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Miao Xie, Fu-Quan Bai, Jinjian Wang, Yue-Qing Zheng, Zhenyang Lin
Dye sensitizers play an important role in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). As a promising strategy for the design of novel porphyrin sensitizers, the asymmetric modification of the porphyrin ring to meso-link porphyrin sensitizer has emerged in recent years, which can improve the light-harvesting properties and enhance the electron distribution. In this work, in order to reveal the essence of the effect of unsymmetrical substitution on the performance of β-link porphyrin dyes in DSSCs, four kinds of common β-link porphyrin dyes with different structures are calculated by using density functional theory (DFT) and time-dependent density functional theory (TD-DFT)...
January 18, 2018: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Amrita Mondal, Priyanka Kundu, Moumita Jash, Chinmay Chowdhury
An efficient method has been developed for the stereoselective synthesis of 4-(diarylmethylidene)-3,4-dihydroisoquinolin-1(2H)-ones 7 through tandem Heck-Suzuki coupling at rt using easily available substrates. DBU easily converted the exocyclic double bond of these compounds to endo, furnishing 8 and 9. Reduction of the carbonyl group of 7 was smoothly carried out with borane dimethyl sulphide. Subsequent treatment with KOtBu provided an easy access to 4-substituted isoquinolines 10a if carried out in refluxing 1,4-dioxane, while reaction in DMF at rt led to the incorporation of an extra hydroxyl group at the benzylic position of the isoquinolines to give 10b...
January 17, 2018: Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry
Yi S Guang, Xia Ren, Shuang Zhao, Quan Z Yan, Gang Zhao, Yao H Xu
The objective of this study was to develop a ratiometric and colorimetric organic sensor for Pb2+ detection in environmental samples. A new probe 4-phenyl amino thiourea (PAT) was designed and synthesized using hydrazine hydrate and phenyl isothiocyanate as raw materials. After its structure was characterized and confirmed, its UV-vis spectral property was investigated in detail. PAT possesses a specifically real-time, ratiometric and colorimetric response to Pb2+ in dimethyl formamide (DMF)/H2O (v/v = 9:1, pH = 7...
January 16, 2018: Journal of Environmental Science and Health. Part A, Toxic/hazardous Substances & Environmental Engineering
Yang-Tian Yan, Wen-Yan Zhang, Fang Zhang, Feng Cao, Rui-Feng Yang, Yao-Yu Wang, Lei Hou
Four new metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), {[Zn3(L)(OH)(H2O)5]·NMP·2H2O}n (1), {[H2N(Me)2][Zn2(L)(H2O)]·DMF·H2O}n (2), {[Co5(L)2(H2O)11]·2H2O}n (3) and {[Mn5(L)2(H2O)12]·6H2O}n (4), were assembled employing a symmetrical V-shaped rigid multicarboxylic acid ligand H5L (H5L = 2,4-di(3',5'-dicarboxylphenyl)benzoic acid) with different metal ions, resulting in versatile frameworks as well as various types of coordination modes of H5L. 1 forms a three-dimensional (3D) 4-connected sra net based on trinuclear [Zn3(μ3-OH)(μ2-COO)(μ1-COO)4] clusters, while 2 displays a 3D (4,6)-connected net based on two types of binuclear [Zn2(μ2-COO)2(μ1-COO)4] and [Zn2(μ2-COO)4] clusters...
January 12, 2018: Dalton Transactions: An International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
Kuo Yuan, Tianqun Song, Dawei Wang, Ye Zou, Jinfeng Li, Xiaotao Zhang, Zhiyong Tang, Wenping Hu
In this work, we synthesized a series of microcrystalline MnxN100-x-MOF-74 (N = Fe, Co and Ni) materials by a one-pot reaction. Powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD) patterns of MnxN100-x-MOF-74 matched well with those of single-metal MOF-74, and the scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images exhibited homogeneous nanocrystallites aggregated together. The amounts and dispersion of metals were analyzed by using inductively coupled plasma (ICP) and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS), separately. MnxN100-x-MOF-74 could remain crystalline and efficiently catalyze the epoxidation of alkenes in DMF with NaHCO3 and 30% H2O2...
January 11, 2018: Nanoscale
Rui Liu, Mengran Liu, Don Hood, Chih-Yuan Chen, Christopher J MacNevin, Dewey Holten, Jonathan S Lindsey
Fluorophores that absorb and emit in the red spectral region (600-700 nm) are of great interest in photochemistry and photomedicine. Eight new target chlorins (and 19 new chlorins altogether)-analogues of chlorophyll-of different polarities have been designed and synthesized for various applications; seven of the chlorins are equipped with a bioconjugatable tether. Hydrophobic or amphiphilic chlorins in a non-polar organic solvent (toluene), polar organic solvent (DMF), and aqueous or aqueous micellar media show a sharp emission band in the red region and modest fluorescence quantum yield (Φf = 0...
