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CT Chest

Peter Sawan, Andrew J Plodkowski, Angela E Li, Bob T Li, Alexander Drilon, Marinela Capanu, Michelle S Ginsberg
OBJECTIVES: To describe the radiological phenotype of HER2-mutant lung cancers on CT at presentation. METHODS: Eligible patients with lung adenocarcinomas with HER2 mutations were stage-matched with two control groups (EGFR- and KRAS-mutant groups). Evaluated CT features of the primary tumor included size, location, consistency, contour, presence of pleural tags and pleural retractions. Presence of pleural effusions, lung metastases, adenopathy, chest wall invasion, and were also recorded...
June 7, 2018: Clinical Imaging
Kutsi Tuncer, Emine Izgi, Bahar Cankaya, Hayri Ogul, Mecit Kantarci
Osteochondroma is the most common benign bone tumor but it rarely arises from the scapula. Scapulothoracic bursitis is quite rare and osteochondroma is one of the unusual causes of this condition. Synovial chondromatosis may occur extremely uncommonly in this bursa. We reported an unusual case of scapulothoracic bursitis with synovial chondromatosis which is caused by osteochondroma. To the best of our knowledge, there is no defined chondromatosis in the scapulothoracic bursa secondary to scapular osteochondroma in the literature...
June 13, 2018: American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Behnam Jafari, Gholamabas Sabz, Elahe Masnavi, Roghaye Panahi, Saeid Jokar, Amrollah Roozbehi, Sajad Hasanzadeh
Introduction : Sarcoidosis is a granulomatous disease with unknown cause that can vary from an asymptomatic condition. Almost half of the patients with sarcoidosis have no symptoms. In this article, we describe a sarcoidosis patient with lung and liver engagement; it may be confused with metastasis. Case report : A 39-year-old man, known as hypothyroidism who had come to the emergency ward with dyspnea and coughing after exposure to detergents in a closed environment A 39-year-old man, known as hypothyroidism who had come to the emergency ward with dyspnea and coughing after exposure to detergents in a closed environment...
2018: F1000Research
Christina Söderman, Åse Allansdotter Johnsson, Jenny Vikgren, Rauni Rossi Norrlund, David Molnar, Maral Mirzai, Angelica Svalkvist, Lars Gunnar Månsson, Magnus Båth
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES: Chest tomosynthesis has been suggested as a suitable alternative to CT for follow-up of pulmonary nodules. The aim of the present study was to investigate the possibility of detecting pulmonary nodule growth using chest tomosynthesis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Simulated nodules with volumes of approximately 100 mm3 and 300 mm3 as well as additional versions with increasing volumes were created. The nodules were inserted into images from pairs of chest tomosynthesis examinations, simulating cases where the nodule had either remained stable in size or increased in size between the two imaging occasions...
June 11, 2018: Academic Radiology
Luca Napolitano, Mathew Waku, Gustavo Maggi, Franco Ciarelli
Cystic intestinal pneumatosis (CIP) is the presence of gas bubbles inside the wall of the intestine. In literature it has been reported to be associated with a variety of clinical conditions such as: superior mesenteric ischemia, intestinal perforation, bowel necrosis, infections which can cause mucosal alterations and therefore increasing its permeability, necrotizing enterocolitis in babies, trauma, intestinal obstruction, autoimmune and pulmonary pathologies. Its presence is usually documented by radiological techniques such as abdominal X-ray, CT scan and endoscopy and are usually characterized by the typical pattern of gas bubbles in the wall of the intestine...
March 19, 2018: Annali Italiani di Chirurgia
Keisuke Watanabe, Masaharu Shinkai, Masahiro Shinoda, Takeshi Kaneko
Backgrounds: Bronchiectasis (BE) with nodules on chest computed tomography (CT) is one of the radiological findings of nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) lung disease. However, the NTM lung disease is not diagnosed in some patients who undergo bronchoscopy, though their radiological findings show BE with nodules. We need the indicator to distinguish the patients who would not be given the diagnosis of NTM lung disease with bronchoscopy. Methods: We retrospectively reviewed the records of the patients who underwent bronchoscopy from January 2010 to July 2013 at our hospital because sputum test had not yielded the diagnosis of NTM lung disease or the patients had been unable to produce sputum, though their chest CT had shown BE with nodules...
April 2018: International Journal of Mycobacteriology
Jiakai Li, Chuangui Li, Jiaojiao Li
The aim of the present study was to investigate the computed tomography (CT) manifestations of Wegener granulomatosis (WG) in the chest and potential reasons for misdiagnosis. Conventional CT scans and clinical data of 45 patients with WG were retrospectively analyzed. Patients typically presented with multiple system involvement, primarily in the upper and lower respiratory tract. The incidence of thoracic involvement was 75.56% (34/45). Radiographic features were varied between cases in the present study, with the most common features being numerous cavitary nodules and masses in the lungs...
