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Jovana M Jasso-Martínez, Salima Machkour-M'Rabet, Roger Vila, Rosario Rodríguez-Arnaiz, América Nitxin Castañeda-Sortibrán
Hybridization events are frequently demonstrated in natural butterfly populations. One interesting butterfly complex species is the Enantia jethys complex that has been studied for over a century; many debates exist regarding the species composition of this complex. Currently, three species that live sympatrically in the Gulf slope of Mexico (Enantia jethys, E. mazai, and E. albania) are recognized in this complex (based on morphological and molecular studies). Where these species live in sympatry, some cases of interspecific mating have been observed, suggesting hybridization events...
2018: PloS One
Rodolfo Novelo-gutiÉrrez
Cordulegaster virginiae sp. nov. is described based on eight adults (7 males, 1 female) collected in cloud forest in municipalities of Banderilla and Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico. The new species is compared with adults of C. diadema Selys, 1868. All the structural differences between both species are located on the abdomen. Cordulegaster godmani McLachlan, 1876 is considered a junior synonym of C. diadema. The larva of C. diadema is redescribed and illustrated in detail based on reared material.
March 14, 2018: Zootaxa
HÉctor Ortega-Salas
Erpetogomphus oxybelis sp. nov. is described and figured from Río Hondo, Veracruz State, Mexico (18.387 N, -96.174 W, 20 m a.s.l.), the holotype is deposited in the Frost Entomological Museum at Pennsylvania State University, USA [PSUC]. Relationship with members of the ophibolus group sensu Garrison are discussed.
February 11, 2018: Zootaxa
Mariana Herrera, Victor M Bandala, Leticia Montoya
During explorations of tropical oak forests in central Veracruz (eastern Mexico), the authors discovered a Cantharellus species that produces basidiomes with strikingly violet pileus and a hymenium with yellow, raised gill-like folds. It is harvested locally and valued as a prized edible wild mushroom. Systematic multiyear sampling of basidiomes allowed the recording of the morphological variation exhibited by fresh fruit bodies in different growth stages, which supports the recognition of this Cantharellus species from others in the genus...
2018: MycoKeys
Guillermo Sánchez-de la Vega, Gabriela Castellanos-Morales, Niza Gámez, Helena S Hernández-Rosales, Alejandra Vázquez-Lobo, Erika Aguirre-Planter, Juan P Jaramillo-Correa, Salvador Montes-Hernández, Rafael Lira-Saade, Luis E Eguiarte
Analyses of genetic variation allow understanding the origin, diversification and genetic resources of cultivated plants. Domesticated taxa and their wild relatives are ideal systems for studying genetic processes of plant domestication and their joint is important to evaluate the distribution of their genetic resources. Such is the case of the domesticated subspecies C. argyrosperma ssp. argyrosperma , known in Mexico as calabaza pipiana , and its wild relative C. argyrosperma ssp. sororia . The main aim of this study was to use molecular data (microsatellites) to assess the levels of genetic variation and genetic differentiation within and among populations of domesticated argyrosperma across its distribution in Mexico in comparison to its wild relative, sororia , and to identify environmental suitability in previously proposed centers of domestication...
2018: Frontiers in Plant Science
Adriana García-Vásquez, Carlos Daniel Pinacho-Pinacho, Emilio Martínez-Ramírez, Miguel Rubio-Godoy
In the present study, two new species of Gyrodactylus are described from Profundulus oaxacae, a fish endemic to the Pacific slope of Oaxaca State, Mexico. Fishes were collected within their distribution range in 5 localities in the Atoyac-Verde River. Gyrodactylus montealbani n. sp. and G. zapoteco n. sp. were erected and characterized morphologically (sclerites of the attachment apparatus and the male copulatory organ) and molecularly (sequences of the Internal Transcribed Spacer region of rDNA). The haptoral sclerites of the new species are similar to those of Gyrodactylus iunuri and Gyrodactylus tepari, both recently described from the goodeid fish Goodea atripinnis, from the Mexican States of Jalisco and Querétaro, respectively; and to Gyrodactylus xtachuna described from the poeciliid Poeciliopsis gracilis in Veracruz State, Mexico - nonetheless, these species can all be discriminated based on their marginal hook morphology...
March 19, 2018: Parasitology International
Azucena Muñoz-Ramírez, Aracely López-Monteon, Angel Ramos-Ligonio, Enrique Méndez-Bolaina, Mario R B Guapillo-Vargas
Female sex workers (FSWs) have been considered a key population for sexually transmitted infections (STIs); therefore, they are periodically screened as a requirement to obtain a work card. However, there is insufficient epidemiological data on STIs among FSWs in Mexico. The detection of Trichomonas vaginalis is limited to microscopic studies and the molecular screening of Human papillomavirus (HPV) is only done to women 35 years of age and older. The objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of T...
