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Tomasz Sanak, Robert Brzozowski, Marek Dabrowski, Magdalena Kozak, Agata Dabrowska, Maciej Sip, Katarzyna Naylor, Kamil Torres
BACKGROUND: Application of a tourniquet in a tactical environment is implemented in two ways: the so-called self-aid, which is the application of a tourniquet by the injured, and the so-called buddy aid, which is the application of a tourniquet by the person provide aid. This study aimed to test the quality of tourniquet use in a simulated situation, close quarter battle. METHODS: The study involved 24 injured operators and 72 operators in the whole simulation, implying 12 sections of six individuals...
January 2018: Ulusal Travma Ve Acil Cerrahi Dergisi, Turkish Journal of Trauma & Emergency Surgery: TJTES
Ping Luo, Hua-Zhong Liu, Xiao-Yan Le, Hui Du, Xin-Huang Kang
The present study was conducted to investigate the preventive effects of squid ink polysaccharides (SIP) on the damage of sperm and reproduction induced by cyclophosphamide that is most commonly used for treating clinically cancers. Male Kunming mice exposed to cyclophosphamide were administered with SIP and were sacrificed to determine sperm parameters, testicular antioxidant ability and reproductive capacity. Data indicated that cyclophosphamide caused obvious changes in mice such as significant reduction (P<0...
January 2018: Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ranganathan Kapilan, Maryam Vaziri, Janusz J Zwiazek
Aquaporins (AQP) are channel proteins belonging to the Major Intrinsic Protein (MIP) superfamily that play an important role in plant water relations. The main role of aquaporins in plants is transport of water and other small neutral molecules across cellular biological membranes. AQPs have remarkable features to provide an efficient and often, specific water flow and enable them to transport water into and out of the cells along the water potential gradient. Plant AQPs are classified into five main subfamilies including the plasma membrane intrinsic proteins (PIPs), tonoplast intrinsic proteins (TIPs), nodulin 26 like intrinsic proteins (NIPs), small basic intrinsic proteins (SIPs) and X intrinsic proteins (XIPs)...
January 16, 2018: Biological Research
Adrian Mellage, Christina M Smeaton, Alex Furman, Estella Atekwana, Fereidoun Rezanezhad, Philippe Van Cappellen
Geophysical techniques, such as Spectral Induced Polarization (SIP), offer potentially powerful approaches for in-situ monitoring of subsurface biogeochemistry. The successful implementation of these techniques as monitoring tools for reactive transport phenomena, however, requires the de-convolution of multiple contributions to measured signals. Here, we present SIP spectra and complementary biogeochemical data obtained in saturated columns packed with alternating layers of ferrihydrite-coated and pure quartz sand, and inoculated with Shewanella oneidensis supplemented with lactate and nitrate...
January 16, 2018: Environmental Science & Technology
Renata Aparecida Fideles, Gabriel Max Dias Ferreira, Filipe Simões Teodoro, Oscar Fernando Herrera Adarme, Luis Henrique Mendes da Silva, Laurent Frédéric Gil, Leandro Vinícius Alves Gurgel
Trimellitated-sugarcane bagasse (STA) was used as an environmentally friendly adsorbent for removal of the basic dyes auramine-O (AO) and safranin-T (ST) from aqueous solutions at pH 4.5 and 7.0. Dye adsorption was evaluated as a function of STA dosage, agitation speed, solution pH, contact time, and initial dye concentration. Pseudo-first- and pseudo-second-order, Elovich, intraparticle diffusion, and Boyd models were used to model adsorption kinetics. Langmuir, Dubinin-Radushkevich, Redlich-Peterson, Sips, Hill-de Boer, and Fowler-Guggenheim models were used to model adsorption isotherms, while a Scatchard plot was used to evaluate the existence of different adsorption sites...
January 6, 2018: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Liviana Da Dalt, Niccolo' Parri, Angela Amigoni, Agostino Nocerino, Francesca Selmin, Renzo Manara, Paola Perretta, Maria Paola Vardeu, Silvia Bressan
OBJECTIVE: We aim to formulate evidence-based recommendations to assist physicians decision-making in the assessment and management of children younger than 16 years presenting to the emergency department (ED) following a blunt head trauma with no suspicion of non-accidental injury. METHODS: These guidelines were commissioned by the Italian Society of Pediatric Emergency Medicine and include a systematic review and analysis of the literature published since 2005...
January 15, 2018: Italian Journal of Pediatrics
Juho Härkönen, Matti Lindberg, Linnea Karlsson, Hasse Karlsson, Noora M Scheinin
AIMS: To investigate socioeconomic disparities in smoking in pregnancy (SIP) by the mother's education, occupational class, and current economic conditions. DESIGN: Cross-sectional analysis with linked survey and register data. SETTING: South-Western Finland. PARTICIPANTS: 2,667 pregnant women (70% of the original sample (N=3,808)) from FinnBrain, a prospective pregnancy cohort study. MEASUREMENTS: The outcome was smoking during the first pregnancy trimester, measured from the Finnish Medical Birth Register...
