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Noor A Shaik, Zuhier A Awan, Prashant K Verma, Ramu Elango, Babajan Banaganapalli
The life-threatening group of irregular cardiac rhythmic disorders also known as Cardiac Arrhythmias (CA) are caused by mutations in highly conserved Calmodulin (CALM/CaM) genes. Herein, we present a multidimensional approach to diagnose changes in phenotypic, stability, and Ca2+ ion binding properties of CA-causing mutations. Mutation pathogenicity was determined by diverse computational machine learning approaches. We further modeled the mutations in 3D protein structure and analyzed residue level phenotype plasticity...
June 22, 2018: Journal of Cellular Biochemistry
Tooba Noor Mollah, Josefine Antoniades, Fathima Ijaza Lafeer, Bianca Brijnath
BACKGROUND: Despite continued policy and research emphasis to deliver culturally competent mental healthcare, there is: (1) limited evidence about what frontline practitioners consider to be culturally competent care and; (2) what helps or hinders them in delivering such care in their everyday practice. The aims of this article are to address these gaps. METHODS: Qualitative in-depth interviews were conducted with 20 mental health practitioners working with immigrant patients to explore their understandings and experiences of culturally competent care...
June 20, 2018: BMC Health Services Research
Kimberley Broomfield-Massey, Simran Noor
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 1, 2018: Journal of Human Lactation: Official Journal of International Lactation Consultant Association
Arish Noor, Amruta Panwala, Faripour Forouhar, George Y Wu
Herpes virus hepatitis varies in presentation, ranging from asymptomatic to acute liver failure, in both immunocompetent and immunocompromised individuals. Hepatitis caused by herpes viridae family is uncommon and usually results in mild diseases. It is also often self-limited, although in certain populations especially immunosuppressive patients it can cause severe infections, leading to acute to fulminant hepatic failure. In addition, some isolated cases of fulminant disease in immunocompetent individuals have been reported...
June 20, 2018: Journal of Digestive Diseases
Noor Shafina Mohd Nor, Choong Yi Fong, Kartini Rahmat, Wan Mun Vanessa Lee, Azriyanti Anuar Zaini, Muhammad Yazid Jalaludin
Cerebral oedema is the most common neurological complication of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). However, ischaemic and haemorrhagic brain injury has been reported infrequently. A 10-year old girl who was previously well presented with severe DKA. She was tachycardic with poor peripheral perfusion but normotensive. However, two fast boluses totalling 40 ml/kg normal saline were given. She was transferred to another hospital where she was intubated due to drowsiness. Rehydration fluid (maintenance and 48-hour correction for 7...
April 2018: European Endocrinology
Malihe Botyar, Maryam Kashanian, Zahra Rezaei Habib Abadi, Maryam Heidarian Noor, Rozita Khoramroudi, Monire Monfaredi, Golnar Nasehe
Background: Self-medication is a serious health problem that leads to an increased per capita consumption of medications, drug resistance, lack of optimal treatment, drug poisoning, and other unwanted complications. This study was conducted to compare self-medication in pregnant and nonpregnant women presenting to Shahid Akbar Abadi Teaching Hospital in Tehran, Iran. Materials and Methods: To conduct this cross-sectional study, 210 pregnant women and 210 nonpregnant women aged 15-45 years presenting to Shahid Akbar Abadi Teaching Hospital, Tehran, Iran, were selected through random sampling...
January 2018: Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care
Amel Abdalrhim Sulaiman, Sarra O Bushara, Wadie M Elmadhoun, Sufian K Noor, Mutaz Abdelkarim, Ilham Nasr Aldeen, Meissa M Osman, Ahmed O Almobarak, Heitham Awadalla, Mohamed H Ahmed
Background: Child malnutrition is a major public health problem in developing countries. Therefore, the aim of this study was to estimate the prevalence of undernutrition among children <5 years in River Nile state (RNS) in North Sudan. Subjects and Methods: A cross-sectional household survey was done in four localities in RNS. Using Multistage Cluster sampling, 1635 under 5 years' children had participated. Pretested questionnaire and anthropometric measures were used during data collection...
January 2018: Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care
Ahmed-Noor A Agip, James N Blaza, Hannah R Bridges, Carlo Viscomi, Shaun Rawson, Stephen P Muench, Judy Hirst
Complex I (NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase) uses the reducing potential of NADH to drive protons across the energy-transducing inner membrane and power oxidative phosphorylation in mammalian mitochondria. Recent cryo-EM analyses have produced near-complete models of all 45 subunits in the bovine, ovine and porcine complexes and have identified two states relevant to complex I in ischemia-reperfusion injury. Here, we describe the 3.3-Å structure of complex I from mouse heart mitochondria, a biomedically relevant model system, in the 'active' state...
