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Dara Azar, Donya Ohadi, Alexander Rachev, John F Eberth, Mark J Uline, Tarek Shazly
An aortic aneurysm (AA) is a focal dilatation of the aortic wall. Occurrence of AA rupture is an all too common event that is associated with high levels of patient morbidity and mortality. The decision to surgically intervene prior to AA rupture is made with recognition of significant procedural risks, and is primarily based on the maximal diameter and/or growth rate of the AA. Despite established thresholds for intervention, rupture occurs in a notable subset of patients exhibiting sub-critical maximal diameters and/or growth rates...
2018: PloS One
Andreas Fors, Karl Swedberg, Kerstin Ulin, Axel Wolf, Inger Ekman
AIM: To assess the long-term effect of person-centred care (PCC) in patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS). METHOD: Patients with ACS were randomly assigned to treatment as usual (control group) or an added PCC intervention for six months. The primary endpoint was a composite score of changes in general self-efficacy≥five units, return to work or to a prior activity level and re-hospitalisation or death. RESULTS: The composite score improved in the PCC intervention group (n=94) at a two-year follow-up compared with the control group (n=105) (18...
December 15, 2017: International Journal of Cardiology
Kenneth Dahl, Johan Ulin, Magnus Schou, Christer Halldin
A new method for the reduction of no-carrier-added [(11) C]carbon dioxide into [(11) C]carbon monoxide ([(11) C]CO) is described, in which the reductant (zinc) is supported on fused silica particles. Using this setup, which allows for a reduction temperature (485°C) well above the melting point for zinc (420°C), radiochemical yields of up to 96% (decay-corrected) were obtained. A slight decrease in radiochemical yield was observed upon repeated [(11) C]CO productions (93 ± 3%, n = 20). The methodology is convenient and efficient and provides a straightforward path to no-carrier-added production of [(11) C]CO...
September 4, 2017: Journal of Labelled Compounds & Radiopharmaceuticals
Inger Jansson, Andreas Fors, Inger Ekman, Kerstin Ulin
BACKGROUND: Personalised care planning is argued for but there is a need to know more about what the plans actually contain. AIM: To describe the content of person-centred health, plans documented at three healthcare levels for patients with acute coronary syndrome. DESIGN: Patients with acute coronary syndrome aged under 75 years and admitted to two coronary care units at a university hospital were enrolled in the study. This retrospective descriptive study documented 89 person-centred health plans at three healthcare levels: hospital, outpatient and primary care...
June 1, 2017: European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing
Kelly A Moore, Kayla M Pate, Deborah D Soto-Ortega, Samuel Lohse, Nicholas van der Munnik, Mihyun Lim, Kaliah S Jackson, Venetia D Lyles, Lemeisha Jones, Nisha Glassgow, Vanessa M Napumecheno, Shanee Mobley, Mark J Uline, Rahina Mahtab, Catherine J Murphy, Melissa A Moss
BACKGROUND: Deposits of aggregated amyloid-β protein (Aβ) are a pathological hallmark of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Thus, one therapeutic strategy is to eliminate these deposits by halting Aβ aggregation. While a variety of possible aggregation inhibitors have been explored, only nanoparticles (NPs) exhibit promise at low substoichiometric ratios. With tunable size, shape, and surface properties, NPs present an ideal platform for rationally designed Aβ aggregation inhibitors. In this study, we characterized the inhibitory capabilities of gold nanospheres exhibiting different surface coatings and diameters...
2017: Journal of Biological Engineering
Sara Wallström, Kerstin Ulin, Elmir Omerovic, Inger Ekman
BACKGROUND: Takotsubo syndrome is a form of acute, reversible heart failure that has gained increasing attention. It affects mostly postmenopausal women, and its acute onset and symptoms mimic acute myocardial infarction. The distinct feature of takotsubo syndrome is the ballooning of a ventricle, but the complete pathophysiological mechanisms are not fully understood. Both short-term and long-term survival are affected, but little is known about the illness experience and self-reported residual symptoms after discharge from hospital...
