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Sunday Nkwerem, Tetsuya Goto, Toshihiro Ogiwara, Yasunaga Yamamoto, Kazuhiro Hongo, Samuel Ohaegbulam
BACKGROUND: Cerebral sparganosis is a rare zoonotic infestation which often mimics glioma and metastatic tumors. CASE DESCRIPTION: A case of 71-year-old man who presented with disturbing dysarthria. Initial neuroimages were suggestive of glioma. The histology was, however, suggestive of inflammatory lesion. Follow-up neuroimages and serology were suggestive of sparganosis. He subsequently had craniotomy with ultrasound-guided aspiration of a live worm. Saline soaked surgicel was used to provide an acoustic window...
March 15, 2017: World Neurosurgery
Diana Badenes, Lara Pijuan, Víctor Curull, Albert Sánchez-Font
Surgicel(®) (Ethicon, North Ryde, NSW, Australia) is an absorbable sheet of oxidized cellulose polyanhydroglucuronic acid polymer used as an hemostatic in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery. In some cases, the retained material may cause foreign body granulomatous reactions and simulate tumor recurrence, an abscess, an hematoma, or an infection. We report the case of a 55-year-old patient who was operated of a lung adenocarcinoma. In the thoracic computed tomography scan 1 year after the surgery, a right paratracheal lymph node was detected, so endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration (EBUS-TBNA) was performed suspecting recurrence of the tumor...
January 2017: Annals of Thoracic Medicine
Jaya Chandrasekhar, Marc Ruel, Donna Nicholson, Marino Labinaz
An 87-year-old man with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura and platelet count of 56 × 10(9)/L underwent transesophageal echocardiography (TEE)-guided transcatheter aortic valve implantation using a femoral approach. Post valve deployment, a new pericardial effusion was noted which was successfully drained. Despite this, the patient became hypotensive needing vasopressor support with reaccumulation of pericardial fluid. Emergent sternotomy was performed and a perforation of the right ventricular apex was noted which was sealed with a pledgeted suture...
December 2016: International Journal of Angiology: Official Publication of the International College of Angiology, Inc
Gürhan Güney, Cihan Kaya, Gökhan Oto, Serkan Yıldırım, Hülya Özdemir, Aytekin Tokmak
AIM: Postoperative pelvic adhesions are significant health care problems causing chronic pelvic pain, infertility and intestinal obstruction after abdominal or pelvic surgery. We investigated the effects of quercetin and Surgicel for the prevention of adhesions after gynecological surgery. METHODS: A double blind, randomized, controlled experimental study was designed. Forty female Wistar Hannover rats were divided into five groups: control, sham operated, quercetin, Surgicel, and quercetin + Surgicel...
January 2017: Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research
Sung Hyun Kim, Se Hoon Kim, Hye Sung Yoon, Hyun Kyoon Kim, Kyung Sik Kim
PURPOSE: Adequate hemostasis is important for postoperative outcomes of abdominal surgery. This study evaluated the hemostatic effects and accompanying histopathological changes of a novel oxidized regenerated cellulose, SurgiGuard®, during abdominal surgery. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Ten pigs underwent wedge resection of the spleen (1×1 cm) and liver (1.5×1.5 cm). The resected surface was covered with Surgicel® fabric or fibril type (Group A) or SurgiGuard® fabric or fibril type (Group B)...
January 2017: Yonsei Medical Journal
Tae-Min Choi, Kyu Yong Cho, Byung Chan Lim, Jun Seob Lim, Rae-Seop Lee
OBJECTIVE: To report an observational investigation of small high attenuated foci in computed tomography (CT) scan followed by brain parenchymal catheterization. METHODS: From January 2011 to March 2015, we retrospectively reviewed the 381 patients who had undergone brain catheterization in our clinic and enrolled the patients who had newly developed high attenuation foci in the postoperative CT scans. The brain CT scans were reviewed about the lesion location, Hounsfield Unit (HU) and the time of appearance...
October 2016: Korean Journal of Neurotrauma
Abhishek Singh, Shrikant Jai, Sanika Ganpule, Arvind Ganpule
Nephron sparing surgery has seen a phenomenal rise in its application over the past few decades. The use of Surgicel and gel foam for closure of defect created after partial nephrectomy has become a routine practice at many centers. In this case report, we describe radiological artifact secondary to a surgical bolster mimicking a residual disease or an early recurrence in the kidney. This case highlights two facts; first, reapproximation of the renal tissue is best done without the use of Surgicel bolsters...
