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Myocardial viability

Jothilingam Sivapackiam, Richard Laforest, Vijay Sharma
INTRODUCTION: 68 Ga-Galmydar is an avid transport substrate of ABCB1 (P-Glycoprotein; 170kDa plasma membrane protein), breast cancer resistance protein (BCRP; ABCG2; 72kDa), penetrates human epidermal carcinoma (KB3-1), breast cancer (MCF7), embryonic kidney (HEK 293) tumor cells and rat cardiomyoblasts, and localizes within the mitochondria of tumor and myocardium cells. 68 Ga-Galmydar excretes from blood pool quickly, and shows stable retention within rat myocardium in vivo for extended periods, therefore, the agent shows potential to enable myocardial perfusion imaging...
December 1, 2017: Nuclear Medicine and Biology
Giovanni Scandale, Gabriel Dimitrov, Martino Recchia, Gianni Carzaniga, Marzio Minola, Edoardo Perilli, Maria Carotta, Mariella Catalano
Arterial stiffening is a hallmark of the aging process and atherosclerosis, including peripheral arterial disease (PAD). We investigated the associations between carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity (c-fPWV), augmentation index corrected for heart rate (Aix@HR75), ankle brachial index (ABI), and subendocardial viability ratio (SEVR), an indicator of cardiac perfusion. The c-fPWV, Aix@HR75, and SEVR was estimated using applanation tonometry. The ankle systolic pressure measurements for the calculation of the ABI were obtained using an 8-mHz Doppler probe...
February 15, 2018: Journal of Clinical Hypertension
Zhi Li, Yang Shen, Yingqun Chen, Guokai Zhang, Jidong Cheng, Wei Wang
BACKGROUND/AIMS: Clinical studies have shown that hyperuricaemia is strongly associated with cardiovascular disease. However, the molecular mechanisms of high uric acid (HUA) associated with cardiovascular disease remain poorly understood. In this study, we investigated the effect of HUA on cardiomyocytes. METHODS: We exposed H9c2 cardiomyocytes to HUA, then cell viability was determined by MTT assay, and reactive oxygen species' (ROS) production was detected by a fluorescence assay...
February 8, 2018: Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry
Bo Yu, Wei Li, Fen Al, Zhen Chen
Cardiac fibroblasts (CFBs) play pivotal roles in myocardial fibrosis, which is the leading cause of arrhythmia. This study was aimed to investigate the modulation of microRNA (miR)-33a on proliferation, apoptosis and fibrosis of human CFBs. CFBs were respectively transfected with miR-control, miR-33a mimic or miR-33a inhibitor, followed by induction of transforming growth factor-β (TGF-β). Non-treated CFBs acted as control. Cell viability, apoptosis, and fibrosis which reflected by expressions of Col-I, Col-III and α-smooth muscle actin (α-SMA) were evaluated by CCK-8 assay, flow cytometry, qRT-PCR and Western blot analysis...
August 1, 2017: Die Pharmazie
Xiaojiao Yi, Junfeng Zhu, Jinghui Zhang, Yun Gao, Zhongjian Chen, Shihai Lu, Zongwei Cai, Yanjun Hong, Yongjiang Wu
Although Danhong injection (DHI) has been clearly shown to attenuate ischemic myocardial injury and improve heart function, there is no research regarding its role in doxorubicin (DOX)-induced cardiomyopathy. In this study, we aimed to investigate the reverse effect of DHI on DOX-induced cardiotoxicity in H9c2 cells. The results of 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT) assay demonstrated that DHI had no cytotoxicity towards the relevant cell line unless the concentration was as high as 50 μL/mL...
February 6, 2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis
Ching-Yu Julius Chen, Tzu-Ching Yang, Christopher Chang, Shao-Chun Lu, Po-Yuan Chang
BACKGROUND: Homocysteine has been long considered a risk factor for atherosclerosis. However, cardiovascular events cannot be reduced through homocysteine lowering by B vitamin supplements. Although several association studies have reported an elevation of serum homocysteine levels in cardiovascular diseases, the relationship of homocysteine with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) is not well established. METHODS: We prospectively enrolled STEMI patients who were consecutively admitted to an intensive care unit following coronary intervention in a single medical center in Taiwan...
