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Xiangsheng Zhao, Jianhe Wei, Meihua Yang
Morinda officinalis is an important herbal medicine and functional food, and its main constituents include anthraquinone and iridoid glycosides. Quantification of the main compounds is a necessary step to understand the quality and therapeutic properties of M. officinalis , but this has not yet been performed based on liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). Analytes were extracted from M. officinalis by reflux method. Ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography coupled with a triple quadrupole mass spectrometry (UPLC-QqQ-MS) using multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) mode was applied for quantification...
May 3, 2018: Molecules: a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
Junsong Pan, Junyi Tan, Yuhui Wang, Xiangyang Zheng, Ken Owens, Dawei Li, Yuhong Li, Yiqun Weng
Map-based cloning identified a candidate gene for resistance to the anthracnose fungal pathogen Colletotrichum orbiculare in cucumber, which reveals a novel function for the highly conserved STAYGREEN family genes for host disease resistance in plants. Colletotrichum orbiculare is a hemibiotrophic fungal pathogen that causes anthracnose disease in cucumber and other cucurbit crops. No host resistance genes against the anthracnose pathogens have been cloned in crop plants. Here, we reported fine mapping and cloning of a resistance gene to the race 1 anthracnose pathogen in cucumber inbred lines Gy14 and WI 2757...
April 21, 2018: TAG. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. Theoretische und Angewandte Genetik
Alysson Santos Barreto, Paula de Cássia da Silva Andrade, Jéssica Meira Farias, Adalberto Menezes Filho, Gilberto Fernandes de Sá, Severino Alves Júnior
The metal-organic framework [(La0.9 Sm0.1 )2 (DPA)3 (H2 O)3 ]∞ was synthetized and characterized by X-ray diffractometry, differential thermogravimetric analysis, and infrared spectroscopy. The material was tested for the development and validation of a matrix solid-phase dispersion procedure for extraction of atrazine, bifenthrin, bromuconazole, clofentezine, fenbuconazole, flumetralin, procymidone, and pirimicarb, from peppers, with analysis using gas chromatography with mass spectrometry in the selected ion monitoring mode...
December 27, 2017: Journal of Separation Science
Yuhui Wang, Kyle VandenLangenberg, Changlong Wen, Todd C Wehner, Yiqun Weng
Host resistances in PI 197088 cucumber to downy and powdery mildew pathogens are conferred by 11 (3 with major effect) and 4 (1 major effect) QTL, respectively, and three of which are co-localized. The downy mildew (DM) and powdery mildew (PM) are the two most important foliar diseases of cucurbit crops worldwide. The cucumber accession PI 197088 exhibits high-level resistances to both pathogens. Here, we reported QTL mapping results for DM and PM resistances with 148 recombinant inbred lines from a cross between PI 197088 and the susceptible line 'Coolgreen'...
March 2018: TAG. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. Theoretische und Angewandte Genetik
Marivi Colle, Yiqun Weng, Yunyan Kang, Ron Ophir, Amir Sherman, Rebecca Grumet
Morphological, QTL, and gene expression analyses indicate variation in cucumber fruit size and shape results from orientation, timing, and extent of cell division and expansion, and suggest candidate gene factors. Variation in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) fruit size and shape is highly quantitative, implicating interplay of multiple components. Recent studies have identified numerous fruit size and shape quantitative trait loci (QTL); however, underlying factors remain to be determined. We examined ovary and fruit development of two sequenced cucumber genotypes with extreme differences in fruit size and shape, Chinese Long '9930' (CL9930), and pickling type 'Gy14'...
June 16, 2017: Planta
Jiaheng Xie, Xiao Liu, Daniel Dajun Zeng
Objective: Recent years have seen increased worldwide popularity of e-cigarette use. However, the risks of e-cigarettes are underexamined. Most e-cigarette adverse event studies have achieved low detection rates due to limited subject sample sizes in the experiments and surveys. Social media provides a large data repository of consumers' e-cigarette feedback and experiences, which are useful for e-cigarette safety surveillance. However, it is difficult to automatically interpret the informal and nontechnical consumer vocabulary about e-cigarettes in social media...
January 1, 2018: Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association: JAMIA
Jian Ling, Zhongqin Luo, Feng Liu, Zhenchuan Mao, Yuhong Yang, Bingyan Xie
BACKGROUND: microRNAs (miRNAs) are endogenous small RNAs that play important regulatory functions in plant development. Genetic variations in miRNAs sequences or their target-binding sites (microRNA-target interaction sites) can alter miRNA targets in animal and human. Whether these single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in plant are functional have not yet been determined. RESULTS: In this study, we constructed leaf, root, and stem-derived small libraries of cucumber (Cucumis sativus) line 9930 (cultivated China-group cucumber) and C...