July 2016: Indian Journal of Radiology & Imaging
Cord M Brundage, Rebecca A Packer, Matthew D Jones
OBJECTIVE: To describe the magnetic resonance (MR) image appearance of 5 hemostatic agents placed in the brain, and to review their clinical application. STUDY DESIGN: Descriptive ex vivo and in vivo study. ANIMALS: Canine cadavers (n=4), client-owned dogs (n=4). METHODS: Heads from 4 canine cadavers were used, each with 5 hemostatic agents placed in specific locations in the brain. Hemostatic agents were used in their native form in 2 cadaveric brains, and in 2 others the materials were saturated with fresh whole blood prior to placement to mimic application in a field of active hemorrhage...
November 2016: Veterinary Surgery: VS
Sung Hyun Kim, Hye Sung Yoon, Chang Hoon In, Kyung Sik Kim
BACKGROUNDS/AIMS: This study evaluated the hemostatic effects of a novel oxidized regenerated cellulose, SurgiGuard®, during liver surgery, using a reproducible and clinically relevant animal model. METHODS: Fifteen mini-pigs underwent left partial hepatectomy. They were randomized to treatment of the resected surface with SurgiGuard® (Group C [test], n=5), Surgicel® (Group B [reference], n=5), or nothing (Group A [control], n=5). Blood loss was measured 5, 7 and 9 min after resection...
August 2016: Korean Journal of Hepato-biliary-pancreatic Surgery
Cole B Hirschfeld, Theodore H Schwartz, Bhupesh Parashar, A Gabriella Wernicke
PURPOSE: Seed migration after interstitial prostate brachytherapy has been well documented in the literature. However, there have been no detailed reports of seed migration after permanent interstitial brachytherapy to treat cerebral malignancies. In this article, the authors report a rare case of seed migration after adjuvant cesium-131 ((131)Cs) brachytherapy was used to treat a large paraventricular brain metastasis. METHODS AND MATERIALS: The patient was a 63-year-old man with a 5...
September 2016: Brachytherapy
Yasmin Abu-Ghanem, Zohar Dotan, Issac Kaver, Dorit E Zilberman, Jacob Ramon
Hemostatic agents(HAs) have gained increasing popularity as interventions to improve perioperative haemostasis and diminish the need for allogeneic red cell transfusion(PBT) despite a paucity of data supporting the practice. The aim of the current study is to examine the efficacy of HAs in reducing the rate of hemorrhagic complications during partial nephrectomy(PN). Data on 657 patients, who underwent elective PN between 2004-2013, were analyzed. The impact of HAs and SURGICEL was evaluated by comparing four sequential groups of patients: Group1 = Sutures alone, Group2 = sutures and HA, Group3 = sutures and SURGICEL, Group4 = both HA and SURGICEL...
2016: Scientific Reports
Huseyin Karasu, Işil Güzel
OBJECTIVES: We designed this study to evaluate the effect of TachoComb and to compare it with SurgiWrap, Surgicel, and Lyodura in an experimental rat model for epidural fibrosis (EF). METHODS: This prospective and experimental rat model study was performed at Dicle University, School of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery, in Diyarbakir, Turkey, between January 2005 and June 2005, using 50 Sprague Dawley rats (30 female and 20 male) with a mean weight of 290 g...
March 30, 2016: Ideggyógyászati Szemle
Luigi Cormio, Gennaro Cormio, Giuseppe Di Fino, Carmen Scavone, Francesca Sanguedolce, Vera Loizzi, Giuseppe Carrieri
Surgicel(®) is an absorbable sterile mesh composed of oxidized cellulose that is used to control intraoperative capillary or venous bleeding, due to its capacity to bind hemoglobin, thus allowing the formation of an artificial clot. In the present study, a large granuloma mimicking ovarian cancer, which developed following placement of a Surgicel(®) sponge during a combined pubovaginal sling procedure and cystocele repair, is reported. The aim of the present case report is to emphasize the fact that hemostatic measures should be removed following their use, and to alert surgeons to the risk of using and leaving in situ oxidized cellulose...
