity that preceded the division of cells. DNA replication (dnaA gene transcription) occurred before the transcription of ftsZ and hetR, the latter encoding the key heterocyst differentiation protein...
June 2009: FEMS Microbiology Letters
Kristýna Matejů, Zdena Bendová, Rehab El-Hennamy, Martin Sládek, Serhiy Sosniyenko, Alena Sumová
The molecular mechanism underlying circadian rhythmicity within the suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN) of the hypothalamus has two light-sensitive components, namely the clock genes Per1 and Per2. Besides, light induces the immediate-early gene c-fos. In adult rats, expression of all three genes is induced by light administered during the subjective night but not subjective day. The aim of the present study was to ascertain when and where within the SCN the photic sensitivity of Per1, Per2 and c-fos develops during early postnatal ontogenesis...
February 2009: European Journal of Neuroscience
Marita Stier-Jarmer, Alarcos Cieza, Michael Borchers, Gerold Stucki
OBJECTIVE: To introduce the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) as conceptual model and classification and the ICF Core Sets as a way to specify functioning for a specific health condition such as Low Back Pain, and to illustrate the application of the ICF and ICF Core Sets in the context of clinical practice, the planning and reporting of studies and the comparison of health status measures. METHODS: A decision-making and consensus process was performed to develop the ICF Core Sets for Low Back Pain, the linking procedure was applied as basis for the content comparison of health-status measures and the Rehab-Cycle was used to exemplify the application of the ICE and ICF Core Sets in clinical practice...
January 2009: Clinical Journal of Pain
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