July 2018: Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine
Liwen Bao, Jiechun Huang, Fangrui Wang, Liewen Pang, Yiqing Wang, Haiming Shi
Constrictive pericarditis (CP) is defined as impaired diastolic cardiac function caused by a calcified and thickened pericardium. We assessed the clinical characteristics and time to diagnosis, as well as patient prognosis after pericardiectomy. Methods: We analyzed the records of 36 CP patients who underwent pericardiectomy at Huashan Hospital, China, between 2012 and 2015. Clinical manifestations, length of time to diagnosis, laboratory parameters, and diagnostic imaging results were examined. All patients underwent pericardiectomy, and were assessed post-operatively for quality of life and improvement of cardiac function using the Minnesota Living with Heart Failure Questionnaire (MLHFQ)...
May 24, 2018: Heart Surgery Forum
Akbar Aliasgharzadeh, Ehsan Mihandoost, Mehran Mohseni
Background: Nowadays, the use of computed tomography (CT) as a diagnostic tool has been considerably increased. Therefore, implementation of the program to conform the protection regulations on the CT scan is necessary to reduce the detrimental effects of radiation. Objective: This study was performed to measure weighted CT dose index (CTDIW ) and dose length product (DLP) in routine CT protocols of the adult patients. Methods: In this study, the patient dose was determined in routine CT protocols...
April 2018: Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics
Wakako Fujiwara, Tomohiro Haruki, Yoshiteru Kidokoro, Takashi Ohno, Yohei Yurugi, Ken Miwa, Yuji Taniguchi, Hiroshige Nakamura
BACKGROUND: Ectopic ACTH-producing thymic carcinoid tumors are rare, but often behave aggressively with local invasion and distant metastasis. We herein report a case of ACTH-producing thymic typical carcinoid tumor with lymph node metastasis treated by surgery and postoperative radiation therapy. CASE PRESENTATION: A 61-year-old woman was admitted to be evaluated for hypoglycemia and hypokalemia. Laboratory data revealed elevation of serum cortisol and ACTH levels...
June 11, 2018: Surgical Case Reports
Kenji Kudo, Kosuke Narumiya, Yohsuke Yagawa, Shinsuke Maeda, Masaho Ota, Harushi Osugi, Masakazu Yamamoto
BACKGROUND: This study investigated the long-term risk factors for pneumonia after esophageal reconstruction using a gastric tube via the posterior mediastinal route following esophagectomy for esophageal cancer. The influence of columnar metaplasia in the remnant esophagus was specifically assessed. METHODS: Among 225 patients who underwent esophagectomy between January 2004 and December 2010, the subjects were 54 patients who could be followed up for more than 5 years...
January 2018: Esophagus: Official Journal of the Japan Esophageal Society
S R Devarajan, N Zarrin-Khameh, P Alapat
We present a case of a 76 year-old, non-smoking Honduran female who was referred to our clinic for years of persistent dry cough. Cardiac evaluation was unremarkable. She denied symptoms of heartburn, allergic rhinitis, and there was no personal or family history of asthma. Her physical exam demonstrated wheezing over the right mid-posterior chest. Spirometry was within normal limits. CT-imaging of the chest demonstrated right middle lobe bronchus and lingular segmental bronchus narrowing with bibasilar atelectasis and mild interlobular septal thickening with prominent mediastinal adenopathy...
2018: Respiratory Medicine Case Reports
Stephanie Panzer, Randall C Thompson, Klaus Hergan, Albert R Zink, Dario Piombino-Mascali
The authors report on the assessment of an anthropogenic mummy of a young man from the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, Sicily, tentatively dated from the mid- to late 19th century AD. The mummy was investigated by full-body CT examination. CT images clearly showed aortic dissection classified as Stanford-A. Due to the relation of aortic dissection to inherited connective tissue diseases in young people, such as Marfan syndrome, conspicuous and pathological findings possibly indicating the presence of underlying Marfan syndrome were assessed...
June 8, 2018: International Journal of Paleopathology
Steven T Fosmire, Guy N Gibson, John C Copeland, Marcus S Maydew, Christian Eggers
The purpose of this case presentation is to discuss right upper quadrant pain as an atypical presenting symptom in pulmonary infarction and review the typical computed tomography (CT) imaging features of pulmonary infarction to improve diagnostic accuracy. Pulmonary infarction results from occlusion of distal arterial vasculature within the lung parenchyma leading to ischemia, hemorrhage, and ultimately necrosis. Patients with lung infarction typically present with pleuritic chest pain and may have associated signs or symptoms of pulmonary thromboembolism or deep vein thrombosis...
