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Mirian Labrador, María C Rota, Consuelo Pérez, Antonio Herrera, Susana Bayarri
The food industry is in need of rapid, reliable methodologies for the detection of Listeria monocytogenes in ready-to-eat products, as an alternative to the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) 11290-1 reference method. The aim of this study was to evaluate impedanciometry combined with chromogenic agar culture for the detection of L. monocytogenes in dry-cured ham. The experimental setup consisted in assaying four strains of L. monocytogenes and two strains of Listeria innocua in pure culture...
April 3, 2018: Journal of Food Protection
Eduardo Morán Pascual, Manuel Martínez Sarmiento, Alberto Budía Alba, Enrique Broseta Rico, Rosa Cámara Gómez, Francisco Boronat Tormo
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the association between body fat mass distribution measured by bioelectrical impedanciometry (BEI) and high-grade prostate cancer (HGPC). METHODS: We prospectively analyze 323 patients who underwent prostate biopsy. BEI was performed prior to biopsy. Prostate cancer (PC) was stratified according to D'Amico classification. For univariate analysis, Student t test was done. For multivariate analysis, bivariate logistic regression was performed using PSA, body mass index (BMI), percentage central body fat, percentage total body fat, and visceral fat as explicative variables for the diagnosis of HGPC...
2017: Urologia Internationalis
Guadalupe Aguilar-Madrid, Arturo Torres-Valenzuela, Wendoly Hinojos-Escobar, Alejandro Cabello-López, Rodrigo Gopar-Nieto, Perla Estela Ravelo-Cortés, Luis Cuauhtémoc Haro-García, Cuauhtémoc Arturo Juárez-Pérez
BACKGROUND: Brainstem auditory evoked potentials (BAEP) evaluate the auditory pathway, and are a complementary test for tone audiometry in evaluating auditory diseases. The aim of the study was to determine BAEP mean latencies of waves and intervals, among healthy adults. METHODS: Cross-sectional study, comprising 196 subjects, aged 16 to 65 years, without auditory diseases, to whom family and personal history were asked, physical examination and laboratory studies were made, as well as tonal audiometry, impedanciometry and BAEP...
March 2016: Revista Médica del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social
Virginia A Aparicio, Ana Carbonell-Baeza, Meftaha Senhaji, Sandra Martín, Daniel Camiletti-Moirón, Pilar Aranda
BACKGROUND: The use of fitness testing for the identification of women at high-risk of metabolic syndrome (MS), and therefore of cardiovascular disease, is clinically relevant. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to determine the ability of a set of physical fitness tests to establish the risk of MS in perimenopausal Moroccan women. METHODS: The study comprised 151 women (45-65 years) from the North of Morocco. We used standardized field-based fitness tests to assess cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength, flexibility and balance...
December 2014: European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing
Cristian Alvarez, Rodrigo Ramírez, Marcelo Flores, Cecil Zúñiga, Carlos A Celis-Morales
BACKGROUND: Physical activity is associated with an improvement in cardiovascular health, however there is a paucity of information about the effects of sprint interval training on individuals with high metabolic risk. AIM: To determine the effects of three exercise programs on anthropometric and metabolic markers in overweight, sedentary and prediabetic women. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Forty three women were ascribed to four groups matched by body mass index and body fat: high intensity intervals (HIT, n = 12), resistance (R, n = 8), combined group (HIT +R, n = 10) and control group (CG, n = 13)...
October 2012: Revista Médica de Chile
Xavier Calvet, Albert Villoria
Digestive Disease Week always offers interesting advances. Among the notable advances concerning gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in the 2012 meeting were studies on its association with functional dyspepsia. Furthermore, novel data suggest that undetected reflux plays a role in certain extraesophageal diseases. We also discuss the potential utility of impedanciometry of the esophageal mucosa in the diagnosis of GERD and review the management and implications of lack of response to proton pump inhibitors...
September 2012: Gastroenterología y Hepatología
R D Bulatov
The paper gives the results of studying the body water compartments and impedance parameters in 69 patients with acute destructive pancreatitis during postoperative period, by means of non-invasive integral two-frequency impedancometry. Progressing extracellular hyperhydratation and decreased total electrical impedance of body tissue accompanied by increased number of general and intraabdominal complications, mortality, that determine the prognostic significance of these criteria.