March 13, 2018: Revista Argentina de Microbiología
Daniela Munro-Rojas, Esdras Fernandez-Morales, José Zarrabal-Meza, Ma Teresa Martínez-Cazares, Aurora Parissi-Crivelli, Javier Fuentes-Domínguez, Marie Nancy Séraphin, Michael Lauzardo, Jorge Alberto González-Y-Merchand, Sandra Rivera-Gutierrez, Roberto Zenteno-Cuevas
BACKGROUND: Mexico is one of the most important contributors of drug and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Latin America; however, knowledge of the genetic diversity of drug-resistant tuberculosis isolates is limited. METHODS: In this study, the genetic structure of 112 Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains from the southeastern Mexico was determined by spoligotyping and 24-loci MIRU-VNTRs. FINDINGS: The results show eight major lineages, the most of which was T1 (24%), followed by LAM (16%) and H (15%)...
2018: PloS One
Francles Blanco-Guillot, M Lucía Castañeda-Cediel, Pablo Cruz-Hervert, Leticia Ferreyra-Reyes, Guadalupe Delgado-Sánchez, Elizabeth Ferreira-Guerrero, Rogelio Montero-Campos, Miriam Bobadilla-Del-Valle, Rosa Areli Martínez-Gamboa, Pedro Torres-González, Norma Téllez-Vazquez, Sergio Canizales-Quintero, Mercedes Yanes-Lane, Norma Mongua-Rodríguez, Alfredo Ponce-de-León, José Sifuentes-Osornio, Lourdes García-García
BACKGROUND: Genotyping and georeferencing in tuberculosis (TB) have been used to characterize the distribution of the disease and occurrence of transmission within specific groups and communities. OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to test the hypothesis that diabetes mellitus (DM) and pulmonary TB may occur in spatial and molecular aggregations. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Retrospective cohort study of patients with pulmonary TB. The study area included 12 municipalities in the Sanitary Jurisdiction of Orizaba, Veracruz, México...
2018: PloS One
Ana Laura Calderón-Garcidueñas, Stefan M Waliszewski, Rubén Ruiz-Ramos, María Del Carmen Martinez-Valenzuela
The population that lives in areas where organochlorine pesticides were spread in the past is still exposed to them through contaminated food, particulate matter, and vapors. Due to their lipophilic properties and resistance to metabolic reactions, they accumulate in tissues and fluids rich in lipids. The aim of the study was to monitor the concentrations of organochlorine pesticides in forensic adipose tissue samples of adult inhabitants of Veracruz City, Mexico, and compare their time trend levels from 1988 to 2014...
March 10, 2018: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
A V Botello, F S Villanueva, R F Rivera, A L Velandia, G E de la Lanza
This study focused on dating of a sediment core from the Alvarado Lagoon System, Veracruz, Mexico, calculating the sedimentation rate by using 210 Pb to determine the tendency towards pollution by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, organochlorides, the metals Cd, Cr, Cu, Hg, Ni, Pb, and V, and organic matter content. The activity of total Pb and supported Pb in the samples was 83.1 and 29.5 Bq kg-1 , respectively, whereas the average estimated sedimentation rate was 0.48 ± 0.09 cm per year-1 . The organic matter values exhibited linear behavior throughout the historical profile, with values under 2...
March 6, 2018: Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
Violeta Elizalde, José Rodolfo García, Cecilia Beatriz Peña-Valdivia, Ma Carmen Ybarra, Otto Raúl Leyva, Carlos Trejo
Endemic populations of Hechtia perotensis have been described in Puebla and Veracruz, Mexico. Good quality seed collections can be used in conservation, research and ecological restoration. To evaluate seed quality of wild and endemic species, some compounds are used as effective promoters of germination, such as potassium nitrate (KNO3) and gibberellic acid (AG3), because they increase seed germination capacity and reduce latency. The triphenyl tetrazolium chloride (tetrazolium) test correlates seed viability because it is based on the activity of dehydrogenases in live tissues that catalyze mitochondrial respiration...
March 2017: Revista de Biología Tropical
Jezabel Báez-Santacruz, María Cristina Mayorga-Martínez
In Mexico there are 29 species of Amnestus, of which six species are from Veracruz. The morphological features and illustrations of immature stages of A. rugosus are presented. Notes about the biology and behavior were included. The nymphal and adult stages of A. rugosus were found in remnants of riparian vegetation of the mesophilous forest in La Antigua river basin, Veracruz, Mexico. Twelve sites in five localities were selected and the specimens were sampled in rainy (July) and dry (April) seasons of 2012...
