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C Pommerenke, V Hauer, M Zaborski, R A F MacLeod, S Nagel, R M Amini, M Berglund, R Geffers, H G Drexler, H Quentmeier
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June 10, 2016: Blood Cancer Journal
Fabrice G Petit, Christine Kervarrec, Soazik P Jamin, Fatima Smagulova, Chunxiang Hao, Emmanuelle Becker, Bernard Jégou, Frédéric Chalmel, Michael Primig
Genome-wide RNA profiling studies have identified hundreds of transcripts that are highly expressed in mammalian male germ cells, including many that are undetectable in somatic control tissues. Among them, genes important for spermatogenesis are significantly enriched. Information about mRNAs and their cognate proteins facilitates the identification of novel conserved target genes for functional studies in the mouse. By inspecting genome-wide RNA profiling data, we manually selected 81 genes for which RNA is detected almost exclusively in the human male germline and, in most cases, in rodent testicular germ cells...
March 2015: Biology of Reproduction
Jing Yuan, Wenjing Tao, Yunying Cheng, Baofeng Huang, Deshou Wang
The fox genes play important roles in various biological processes, including sexual development. In the present study, we isolated 65 fox genes, belonging to 18 subfamilies named A-R, from Nile tilapia through genome-wide screening. Twenty-four of them have two or three (foxm1) copies. Furthermore, 16, 25, 68, and 45 fox members were isolated from nematodes, protochordates, teleosts, and tetrapods, respectively. Phylogenetic analyses indicated fox gene family had undergone three expansions parallel to the three rounds of genome duplication during evolution...
August 2014: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
Masuko Katoh, Maki Igarashi, Hirokazu Fukuda, Hitoshi Nakagama, Masaru Katoh
Forkhead-box (FOX) family proteins, involved in cell growth and differentiation as well as embryogenesis and longevity, are DNA-binding proteins regulating transcription and DNA repair. The focus of this review is on the mechanisms of FOX-related human carcinogenesis. FOXA1 is overexpressed as a result of gene amplification in lung cancer, esophageal cancer, ER-positive breast cancer and anaplastic thyroid cancer and is point-mutated in prostate cancer. FOXA1 overexpression in breast cancer and prostate cancer is associated with good or poor prognosis, respectively...
January 28, 2013: Cancer Letters
E E Santo, M E Ebus, J Koster, J H Schulte, A Lakeman, P van Sluis, J Vermeulen, D Gisselsson, I Øra, S Lindner, P G Buckley, R L Stallings, J Vandesompele, A Eggert, H N Caron, R Versteeg, J J Molenaar
Neuroblastoma tumors frequently show loss of heterozygosity of chromosome 11q with a shortest region of overlap in the 11q23 region. These deletions are thought to cause inactivation of tumor suppressor genes leading to haploinsufficiency. Alternatively, micro-deletions could lead to gene fusion products that are tumor driving. To identify such events we analyzed a series of neuroblastomas by comparative genomic hybridization and single-nucleotide polymorphism arrays and integrated these data with Affymetrix mRNA profiling data with the bioinformatic tool R2 (http://r2...
March 22, 2012: Oncogene
Masuko Katoh, Masaru Katoh
Forkhead-box (FOX) superfamily genes are implicated in carcinogenesis through gene amplification, retroviral integration and chromosomal translocation. FOX superfamily genes within the human genome are classified into 17 or 18 families, designated FOX# (# is alphabet A-Q or R). FOXN1, FOXN2 (HTLF), FOXN3 (CHES1), FOXN4, FOXN5 (FOXR1) and FOXN6 (FOXR2) genes constitute the FOXN gene family. Here, we characterized human FOXN4 gene by using bioinformatics. FOXN4 gene at human chromosome 12q24.12 was found to encode three isoforms...
November 2004: International Journal of Molecular Medicine
Masuko Katoh, Masaru Katoh
Human Forkhead-box (FOX) gene family consists of at least 43 members, including FOXA1, FOXA2, FOXA3, FOXB1, FOXC1, FOXC2, FOXD1, FOXD2, FOXD3, FOXD4, FOXD5 (FOXD4L1), FOXD6 (FOXD4L3), FOXE1, FOXE2, FOXE3, FOXF1, FOXF2, FOXG1 (FOXG1B), FOXH1, FOXI1, FOXJ1, FOXJ2, FOXJ3, FOXK1, FOXK2, FOXL1, FOXL2, FOXM1, FOXN1, FOXN2 (HTLF), FOXN3 (CHES1), FOXN4, FOXN5 (FOXR1), FOXN6 (FOXR2), FOXO1 (FOXO1A), FOXO2 (FOXO6), FOXO3 (FOXO3A), FOXO4 (MLLT7), FOXP1, FOXP2, FOXP3, FOXP4, and FOXQ1. FOXE3-FOXD2 (1p33), FOXQ1-FOXF2-FOXC1 (6p25...
November 2004: International Journal of Oncology
Masuko Katoh, Masaru Katoh
Amplified region (amplicon) around MLL gene is closely linked to the 11q23.3 commonly deleted region of neuroblastoma, which includes cancer-associated genes such as PHLDB1 (LL5A), BCL9L, FOXN5 (FOXR1), CBL, MFRP, and PVRL1 (Nectin) genes. FOXN6 (FOXR2) gene at human chromosome Xp11.21 is generated due to retrotransposition of ancestral Foxn5 gene during evolution. FOXN5 and FOXN6 orthologs share the common domain structure consisting of FN56 and Forhead-box (FOX) domains. Here, we identified and characterized mouse Foxn5 gene by using bioinformatics...
September 2004: International Journal of Molecular Medicine
Masuko Katoh, Masaru Katoh
MLL gene at human chromosome 11q23.3 is frequently rearranged or amplified in hematological malignancies, while PHLDB1, BCL9L, FOXN5 (FOXR1), RNF26, and MFRP genes linked to MLL gene are deleted in neuroblastoma. Here, we characterized the TMEM24 gene family by using bioinformatics. KIAA0285 gene within the 11q23.3 commonly deleted region of neuroblastoma was designated TMEM24, because KIAA0285 gene product was a 707-aa (or 706-aa) protein with N-terminal short cytoplasmic region, single transmembrane domain, and C-terminal large extracellular region...
September 2004: International Journal of Oncology
Masuko Katoh, Masaru Katoh
Forkhead-box (FOX) family transcription factors are implicated in carcinogenesis and embryogenesis. Here, we identified and characterized the human FOXK1 gene by using bioinformatics. Complete coding sequence of human FOXK1 cDNA was determined by assembling CB959941 EST, AW206906 EST, and 5'-truncated FLJ16099 (AK122663.1) cDNA. FOXK1 gene, consisting of nine exons, was mapped to human chromosome 7p22.1. Mouse Foxk1 (NM_199068.1) was an aberrant cDNA with frame shifts due to multiple insertions and deletions, while mouse IMAGE6853263 (BC060238...
July 2004: International Journal of Molecular Medicine
Masuko Katoh, Masaru Katoh
Forkhead-box (FOX) transcription factors are implicated in carcinogenesis through gene amplification, retroviral integration, or chromosomal translocation. FOXN1, FOXN2 (HTLF), FOXN3 (CHES1), FOXN4 and FOXN5 (FOXR1) constitute the FOXN family. Here, we identified and characterized human FOXN6 (FOXR2) and rodent Foxn6 (Foxr2) orthologs by using bioinformatics. Human FOXN6 gene was identified within human genome sequence RP11-167P23 (AL159987.19), mouse Foxn6 gene within mouse genome sequence RP23-180D16 (AL672293...
July 2004: International Journal of Oncology
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