February 13, 2018: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders
Hajer Ben Saad, Ibtissem Ben Amara, Nadia Kharrat, Marie-Agnès Giroux-Metgès, Ahmed Hakim, Khaled Mounir Zeghal, Hélène Talarmin
CONTEXT: Sepsis is the manifestation of the immune and inflammatory responses to infection that may ultimately result in multiorgan failure. Many substances are involved in myocardial dysfunction in sepsis, including hydrogen peroxide. OBJECTIVE: This study evaluates the protective activity of the red alga Alsidium corallinum against hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)-induced toxicity in H9c2 cardiomyocytes. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The biological properties of A...
February 12, 2018: Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry
Narmadan Kumarasamy, Nima Tishbi, Shey Mukundan, Ariel Shiloh, Jeffrey M Levsky, Linda B Haramati
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to identify the feasibility and pitfalls of cardiothoracic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in intensive care unit (ICU) patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This retrospective study identified adult ICU patients scheduled for cardiothoracic MRIs during a 10-year study period. ICU patients scheduled for brain MRIs served as a comparison group. A chart review was performed to identify factors impacting a patient's ability to undergo an MRI...
February 6, 2018: Academic Radiology
Divanei Zaniqueli, Rafael O Alvim, Marcelo P Baldo, Sara G Luiz, Roberto Sá Cunha, José G Mill
Subendocardial viability ratio (SEVR) is a reliable index of myocardial supply-workload balance. This study sought to investigate whether overweight/obese children and adolescents have altered SEVR and to identify which are the associated factors. This cross-sectional study involved 789 individuals. Central haemodynamic was measured by radial applanation tonometry. Diastolic time was shorter (496 ± 122 vs. 537 ± 140 ms, p= 0.014) and diastolic pressure-time index was lower (2681 ± 412 vs. 2814 ± 423 mmHg x s, p=0...
February 9, 2018: Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology & Physiology
Ruixia Qiu, Wen Li, Yunhai Liu
Ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury is a main cause of acute myocardial infarction, and the pathogenesis of I/R injury is still not definitely confirmed. In the present study, we aimed to explore the roles of miR-204 in hypoxia/reoxygenation (H/R)-induced cardiomyocyte injury in vitro. The H9C2 cells were subjected to hypoxia for 12 h followed by reoxygenation for another 24 h, and we found that miR-204 was significantly down-regulated after H/R treatment. Transfection of miR-204 mimics attenuated the H/R-induced impaired cell viability and increased apoptosis rates...
February 5, 2018: Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, Biomédecine & Pharmacothérapie
Xiaoou Sun, Yingying Yang, Yanxiang Xie, Xingjuan Shi, Lijie Huang, Wen Tan
It has been reported that isosteviol, a widely known sweeteners, can protect against myocardial ischemia-reperfusion (IR) injury in isolated guinea pig heart. Here, we aim to confirm the cardioprotective effect of its sodium salt, isosteviol sodium (STVNa), against IR injury and its potential molecular mechanism in H9c2 cardiomyocytes. STVNa significantly improved cell viability, restored mitochondrial membrane potential, decreased cellular reactive oxygen species generation, and inhibited cell apoptosis. Furthermore, STVNa treatment changed the morphology of mitochondria from fragmented, discontinuous forms to normal elongated, tubular forms...
January 5, 2018: Oncotarget
Suping Guo, Chuanyu Gao, Wentao Xiao, Jing Zhang, Yongsheng Qu, Jiang Li, Famin Ye
Studies have shown that matrine showed cardiovascular protective effects; however, its role and mechanism in myocardial ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury remain unknown. The Janus kinase 2/signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (JAK2/STAT3) pathway activation and elevated heat shock protein (HSP) 70 are closely related to the prevention of myocardial I/R injury. The cardioprotective effects of matrine were determined in hypoxia/reoxygenation (H/R) treated primary rat cardiomyocytes and left anterior descending coronary artery ligation and reperfusion animal models...
February 1, 2018: Shock
Gianluca Campo, Francesco Gallo, Giulia Bugani, Rita Pavasini, Massimo Fineschi
Reperfusion therapy of the infarct-related artery (IRA) with primary percutaneous coronary intervention (pPCI) is the cornerstone for the treatment of patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI). However, up to 30% of STEMI patients present a multi-vessel coronary artery disease. Several methods are now available for the assessment of functional severity of a coronary stenosis both for IRA and non culprit coronary lesions. The functional assessment of the IRA has mainly a prognostic implication in terms of major adverse cardiovascular events (MACEs), recovery of left ventricular function and evaluation myocardial viability...