March 2017: Revista de Biología Tropical
Pierre Mokondoko, Robert H Manson, Taylor H Ricketts, Daniel Geissert
Payment for hydrological services (PHS) are popular tools for conserving ecosystems and their water-related services. However, improving the spatial targeting and impacts of PHS, as well as their ability to foster synergies with other ecosystem services (ES), remain challenging. We aimed at using spatial analyses to evaluate the targeting performance of México's National PHS program in central Veracruz. We quantified the effectiveness of areas targeted for PHS in actually covering areas of high HS provision and social priority during 2003-2013...
2018: PloS One
F Roesch-Dietlen, A D Cano-Contreras, Y J Sánchez-Maza, J M Espinosa-González, M Á Vázquez-Prieto, E J Valdés-de la O, F Díaz-Roesch, M Á Carrasco-Arroniz, A Cruz-Palacios, P Grube-Pagola, A Sumoza-Toledo, H Vivanco-Cid, G Mellado-Sánchez, A Meixueiro-Daza, C S Silva-Cañetas, M G Carrillo-Toledo, R Lagunes-Torres, M Amieva-Balmori, P C Gómez-Castaño, J U Reyes-Huerta, J M Remes-Troche
INTRODUCTION AND AIM: Cancer is the result of the interaction of genetic and environmental factors. It has recently been related to viral infections, one of which is human papillomavirus. The aim of the present study was to describe the frequency of human papillomavirus infection in patients with digestive system cancers. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A prospective, multicenter, observational study was conducted on patients with gastrointestinal cancer at 2public healthcare institutes in Veracruz...
February 15, 2018: Revista de Gastroenterología de México
Dora Romero-Salas, Cosme Alvarado-Esquivel, Gladys Domínguez-Aguilar, Anabel Cruz-Romero, Nelly Ibarra-Priego, Carolina Barrientos-Salcedo, Mariel Aguilar-Domínguez, Rodolfo Canseco-Sedano, Luz Teresa Espín-Iturbe, Luis Francisco Sánchez-Anguiano, Jesús Hernández-Tinoco, Adalberto A Pérez de León
We aimed to determine the seroprevalence of infection with Neospora caninum, Leptospira , and bovine herpesvirus type 1 and risk factors associated with these infections in water buffaloes in Veracruz State, Mexico. Through a cross-sectional study, 144 water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) raised in 5 ranches of Veracruz were examined for anti-N. caninum and anti-bovine herpesvirus type 1 antibodies by enzyme immunoassays, and anti-Leptospira interrogans antibodies by microscopic agglutination test. Of the 144 buffaloes studied, 35 (24...
December 18, 2017: European Journal of Microbiology & Immunology
Sendy Isarel Hernández-Gaytán, Francisco Javier Díaz-Vásquez, Luis Gerardo Duran-Arenas, Malaquías López Cervantes, Stephen J Rothenberg
BACKGROUND AND AIM: Dengue Fever (DF) is a human vector-borne disease and a major public health problem worldwide. In Mexico, DF and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) cases have increased in recent years. The aim of this study was to identify variations in the spatial distribution of DF and DHF cases over time using space-time statistical analysis and geographic information systems. METHODS: Official data of DF and DHF cases were obtained in 32 states from 1995-2015...
October 2017: Archives of Medical Research
Zuanilda Mendoza González
The aim of this article is to analyze the way in which the Screening Program for Cervical Cancer is carried out in a dysplasia clinic and related health centers in the state of Veracruz, through the representations and practices of the social actors who implement the program. In order to do so, in-depth interviews and observations of the practices of health service providers were carried out during different periods over the course of three years, from 2009 to 2011. Through the information obtained, the article explores the difficulties, achievements and results of this program as part of a public policy...
July 2017: Salud Colectiva
Roberto Lagunes-Córdoba, Isaac Galindo-Guevara, Atalia Castillo Reyes, Citlalli Romero-Aparicio, Francisco Javier Rosas-Santiago
Early insulinization therapy is regarded as an efficient aid to improve long term control and quality of life in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 (DM2). Nevertheless, both patients and medical staff confront barriers in using this therapeutic tool. This study employs a qualitative approach to explore the barriers to early insulinization among medical staff from the public sector in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz, México. Between 2015 and 2016, in-depth interviews were conducted with general and specialist physicians offering primary health care to patients with DM2...
October 2017: Salud Colectiva
Cynthia Lara-Capi, Maria Grazia Cagetti, Fabio Cocco, Peter Lingström, Franklin García-Godoy, Guglielmo Campus
OBJECTIVES: To investigate if, in Mexican adolescents, body weight and caries severity are associated, and if this association differs between rural and urban populations. METHODS: Adolescents from the rural area of Tepancan and the city of Veracruz were enrolled. Caries was recorded using the International Caries Detection and Assessment System and the body mass index (BMI) was calculated. Oral habits (toothbrushing, flossing, dental check-ups) and dietary patterns (sweets intake) were assessed...
January 11, 2018: International Dental Journal
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