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ROMA score

E Anastasi, D Capoccia, T Granato, V Viggiani, S Tartaglione, L Manganaro, A Angeloni, F Leonetti
The “Risk of Malignancy Algorithm” (ROMA) combines the diagnostic power of the CA125 and HE4 markers with menopausal status to predict the risk for developing epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC). The aim of this study was to evaluate the association between 25-OH vitamin D levels and ROMA score in obese women. One hundred and eighteen patients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) > 30 kg/m2 (Group 1) and 80 women with a BMI less than 25 kg / m² (Group 2) were studied. The 25-OH vitamin D was quantified with LUMIPULSE® G 1200...
October 2016: Journal of Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agents
Emanuela Anastasi, Danila Capoccia, Teresa Granato, Gianfranco Silecchia, Mario Rizzello, Maria Grazia Porpora, Luigi Frati, Antonio Angeloni, Frida Leonetti
AIM: To evaluate whether obesity represents a risk factor for the onset of ovarian cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS: One hundred and sixty-three patients with a body mass index (BMI) >30 kg/m(2) (group 1) and 130 women with a BMI of <25 kg/m(2) (group 2) were included in the study. RESULTS: A Risk of Ovarian Malignancy Algorithm (ROMA) index above the cut-off (>13%) was found in 24.5% of group 1 patients, whereas a high ROMA score was identified in 5...
2016: Anticancer Research
M Origoni, C Cimmino, G Carminati, E Iachini, C Stefani, S Girardelli, S Salvatore, M Candiani
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effectiveness of a topical vaginal preparation containing hyaluronic acid in controlling signs and symptoms correlated with postmenopausal vulvovaginal atrophy (VVA). PATIENTS AND METHODS: A prospective, observational study has been performed at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the Vita Salute San Raffaele University of Milan, Italy. Forty-six (46) consecutive postmenopausal women complaining of genital discomfort due to postmenopausal estrogen lack have been enrolled...
October 2016: European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences
Annegret Schneider, Grigorios Kotronoulas, Constantina Papadopoulou, Lisa McCann, Morven Miller, Jackie McBride, Zoe Polly, Simon Bettles, Alison Whitehouse, Nora Kearney, Roma Maguire
PURPOSE: To examine the trajectories and predictors of state and trait anxiety in patients undergoing chemotherapy for breast or colorectal cancer. METHODS: Secondary analysis of data collected as part of a large multi-site longitudinal study. Patients with breast or colorectal cancer completed validated scales assessing their state and trait anxiety levels (State-Trait Anxiety Inventory) and symptom burden (Rotterdam Symptom Checklist) at the beginning of each chemotherapy cycle...
October 2016: European Journal of Oncology Nursing: the Official Journal of European Oncology Nursing Society
Marjorie L McCullough, Susan M Gapstur, Roma Shah, Peter T Campbell, Ying Wang, Colleen Doyle, Mia M Gaudet
PURPOSE: Due to the limited evidence on the role of diet and cause-specific mortality among breast cancer survivors, current nutrition guidelines for this population are consistent with those for cancer prevention. We evaluated whether diets consistent with the American Cancer Society recommendations for cancer prevention were associated with risk of death in breast cancer survivors. METHODS: Participants reported information on diet and other factors at baseline in 1992-1993 and twice during follow-up...
September 19, 2016: Cancer Causes & Control: CCC
Alessandro Grecucci, Danilo Rubicondo, Roma Siugzdaite, Luca Surian, Remo Job
Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that mainly affects social interaction and communication. Evidence from behavioral and functional MRI studies supports the hypothesis that dysfunctional mechanisms involving social brain structures play a major role in autistic symptomatology. However, the investigation of anatomical abnormalities in the brain of people with autism has led to inconsistent results. We investigated whether specific brain regions, known to display functional abnormalities in autism, may exhibit mutual and peculiar patterns of covariance in their gray-matter concentrations...
2016: Frontiers in Neuroscience
Szilvia Fiatal, Réka Tóth, Ágota Moravcsik-Kornyicki, Zsigmond Kósa, János Sándor, Martin McKee, Róza Ádány
INTRODUCTION: The prevalence of smoking in Romani of both genders is significantly higher than in the general population. Our aim was to determine whether a genetic susceptibility contributes to the high prevalence of smoking among Roma in a study based on data collected from cross-sectional surveys. METHODS: Twenty single nucleotide polymorphisms known to be closely related to smoking behavior were investigated in DNA samples of Hungarian Roma (N = 1273) and general (N = 2388) populations...
