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Paria Arfa-Fatollahkhani, Arezo Nahavandi, Hossein Abtahi, Shabnam Anjidani, Sahar Borhani, Seyed Behnam Jameie, Mohammad Shabani, Saeed Mehrzadi, Ali Shahbazi
INTRODUCTION: Mood disorders such as anxiety and depression are common following menopause and andropause. Lack of sex steroid hormones is suggested as the primary cause of these disturbances. The level of luteinizing hormone (LH) would also rise 3-4 times than normal in these people. The potential effects of LH on mood and cognitive symptoms following menopause and andropause are still unknown. This study aimed to investigate the effect of increased LH on novel object discrimination (NOD) memory and anxiety like behavior in gonadectomized rats...
March 2017: Basic and Clinical Neuroscience
Forough Samipoor, Sedigheh Pakseresht, Parvaneh Rezasoltani, Ehsan Kazemnajad Leili
INTRODUCTION: Andropause is a gradual process and more similar to menopause in women. Knowledge and experience of symptoms of andropause is an important discussion is in their lives. OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to determine Awareness and Experience of Andropause Symptoms in Men referring to Health Centers in Rasht, Iran. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This cross-sectional and analytical study included 140 men over 40 years referring to one of health centers...
May 9, 2017: Aging Male: the Official Journal of the International Society for the Study of the Aging Male
Xiao-Fei Zhang, Xin Yang, Hu-Liang Jia, Wen-Wei Zhu, Lu Lu, Wei Shi, Hao Zhang, Jin-Hong Chen, Yi-Feng Tao, Zheng-Xin Wang, Jun Yang, Lian-Xin Wang, Ming Lu, Yan Zheng, Jing Zhao, Qiong-Zhu Dong, Lun-Xiu Qin
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 2017: Cancer Biology & Medicine
Faustino R Pérez-López, Iuliana Ceausu, Herman Depypere, Sean Kehoe, Irene Lambrinoudaki, Alfred Mueck, Levent M Senturk, Tommaso Simoncini, John C Stevenson, Petra Stute, Margaret Rees
BACKGROUND: Ovarian cancer is a leading cause of female gynecological cancer-related death, and there are no effective screening procedures or early diagnostic approaches. AIMS: To examine risk factors and risk-reducing strategies for both sporadic and familial tumors. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Literature review and consensus of expert opinion. RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: In women with a genetic predisposition to ovarian cancer, salpingo-oophorectomy reduces the risk of ovarian malignancy, and to a lesser degree of breast cancer...
March 15, 2017: Maturitas
Sonal Gupta, Deepti Pandey, Dhanaraju Mandalapu, Vikas Sharma, Mahendra Shukla, Seema Singh, Nidhi Singh, Santosh Kumar Yadav, Dilip Kumar Tanpula, Surabhi Singh, Jagdamba P Maikhuri, Shubha Shukla, Jawahar Lal, Mohammad I Siddiqi, Gopal Gupta, Vishnu L Sharma
A series of seventeen piperazine derivatives have been synthesized and biologically evaluated for the management of andropause-associated prostatic disorders and depression. Five compounds 16, 19, 20, 21 and 22 significantly inhibited proliferation of androgen-sensitive LNCaP prostatic cell line with EC50 values of 12.4 μM, 15.6 μM, 11.8 μM, 10.4 μM, 12.2 μM respectively and decreased Ca(2+) entry through adrenergic-receptor α1A blocking activity. Anti-androgenic behaviour of compound 19 and 22 was evident by decreased luciferase activity...
May 26, 2017: European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Sung-Sheng Tsai, Yu-Sheng Lin, Jaw-Shan Hwang, Pao-Hsien Chu
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Postmenopausal status is correlated with increased metabolic syndrome (MetS) and cardiovascular risks. However, the vital roles of age and MetS-associated risk factors in sex-specific arterial stiffness remain unclear. METHODS: In this population-based cross-sectional study of the general population, we enrolled in our Health Examination Program 9812 adult participants who were measured for brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity (baPWV) to assess arterial stiffness...