December 1, 2016: International Journal of Cardiology
Thomas J Fitzgerald, Maryann Bishop-Jodoin, Walter R Bosch, Walter J Curran, David S Followill, James M Galvin, Richard Hanusik, Steven R King, Michael V Knopp, Fran Laurie, Elizabeth O'Meara, Jeff M Michalski, Joel H Saltz, Mitchell D Schnall, Lawrence Schwartz, Kenneth Ulin, Ying Xiao, Marcia Urie
The National Cancer Institute clinical cooperative groups have been instrumental over the past 50 years in developing clinical trials and evidence-based process improvements for clinical oncology patient care. The cooperative groups are undergoing a transformation process as we further integrate molecular biology into personalized patient care and move to incorporate international partners in clinical trials. To support this vision, data acquisition and data management informatics tools must become both nimble and robust to support transformational research at an enterprise level...
2013: Frontiers in Oncology
Mark J Uline, Gabriel S Longo, M Schick, Igal Szleifer
We calculate partition coefficients of various chain anchors in liquid-ordered and liquid-disordered phases utilizing a theoretical model of a bilayer membrane containing cholesterol, dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine, and dioleoylphosphatidylcholine. The partition coefficients are calculated as a function of chain length, degree of saturation, and temperature. Partitioning depends on the difference between the lipid environments of the coexisting phases in which the anchors are embedded. Consequently, the partition coefficient depends on the nature of the anchor, and on the relative compositions of the coexisting phases...
May 19, 2010: Biophysical Journal
Vinh Nguyen, Lulu Cao, Jonathan T Lin, Norris Hung, Anna Ritz, Kebing Yu, Radu Jianu, Samuel P Ulin, Benjamin J Raphael, David H Laidlaw, Laurent Brossay, Arthur R Salomon
Reversible protein phosphorylation plays a pivotal role in the regulation of cellular signaling pathways. Current approaches in phosphoproteomics focus on analysis of the global phosphoproteome in a single cellular state or of receptor stimulation time course experiments, often with a restricted number of time points. Although these studies have provided some insights into newly discovered phosphorylation sites that may be involved in pathways, they alone do not provide enough information to make precise predictions of the placement of individual phosphorylation events within a signaling pathway...
November 2009: Molecular & Cellular Proteomics: MCP
John A Pezza, Sara X Langseth, Rochele Raupp Yamamoto, Stephen M Doris, Samuel P Ulin, Arthur R Salomon, Tricia R Serio
Protein-only (prion) epigenetic elements confer unique phenotypes by adopting alternate conformations that specify new traits. Given the conformational flexibility of prion proteins, protein-only inheritance requires efficient self-replication of the underlying conformation. To explore the cellular regulation of conformational self-replication and its phenotypic effects, we analyzed genetic interactions between [PSI(+)], a prion form of the S. cerevisiae Sup35 protein (Sup35([PSI+])), and the three N(alpha)-acetyltransferases, NatA, NatB, and NatC, which collectively modify approximately 50% of yeast proteins...
February 2009: Molecular Biology of the Cell
Jason Valentine, Shuang Zhang, Thomas Zentgraf, Erick Ulin-Avila, Dentcho A Genov, Guy Bartal, Xiang Zhang
Metamaterials are artificially engineered structures that have properties, such as a negative refractive index, not attainable with naturally occurring materials. Negative-index metamaterials (NIMs) were first demonstrated for microwave frequencies, but it has been challenging to design NIMs for optical frequencies and they have so far been limited to optically thin samples because of significant fabrication challenges and strong energy dissipation in metals. Such thin structures are analogous to a monolayer of atoms, making it difficult to assign bulk properties such as the index of refraction...
September 18, 2008: Nature
Mark J Uline, David S Corti
Current constant pressure molecular-dynamics (MD) algorithms are not consistent with the recent reformulation of the isothermal-isobaric (NpT) ensemble. The NpT ensemble partition function requires the use of a "shell" molecule to identify uniquely the volume of the system, thereby avoiding the redundant counting of configurations [e.g., G. J. M. Koper and H. Reiss, J. Phys. Chem. 100, 422 (1996); D. S. Corti, Phys. Rev. E, 64, 016128 (2001)]. So far, only the NpT Monte Carlo method has been updated to allow the system volume to be defined by a shell particle [D...
October 22, 2005: Journal of Chemical Physics
Sheryl S Ulin, W Monroe Keyserling
Ergonomic job analysis, intervention design, and intervention implementation are essential components of an ergonomics program designed to reduce worker exposure to risk factors associated with musculoskeletal disorders. As part of a 4-year study to reduce overexertion injuries in the service parts division of a major automaker, intervention case studies were identified that could be used at multiple facilities across the division. Interventions were developed and implemented. The three case studies include 1) self-elevating powered vehicle for transporting parts throughout the facility and for reaching to high bin locations; 2) lift and tilt pallet jacks for packing small parts into large bin-like containers; and 3) single-level telescoping conveyor used for delivering hand-held totes for subsequent sorting operations...