April 4, 2017: BMC Genomics
Sung-Woo Kim, Md Musfiqur Rahman, A M Abd El-Aty, Md Humayun Kabir, Tae Woong Na, Jeong-Heui Choi, Ho-Chul Shin, Jae-Han Shim
An analytical method has been developed to quantify the residual levels of sulfoxaflor and its metabolites (X11719474 and X11721061) in/on cultivated lettuce grown under greenhouse conditions. Samples were extracted and purified using a quick, easy, cheap, effective, rugged, and safe 'QuEChERS' method (original version) following systematic method optimization and were analyzed by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). Good linearity with coefficient of determination ≥0.9930 was obtained and the limits of detection (LOD) and quantification (LOQ) were in the ranges of 0...
June 2017: Biomedical Chromatography: BMC
Jie Deng, Hong-Jun Yu, Yun-Yun Li, Xiao-Meng Zhang, Peng Liu, Qiang Li, Wei-Jie Jiang
Nitrogen (N) is an important macronutrient for plant growth and development, but the regulatory mechanism of volatile compounds in response to N deficiency is not well understood, especially in cucumber, which consumes excessive N during growth. In this study, the major volatile compounds from cucumber leaves subjected to N deficiency were analyzed by GC-MS. A total of 24 volatile components were identified including 15 aldehydes, two ketones, two alkenes, and five other volatile compounds in 9930 leaves. Principal component analysis using volatile compounds from cucumber leaves provided good separation between N-sufficient and N-deficient treatments...
November 2, 2016: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Yong Xie, Yue-Wu Liu, Meng-Yi Wang, Wen-Ze Wang, Hong-Feng Liu, Xiao-Yi Li, Wei-Sheng Gao
Objective To summarize the characteristics of lymph node metastasis in patients with papillary thyroid carcinoma accompanied with Graves disease,and to provide evidence for clinical treatment. Methods Totally 98 patients with papillary thyroid carcinoma and Graves disease who had been treated in Peking Union Medical College Hospital from January 2004 to December 2013 were divided into the lymph node metastasis positive group (n=34) and lymph node metastasis negative group (n=64). The general information,blood biochemical results,pathological results,and prognoses were compared between these two groups...
October 10, 2016: Zhongguo Yi Xue Ke Xue Yuan Xue Bao. Acta Academiae Medicinae Sinicae
Qiang Xu, Yang Shi, Ting Yu, Xuewen Xu, Yali Yan, Xiaohua Qi, Xuehao Chen
Cucumber is an economically important vegetable crop worldwide. Powdery mildew (PM) is one of the most severe diseases that can affect cucumber crops. There have been several research efforts to isolate PM resistance genes for breeding PM-resistant cucumber. In the present study, we used a chromosome segment substitution line, SSL508-28, which carried PM resistance genes from the donor parent, JIN5-508, through twelve generations of backcrossing with a PM-susceptible inbred line, D8. We performed whole-genome resequencing of SSL508-28 and D8 to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), and insertions and deletions (indels)...
2016: PloS One
M Asgharzadeh, H Samadi Kafil, M Pourostadi, N Asadi Faezi, J Rashedi, B Mahdavipour
Tuberculosis is a major health problem throughout the world and there are still a great number of people with the disease. Planning for controlling tuberculosis is required to identify the sources of infection and screening for the disease. The aim of this study is the differentiation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains for better understands the spread of the disease in North West Iran. In this study, 194 positive cultures of M. tuberculosis in North West Iran were evaluated by the MIRU-VNTR method. MIRU-12 differentiated the 194 isolates into 138 different patterns, comprising 30 clusters and 108 unique patterns (HGDI=0...
July 31, 2016: Cellular and Molecular Biology
Veronika Pilařová, Tomáš Gottvald, Pavel Svoboda, Ondřej Novák, Karolína Benešová, Sylvie Běláková, Lucie Nováková
The goal of this study was to develop an effective supercritical fluid chromatography method using single quadrupole MS for analysis of all isomeric forms of vitamin E. Finally, two fast and effective methods, the high resolution one and the high speed one, for the determination of 8 vitamin E isomers in human serum were developed. Rapid high-throughput liquid-liquid extraction was selected as a sample preparation step. Sample pretreatment of 100 μL human serum was consisted of protein precipitation with 200 μL ethanol and liquid-liquid extraction by 400 μL hexane/dichloromethane (80/20, v/v)...
August 31, 2016: Analytica Chimica Acta
Li Qin, Zhen Yang, Weiwei Zhang, Hongxia Gu, Xiaoyong Li, Lingfei Zhu, Shuai Lu, Yin Xing, Hongmei Zhang, Yixin Niu, Guang Ning, Qing Su
BACKGROUND: Associations between metabolic syndrome (MetS) and osteoporotic fracture have been reported. However, the epidemiological studies are not conclusive. The objective of the study was to determine whether metabolic syndrome associates with osteoporotic fracture. METHODS: This was a cross-sectional study of 9930 Chinese adults aged 40 year or older in the Chongming District, Shanghai, China. A questionnaire, anthropometric measurements and laboratory tests were conducted...
