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Nadia Waheed, Huma Arshad Cheema, Hassan Suleman, Iqra Mushtaq, Zafar Fayyaz, Nadeem Anjum
OBJECTIVE: To differentiate between clinical and demographic spectrum, and outcome in hepatovenocaval syndrome (HVCS) and Budd-Chiari syndrome (BCS). STUDY DESIGN: Descriptive study. PLACE AND DURATION OF STUDY: Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, The Children Hospital, Lahore, from January 2014 to January 2017. METHODOLOGY: All children less than 18 years of age, presenting with ascites and visible veins over abdomen, flanks and back were enrolled in the study...
May 2018: Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons—Pakistan: JCPSP
Siva Nageswara Rao Guttikonda, Kiran Vadapalli
BACKGROUND: Diagnosis and management of patients presenting with acute dyspnea is one of the major challenges for physicians in emergency department (ED). A correct diagnosis is frequently delayed and difficult to ascertain, and clinical uncertainty is common, explaining the need for rapid diagnosis and a management plan. The primary aim of our study is to assess a diagnostic strategy using multiorgan point of care ultrasonography (USG) to differentiate patients presenting with acute dyspnea to ED into different diagnostic categories for timely management in a resource-limited setting...
April 4, 2018: International Journal of Emergency Medicine
Ji-Won Han, Hyun-Young Kim, Sung-Eun Jung
RATIONALE: Few case reports of umbilical arteriovenous malformation (AVM) have been reported. Herein, we report a neonatal case of umbilical AVM who underwent liver failure after surgical excision. PATIENT CONCERNS: The patient was a girl delivered at a gestational age of 39+5 weeks showing cyanosis and heart murmur. DIAGNOSES: Cardiac echography, abdominal ultrasonography (USG), and computed tomography revealed suspecting the umbilical AVM...
February 2017: Medicine (Baltimore)
Victoria Vallejo
BACKGROUND: Previous studies report that the absence of ductus venosus with extrahepatic venous drainage has the highest mortality rate among the different umbilical venous drainage possible. CASE: This case represents a diagnosed fetus with an isolated agenesis of the ductus venosus during her prenatal care with an excellent outcome. The anatomy ultrasonogram at 19 weeks 6 days of gestation exposed an abnormal cardiac situs, dilated inferior vena cava, and echogenic bowel plus the sequential fetal screen showed an increased risk (one in five) for Down syndrome...
May 2015: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Santosh Man Shrestha, Shobhana Shrestha
BACKGROUND: Disease of hepatic portion of the inferior vena cava (IVC) now renamed hepatic vena cava syndrome (HVCS) is an insidious onset chronic disease characterized by recurrent acute exacerbations and development of cavo-caval collaterals. In adults it is complicated by high incidence of liver cirrhosis. Aim of this study was to assess the incidence of liver cirrhosis in children with HVCS and discuss its pathogenesis. METHOD: One hundred and seventy eight children with HVCS were followed up with ultrasonography (USG), routine hematology and liver tests...
April 2014: Tropical Gastroenterology: Official Journal of the Digestive Diseases Foundation
Santosh Man Shrestha, Shobhana Shrestha
BACKGROUND: Disease of hepatic portion of the inferior vena cava (IVC) now renamed hepatic vena cava syndrome (HVCS) is an insidious onset chronic disease characterized by recurrent acute exacerbations and development of cavo-caval collaterals. In adults it is complicated by high incidence of liver cirrhosis. Aim of this study was to assess the incidence of liver cirrhosis in children with HVCS and discuss its pathogenesis. METHOD: One hundred and seventy eight children with HVCS were followed up with ultrasonography (USG), routine hematology and liver tests...
April 2014: Tropical Gastroenterology: Official Journal of the Digestive Diseases Foundation
Yong-Hao Gai, Shi-Feng Cai, Hui-Li Fan, Qing-Wei Liu
The aim of this study was to investigate the ultrasonic features of the cavo-hepato-atrial pathway in Budd-Chiari syndrome (BCS), by which blood is drained from the occluded inferior vena cava (IVC) to the right atrium via hepatic veins. Ultrasonograms from 11 patients with BCS with cavo-hepato-atrial pathways were retrospectively studied. Doppler ultrasound was used to observe the direction of the flow and measure the velocity of the blood-draining vessels. Blood flow in the draining vessels and the collaterals was shown as blue, red or bicolored depending on whether the flow direction was away from the transducer, towards the transducer or both...
