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Daniela I Brissett, Cascade Tuholske, Isabel E Allen, Noely S Larios, Diego J Mendoza, Ana G Murillo, Evan M Bloch
Few studies have evaluated the effectiveness of Zika virus (ZIKV) public health educational campaigns. Following a ZIKV educational campaign in Roatán, Honduras (October 2016), a survey was administered (March-May 2017) to residents ( N = 348) and health-care professionals ([HCPs]; N = 44) to evaluate ZIKV knowledge, attitudes, and preventive practices, with attention to sexual health. Knowledge scores were calculated and mapped using participants' home locations. The knowledge scores between HCPs and residents were significantly different (mean 17 versus 11; P < 0...
May 14, 2018: American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
Valeria I Fink, Cathy A Jenkins, Jessica L Castilho, Anna K Person, Bryan E Shepherd, Beatriz Grinsztejn, Juliana Netto, Brenda Crabtree-Ramirez, Claudia P Cortés, Denis Padgett, Karu Jayathilake, Catherine McGowan, Pedro Cahn
Background: This study aimed to evaluate trends and predictors of survival after cancer diagnosis in persons living with HIV in the Caribbean, Central, and South America network for HIV epidemiology cohort. Methods: Demographic, cancer, and HIV-related data from HIV-positive adults diagnosed with cancer ≤ 1 year before or any time after HIV diagnosis from January 1, 2000-June 30, 2015 were retrospectively collected. Cancer cases were classified as AIDS-defining cancers (ADC) and non-AIDS-defining cancers (NADC)...
2018: Infectious Agents and Cancer
Gabriela Venicia Araujo Flores, Carmen Maria Sandoval Pacheco, Thaise Yumie Tomokane, Wilfredo Sosa Ochoa, Concepción Zúniga Valeriano, Claudia Maria Castro Gomes, Carlos Eduardo Pereira Corbett, Marcia Dalastra Laurenti
In Honduras, Leishmania (L.) infantum chagasi causes both visceral leishmaniasis (LV) and nonulcerated or atypical cutaneous leishmaniasis (NUCL). NUCL is characterized by mononuclear inflammatory infiltration of the dermis, composed mainly of lymphocytes followed by macrophages with discrete parasitism. Considering that little is known about the pathogenesis of NUCL, the aim of this study was to evaluate the regulatory response in situ in skin lesions of patients affected by NUCL. Biopsies ( n = 20) from human cutaneous nonulcerative lesions were collected and processed by usual histological techniques...
2018: Mediators of Inflammation
Catherine D Noonan, Sarah Scow, Brittany A Sheagley, Jennifer Bunn
Interprofessional education and international service learning (ISL) experiences are increasing in healthcare education and have the potential to broaden healthcare providers' strategies to manage patients' pain. After the addition of a physical therapy (PT) cohort to an existing interprofessional ISL, survey data was collected for program evaluation. Responses indicated altered ideation regarding the role of PT in pain management, and this theme was investigated further. Following two one-week interprofessional ISL experiences in Honduras in 2015 (Y1) and 2016 (Y2), participating students and preceptors in pharmacy, physician assistant and osteopathic medicine and Y1 PT preceptors were surveyed regarding their impressions of the PT cohort and the PT profession in general...
May 9, 2018: Journal of Interprofessional Care
Helga Bjørnøy Urke, Mariela Contreras, Dennis Juma Matanda
Optimal early childhood development (ECD) is currently jeopardized for more than 250 million children under five in low- and middle-income countries. The Sustainable Development Goals has called for a renewed emphasis on children&rsquo;s wellbeing, encompassing a holistic approach that ensures nurturing care to facilitate optimal child development. In vulnerable contexts, the extent of a family&rsquo;s available resources can influence a child&rsquo;s potential of reaching its optimal development...
May 7, 2018: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Jiacheng Wu, Forrest W Crawford, David A Kim, Derek Stafford, Nicholas A Christakis
Sociologists, economists, epidemiologists, and others recognize the importance of social networks in the diffusion of ideas and behaviors through human societies. To measure the flow of information on real-world networks, researchers often conduct comprehensive sociometric mapping of social links between individuals and then follow the spread of an "innovation" from reports of adoption or change in behavior over time. The innovation is introduced to a small number of individuals who may also be encouraged to spread it to their network contacts...
April 29, 2018: Statistics in Medicine
Samuel Nibouche, Laurent Costet, Jocelyn R Holt, Alana Jacobson, Adrian Pekarcik, Joëlle Sadeyen, J Scott Armstrong, Gary C Peterson, Neal McLaren, Raul F Medina
In the United States (US), the sugarcane aphid (SCA) Melanaphis sacchari (Zehnter) (Hemiptera: Aphididae) was introduced in the 1970s, however at that time it was only considered a pest of sugarcane. In 2013, a massive outbreak of M. sacchari occured on sorghum, resulting in significant economic damage to sorghum grown in North America including the US, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The aim of the present study was to determine if the SCA pest emergence in American sorghum resulted from the introduction of new genotypes...