May 27, 2016: BMC Endocrine Disorders
M Jamshidi, M Ghaedi, K Dashtian, S Hajati, A A Bazrafshan
Chromium doped zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnO: Cr-NPs) was synthesized by ultrasonically assisted hydrothermal method and characterized by FE-SEM, XRD and TEM analysis. Subsequently, this composite ultrasonically assisted was deposited on activated carbon (ZnO: Cr-NPs-AC) and used for simultaneous ultrasound-assisted removal of three toxic organic dye namely of malachite green (MG), eosin yellow (EY) and Auramine O (AO). Dyes spectra overlap in mixture (major problem for simultaneous investigation) of this systems was extensively resolved by derivative spectrophotometric method...
September 2016: Ultrasonics Sonochemistry
Yuhui Wang, Kyle VandenLangenberg, Todd C Wehner, Peter A G Kraan, Jos Suelmann, Xiangyang Zheng, Ken Owens, Yiqun Weng
Host resistance in WI7120 cucumber to prevailing downy mildew pathogen field populations is conferred by two major-effect, one moderate-effect and two minor-effect QTL. Downy mildew (DM) caused by the obligate oomycete Pseudoperonospora cubensis is the most devastating fungal disease of cucumber worldwide. The molecular mechanism of DM resistance in cucumber is poorly understood, and use of marker-assisted breeding for DM resistance is not widely available. Here, we reported QTL mapping results for DM resistance with 243 F2:3 families from the cross between DM-resistant inbred line WI7120 (PI 330628) and susceptible '9930'...
August 2016: TAG. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. Theoretische und Angewandte Genetik
Haiyang Zhang, Lina Wang, Shuangshuang Zheng, Zezhou Liu, Xiaoqin Wu, Zhihui Gao, Chenxing Cao, Qiang Li, Zhonghai Ren
The indel in the promoter of CsHDZIV11 co-segregates with fruit spine density and could be used for molecular breeding in cucumber. Fruit spine density is an important quality trait for marketing in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.). However, the molecular basis of fruit spine density in cucumber remains unclear. In this study, we isolated a mutant, few spines 1 (fs1), from CNS2 (wild type, WT), a North China-type cucumber with a high density of fruit spines. Genetic analysis showed that fs1 was controlled by a single recessive Mendelian factor...
July 2016: TAG. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. Theoretische und Angewandte Genetik
Marat R Talipov, Mohammad M Hossain, Anitha Boddeda, Khushabu Thakur, Rajendra Rathore
Magic blue (MB+˙ SbCl6− salt), i.e. tris-4-bromophenylamminium cation radical, is a routinely employed one-electron oxidant that slowly decomposes in the solid state upon storage to form so called ‘blues brothers’, which often complicate the quantitative analyses of the oxidation processes. Herein, we disclose the identity of the main ‘blues brother’ as the cation radical and dication of tetrakis-(4-bromophenyl)benzidine (TAB) by a combined DFT and experimental approach, including isolation of TAB+˙ SbCl6− and its X-ray crystallography characterization...
March 14, 2016: Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry
Jin-Ying Cui, Han Miao, Li-Hong Ding, Todd C Wehner, Pan-Na Liu, Ye Wang, Sheng-Ping Zhang, Xing-Fang Gu
Spines or trichomes on the fruit of cucumbers enhance their commercial value in China. In addition, glabrous mutants exhibit resistance to aphids and therefore their use by growers can reduce pesticide residues. Previous studies have reported two glabrous mutant plants containing the genes, csgl1 and csgl2. In the present study, a new glabrous mutant, NCG157, was identified showing a gene interaction effect with csgl1 and csgl2. This mutant showed the glabrous character on stems, leaves, tendrils, receptacles and ovaries, and there were no spines or tumors on the fruit surface...
2016: PloS One
Wei-xia Zhu, Ji-zhou Yang, Zhao-xing Wang, Cai-juan Wang, Ya-feng Liu, Li Zhang
A novel method based on TurborFlow online solid phase extraction (SPE) combined with liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) has been established for simultaneous screening and confirmation of 88 wide-range veterinary drugs belonging to eight families (20 sulfonamides, 7 macrolides, 15 quinolones, 8 penicillins, 13 benzimidazoles, 4 tetracyclines, 2 sedatives, and 19 hormones) in milk. The preparation method consists of sample dilution and ultrasonic extraction, followed by an automated turbulent flow cyclone chromatography sample clean-up system...
February 1, 2016: Talanta
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