January 10, 2018: Molecules: a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
Robert Zivadinov, Jesper Hagemeier, Niels Bergsland, Eleonora Tavazzi, Bianca Weinstock-Guttman
BACKGROUND: Dimethyl fumarate (DMF) is an oral treatment for relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) with anti-inflammatory and possible neuroprotective properties. Its effect on white matter (WM) and gray matter (GM) pathology is still not fully understood. OBJECTIVE: To characterize the effect of DMF on normal appearing WM (NAWM) and thalamic pathology longitudinally. METHODS: In this observational, longitudinal, 24-month MRI study, 75 RRMS treated with DMF and 40 age- and sex- matched healthy individuals (HIs) were enrolled...
January 5, 2018: European Journal of Neurology: the Official Journal of the European Federation of Neurological Societies
Mohammad Namavari, Gayatri Gowrishankar, Ananth Srinivasan, Sanjiv S Gambhir
The aim of this study was to develop a positron emission tomography (PET) tracer to visualize and monitor therapeutic response to bacterial infections. In our continued efforts to find maltose based PET tracers that can image bacterial infections, we have designed and prepared 6''-[18 F]fluoromaltotriose as a second generation PET imaging tracer targeting the maltodextrin transporter of bacteria. We have developed methods to synthesize 6''-deoxy-6''-[18 F]fluoro-α-D-glucopyranosyl-(1-4)-O-α-D-glucopyranosyl-(1-4)-O-D-glucopyranose (6''-[18 F]-fluoromaltotriose) as a bacterial infection PET imaging agent...
January 4, 2018: Journal of Labelled Compounds & Radiopharmaceuticals
Hiroyuki Matsukizono, Takeshi Endo
Multi-functional 6-membered cyclic carbonates (6-CCs) comprising acetal structures have been synthesized via phosgene-free routes and utilized for the fabrication of re-workable networked poly(acetal-hydroxyurethane) (PAHU) films. Dibenzoyl-protected di(trimethylolpropane) (DTMP) reacts with multi-functional aldehydes derived from non-expensive alcohols to afford protected multi-functional DTMPs. After deprotection, the multi-functional DTMPs can react with diphenyl carbonate to efficiently form multi-functional 6-CCs...
January 9, 2018: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Nisansala Ganewatta, Ziad El Rassi
This research article presents the preparation and characterization of monolithic capillary columns with incorporated bare fumed silica nanoparticles (FSNPs) and surface coated gluconamide FSNPs and their subsequent use in hydrophilic interaction capillary electrochromatography (HI-CEC) of small relatively polar solutes. The monolithic support was based on the in situ polymerization of glyceryl monomethacrylate (GMM) and ethylene glycol dimethacrylate (EDMA) yielding the poly(GMM-co-EDMA) monolith for the incorporation of bare and gluconamide-FNSPs...
March 1, 2018: Talanta
Riyadh Al-Attabi, Ludovic F Dumée, Jürg A Schütz, Yosry Morsi
Electrospun nanofibrous membranes were engineered for aerosol particle removal by controlling the fiber density and alignment across electrospun mats. Electrospun nanofiber membranes were deposited on both, rotatory drum and stationary collectors, to investigate the effect of fiber alignment on filtration performance. Poly(acrylonitrile)/dimethyl formamide (PAN/DMF) solutions were used to produce membranes for applications in air purification. The air filtration performance of as-produced and hot-compacted membranes were systematically evaluated with regard to penetration, pressure drop, and quality factor when subjected to potassium chloride (KCl) aerosol particles in the size-range of 300nm to 12μm...
January 3, 2018: Science of the Total Environment
M Baharnoori, C T Gonzalez, A Chua, C Diaz-Cruz, B C Healy, J Stankiewicz, H L Weiner, T Chitnis
BACKGROUND: There is limited data regarding the predictors of hematological abnormalities in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients treated with dimethyl fumarate (DMF) or fingolimod (FNG), and the impact of treatment switch on lymphocyte and leukocyte count METHODS: We identified 405 patients on DMF and 300 patients on FNG (treatment duration: at least 12 month) within a large prospective study of MS patients conducted at the Partners MS Center, Brigham and Women's Hospital (CLIMB study) between Jan 2011 to Feb 2016...
December 14, 2017: Multiple Sclerosis and related Disorders
Eduardo Gomez, Mario Gutiérrez, Miquel Moreno, Ichiro Hisaki, Schoichi Nakagawa, Abderrazzak Douhal
In this work, we report on the results of theoretical and experimental studies of a series of dehydrobenzoannulene (DBA) derivatives (Nu-T12 [5,6,11,12,17,18-hexadehydrotribenzo[a,e,i]cyclododecene], T12-COOMe [5,6,11,12,17,18-hexadehydro-2,3,8,9,14,15-hexakis(4-methoxycarbonylphenyl)tribenzo[a,e,i]cyclododecene] and T12-COOH [5,6,11,12,17,18-hexadehydro-2,3,8,9,14,15-hexakis(4-carboxyphenyl)tribenzo[a,e,i]cyclododecene]) in N,N'-dimethylformamide (DMF) solutions. The theoretical and experimental findings show that the S0 → S1 transition of these molecules is forbidden...