June 18, 2018: Nature Structural & Molecular Biology
Shahani Noor, Erin D Milligan
In utero alcohol exposure is emerging as a major risk factor for lifelong aberrant neuroimmune function. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder encompasses a range of behavioral and physiological sequelae that may occur throughout life and includes cognitive developmental disabilities as well as disease susceptibility related to aberrant immune and neuroimmune actions. Emerging data from clinical studies and findings from animal models support that very low to moderate levels of fetal alcohol exposure may reprogram the developing central nervous system leading to altered neuroimmune and neuroglial signaling during adulthood...
2018: Frontiers in Immunology
Mayson H Alkhatib, Waad A Al-Otaibi, Abdulwahab Noor Wali
Combining the essential oils (ESSOs) with the chemotherapeutic agent, mitomycin C (MMC), in nanoparticle can be beneficial in cancer therapy. The aim of the current study was to in vitro evaluate the antineoplastic effect of MMC, formulated in two different nanoemulsions (NE) based on two ESSOs, chamomile (Ch) and garlic (Gar), on HeLa cervical cancer cells. The z-average diameter of Ch-NE has slightly increased from 83.39 ± 12.85 nm to 91.18 ± 5.79 nm when mixed with MMC (Ch-MMC) whereas the z-average diameter of Gar-NE has markedly increased from 50...
June 13, 2018: Chemico-biological Interactions
Rohin J Krishnan, Lavanya Uruthiramoorthy, Noor Jawaid, Margaret Steele, Douglas L Jones
INTRODUCTION: The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry in London, Ontario, has a mentorship program for all full-time faculty. The school would like to expand its outreach to physician faculty located in distributed medical education sites. The purpose of this study was to determine what, if any, mentorship distributed physician faculty currently have, to gauge their interest in expanding the mentorship program to distributed physician faculty and to determine their vision of the most appropriate design of a mentorship program that would address their needs...
2018: Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine
Bethany M Mulla, Nudrat Noor, Tamarra James-Todd, Elvira Isganaitis, Tamara C Takoudes, Ashley Curran, Celestine E Warren, Karen E O'Brien, Florence M Brown
BACKGROUND: To examine trimester-specific associations among glycemic variability, fetal growth, and birthweight in pregnancies with type 1 diabetes mellitus (Type 1 DM). METHODS: In this retrospective cohort study of 41 pregnant women with Type 1 DM, we used continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) data to calculate glycemic variability (coefficient of variation of glucose) over a 7-day interval in each trimester. Clinical data, including fetal biometry, birthweight, and perinatal complications, were extracted from medical records...
June 14, 2018: Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics
Noremylia Mohd Bakhori, Nor Azah Yusof, Jaafar Abdullah, Helmi Wasoh, Siti Suraiya Md Noor, Nurul Hanun Ahmad Raston, Faruq Mohammad
In the present study, a beneficial approach for the ultrasensitive and affordable naked eye detection and diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB) by utilizing plasmonic enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) via antibody-antigen interaction was studied. Here, the biocatalytic cycle of the intracellular enzymes links to the formation and successive growth of the gold nanoparticles (GNPs) for ultrasensitive detection. The formation of different colored solutions by the plasmonic nanoparticles in the presence of enzyme labels links directly to the existence or non-existence of the TB analytes in the sample solutions...
June 14, 2018: Sensors
Jagadeesen Supramaniam, Rohana Adnan, Noor Haida Mohd Kaus, Rani Bushra
Magnetic nanocellulose alginate hydrogel beads are produced from the assembly of alginate and magnetic nanocellulose (m-CNCs) as a potential drug delivery system. The m-CNCs were synthesized from cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) that were isolated from rice husks (RH) by co-precipitation method and were incorporated into alginate-based hydrogel beads with the aim of enhancing mechanical strength and regulating drug release behavior. Ibuprofen was chosen as a model drug. The prepared CNCs, m-CNCs and the alginate hydrogel beads were characterized by various physicochemical techniques such as Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscope (SEM) and vibrating sample magnetometer studies (VSM)...