June 8, 2018: Military Medicine
F Fang, L Pan, L Y Bo, W P Li, E Q Fu, C C Li, F G Jin
Objective: To explore the diagnostic value and safety of endobronchial ultrasonography with guide-sheath (EBUS-GS) combined with virtual bronchoscopy navigation (VBN) in peripheral lung cancer. Methods: Between Dec. 2015 to Dec. 2016, patients with pulmonary solitary nodule suspected of early lung cancer on computed tomography (CT) in Department of Respiratory, Tangdu Hospital, Fourth Military Medical University were enrolled for this study. The patients underwent EBUS-GS transbronchoscopic lung biopsy (TBLB) with or without VBN...
June 12, 2018: Chinese Journal of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases
P Khobragade, Jiahua Fan, Franco Rupcich, Dominic J Crotty, Taly Gilat Schmidt
PURPOSE: Evaluation of noise texture information in CT images is important for assessing image quality. Noise texture is often quantified by the noise power spectrum (NPS), which requires numerous image realizations to estimate. This study evaluated fractal dimension for quantifying noise texture as a scalar metric that can potentially be estimated using one image realization. METHODS: The American College of Radiology CT accreditation phantom (ACR) was scanned on a clinical scanner (Discovery CT750, GE Healthcare) at 120 kV and 25 mAs and 90 mAs...
June 9, 2018: Medical Physics
Hideharu Tanaka, Norihisa Uemura, Daisuke Nishikawa, Keisuke Oguri, Tetsuya Abe, Eiji Higaki, Takahiro Hosoi, Byonggu An, Yasuhisa Hasegawa, Yasuhiro Shimizu
BACKGROUND: Spontaneous esophageal rupture, also known as Boerhaave syndrome, is a very serious life-threatening benign disease of the gastrointestinal tract. It is typically caused by vomiting after heavy eating and drinking. However, in our patient, because of a combination of hypopharyngeal cancer with stenosis and chemoradiotherapy (CRT), which caused chemotherapy-induced vomiting, radiotherapy-induced edema, relaxation failure, and delayed reflexes; resistance to the release of increased pressure due to vomiting was exacerbated, thus leading to Boerhaave syndrome...
June 8, 2018: Surgical Case Reports
Ming Yang, Matthew F Covington, Ba D Nguyen, Geoffrey B Johnson, Ruben A Mesa, Michael C Roarke
Objective: To define the role of combined Tc-99m sulfur colloid bone marrow (SC BM) scintigraphy, single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT/CT), and chest CT in diagnosing diffuse pulmonary extramedullary hematopoiesis (PEMH) in patients with myelofibrosis (MF). Methods: We retrospectively reviewed Tc-99m SC BM scintigraphy scans performed at our institution for the diagnosis of diffuse PEMH, as well as accompanying chest CT and SPECT/CT imaging findings. Relevant clinical information, including respiratory manifestations, pulmonary hypertension (PH), and subjective response to whole-lung radiation therapy, was also summarized...
June 8, 2018: Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology
Lin Lu, Yu Yue Zhao, Hong Bo Yang, Xin Lun Tian, Zuo Jun Xu, Zhao Lin Lu
BACKGROUND: Patients with Cushing's disease (CD) with hypercortisolism have an increased risk of opportunistic infection. However, most CD patients exposed to infections are diagnostic latency, leading to a poor prognosis. METHODS: Six patients in our hospital and an additional six patients in the literature were included in this study. Clinical information of CD patients with pulmonary Cryptococcus neoformans are reviewed. RESULTS: The average baseline total cortisol and ACTH in serum at 8 am of all the patients was 44...
June 5, 2018: Journal of the Formosan Medical Association, Taiwan Yi Zhi
Samuel T Montgomery, A Susanne Dittrich, Luke W Garratt, Lidija Turkovic, Dario L Frey, Stephen M Stick, Marcus A Mall, Anthony Kicic
BACKGROUND: Little is known about the role of interleukin (IL)-1 in the pathogenesis of cystic fibrosis (CF) lung disease. This study investigated the relationship between IL-1 signalling, neutrophilic inflammation and structural lung changes in children with CF. METHODS: Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALf) from 102 children with CF were used to determine IL-1α, IL-1β, IL-8 levels and neutrophil elastase (NE) activity, which were then correlated to structural lung changes observed on chest computed tomography (CT) scans...
June 5, 2018: Journal of Cystic Fibrosis: Official Journal of the European Cystic Fibrosis Society
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