December 2004: Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation
C S Mayo, K Ulin
A method is presented for checking the treatment time calculation for high dose rate (HDR) vaginal cylinder treatments. The method represents an independent check of the HDR planning system and can take into account nonuniform isodose line coverage around the cylinder. Only the air kerma strength of the source and information that is available from the written directive are required. The maximum discrepancy for a representative set of cylinder plans done on a Nucletron unit was 5%. A working HTML JavaScript program is included in the Appendix...
2001: Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics
K Ulin, L E Bornstein, M N Ling, S Saris, J K Wu, B H Curran, D E Wazer
PURPOSE: A two-step procedure is described for accurate planning of stereotactic brain implants prior to head-ring fixation. METHODS AND MATERIALS: Approximately 2 weeks prior to implant a CT scan without the head ring is performed for treatment-planning purposes. An entry point and a reference point, both marked with barium and later tattooed, facilitate planning and permit correlation of the images with a later CT scan. A plan is generated using a conventional treatment-planning system to determine the number and activity of I-125 seeds required and the position of each catheter...
October 1, 1997: International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics
S S Ulin, T J Armstrong, S H Snook, A Franzblau
Thirty subjects drove screws into perforated sheet metal mounted on a horizontal surface using three air-powered tools that varied in shape (right-angle, in-line, and pistol-shaped). The four horizontal work locations ranged from 13-88 cm in front of the body and were placed at 25 cm intervals. The vertical placement of the horizontal beam was at midthigh, elbow, and midchest height. Subjects drove 25 screws at each tool/work location combination before rating that condition using the Borg 10-point ratio rating scale...
July 1993: American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal
S S Ulin, T J Armstrong, S H Snook, W M Keyserling
Eighteen subjects drove screws with air-powered tools into perforated sheet metal at three vertical and two horizontal work locations using three different work paces (8, 10, and 12 screws/min). Subjects drove screws with a pistol-shaped tool on the vertical orientation at knee, elbow, and shoulder height. They used an in-line tool to drive screws on the horizontal surface. A horizontal beam was placed just below each subject's elbow height and they drove screws into it with the lower arm perpendicular to the torso and with the arms fully extended...
July 1993: Ergonomics
A W Ulin, A E Pearce, S F Weinstein
Review of 475 cases of diverticular disease of the colon emphasized needs to stratify patients into clinical categories. Of 223 cases of diverticulosis coli, had significant colonic complaints which received no attention. Of 198 emergency admissions for acute diverticulitis, only 16 required emergency surgery. Resection in the face of serious peritonitis is not advisable. Twenty-seven elective resections gave excellent results. Three subtotal colectomies were successfully done for major bleeding. Final focus was on determination of therapy groups: medical, surgery advisable, and surgery inevitable...
May 1981: Diseases of the Colon and Rectum
K Ulin, R G Zamenhof
A method has been developed to measure total-body oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon in vivo using the x-ray beam of a 45-MV betatron and a whole-body counter. Following x-ray irradiation of living tissue, the positron emitting activation products 15O, 11C, and 13N are produced. The decay of these radionuclides has been measured in both phantoms and animals, and a computer curve-fitting algorithm used to resolve the decay curve into separate contributions from 15O, 11C, and 13N. The decay curve was corrected for interfering activity from 30P, 38K, and 34mCl, and in the case of live animals, also corrected for a substantial fraction of 11C lost through exhalation...
November 1986: Medical Physics
J Ulin, A D Gee, P Malmborg, J Tedroff, B Långström
The synthesis of racemic or enantiomeric N-[methyl-11C]nomifensine (1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-2-[11C]methyl-4-phenyl-8-isoquinolinamine), a potential ligand for the evaluation of monoamine re-uptake sites at the presynaptic dopaminergic terminals, using the appropriate N-desmethylcompounds and [11C]methyl iodide is described. The radiochemical conversion of [11C]methyl iodide to [11C]nomifensine was in the order of 85-95%. Radiochemical purity of the LC-purified radiopharmaceutical was in the order of 98-99%. In a typical run, starting with 120 mCi (4...
1989: International Journal of Radiation Applications and Instrumentation. Part A, Applied Radiation and Isotopes
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