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Shin-Yi Lin, Shih-Chang Chien, Sheng-Yang Wang, Jeng-Leun Mau
Pleurotus citrinopileatus mycelium was prepared with high ergothioneine (Hi-Ergo) content and its proximate composition, nonvolatile taste components, and antioxidant properties were studied. The ergothioneine contents of fruiting bodies and Hi-Ergo and regular mycelia were 3.89, 14.57, and 0.37 mg/g dry weight, respectively. Hi-Ergo mycelium contained more dietary fiber, soluble polysaccharides, and ash but less carbohydrates, reducing sugar, fiber, and fat than regular mycelium. However, Hi-Ergo mycelium contained the smallest amounts of total sugars and polyols (47...
2016: International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms
Anastasia Kruchinina, Elias Rudberg, Emanuel H Rubensson
Parameterless stopping criteria for recursive polynomial expansions to construct the density matrix in electronic structure calculations are proposed. Based on convergence order estimation the new stopping criteria automatically and accurately detect when the calculation is dominated by numerical errors and continued iteration does not improve the result. Difficulties in selecting a stopping tolerance and appropriately balancing it in relation to parameters controlling the numerical accuracy are avoided. Thus, our parameterless stopping criteria stand in contrast to the standard approach to stop as soon as some error measure goes below a user-defined parameter or tolerance...
October 26, 2016: Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation
Marta Tarkanovskaja, Kuno Kooser, Helena Levola, Ergo Nõmmiste, Edwin Kukk
Photofragmentation of small gas-phase acetamide clusters (CH3CONH2)n (n ≤ 10) produced by a supersonic expansion source has been studied using time-of-flight ion mass spectroscopy combined with tunable vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV) synchrotron radiation. Fragmentation channels of acetamide clusters under VUV photoionization resulting in protonated and ammoniated clusters formation were identified with the discussion about the preceding intramolecular rearrangements. Acetamide-2,2,2-d3 clusters were also studied in an experiment with a gas discharge lamp as a VUV light source; comparison with the main experiment gave insights into the mechanism of formation of protonated acetamide clusters, indicating that proton transfer from amino group plays a dominant role in that process...
September 28, 2016: Journal of Chemical Physics
Dongdong Zhang, Lingzhi Li, Weina Ma, Xia Chen, Yanmin Zhang
This paper demonstrates a novel strategy for the construction of a graphene hybrid composites film, which was fabricated by electrodeposited reduced graphene oxide (ERGO) incorporating polymerization of l-lysine (PLL) onto glassy carbon electrode (GCE). Here we show that graphene films can be prepared on electrodes directly from GO dispersions by one-step electrodeposition technique based on electropolymerized PLL as a positively charged polymer interface to adsorb negatively charged GO nanosheets through electrostatic attraction...
January 1, 2017: Materials Science & Engineering. C, Materials for Biological Applications
Rosy, Rajendra N Goyal
A voltammetric sensor for the determination of 8-Hydroxydeoxyguanosine (8-OHdG); an important, sensitive and integral biomarker of oxidative stress and related pathological conditions like carcinogenesis, renal disorders, mental retardations, diabetes etc. has been fabricated. The synergistic behavior of two allotropic forms of carbon, which are electrochemically reduced graphene oxide (ErGO) and multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs), has been exploited for the surface modification. The resulting modified surface has been characterized using Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy, X-ray diffraction, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and voltammetric behavior...
December 1, 2016: Talanta
Louise Moody, Janet Saunders, Marjan Leber, Marzena Wójcik-Augustyniak, Marek Szajczyk, Nataša Rebernik
BACKGROUND: The European Disability Strategy (2010-2020) seeks to significantly raise the proportion of people with disabilities working in the open labour market. The ERGO WORK project is a collaboration of academic and industrial partners in six European countries, focused on understanding and tackling barriers to workplace inclusion for workers with disabilities. METHODS: This study sought to explore the perceptions and needs of stakeholders in terms of workplace adaptation to the needs of employees with disabilities...