June 9, 2018: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
Jennifer R Molina, Yuting Sun, Marina Protopopova, Sonal Gera, Madhavi Bandi, Christopher Bristow, Timothy McAfoos, Pietro Morlacchi, Jeffrey Ackroyd, Ahmed-Noor A Agip, Gheath Al-Atrash, John Asara, Jennifer Bardenhagen, Caroline C Carrillo, Christopher Carroll, Edward Chang, Stefan Ciurea, Jason B Cross, Barbara Czako, Angela Deem, Naval Daver, John Frederick de Groot, Jian-Wen Dong, Ningping Feng, Guang Gao, Jason Gay, Mary Geck Do, Jennifer Greer, Virginia Giuliani, Jing Han, Lina Han, Verlene K Henry, Judy Hirst, Sha Huang, Yongying Jiang, Zhijun Kang, Tin Khor, Sergej Konoplev, Yu-Hsi Lin, Gang Liu, Alessia Lodi, Timothy Lofton, Helen Ma, Mikhila Mahendra, Polina Matre, Robert Mullinax, Michael Peoples, Alessia Petrocchi, Jaime Rodriguez-Canale, Riccardo Serreli, Thomas Shi, Melinda Smith, Yoko Tabe, Jay Theroff, Stefano Tiziani, Quanyun Xu, Qi Zhang, Florian Muller, Ronald A DePinho, Carlo Toniatti, Giulio F Draetta, Timothy P Heffernan, Marina Konopleva, Philip Jones, M Emilia Di Francesco, Joseph R Marszalek
Metabolic reprograming is an emerging hallmark of tumor biology and an actively pursued opportunity in discovery of oncology drugs. Extensive efforts have focused on therapeutic targeting of glycolysis, whereas drugging mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS) has remained largely unexplored, partly owing to an incomplete understanding of tumor contexts in which OXPHOS is essential. Here, we report the discovery of IACS-010759, a clinical-grade small-molecule inhibitor of complex I of the mitochondrial electron transport chain...
June 11, 2018: Nature Medicine
Muhammad Azeemuddin, Muhammad Awais, Fatima Mubarak, Abdul Rehman, Noor Ul-Ain Baloch
Introduction In patients with cranial venous sinus thrombosis, the occurrence of subarachnoid haemorrhage in association with haemorrhagic venous infarcts is a well described phenomenon. However, the presence of subarachnoid haemorrhage in patients with cranial venous sinus thrombosis in the absence of a haemorrhagic venous infarct is exceedingly rare. Methods We retrospectively reviewed charts and scans of all patients who had cranial venous sinus thrombosis confirmed by magnetic resonance venography at our hospital between September 2004 and May 2015...
January 1, 2018: Neuroradiology Journal
Md Sahab Uddin, Abdullah Al Mamun, Md Asaduzzaman, Fakhrul Hosn, Mohammad Abu Sufian, Shinya Takeda, Oscar Herrera-Calderon, Mohamed M Abdel-Daim, G M Sala Uddin, Md Ali Asif Noor, Mst Marium Begum, Md Tanvir Kabir, Sonia Zaman, Md Shahid Sarwar, Md Mosiqur Rahman, Md Rajdoula Rafe, Md Farhad Hossain, Md Sarwar Hossain, Mohammed Ashraful Iqbal, Md Ataur Rahman Sujan
Background: Neurological disorders represent one of the most prominent causes of morbidity and mortality that adversely affect the lifestyle of patients and a major percentage of these diseases exists in developing countries. Purpose: The objective of this study was to examine the prevalence and prescription pattern for outpatients with neurological disorders in Bangladesh. Methods: The study was conducted on 1,684 patients in 6 hospitals (National Institute of Neurosciences and Hospital, Dhaka Medical College and Hospital, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College, Sir Salimullah Medical College, and Apollo Hospitals Dhaka) of the Dhaka City from March 2014 to June 2015...
April 2018: Annals of Neurosciences
Maha Jahangir, Roha Saeed Memon, Maria Noor
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 2018: JPMA. the Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association
Md Saiful Islam, Md Mahmudul Hasan, Xiaoyi Wang, Hayley D Germack, Md Noor-E-Alam
The growing healthcare industry is generating a large volume of useful data on patient demographics, treatment plans, payment, and insurance coverage&mdash;attracting the attention of clinicians and scientists alike. In recent years, a number of peer-reviewed articles have addressed different dimensions of data mining application in healthcare. However, the lack of a comprehensive and systematic narrative motivated us to construct a literature review on this topic. In this paper, we present a review of the literature on healthcare analytics using data mining and big data...
May 23, 2018: Healthcare (Basel, Switzerland)
Noor Almaadeed, Muhammad Asim, Somaya Al-Maadeed, Ahmed Bouridane, Azeddine Beghdadi
This work investigates the problem of detecting hazardous events on roads by designing an audio surveillance system that automatically detects perilous situations such as car crashes and tire skidding. In recent years, research has shown several visual surveillance systems that have been proposed for road monitoring to detect accidents with an aim to improve safety procedures in emergency cases. However, the visual information alone cannot detect certain events such as car crashes and tire skidding, especially under adverse and visually cluttered weather conditions such as snowfall, rain, and fog...
June 6, 2018: Sensors
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