August 2016: Oncology Letters
Ali Alper Bayram, Ahmet Erdem Kilavuz, Gediz Murat Serin
Structural deficiencies of the nasal dorsum are most commonly of congenital, traumatic, or iatrogenic etiology. Various grafts, including autografts, homografts, and synthetic materials, have been used to this end and are described in the literature.Autologous septal cartilage is the most commonly used graft material when limited augmentation rhinoplasty is planned. However, it is difficult to retain sufficient cartilage to allow of such augmentation in instances where most of the septal cartilage has been used...
October 2016: Journal of Craniofacial Surgery
Jinghao Chen, Guangqian Lan, Keying Li, Shibei Liu, Kun Yu, Jiawei Liu, Hua Tang, Fangying Dai, Dayang Wu
In this study, we attempted to modify cotton gauze by partial carboxymethylation by varying the reaction time and concentration of monochloroacetic acid and sodium hydroxide. For each experiment, the relative value of the degree of substitution (DS) of the modified cotton gauze was evaluated and the whole blood clotting time (WBCT) and water absorption property were compared with cotton gauze and Surgicel. This revealed that, following an initial decrease, WBCT gradually increased. Using rabbit ear artery and liver haemorrhage models, the performance of the optimal modified gauze was compared to that of Surgicel and unmodified cotton gauze...
September 2016: Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials
Jingyun Liu, Wandong Hong, Wenzhi Wu, Haizhen Ni, Mengtao Zhou
Delayed absorption of oxidized cellulose (Surgicel; Johnson & Johnson, New Brunswick, NJ) may mimic a pseudoabscess or a recurrent mass on sonography after tumor surgery. Here we present 3 cases of thyroidectomy in which Surgicel was still apparent on sonography after 26 to 47 months of follow-up. We show sonographic findings and discuss the utility of sonography for diagnosis of delayed absorption of Surgicel in post-thyroidectomy patients.
June 2016: Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine: Official Journal of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine
Francisco Sepulveda, Alfredo Aliaga, Daniela Fleck, Mario Fernandez, Alejandro Mercado, Roberto Vilches, Francisco Moya, Rodrigo Ledezma, Diego Reyes, Fernando Marchant
INTRODUCTION: The role of hemostatic agents as an adjunct for closure of the nephrostomy tract in tubeless percutaneous surgery (tubeless percutaneous nephrolithotomy [tPNL]) has been previously evaluated, observing a potential benefit in terms of reduced bleeding and urinary leakage. We assessed the rate of postoperative complications after the use of hemostatic agents for sealing the nephrostomy tract in patients undergoing tPNL at our institution. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: We performed a retrospective analysis of 52 consecutive patients undergoing tPNL at our center between January 2010 and December 2013...
April 2016: Urology Annals
Jeffrey W Chadwick, Karel terBrugge, David K Lam
PURPOSE: This report describes a case of a 32-year-old woman who had been diagnosed with a facial arteriovenous malformation during childhood. Because this patient possessed a major risk of perioperative hemorrhage, the use of several local hemostatic measures was thoroughly explored before routine exodontia. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Selective embolization of the right superior thyroid artery was performed intraoperatively and a novel hemostatic technique using a combination of a packing of Gelfoam wrapped in Surgicel was placed within the extraction sites and sealed with SwiftSet...
August 2016: Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
G Ziade, A L Hamdan, M T Homsi, I Kazan, U Hadi
BACKGROUND: Spontaneous onset transethmoidal meningocele is a rare entity among the adult population. METHODS: A retrospective chart review was performed and cases of adults diagnosed with spontaneous transethmoidal meningoceles from November 2000 till February 2014 were reported. Data collected included demographics, clinical presentation, diagnostic modalities, and results. Intraoperative findings, the type of surgical reconstruction performed, and the percentage of recurrence, if present, were also reported...
2016: TheScientificWorldJournal
Wei Zhang, Yan Wang, Xianxian Sui, Yulin Sun, Daohai Chen
PURPOSE: To detect whether chitin and sepia ink sponge (CS) can promote wound healing and elevate impact of CS on phagocytosis ability of macrophages. METHODS: Forty-eight rats were assigned to four groups: Normal group (Normal), negative control group (Con), chitin and sepia ink sponge group (CS) and positive control Surgicel Gauze(r) group (SG). Deep second-degree burn model was created in rats. Wound area was recorded by digital imaging and determined using Image J software...
February 2016: Acta Cirúrgica Brasileira
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