2018: PloS One
Allen F Sanborn
The cicada genus Procollina Metcalf, 1952 is redescribed. Procollina minima n. sp., P. parva n. sp., P. ustulata n. sp. and P. webbi n. sp. are described from Costa Rica, P. guatemalensis n. sp., P. mayaensis n. sp. and P. nigrapilosa n. sp. are described from Guatemala, P. hondurensis n. sp. is described from Honduras, P. convexa n. sp. and P. mesomaculata n. sp. are described from Guatemala and Honduras, P. ulnamaculata n. sp. is described from Guatemala and Mexico, P. nuevoleonensis n. sp. and P. tamaulipasensis n...
March 6, 2018: Zootaxa
Antonio Santos-Silva, James E Wappes, Maria Helena M Galileo
Estoloides (Parestoloides) Breuning, 1940, and Mimestoloides Breuning, 1974 are synonymized with Estoloides Breuning, 1940. Mimestoloides Breuning, 1980 is synonymized with Spinestoloides Breuning, 1954. Estoloides aurantius Martins Galileo, 2010 is synonymized with E. scabracaulis Chemsak Noguera, 1993. Estoloides modica Chemsak Noguera, 1993 is synonymized with E. chamelae Chemsak Noguera, 1993. Estoloides (Spinestoloides) spinipennis Breuning, 1974, is synonymized with Esthlogena monticola (Fisher, 1942)...
January 25, 2018: Zootaxa
Magali Aguilera-Uribe, Juan josÉ MartÍnez, Alejandro ZaldÍvar-riverÓn
Three species of the braconid genus Pambolus (Braconidae) are described from Mexico: P. jarocho sp. n., P. chinanteco sp. n. and P. bizelab sp. n. The external morphological variation in males and females of P. oblongispina Papp, previously known only by two females from Honduras and northern Mexico, is described based on material from Jalisco and Oaxaca in central and southeast Mexico. Molecular characterisation of the examined species was carried out based on the 28S nuclear ribosomal and the COI mitochondrial DNA gene markers...
January 31, 2018: Zootaxa
Michelle L D'Souza, Paul D N Hebert
While the high species diversity of tropical arthropod communities has often been linked to marked spatial heterogeneity, their temporal dynamics have received little attention. This study addresses this gap by examining spatio-temporal variation in the arthropod communities of a tropical montane forest in Honduras. By employing DNA barcode analysis and Malaise trap sampling across four years and five sites, 51,596 specimens were assigned to 8,193 presumptive species. High beta diversity was linked more strongly to elevation than geographic distance, decreasing by 12% when only the dominant species were considered...
April 19, 2018: Molecular Ecology
Enio B Cano, Jack C Schuster, Juan J Morrone
A phylogenetic morphological analysis of the genus Ogyges Kaup, distributed in Nuclear Central America, from Chiapas, Mexico, to northwestern Nicaragua was undertaken. Five species of Proculejus Kaup, distributed north of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Mexico, were selected as outgroup. Ogyges was recovered as monophyletic with three species groups: championi , laevissimus , and crassulus . Each species group shows a distinct, generally allopatric distribution. The O. championi species group, with ten species, is distributed in the Maya block, more specifically in the mountainous system north of the Motozintla-Comaltitlán fault in Chiapas, and north of the dry valleys of the Cuilco and Motagua rivers in Guatemala...
2018: ZooKeys
Laura Mayela Montes-Rincón, Lucio Galaviz-Silva, Zinnia Judith Molina-Garza
INTRODUCTION: In recent years, American trypanosomiasis has become an emergent public health problem in countries receiving migrant populations such as México, USA, Canada or those in Europe. OBJECTIVE: To analyze the prevalence of anti-Trypanosoma cruzi antibodies in Latin American migrants on their way to USA and Canada by means of serological techniques. MATERIAL AND METHODS: ELISA and IHA were performed to detect anti-T. cruzi antibodies...