January 14, 2018: Addiction
R Weinberger, O Weisman, Y Guri, T Harel, A Weizman, D Gothelf
BACKGROUND: The 22q11.2 deletion syndrome (22q11DS) is the most common genetic syndrome associated with schizophrenia. The goal of this study was to evaluate longitudinally the interaction between neurocognitive functioning, the presence of subthreshold psychotic symptoms (SPS) and conversion to psychosis in individuals with 22q11DS. In addition, we attempted to identify the specific neurocognitive domains that predict the longitudinal evolution of positive and negative SPS, as well as the effect of psychiatric medications on 22q11DS psychiatric and cognitive developmental trajectories...
December 8, 2017: European Psychiatry: the Journal of the Association of European Psychiatrists
Adina Negrea, Andreea Gabor, Corneliu Mircea Davidescu, Mihaela Ciopec, Petru Negrea, Narcis Duteanu, Alina Barbulescu
Adsorption of rare earth metals, Eu (III) and Nd (III) was investigated on a new environmental friendly material, thiourea functionalized cellulose. Before usage, the synthesized material was characterized by Fourrier Transform Infrared spectroscopy and energy dispersive X-ray analysis. The influence of adsorption parameters (adsorbent dosage, time, temperature and initial metal concentration) on adsorption capacity was investigated. Experimental data were fitted by using the pseudo-first-order and pseudo-second-order kinetic models...
January 10, 2018: Scientific Reports
Jeong-Seok Kim, Seon-Hwa Jeong, Sin-Hee Han, Ho-Keun Yi
Gomisin A from the fruit of Schisandra chinensis has many pharmacological properties, including hepato-protective, anti-diabetic, and anti-oxidative stress. However, the potential benefit of gomisin A is still not well understood, especially in aging progression. Therefore, the aim of this study was to clarify whether the promotion of mitochondrial biogenesis and autophagy of gomisin A affects anti-aging progression, and its mechanism. Intermediate (PD32) Human diploid fibroblast (HDF) cells were brought to stress-induced premature senescence (SIPS) using hydrogen peroxide (H2 O2 )...
January 10, 2018: Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology & Physiology
Sandra C Jones, Kelly Andrews, Kate L Francis, Muhammad Akram
INTRODUCTION AND AIMS: This paper reports on the evaluation of an Australian whole-of-community social marketing intervention targeting social norms, which aimed to reduce inflated perceptions of the prevalence of underage drinking and increase the age at which alcohol initiation is considered acceptable. DESIGN AND METHODS: A community-wide intervention was delivered in a single community over a period of 2 years, targeting adolescents, parents and community members...
January 4, 2018: Drug and Alcohol Review
Elena Martín-González, Ángeles Prados-Pardo, Santiago Mora, Pilar Flores, Margarita Moreno
RATIONALE: Clinical studies have shown that some psychoactive recreational drugs have therapeutic applications in anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. However, to date, there are few studies on the therapeutic potential efficacy of recreational drugs in compulsive neuropsychiatric disorders. OBJECTIVES: We explored the therapeutic potential of different psychoactive and psychedelic drugs in a preclinical model of compulsive behavior. METHODS: Outbred male Wistar rats were selected as either high (HD) or low (LD) drinkers according to their behavior in schedule-induced polydipsia (SIP)...
January 8, 2018: Psychopharmacology
Lennart J de Vries, Mihran Martirosyan, Ron T van Domburg, Sip A Wijchers, Tamas Géczy, Tamas Szili-Torok
PURPOSE: Coupling interval (CI) variability of premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) is influenced by the underlying arrhythmia mechanism. The aim of this study was to compare CI variability of PVCs in different myocardial disease entities, in order to gain insight into their arrhythmia mechanism. METHODS: Sixty-four patients with four underlying pathologies were included: idiopathic (n = 16), non-ischemic dilated cardiomyopathy (NIDCM) (n = 16), familial cardiomyopathy (PLN/LMNA) (n = 16), and post-MI (n = 16)-associated PVCs...
January 5, 2018: Journal of Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology: An International Journal of Arrhythmias and Pacing
Meghan E Morean, Alexa L'Insalata, Ellyn R Butler, Avalon McKee, Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin
INTRODUCTION: Drinking at an early age (AO) and quickly progressing to drinking to intoxication (Delay=Age of Intoxication[AI]-AO) confer risk for alcohol use and alcohol-related problems. However, inconsistencies exist in the literature, which may reflect the use of different definitions of AO and AI. We evaluated whether 1) defining AO as age at first sip of alcohol (AO sip) versus age at which at least one standard drink was consumed (AO drink); and 2) defining AI as age at first "drunk" (AI drunk) versus age at first binge episode (≥5 standard drinks consumed; AI binge) resulted in different self-reported ages or differentially predicted drinking outcomes...