September 2014: Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine
Başak Erginel, Sema Vural, Melih Akın, Cetin Ali Karadağ, Nihat Sever, Abdullah Yıldız, Canan Tanık, Arzu Ataman Demir, Ozlem Yanar, Ali İhsan Dokucu
Medical records of 71 children with Wilms' tumor at Sisli Etfal Education and Research Hospital between 1990 and 2014 were reviewed. Mean age at diagnosis was 3.11 years (2 days-7 years). Male to female ratio was M/F = 6/10. The incidence of associated anomaly was 16.9%. Clinical manifestations included abdominal mass (89%), hematuria (30%), hypertansion (25%), abdominal pain (15%), fever (5%), restlessness (2%), weight loss (2%), varicocele (1%). Ultrasound (USG) was the most often initial study in a child presenting with abdominal mass...
August 2014: Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
Serenat Citilcioglu, Ahmet Sebe, Mehmet Oguzhan Ay, Ferhat Icme, Akkan Avci, Muge Gulen, Mustafa Sahan, Salim Satar
OBJECTIVE: We aimed to present inferior vena cava (IVC) diameter as a guiding method for detection of relationship between IVC diameter measured noninvasively with the help of ultrasonography (USG) and central venous pressure (CVP) and evaluation of patient's intravascular volume status. METHODS: Patients over the age of 18, to whom a central venous catheter was inserted to their subclavian vein or internal jugular vein were included in our study. IVC diameter measurements were recorded in millimeters following measurement by the same clinician with the help of USG both at the end-inspiratory and end-expiratory phase...
March 2014: Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences Quarterly
Alberto Porcu, Pier Luigi Tilocca, Luca Pilo, Francesca Ruiu, Giuseppe Dettori
AIM: We describe the case of a 38 year old man, with a story of alcohol abuse, who developed a very painful nodular subcutaneous fat necrosis, fever and polyarthritis, denying any abdominal symptoms due to a pancreatic pseudocyst-inferior vena cava fistula. MATERIAL OF STUDY: The authors discuss the unusual and protracted course with intermittent hyperamylasemia and hyperlipasemia related to clinical manifestations such as subcutaneous fat necrosis, polyarthritis, pleural effusion and dysfibrinogenemia, and vascular complications as inferior vena cava stenosis and left renal vein thrombosis without abdominal symptomatology...
May 2010: Annali Italiani di Chirurgia
Do Hyun Shin, Kwang Hyuk Lee, Chi Hoon Kim, Kap Hyun Kim, Sung Hyun Park, Dong Kyung Chang, Jong Kun Lee, Kyu Taek Lee
A 21-year-old man admitted complaining of sudden severe epigastric pain for 1 day. He had been diagnosed as ulcerative colitis (UC) and taking mesalazine for two months. UC was in nearly complete remission at admission. He never drank an alcohol, and serum amylase was 377 IU/L. CT scan showed inferior vena cava (IVC) thrombosis in addition to mild acute pancreatitis. To evaluate the cause of acute pancreatitis and IVC thrombosis, magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatogram (MRCP), endoscopic ultrasonogram (EUS), lower extremity Doppler ultrasonogram (US) and blood test of hypercoagulability including factor V, cardiolipin Ab, protein C, protein S1, antithrombin III, and anti phospholipids antibody were performed...
October 2010: Korean Journal of Gastroenterology, Taehan Sohwagi Hakhoe Chi
G Krishna Kumar, Khalid Sharif, David Mayer, Darius Mirza, Katharine Foster, Deirdre Kelly, A J W Millar
INTRODUCTION: Vascular complications after orthotopic split liver transplantation in children result in significant post-operative complications. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A review of children undergoing liver transplantation from 2004 to 2006 was undertaken. The data was obtained based on a proforma-based analysis. RESULTS: Seven of 106 transplants were identified to have hepatic venous outflow obstruction (HVOO) of whom five were males and two were females...
April 2010: Pediatric Surgery International
Tiki Bakhshi, Angela M Glaser, Joan M Mastrobattista
BACKGROUND: Large pelvic varicosities and an absence of the inferior vena cava below the renal veins were identified in pregnancy. CASE: A young woman with a history of hemitruncus repair in infancy was noted to have large pelvic varicosities on a transvaginal ultrasonogram in early pregnancy. Magnetic resonance imaging confirmed these findings. Her protein S activity was mildly depressed, and an methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase mutation was present with normal fasting homocysteine levels...