May 2012: Anesteziologiia i Reanimatologiia
Héctor Macías-Reyes, Rodrigo Ramos-Zúñiga, Joaquín Garcia-Estrada, Fernando Jáuregui-Huerta, Maria Leticia Hidalgo-Mariscal
BACKGROUND: Experimental procedures will continue to be a key element while going through the learning curve in the use of the endoscope and minimally invasive procedures. We describe the technical procedure of an experimental approach to middle ear in New Zealand rabbits through external auditory canal and its relevance as an ideal model to study graft materials and serve as a training tool for potential applications in otoneurology. METHODS: A group of 28 adult New Zealand rabbits were subjected to an experimental myringoplasty, combining the transmeatal and retroauricular approach with endoscopic assistance and microsurgical technique...
2012: Surgical Neurology International
R Wix-Ramos, A Eblen-Zajjur
Voltage-activated sodium channels play a primary role during ischemic brain edema and thus are a pharmacological target for therapy. Lidocaine, a sodium channel blocker, was tested in male Sprague-Dawley rats anesthetized with thiobarbital (60 mg·kg(-1) i.p.) and perfused i.v. with Ringer's solution (n = 9) or lidocaine (0.75 mg·kg(-1), n = 9, or 1.5 mg·kg(-1), n = 6). Two tungsten microelectrodes were implanted in the cerebral cortex to register changes in tissue impedance in response to the voltage fall of a square wave electric pulse (100 μA, 10 ms), before and after infusion of lidocaine or Ringer's solution and during global cerebral ischemia due to a respiratory arrest induced by D-tubocurarine...
2011: Pharmacology
R Wix-Ramos, A Eblen-Zajjur
It is well known that chronic treatment with lithium gives cytoprotection from ischemia and neurodegeneration. Despite the clinical relevance, the potential effects of acute lithium treatment just before and during early stages of ischemia are not well known. Brain impedance was measured in an experimental global ischemia model, to determine these potential effects and their time course,as measured in minutes. Thiobarbital anesthetized (60 mg·kg(-1), intraperitoneal injection) male Sprague-Dawley rats were infused intravenously (i...
October 2011: Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Ciro Casanova Macario, Juan Pablo de Torres Tajes, María Angeles Martín Palmero
Weight loss and malnutrition related mainly to lean mass loss can develop in advanced stages of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and are a clear indication of phenotypic heterogeneity. The presence of weight loss and malnutrition is associated with a worse prognosis, independently of forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV(1)). The most widely accepted thresholds for risk are 21 for the body mass index (BMI) and 17 and 14 for men and women, respectively, for the fat-free mass index (FFMI). The coexistence of both defines a situation of greater nutritional risk (cachexia)...
2009: Archivos de Bronconeumología
Xavier Calvet, Julio Ponce
In Digestive Disease Week (DDW) 2008, important data were presented on the natural history, diagnosis and treatment of both gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and Barrett's esophagus. Contributions to diagnosis consisted of the importance of critical analysis of symptom profile in clinical practice and consolidation of impedanciometry as a diagnostic technique in GERD. Treatment highlights consisted of new data on the safety and utility of radiofrequency ablation in the treatment of high- and low-grade dysplasia in Barrett's esophagus...
October 2008: Gastroenterología y Hepatología
Raquel Salomone, Paulo Emmanuel Riskalla, Andy de Oliveira Vicente, Maria Carmela Cundari Boccalini, Adriana Gonzaga Chaves, Renata Lopes, Gilberto Bolivar Felin Filho
Otospongiosis is an osteodystrophy of the temporal bone, characterized by disordered neoformation and deposition of bone, characterized by the presence of a progressive conductive, sensorineural or mixed hearing loss and tinnitus. Typically, otospongiosis presents as a slowly progressive conductive hearing loss in the third to fourth decade of life. Uncommonly children and adolescents may also have conductive or sensorineural hearing loss caused by otosclerosis. We describe a case of an 11-year-old patient, with progressive unilateral conductive hearing loss for 5 years...
March 2008: Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
M Di Mauro, D Lazzarini, P Fumelli, F Carle, A Kosmidis
AIM: Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) can monitor diabetics suffering from the frequently occurring state of hyperglycemia, as this can cause alterations in the water distribution in the body. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the relationship between the composition of the body and the diabetic disease during decompensation through the impedanciometric analysis in diabetic patients of type 1 and type 2 and to understand the possible alterations of water distribution...