March 15, 2018: Biomédica: Revista del Instituto Nacional de Salud
Ali H Mokdad, Erin B Palmisano, Paola Zúñiga-Brenes, Diego Ríos-Zertuche, Casey K Johanns, Alexandra Schaefer, Sima S Desai, Annie Haakenstad, Marielle C Gagnier, Claire R McNellan, Danny V Colombara, Sonia López Romero, Leolin Castillo, Benito Salvatierra, Bernardo Hernandez, Miguel Betancourt-Cravioto, Ricardo Mujica-Rosales, Ferdinando Regalia, Roberto Tapia-Conyer, Emma Iriarte
BACKGROUND: Results-based aid (RBA) is increasingly used to incentivize action in health. In Mesoamerica, the region consisting of southern Mexico and Central America, the RBA project known as the Salud Mesoamérica Initiative (SMI) was designed to target disparities in maternal and child health, focusing on the poorest 20% of the population across the region. METHODS AND FINDINGS: Data were first collected in 365 intervention health facilities to establish a baseline of indicators...
2018: PloS One
M E Tabangin, S Josyula, K K Taylor, J C Vasquez, B D Kamath-Rayne
Background: Helping Babies Breathe (HBB), a basic neonatal resuscitation curriculum, improves early neonatal mortality in low-resource settings. Our goal was to determine retention of resuscitation skills by different cadres of providers using the approved HBB Spanish translation in a rural clinic and community hospital in Honduras. Methods: Twelve clinic and 37 hospital providers were trained in 1 d HBB workshops and followed from July 2012 to February 2014. Resuscitation skills were evaluated by objective structured clinical evaluations (OSCEs) at regular intervals...
March 29, 2018: International Health
A Serra Moltó, J C Molina Martín, E Mengual Verdú, J R Hueso Abancens
CLINICAL CASE: A 46-year-old woman with no relevant medical history, native of Honduras and resident in Spain for one and a half months. The patient went to the Emergency Department due to inflammation of the upper eyelid of the right eye, with an area that simulated an abscess. This was drained (obtaining hardly any purulent content). Treatment was prescribed with oral and topical antibiotics, as well as an anti-inflammatory drug. One week later the patient returned, with improvement of the inflammatory signs, but with discomfort and corneal erosions...
March 23, 2018: Archivos de la Sociedad Española de Oftalmología
Thomas F Burke, Kusum Thapa, Poonam Shivkumar, Vincent Tarimo, Monica Oguttu, Lorraine Garg, Saroja Pande, Juzar Fidvi, Vidyadhar Bangal, José Ochoa, Archana Amatya, Melody Eckardt, Apollinaire Horo, Khama Rogo, Kshama Kedar, Albert Manasyan, Pragati Khalatkar, Susana Ku, Anders Seim, Sebastian Suarez, Moytrayee Guha, Khadija Abdalla, Carlos Fuchtner, Maria F Escobar, Sabaratnam Arulkumaran
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 22, 2018: International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Gabriela Carriquiry, Mark J Giganti, Jessica L Castilho, Karu Jayathilake, Pedro Cahn, Beatriz Grinsztejn, Claudia Cortes, Jean W Pape, Denis Padgett, Juan Sierra-Madero, Catherine C McGowan, Bryan E Shepherd, Eduardo Gotuzzo
INTRODUCTION: The "greying" of the HIV epidemic necessitates a better understanding of the healthcare needs of older HIV-positive adults. As these individuals age, it is unclear whether comorbidities and their associated therapies or the ageing process itself alter the response to antiretroviral therapy (ART). In this study, HIV treatment outcomes and corresponding risk factors were compared between older ART initiators and those who were younger using data from the Caribbean, Central and South America Network for HIV Epidemiology (CCASAnet)...
March 2018: Journal of the International AIDS Society
Charbel El Bcheraoui, Paola Zúñiga-Brenes, Diego Ríos-Zertuche, Erin B Palmisano, Claire R McNellan, Sima S Desai, Marielle C Gagnier, Annie Haakenstad, Casey Johanns, Alexandra Schaefer, Bernardo Hernandez, Emma Iriarte, Ali H Mokdad
BACKGROUND: To propose health system strategies to meeting the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations on HIV screening through antenatal care (ANC) services, we assessed predictors of HIV screening, and simulated the impact of changes in these predictors on the probability of HIV screening in Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico (State of Chiapas), Nicaragua, Panama, and El Salvador. METHODS: We interviewed a representative sample of women of reproductive age from the poorest Mesoamerican areas on ANC services, including HIV screening...
March 20, 2018: Population Health Metrics
Alexander J M Dingemans, Wilfried Krois, Juan Craniotis Rios, Richard J Wood, Marc A Levitt, Carlos A Reck-Burneo
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE: We conduct an annual medical mission to Hospital Ruth Paz para Niños Quemados y Cirugía Pediátrica in Honduras to operate on cases of anorectal malformations (ARM). To improve our knowledge of these patients, we compared their health-related quality of life (HRQoL), and the health literacy of their caregivers from this hospital and ours in the United States. METHODS: The BRIEF Health Literacy Screen (BHLS) and Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory 4...
February 23, 2018: Journal of Pediatric Surgery
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