December 2016: Nicotine & Tobacco Research: Official Journal of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco
Judit Diószegi, Szilvia Fiatal, Réka Tóth, Ágota Moravcsik-Kornyicki, Zsigmond Kósa, János Sándor, Martin McKee, Róza Ádány
AIMS: Harmful alcohol drinking habits, even among Roma children and adolescents, are more common than in the majority population. The aim of the study was to evaluate the genetic susceptibility of Roma to hazardous alcohol consumption compared to the Hungarian general population. METHODS: A total of 1273 samples from the population of segregated Hungarian Roma colonies and 2967 samples from the Hungarian general population were genotyped for 25 polymorphisms. Differences in genotype and allele distributions were investigated...
January 2017: Alcohol and Alcoholism: International Journal of the Medical Council on Alcoholism
Natasha Stavreva, Ljuben Guguvcevchi, Biljana Kapusevska
INTRODUCTION: Health is the main component of the quality of life, while oral health is component of the general health. The socio-demographic characteristics are one of the important factors for perception of the oral health and the quality of life. The main purpose of this study was to perform an evaluation of the quality of life of geriatric patients (older than 65) with built-in oral prosthetic dentures depending on the ethnic affiliation, level of education and place of living, as socio-demographic characteristics...
2015: Prilozi (Makedonska Akademija Na Naukite i Umetnostite. Oddelenie za Medicinski Nauki)
Shinae Yu, Jin Kyung Lee, Jea-Hoon Kim, Hyosoon Park, Mi Yeon Lee, Seungho Ryu, Min-Jung Kwon, Hee-Yeon Woo
OBJECTIVE: We aimed to establish distribution and reference limits of HE4 and risk of ovarian malignancy algorithm (ROMA) in healthy Korean women and investigated the factors influencing HE4 levels. We also investigated the diagnostic performances of HE4 and ROMA score, compared with CA125. METHODS: We collected specimens from 1809 healthy Korean women, 140 specimens from patients with ovarian cancers (OCs) and 123 specimens from patients with benign ovarian tumor...
October 2016: Gynecologic Oncology
Claudio Babiloni, Alfredo Pennica, Claudio Del Percio, Giuseppe Noce, Susanna Cordone, Susanna Lopez, Ketura Berry, Chiara Muratori, Stefano Ferracuti, Paolo Roma, Valentina Correr, Francesco Di Campli, Laura Gianserra, Lorenzo Ciullini, Antonio Aceti, Andrea Soricelli, Elisabetta Teti, Magdalena Viscione, Cristina Limatola, Paolo Onorati, Paolo Capotosto, Massimo Andreoni
OBJECTIVE: Here we tested the effect of combined antiretroviral therapy (cART) on deviant electroencephalographic (EEG) source activity in treatment-naïve HIV individuals. METHODS: Resting state eyes-closed EEG data were recorded before and after 5 months of cART in 48 male HIV subjects, who were naïve at the study start. The EEG data were also recorded in 59 age- and sex-matched healthy subjects as a control group. Frequency bands of interest included delta, theta, alpha1, alpha2 and alpha3, based on alpha frequency peak specific to each individual...
2016: NeuroImage: Clinical
Ankur R Sangoi, Malti Kshirsagar, Andrew E Horvai, Andres A Roma
The novel marker special AT-rich sequence binding protein (SATB2) is highly sensitive for mesenchymal tumors with osteoblastic differentiation. However, SATB2 expression in gynecologic tract carcinosarcoma has not been previously explored. Given the potential prognostic and therapeutic implications of heterologous carcinosarcoma in the gynecologic tract, this study investigates the utility of SATB2 in identifying osteosarcomatous elements. A multi-institution database review identified consecutive cases of gynecologic tract carcinosarcoma including both heterologous and homologous types...
June 10, 2016: International Journal of Gynecological Pathology
Marut Yanaranop, Vahcharapot Anakrat, Somchai Siricharoenthai, Saranyu Nakrangsee, Bandit Thinkhamrop
AIM: The study aimed to compare the risk of ovarian malignancy algorithm (ROMA) with risk of malignancy index (RMI), cancer antigen 125 (CA125), human epididymis protein 4 (HE4) and Sassone ultrasonography (US) score in predicting ovarian cancer (OC) in women who present with pelvic or adnexal masses. METHODS: Pelvic US, serum CA125 and HE4 levels were investigated preoperatively in consecutively enrolled Thai women over 18 years with clinically diagnosed pelvic or adnexal masses who were undergoing elective surgery at a super tertiary hospital in Thailand in 2012...