March 2017: Atherosclerosis
A Fernández-Atucha, A Izagirre, A B Fraile-Bermúdez, M Kortajarena, G Larrinaga, P Martinez-Lage, E Echevarría, J Gil
BACKGROUND: Serum peptidases, such as angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), angiotensin-converting enzyme-2 (ACE2), neutral endopeptidase (NEP), aminopeptidase N (APN), and aminopeptidase A (APA), are important elements of the renin-angiotensin system (RAS). Dysregulation of these enzymes has been associated with hypertension and cardiovascular risk. In the present study, serum activities of RAS peptidases were analyzed to evaluate the existence of sexual differences, with a possible different pattern in pre- and post-andropausal/post-menopausal participants...
2017: Biology of Sex Differences
Xiao-Fei Zhang, Xin Yang, Hu-Liang Jia, Wen-Wei Zhu, Lu Lu, Wei Shi, Hao Zhang, Jin-Hong Chen, Yi-Feng Tao, Zheng-Xin Wang, Jun Yang, Lian-Xin Wang, Ming Lu, Yan Zheng, Jing Zhao, Qiong-Zhu Dong, Lun-Xiu Qin
OBJECTIVE: The expression of B-cell lymphoma 2 (Bcl-2) seems to be influenced by the endocrine environment. Numerous reports demonstrate the diverse expression of Bcl-2 family members under sex steroid regulation. With the exception of estrogen-related tumors, androgen-related tumors have shown their characteristics in Bcl-2 expression. In this study, the status of Bcl-2 expression in male hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients was examined to verify the high incidence of HCC in males...
December 2016: Cancer Biology & Medicine
Maliheh Abootalebi, Marzieh Kargar, Alireza Aminsharifi
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Andropause is one of the clinical and biochemical syndromes in aging men associated with the decrease in serum testosterone levels. With the increase in aging male population, life span in Iran, and focus on quality of life, andropause will become a major health issue that needs to be addressed in order to prevent disability. General practitioners, as the first level of health care providers, are in the best position to assess their knowledge and attitude about andropause period, so a structured instrument is necessary to assess them...
December 8, 2016: Aging Male: the Official Journal of the International Society for the Study of the Aging Male
Drvishwa, Ishwar Mallappa Amalazari
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 2016: Journal of the Association of Physicians of India
Ricardo Ramírez-Barrantes, Ivanny Marchant, Pablo Olivero
Aging induces physical deterioration, loss of the blood brain barrier, neuronal loss-induced mental and neurodegenerative diseases. Hypotalamus-hypophysis-gonad axis aging precedes symptoms of menopause or andropause and is a major determinant of sensory and cognitive integrated function. Sexual steroids support important functions, exert pleiotropic effects in different sensory cells, promote regeneration, plasticity and health of the nervous system. Their diminution is associated with impaired cognitive and mental health and increased risk of neurodegenerative diseases...
August 2016: Neural Regeneration Research
Petra Stute, Iuliana Ceausu, Herman Depypere, Irene Lambrinoudaki, Alfred Mueck, Faustino R Pérez-López, Yvonne T van der Schouw, Levent M Senturk, Tommaso Simoncini, John C Stevenson, Margaret Rees
Worldwide, the number of menopausal women is increasing. They present with complex medical issues that lie beyond the traditional scope of gynaecologists and general practitioners (GPs). The European Menopause and Andropause Society (EMAS) therefore provides a holistic model of care for healthy menopause (HM). The HM healthcare model's core consists of a lead clinician, specialist nurse(s) and the woman herself, supported by an interdisciplinary network of medical experts and providers of alternative/complementary medicine...
October 2016: Maturitas
Lawrence W Judge, David M Bellar, Donald L Hoover, Douglas Biggs, Brianna N Leitzelar, Bruce W Craig
The purpose of the study was to examine the effects of acute androstenedione supplementation on hormone levels in older men at rest and during exercise. Men (n = 11) between the ages of 58 and 69 were divided into an experimental (n = 6; 62.33 ± 2.57 y) and control (n = 5; 60.2 ± 1.02 y) groups. Each participant received an oral 300 mg dose of either androstenedione (experimental) or a cellulose placebo (control) for 7 d. Pre- and post-supplementation participants completed two separate, 20-min strength tasks consisting of leg extension and leg curls at different percentages of their 10-RM...