February 1, 2018: Minerva Cardioangiologica
Ashley E Morgan, Yue Zhang, Mehrzad Tartibi, Samantha Goldburg, Jiwon J Kim, Thanh D Nguyen, Julius Guccione, Liang Ge, Jonathan W Weinsaft, Mark B Ratcliffe
BACKGROUND: Therapy for moderate ischemic mitral regurgitation (IMR) remains unclear. Determination of myocardial viability, a necessary pre-requisite for an improvement in regional contractility, is a likely key factor in determining response to revascularization alone. Myocardial strain has been proposed as a viability measure but has not been compared to late gadolinium enhancement (LGE) cardiac (c)MRI. We hypothesized that abnormal strain overestimates non-viable LV segments measured using LGE and that ischemia and mechanical tethering by adjacent transmural myocardial infarction (TMI) also decreases strain in viable segments...
January 29, 2018: Annals of Thoracic Surgery
Jitka Skrabalova, Ivana Karlovska, Lucie Hejnova, Jiri Novotny
There are some indications that morphine may exert myocardial protective effects under certain conditions. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of morphine on viability and oxidative state of H9c2 cells (rat cardiomyoblasts) influenced by oxidative stress that was elicited by exposure to tert-butyl hydroperoxide (t-BHP). Our experiments showed that pretreatment with morphine before the addition of t-BHP markedly improved cell viability. Morphine was able to increase total antioxidant capacity of H9c2 cells and to reduce the production of reactive oxygen species, protein carbonylation, and lipid peroxidation...
January 29, 2018: Cardiovascular Toxicology
Wei Dong, Jianan Li, Hongzhi Mi, Xiantao Song, Jian Jiao, Quan Li
OBJECTIVE: To analyze the relationship between the collateral flow of coronary chronic total occlusion (CTO) and myocardial viability detected by 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) imaging. METHODS: A prospective analysis of 104 patients diagnosed by coronary angiography. All patients underwent resting myocardial perfusion imaging and PET/CT within 1 week. The collateral circulation was graded with Rentrop classification as no or poor collateral circulation in 16 CTO vessels, moderate collateral circulation in 34 CTO vessels, and good collateral circulation in 69 CTO vessels...
January 29, 2018: Annals of Nuclear Medicine
Ahmed M S E K Abdelaty, Anvesha Singh, Gerry P McCann
This case highlights the value of extensive coronary collaterals in maintaining myocardial viability in severe coronary artery disease, and the role of cardiac MRI in guiding revascularization decisions.
February 2018: Journal of Invasive Cardiology
Mingxia Gu, Jing Wang, Yi Wang, Yanjuan Xu, Yingqiang Zhang, Weiqing Wu, Shuping Liao
Recently, microRNAs (miRNAs) have been shown to involve in the process of heart failure. This study aims to investigate the functional role of miR-147b in rat H9c2 cardiomyocytes and explore the underlying molecular mechanisms. Cell viability of H9c2 cells was detected by MTT assay. Cell apoptosis was detected by flow cytometry. Expression of miR-147b and KLF13 mRNA was detected by quantitative real-time PCR. The relationship between miR-147b and KLF13 was verified by dual-luciferase reporter assay. Protein levels were detected by western blot analysis...
January 25, 2018: Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica
Li-Han Chin, Yu-Juei Hsu, Shih-Che Hsu, Yen-Hui Chen, Yung-Lung Chang, Shih-Ming Huang, Chien-Sung Tsai, Chih-Yuan Lin
Chronic inflammation plays a crucial role in the long-term complications in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). This study aimed to assess the role of NLR pyrin domain-containing protein (NLRP3) inflammasome in cardiac contractile dysfunctions in CKD. The cardiac contractile function was evaluated and the expression of NLRP3 inflammasome and related cytokines in the heart was assessed in a murine sham-operated and 5/6 nephrectomy CKD model in vivo. In vitro, H9c2 cells were treated with uremic toxin indoxyl sulfate (IS), with or without NLRP3 inflammasome inhibition, which was achieved by using small interfering RNA (siRNA)-mediated knockdown of the NLRP3 gene...
December 26, 2017: Oncotarget
Daniel Curley, Begoña Lavin Plaza, Ajay M Shah, René M Botnar
Myocardial infarction and subsequent heart failure is a major health burden associated with significant mortality and morbidity in western societies. The ability of cardiac tissue to recover after myocardial infarction is affected by numerous complex cellular and molecular pathways. Unbalance or failure of these pathways can lead to adverse remodelling of the heart and poor prognosis. Current clinical cardiac imaging modalities assess anatomy, perfusion, function, and viability of the myocardium, yet do not offer any insight into the specific molecular pathways involved in the repair process...
January 17, 2018: Basic Research in Cardiology
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