2017: Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation
Francesco Gatto, Nicola Volpi, Helén Nilsson, Intawat Nookaew, Marco Maruzzo, Anna Roma, Martin E Johansson, Ulrika Stierner, Sven Lundstam, Umberto Basso, Jens Nielsen
Metabolic reprogramming is a hallmark of clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC) progression. Here, we used genome-scale metabolic modeling to elucidate metabolic reprogramming in 481 ccRCC samples and discovered strongly coordinated regulation of glycosaminoglycan (GAG) biosynthesis at the transcript and protein levels. Extracellular GAGs are implicated in metastasis, so we speculated that such regulation might translate into a non-invasive biomarker for metastatic ccRCC (mccRCC). We measured 18 GAG properties in 34 mccRCC samples versus 16 healthy plasma and/or urine samples...
May 24, 2016: Cell Reports
Ignacio Zapardiel, Mikel Gorostidi, Antonella Ravaggi, Maria T Allende, Margarida Silveira, Ronalds Macuks
The aim of this study was to assess the usefulness of the human epididymis protein 4 (HE4) serum biomarker in predicting malignant disease in a clinical setting in comparison with other diagnostic tools, such as serum CA125 and ROMA score. A multicentric prospective observational study was carried out between January 2010 and December 2011 in four European centres (Italy, Portugal, Latvia and Spain). Data from 981 healthy controls and patients diagnosed with adnexal pathology were collected. Data on the ROMA index, CA124 and HE4 tumour markers were analysed...
April 25, 2016: European Journal of Cancer Prevention
Roma Bhatia, Sarah J Kizilbash, Shelley P Ahrens, Jill M Killian, Stephanie A Kimmes, Erin E Knoebel, Prasuna Muppa, Amy L Weaver, Philip R Fischer
OBJECTIVES: To determine the clinical course of adolescent-onset postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and to assess health-related quality of life, 2-10 years after diagnosis. STUDY DESIGN: Pediatric patients, 13-18 years of age, diagnosed with POTS at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, from 2003 to 2010 were mailed a questionnaire if they were at least 18 years of age at the time of the mailing. The primary outcome measures were norm-based, age- and sex-adjusted, 36-Item Short Form Health Survey physical composite score and mental composite score...
June 2016: Journal of Pediatrics
Thaiana Helena Roma Santiago, Ruth Natalia Teresa Turrini
Objective To assess the perception of health professionals about patient safety climate and culture in different intensive care units (ICUs) and the relationship between scores obtained on the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture (HSOPSC) and the Safety Attitudes Questionnaire (SAQ). Method A cross-sectional study conducted at a teaching hospital in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, in March and April 2014. As data gathering instruments, the HSOPSC, SAQ and a questionnaire with sociodemographic and professional information about the staff working in an adult, pediatric and neonatal ICU were used...
February 2015: Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da U S P
Antonella Brunello, Andrea Fontana, Valeria Zafferri, Francesco Panza, Pasquale Fiduccia, Umberto Basso, Massimiliano Copetti, Sara Lonardi, Anna Roma, Cristina Falci, Silvio Monfardini, Alberto Cella, Alberto Pilotto, Vittorina Zagonel
PURPOSE: A multidimensional prognostic index (MPI) based on a comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) has been developed and validated in independent cohorts of older patients demonstrating good accuracy in predicting one-year mortality. The aim of this study was to develop a cancer-specific modified MPI (Onco-MPI) for mortality prediction in older cancer patients. METHODS: We enrolled 658 new cancer subjects ≥70 years (mean age 77.1 years, 433 females, 65.8 %) attending oncological outpatient services from September 2004 to June 2011...
May 2016: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Pengjun Zhang, Chuanxin Wang, Liming Cheng, Peng Zhang, Lin Guo, Wanli Liu, Zhongying Zhang, Yanchun Huang, Qishui Ou, Xinyu Wen, Yaping Tian
Risk of Ovarian Malignancy Algorithm (ROMA) combing human epididymis secretary protein 4 (HE4) and CA125 showed better diagnostic accuracy for epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) when compared with HE4 or CA125 alone; however, other studies showed no or worse diagnostic accuracy. We aim to conduct a prospective and multicenter clinical trial to compare the diagnostic accuracy of HE4, CA125, and ROMA for EOC.A prospective and multicenter (n = 9) trial including 2481 individuals was performed in Chinese women...
December 2015: Medicine (Baltimore)
Hye Yon Cho, Sung Ho Park, Young Han Park, Hong Bae Kim, Jung Bae Kang, Seung Hwa Hong, Min Sun Kyung
This study is a multi-center clinical study, which aimed to compare CA125, HE4, and risk of ovarian malignancy algorithm (ROMA) in predicting epithelial ovarian cancer of Korean women with a pelvic mass. Prospectively, serum from 90 Korean women with ovarian mass was obtained prior to surgery. For control group, serum from 79 normal populations without ovarian mass was also obtained. The HE4 and CA125 data were registered and evaluated separately and ROMA was calculated for each sample. Total 67 benign tumors and 23 ovarian cancers were evaluated...
December 2015: Journal of Korean Medical Science
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