December 2007: Minerva Medica
A Martínez-Aguayo, T Capurro, V Peña, G Iñiguez, M I Hernández, A Avila, T Salazar, S Asenjo, V Mericq
BACKGROUND: Small for gestational age (SGA) has been associated with decreased insulin sensitivity (IS). A possible mechanism is the postnatal development of a metabolically disadvantageous body composition (BC). AIM: To determine whether there are differences between IS and BC in girls in early puberty who were SGA (birth weight < 10th percentile) or appropriate for gestational age (AGA, 10th-90th percentile). METHODS: Age-matched (SGA/AGA) early pubertal girls (Tanner II) were recruited from local schools...
October 2007: Clinical Endocrinology
N Vilarrasa, J Vendrell, J Maravall, M Broch, A Estepa, A Megia, J Soler, I Simón, C Richart, J M Gómez
OBJECTIVE: Interleukin-18 (IL-18) is a potent pro-inflammatory cytokine with potential atherogenic properties whose role in human obesity has been recently suggested. The aim of our study was to analyze the physiologic distribution of IL-18 among sexes and all decades of the adult life in a healthy population randomly selected and to study its relationship with anthropometric, body composition measurements and leptin concentrations. We also studied the relationship of IL-18 with smoking and arterial hypertension, known risk factors implicated in atherogenesis...
August 2006: Hormone and Metabolic Research, Hormon- und Stoffwechselforschung, Hormones et Métabolisme
J Sauleda Roig
The function of respiratory muscles, and mainly inspiratory muscles, is impaired in COPD patients. Most of these impairments are essentially due to pulmonary hyperinflation that puts these muscles in a disadvantageous situation. The main consequence of this dysfunction is respiratory muscle fatigue that may cause shortness of breath, exertion intolerance, and hypoventilation with onset of hypercapnic respiratory failure. This function may be measured at the pulmonary function laboratory by means of unspecific (spirometry, pulmonary volumes) or specific tests (maxim respiratory pressures [MIP - M], transdiaphragmatic pressure, tension-time index of the diaphragm, electromyography, or endura tests)...
May 2006: Nutrición Hospitalaria: Organo Oficial de la Sociedad Española de Nutrición Parenteral y Enteral
R Martínez, J I Benito, M A Condado, D Morais, J L Fernández-Calvo
In coordination with the Paediatrics Department, we drew up a protocol for the "Early Detection of Hearing Loss in High-Risk Neonates" based fundamentally on the sequential application of impedanciometry and the Auditory Brain Stem Response (ABR). These are the results obtained from October 1994 to March 2001. Of the 240 children examined, we found 36 cases (15%) of severe-to-profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss (> 60 dBs HL). 55% was associated with risk factors. However, we diagnosed only 2 of these cases of hearing loss (5...
2003: Anales Otorrinolaringológicos Ibero-americanos
Jordi Mesa, José M Gómez, Cristina Hernández, Antonio Picó, Angels Ulied et al.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Deficiency of growth hormone (GH) in the adult is accompanied by changes in the body composition and a diminished health-related quality of life (HR-QoL). The aim of the study was to assess the biochemical response to GH replacement therapy and its safety as well as the resulting body composition and HR-QoL. PATIENTS AND METHODS: One hundred sixty-five patients with hypopituitarism and GH deficiency were studied. A double-blind,randomized, placebo-controlled, 6-months study was first designed,then followed by a further 6-months period in which all patients received GH...
January 25, 2003: Medicina Clínica
Michel Portanova R
The present work describes the first case of HIV infected patient admitted to nutritional therapy in a multidisciplinary Nutritional Support Unit in Perú, and is the first of this type published in Perú. We show the case of a teen-ager patient with severe gastrointestinal and nutritional alterations as a complication of HIV infection, who required parenteral total nutrition for 21 days. During this treatment period we did not observe any complication as result of nutritional intervention; on the contrary, we observed a great clinical improvement and an adecuated nutritional response trough the most recognized biochemical parameters and using Body composition by Impedanciometry, a new technic for our country...
May 1998: Revista de Gastroenterología del Perú: órgano Oficial de la Sociedad de Gastroenterología del Perú
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