September 24, 2016: Disability and Rehabilitation
Marek Kirs, Roberto A Caffaro-Filho, Mayee Wong, Valerie J Harwood, Philip Moravcik, Roger S Fujioka
: Identification of sources of fecal contaminants is needed to (i) determine the health risk associated with recreational water use and (ii) implement appropriate management practices to mitigate this risk and protect the environment. This study evaluated human-associated Bacteroides spp. (HF183TaqMan) and human polyomavirus (HPyV) markers for host sensitivity and specificity using human and animal fecal samples collected in Hawaii. The decay rates of those markers and indicator bacteria were identified in marine and freshwater microcosms exposed and not exposed to sunlight, followed by field testing of the usability of the molecular markers...
November 15, 2016: Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Sankararao Mutyala, Jayaraman Mathiyarasu
Herein, we report a simple, facile and reproducible non-enzymatic hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) sensor using electrochemically reduced graphene oxide (ERGO) modified glassy carbon electrode (GCE). The modified electrode was characterized by Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR), UV-Visible, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) techniques. Cyclic voltammetric (CV) analysis revealed that ERGO/GCE exhibited virtuous charge transfer properties for a standard redox systems and showed excellent performance towards electroreduction of H2O2...
December 1, 2016: Materials Science & Engineering. C, Materials for Biological Applications
Suhua Fan, Jiao Yang, Ting Wei, Jie Zhang, Ni Zhang, Mengqing Chai, Xiaoyan Jin, Hai Wu
In this paper, a p-methoxy zinc porphyrin-fullerene derivative (ZnPp-C60) noncovalently functionalized electrochemically reduced graphene oxide (ERGO) hybrid (ERGO@ZnPp-C60) was facilely obtained by π-π stacking interaction between zinc porphyrin ring and ERGO. The hybrid was characterized by scanning electron microscope (SEM), electrochemistry, UV-vis spectra, and density functional theory (DFT), which demonstrated that the presence of ERGO caused more redox reversibility and higher electrocatalytic activity of ZnPp-C60...
November 1, 2016: Talanta
Sakda Jampasa, Weena Siangproh, Kiattisak Duangmal, Orawon Chailapakul
A simple and highly sensitive electrochemical sensor based on an electrochemically reduced graphene oxide-modified screen-printed carbon electrode (ERGO-SPCE) for the simultaneous determination of sunset yellow (SY) and tartrazine (TZ) was proposed. An ERGO film was coated onto the electrode surface using a cyclic voltammetric method and then characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). In 0.1M phosphate buffer at a pH of 6, the two oxidation peaks of SY and TZ appeared separately at 0.41 and 0.70V, respectively...
November 1, 2016: Talanta
Changsong Chen, Na Wang, Peng Zhou, Haisheng San, Kaiying Wang, Xuyuan Chen
We report a novel betavoltaic device with significant conversion efficiency by using electrochemically reduced graphene oxide (ERGO) on TiO2 nanotube arrays (TNTAs) for enhancing the absorption of beta radiation as well as the transportation of carriers. ERGO on TNTAs (G-TNTAs) were prepared by electrochemical anodization and subsequently cyclic voltammetry techniques. A 10 mCi of (63)Ni/Ni source was assembled to G-TNTAs to form the sandwich-type betavoltaic devices (Ni/(63)Ni/G-TNTAs/Ti). By I-V measurements, the optimum betavoltaic device exhibits a significant effective energy conversion efficiency of 26...
September 21, 2016: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Sarina Saimbi, Valerie Madden, Heather Stirling, Asma Yahyouche, Hannah Batchelor
BACKGROUND: Children's medicines are not always readily available as an age appropriate product and manipulation of adult products is often required. Recently the commercial manufacturing process for 10 mg hydrocortisone tablets has changed and the compression force increased due to tablets fracturing on removal from the blister pack. However, this change led to parents of children requiring hydrocortisone reporting that the tablets were more difficult to manipulate.This study evaluated 10 mg hydrocortisone tablets for their suitability for manipulation in order to deliver an appropriate dose to children (2 mg dose)...
September 2016: Archives of Disease in Childhood
Sheetal K Bhardwaj, Premlata Yadav, Subhasis Ghosh, Tinku Basu, Ajit K Mahapatro
The development of an efficient test-bed for biosensors requires stable surfaces, capable of interacting with the functional groups present in bioentities. This work demonstrates the formation of highly stable electrochemically reduced graphene oxide (ERGO) thin films reproducibly on indium tin oxide (ITO)-coated glass substrates using a reliable technique through 60 s chronoamperometric reduction of a colloidal suspension maintained at neutral pH containing graphene oxide in deionized water. Structural optimization and biocompatible interactions of the resulting closely packed and uniformly distributed ERGO flakes on ITO surfaces (ERGO/ITO) are characterized using various microscopic and spectroscopic tools...