September 2016: Aging Male: the Official Journal of the International Society for the Study of the Aging Male
Manuel E Cortés, Yanara A Bernal, Pilar Vigil
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 2016: Revista Médica de Chile
T J de Villiers, J E Hall, J V Pinkerton, S Cerdas Pérez, M Rees, C Yang, D D Pierroz
The following Consensus Statement is endorsed by The International Menopause Society, The North American Menopause Society, The Endocrine Society, The European Menopause and Andropause Society, The Asia Pacific Menopause Federation, The International Osteoporosis Foundation and The Federation of Latin American Menopause Societies.
September 2016: Maturitas
D Dutta, P Dharmshaktu, A Aggarwal, K Gaurav, R Bansal, N Devru, U C Garga, B Kulshreshtha
BACKGROUND: Data are scant on bone health in endocrinopathies from India. This study evaluated bone mineral density (BMD) loss in endocrinopathies [Graves' disease (GD), type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM), hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism (HypoH), hypergonadotropic hypogonadism (HyperH), hypopituitarism, primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT)] as compared to age-related BMD loss [postmenopausal osteoporosis (PMO), andropause]. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Retrospective audit of records of patients >30 years age attending a bone clinic from August 2014 to January 2016 was done...
July 2016: Journal of Postgraduate Medicine
Eleni Armeni, Irene Lambrinoudaki, Iuliana Ceausu, Herman Depypere, Alfred Mueck, Faustino R Pérez-López, Yvonne T van der Schouw, Levent M Senturk, Tommaso Simoncini, John C Stevenson, Petra Stute, Margaret Rees
This position statement from the European Menopause and Andropause Society (EMAS) provides a care pathway for the maintenance of women's health during and after the menopause. It is designed for use by all those involved in women's health. It covers assessment, screening for diseases in later life, treatment and follow-up. Strategies need to be optimised to maintain postreproductive health, in part because of increased longevity. They encompass optimising diet and lifestyle, menopausal hormone therapy and non-estrogen-based treatment options for climacteric symptoms and skeletal conservation, personalised to individual needs...
July 2016: Maturitas
Vladimir Z Ajdžanović, Ivana M Jarić, Jasmina B Živanović, Branko R Filipović, Branka T Šošić-Jurjević, Nataša M Ristić, Sanja D Stanković, Verica Lj Milošević
Histological analysis of the adrenal cortex, after testosterone application in a rat model of the andropause, was the main subject of the present study. Middle-aged Wistar rats were divided into sham-operated (SO; n=8), orchidectomized (Orx; n=8) and testosterone treated orchidectomized (Orx+T; n=8) groups. Testosterone propionate (5 mg/kg b.w. /day) was administered for three weeks, while SO and Orx groups received the vehicle alone. Histological objectives were achieved using stereology, histochemistry and steroid receptor immunostaining...
November 2016: Histology and Histopathology
Jesús de Pedro-Cuesta, Pablo Martínez-Martín, Alberto Rábano, Enrique Alcalde-Cabero, Fernando José García López, Javier Almazán-Isla, María Ruiz-Tovar, Maria-José Medrano, Fuencisla Avellanal, Olga Calero, Miguel Calero
BACKGROUND: Sutherland et al. (2011) suggested that, instead of risk factors for single neurodegenerative disorders (NDDs), there was a need to identify specific "drivers", i.e., risk factors with impact on specific deposits, such as amyloid-β, tau, or α-synuclein, acting across entities. OBJECTIVES AND METHODS: Redefining drivers as "neither protein/gene- nor entity-specific features identifiable in the clinical and general epidemiology of conformational NDDs (CNDDs) as potential footprints of templating/spread/transfer mechanisms", we conducted an analysis of the epidemiology of ten CNDDs, searching for patterns...
2016: Journal of Alzheimer's Disease: JAD
R J Baber, N Panay, A Fenton
The International Menopause Society (IMS) has produced these new 2016 recommendations on women's midlife health and menopause hormone therapy (MHT) to help guide health-care professionals in optimizing their management of women in the menopause transition and beyond. The term MHT has been used to cover therapies including estrogens, progestogens and combined regimens. For the first time, the 2016 IMS recommendations now include grades of recommendations, levels of evidence and 'good practice points', in addition to section-specific references...
April 2016: Climacteric: the Journal of the International Menopause Society
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