August 2007: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Jeong Hoon Yang, Sung Jin Bae, Sanghui Park, Hyun-Kyung Park, Hye Seung Jung, Jae Hoon Chung, Yong-Ki Min, Myung-Shik Lee, Kwang-Won Kim, Moon-Kyu Lee
A 42-year old woman presented with headache, palpitation and facial flushing. Ultrasonograms and computed tomograms revealed tumors in both of the adrenal glands, anterior aspect of the inferior vena cava, and the right lobe of the thyroid gland. Fine needle aspiration biopsy of the thyroid nodule revealed papillary thyroid carcinoma. Serum calcitonin, CEA, intact PTH and calcium levels were within normal limits. Markedly elevated levels of urinary normetanephrine and vanillylmandelic acid, and the result of 131I-metaiodobenzylguanidine (131I-MIBG) scintigraphy indicated that both adrenal masses were pheochromocytoma...
April 2007: Endocrine Journal
Binaya Khanal, Basudev Pudasaini, Rikesh Tamrakar, Pravin Kumar Sah
A 21year old male presented with abdominal pain for 2 months and abdominal distension and swelling of lower limbs for 1 month. Ultrasonography of abdomen showing coarse echotexture of liver and intraluminal filling defect of inferior vena cava (IVC) and CT scan confirming the USG finding and showing enlarged caudate lobe of liver and thrombus in proximal IVC suggested the possibility of Budd-Chiari syndrome. Confirmation of diagnosis was done by inferior venacavography. The patient had nephrotic syndrome as the risk factor for thrombosis...
June 2005: Nepal Medical College Journal: NMCJ
P D Stein, R D Hull, G E Raskob
PURPOSE: Patients who have nonmassive acute pulmonary embolism and a high risk of bleeding or contraindication to anticoagulants, such recent surgery or gastrointestinal bleeding, present a clinical dilemma. We sought to estimate whether such patients could be safely left untreated if serial compression ultrasound or serial impedance plethysmography were negative and cardiorespiratory reserve was adequate. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: The frequency of recurrent pulmonary embolism among patients with nonmassive acute pulmonary embolism and negative serial noninvasive leg tests who were not treated was estimated from two prospective studies of the noninvasive management of patients with suspected pulmonary embolism...
September 2000: American Journal of Medicine
J Dai, J Li, Y Liu
OBJECTIVE: To reveal the characteristic findings of primary sarcoma of the kidney. METHODS: From December 1988 through February 1996, seven cases of renal sarcoma confirmed by histo-pathology were retrospectively reviewed, including 3 leiomyosarcoma and 1 for each of liposarcoma, fibrosarcoma, malignant fibrous histiocytoma and malignant Schwannoma. Image material: CT in 6 cases, ultrasonography in 6 cases and MRI in 1 case. RESULTS: The tumor was located in renal parenchyma in 6 cases and in renal pelvis in 1 case...
March 1998: Zhonghua Zhong Liu za Zhi [Chinese Journal of Oncology]
X L Yang
Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) was performed with Inoue balloon catheter in 20 patients with membranous obstruction of the inferior vena cava (MOVC) including 4 postoperative recurrent cases. 9 patients had complete and 11 had incomplete MOVC. The thickness of the membrane or web measured 1-5mm. one patient died of massive pulmonary embolism after successful PTA. The remaining 19 patients remained asymptomatic during 6-38 months. Two-dimensional ultrasonograms showed no recurrence of MOVC or thrombosis...
May 1993: Zhonghua Wai Ke za Zhi [Chinese Journal of Surgery]
T Kaneko, A Nakao, S Inoue, H Funahashi, A Harada, T Nonami, H Takagi
BACKGROUND: We evaluated the role of intravascular ultrasonography in the diagnosis of intravascular tumor thrombi. METHODS: During the past 2 years intracaval endovascular ultrasonography was performed in 26 selected patients to diagnose inferior vena cava invasion. Results of positive intracaval endovascular ultrasonogram were correlated with the pathologic findings of resected specimens and autopsy and with other imaging technologies such as computed tomography and angiography...
May 1995: Surgery
P Wahl, B Fond, D Wahl, J Coupillaud, M Waynberger
In a case of anterior septal rupture complicating a transeptal myocardial infarction, the diagnosis of IVC is immediately confirmed by bidimensional Doppler with color coding. The abnormal flow and its three components are studied in multiple section planes. Incidences permitting the best visualization of the shunt are the longitudinal sections: left parasternal and apical-long axis. The parasternal short axis section only visualizes an abnormal intraventricular flow. Sweeping of the septum by caudal tilting of the probe, from an apical section of the 4 cavities, successively studies the three portions: left intraventricular, trans-septal, and right intraventricular of the abnormal flow...
June 1989: Annales de Cardiologie et D'angéiologie
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