September 21, 2016: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Lawrence Grouse
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
July 2016: Journal of Thoracic Disease
Susy Purnawati, Norito Kawakami, Akihito Shimazu, Dewa Putu Sutjana, Nyoman Adiputra
The present work describes a newly developed ergonomics-based job stress management program - Ergo-JSI (Ergonomics-based Job Stress Intervention) - including a pilot study to ascertain the effects of the program on job strain, psychological distress, and blood cortisol levels among bank employees in Indonesia. A single-group, pre- and post-test experimental study was conducted in a sample of employees in a National Bank in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. The outcomes of the study focused on reductions in job strain index and psychological distress, measured by the Indonesian version of the Brief Job Stress Questionnaire (BJSQ), and improvement in blood cortisol levels following the study...
August 6, 2016: Industrial Health
Michael Lachmann, Eric Libby
Differentiation within multicellular organisms is controlled by epigenetic markers transmitted across cell division. The process of differentiation will modify these epigenetic markers so that information that one cell type possesses can be lost in the transition to another. Many of the systems that encode these markers also exist in unicellular organisms but do not control differentiation. Thus, during the evolution of multicellularity, epigenetic inheritance systems were probably exapted for their current use in differentiation...
August 19, 2016: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences
Hyoung Soon Han, Mohammad Shamsuddin Ahmed, Haesang Jeong, Seungwon Jeon
We investigated the relationship between the linker's length and the electrooxidation of methanol and ethanol with PtNPs-decorated graphene oxide (GO). The covalently functionalized materials were prepared with three different lengths of the alkane chain as the linker molecules in between GO and platinum nanoparticles (PtNPs). Electrochemically reduced GO-S-(CH₂)n-S-Pt [ERGO-S-(CH₂)n- S-Pt, wherein n = 2, 3 and 4] was obtained via electrochemical reduction of GO-S-(CH2)1-S-Pt in PBS at pH 5. ERGO-S-(CH₂)n-S-Pt was characterized by XPS and FE-SEM...
January 2016: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Zhenting Zhao, Yongjiao Sun, Pengwei Li, Wendong Zhang, Kun Lian, Jie Hu, Yong Chen
A highly sensitive electrochemical sensor of hydrazine has been fabricated by Au nanoparticles (AuNPs) coating of carbon nanotubes-electrochemical reduced graphene oxide composite film (CNTs-ErGO) on glassy carbon electrode (GCE). Cyclic voltammetry and potential amperometry have been used to investigate the electrochemical properties of the fabricated sensors for hydrazine detection. The performances of the sensors were optimized by varying the CNTs to ErGO ratio and the quantity of Au nanoparticles. The results show that under optimal conditions, a sensitivity of 9...
September 1, 2016: Talanta
Şafak Ulusoy, Özkan Özden, Olaf Päpke
Mussel samples were collected monthly between October-2010 and October-2011 from four stations (Bosphorus, Bandırma, Gelibolu, Tekirdağ) in the Marmara Sea. Two consecutive months' samples were homogenized and combined as a single group for analysis. Mussel samples were analyzed for Organochlorine pesticides (OCPs); (total-DDT, total-HCH, Endrin, α-Endosulfan, β-Endosulfan, Heptachlor) and Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs); (PCB 28, PCB 52, PCB 138, PCB 153, and PCB 180). All analyses were done according to Eurofins house method in ERGO Laboratory in Germany...
August 2016: Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
Marco P Carvalho, Elisabete C Costa, Sónia P Miguel, Ilídio J Correia
Two-dimensional (2D) cell culture is the main methodology used for screening anticancer therapeutics. However, these 2D cellular models misrepresent the architecture of native tumors, leading, in some cases, to unsuccessful prediction of cancer cell response to drugs. To overcome such limitations, cell growth in three dimensions (3D) arises as an alternative to reproduce in vitro the cellular arrangement found in tumors. Among the 3D cancer models developed so far, spheroids are the most attractive since these are cellular aggregates that broadly mimic many features of solid tumors affecting humans, like cell-cell interactions...
October 5, 2016: Carbohydrate Polymers
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