December 21, 2017: Addictive Behaviors
Oleksandr I Malyi, Kostiantyn V Sopiha, Ihor Radchenko, Ping Wu, Clas Persson
Controlling the thickness dependence of electronic properties for two-dimensional (2d) materials is among the primary goals for their large-scale applications. Herein, employing a first-principles computational approach, we predict that Si interaction with multilayer phosphorene (2d-P) can result in the formation of highly stable 2d-SiP and 2d-SiP2 compounds with a weak interlayer interaction. Our analysis demonstrates that these systems are semiconductors with band gap energies that can be governed by varying the thicknesses and stacking arrangements...
January 5, 2018: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Yi-Peng Gu, Xiao-Mei Yang, Zhen-Hua Duan, Jiang-Hua Shang, Ping Luo, Wei Xiao, Da-Yan Zhang, Hua-Zhong Liu
Objectives: The aim of this study was to explore the effects of Squid ink polysaccharide (SIP) on prevention of autophagy and oxidative stress induced by cyclophosphamide (CP) in Leydig cells of mice. Materials and Methods: Examination of reproductive organ exponents, abnormal sperm rate, activities of superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT), contents of malondialdehyde (MDA), and histological structure were performed to detect the optimal dose of SIP against oxidative stress damage in vivo, and autophagy-associated protein LC3 and Beclin-1 were examined by immunofluorescence, and their expression was detected by Western blot analysis...
November 2017: Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences
Nicholas D Youngblut, Samuel E Barnett, Daniel H Buckley
Combining high throughput sequencing with stable isotope probing (HTS-SIP) is a powerful method for mapping in situ metabolic processes to thousands of microbial taxa. However, accurately mapping metabolic processes to taxa is complex and challenging. Multiple HTS-SIP data analysis methods have been developed, including high-resolution stable isotope probing (HR-SIP), multi-window high-resolution stable isotope probing (MW-HR-SIP), quantitative stable isotope probing (qSIP), and ΔBD. Currently, there is no publicly available software designed specifically for analyzing HTS-SIP data...
2018: PloS One
Emmanuel I Unuabonah, Adewale Adewuyi, Matthew O Kolawole, Martins O Omorogie, Olalekan C Olatunde, Scott O Fayemi, Christina Günter, Chukwunonso P Okoli, Foluso O Agunbiade, Andreas Taubert
Hybrid clay composites were prepared from Kaolinite clay and Carica papaya seeds via modification with chitosan, Alum, NaOH, and ZnCl2 in different ratios, using solvothermal and surface modification techniques. Several composite adsorbents were prepared, and the most efficient of them for the removal of gram negative enteric bacteria was the hybrid clay composite that was surface-modified with chitosan, Ch-nHYCA 1:5 (Chitosan: nHYCA = 1:5). This composite adsorbent had a maximum adsorption removal value of 4...
August 2017: Heliyon
Huijun Li, TianHong Zhang, LiHua Xu, YingYing Tang, HuiRu Cui, YanYan Wei, XiaoChen Tang, Kristen A Woodberry, Daniel I Shapiro, ChunBo Li, Larry J Seidman, JiJun Wang
OBJECTIVE: In a previous epidemiological study, we reported on the ascertainment and outcomes of "clinical high risk" (CHR) individuals at the Shanghai Mental Health Center (SMHC, "2011 cohort"). The current study compares demographic and clinical characteristics, including conversion rates, of this sample with a subsequently recruited, independent CHR sample and with published data from western samples. METHOD: A new sample of 100 CHR subjects ("2013 cohort") was selected based on screening and semi-structured interviews...
December 26, 2017: Schizophrenia Research
Ramdas G Kanissery, Allana Welsh, Andres Gomez, Lynn Connor, Gerald K Sims
The influence of soil environmental factors such as aeration on the ecology of microorganisms involved in the mineralization and degradation of the popular soil-applied pre-emergent herbicide, metolachlor is unknown. To address this knowledge gap, we utilized DNA-based stable isotope probing (SIP) where soil microcosms were incubated aerobically or anaerobically and received herbicide treatments with unlabeled metolachlor or 13C-metolachlor. Mineralization of metolachlor was confirmed as noted from the evolution of 14CO2 from 14C-metolachlor-treated microcosms and clearly demonstrated the efficient utilization of the herbicide as a carbon source...
December 28, 2017: Biodegradation
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