January 5, 2018: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Ali Aldalbahi, Mostafizur Rahaman, Mohammed Almoigli, Al Yahya Meriey, Khalid N Alharbi
The three-dimensional (3D) composite electrodes were prepared by depositing different amounts of acid-functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes (a-SWCNTs) on porous reticulated vitreous carbon (RVC) through the electrochemical deposition method. The SWCNT was functionalized by the reflux method in nitric acid and was proven by Raman and visible spectra. The optimum time for sonication to disperse the functionalized SWCNT (a-SWCNT) in dimethyl formamide (DMF) well was determined by UV spectra. The average pore size of RVC electrodes was calculated from scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images...
January 1, 2018: Nanomaterials
Jian Xie, Yaxing Wang, Mark A Silver, Wei Liu, Tao Duan, Xuemiao Yin, Lanhua Chen, Juan Diwu, Zhifang Chai, Shuao Wang
There have been numerous studies on emission-color regulation by the adjustment of molar amounts of multiple trivalent lanthanide cations, such as Eu3+, Tb3+, Dy3+, and others, in many types of solid host materials. Although uranyl emission originating from charge-transfer transitions has been well-recognized and investigated for many decades, as of now there is no report on tunable 4f/5f bimodal emission based on heterobimetallic lanthanide(III) and uranyl(VI) compounds. In most cases, complete energy transfer between uranyl(VI) and lanthanide(III) centers was observed...
January 3, 2018: Inorganic Chemistry
Sheng-Li Hou, Jie Dong, Xiao-Lei Jiang, Zhuo-Hao Jiao, Chu-Ming Wang, Bin Zhao
Two novel anionic In-MOFs V101 and V102 were synthesized and structurally characterized. The structrual transformation from two-fold interpenetration to non-interpenetration was completed by changing solvent from DMF to DEF. Luminescence investigations reveal that only V102 not V101 can sensitively and selectively de-tect traces of antibiotics nitrofurazone in water solution via an environmentally friendly manner, and the detec-tion limit can reach to 0.2 ppm. The luminescent difference between V101 and V102 mainly originates from the divergence of interpenetration structures...
January 3, 2018: Analytical Chemistry
Maryam Nakhaei-Nejad, David Barilla, Chieh-Hsin Lee, Gregg Blevins, Fabrizio Giuliani
Objective: Lymphopenia is a common occurrence of disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) for relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS). The aim of this study was to dissect the prevalence of various lymphocyte subsets in patients with RRMS treated with 2 DMTs commonly associated with lymphopenia, dimethyl fumarate (DMF), and fingolimod (FTY). Methods: Multicolor flow cytometry and multiplex assays were used to identify up to 50 lymphocyte subpopulations and to examine the expression of multiple cytokines in selected patients...
March 2018: Neurology® Neuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation
Matsujiro Ishibashi, Ryo Kawanabe, Norie Amaba, Shigeki Arai, Fina Amreta Laksmi, Kenta Komori, Masao Tokunaga
Luciferase from Renilla reniformis (RLuc) is a good research tool as a reporter protein and bioimaging probes, yielding blue light using the substrate coelenterazine. However, the applications are limited since RLuc is unstable under various conditions. Therefore, an attempt was made to increase RLuc thermostability. In this study, 5 mutations reported previously [1] and one mutation obtained using site-directed mutagenesis were combined. As a result of this combination, the thermostability effect increased, with the mutant showing approximately 10 °C higher stability...
December 27, 2017: Protein Expression and Purification
Yuanli Lei, Shasha Xiao, Shouquan Chen, Haiyan Zhang, Huiping Li, Yingru Lu
N,N-dimethylformamide (DMF) is a major solvent predominantly used in the chemical industry. The main toxic effects following exposure to DMF are gastric irritation, skin eruption and hepatotoxicity. However, hepatic failure induced by DMF is rare. In this report, we present a case of acute hepatic failure following exposure to a toxic dose of DMF via respiratory tract inhalation and skin absorption with detailed abdominal computed tomography scan, sequential laboratory data and polymorphisms. The patient recovered satisfactorily following artificial liver support therapy and pharmacological agents to protect the liver in addition to plasma, blood platelet and albumin transfusions...
December 2017: Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine
Rasha A Azzam, Galal H Elgemeie, Rasha E Elsayed, Peter G Jones
In the title compound, C21H17N5O3S3·C3H7NO, the toluene-sulfonamide ring and the combined ring system involving the pyridone and benzo-thia-zole rings subtend an inter-planar angle of 39.86 (4)°. The pyridone and benzo-thiazyl rings are linked by the intra-molecular hydrogen bond N-Hamine⋯Nthia-zole. The DMF O atom accepts two classical hydrogen bonds. The mol-ecules are linked by hydrogen bonds and an S⋯O contact to form layers parallel to the bc plane.
December 1, 2017: Acta Crystallographica. Section E, Crystallographic Communications
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