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C I Lo, M Mailhe, D Ricaboni, V Vitton, A Benezech, C Michelle, N Armstrong, F Bittar, P-E Fournier, D Raoult, J-C Lagier
Massilioclostridium coli strain Marseille-P2976(T) (= CSUR P2976 = DSM 103344) is a new bacterial genus isolated from the left colon of a patient who underwent colonoscopy for colorectal cancer screening. Massilioclostridium coli is a Gram-negative bacillus, strict anaerobic, nonsporogenous and nonmotile organism. We describe here the strain Marseille-P2976(T) and provide its complete annotated genome sequence according to taxonogenomics concepts. Its genome is 2 985 330 bp long and contains 2562 predicted genes and 75 RNA genes...
March 2017: New Microbes and New Infections
Ion G Motofei, David L Rowland, Simona R Georgescu, Mircea Tampa, Stana Paunica, Vlad D Constantin, Cristian Balalau, Mirela Manea, Bogdan C Baleanu, Ioanel Sinescu
Finasteride has proved to be relatively safe and effective in the therapeutic management of male androgenic alopecia. However, literature data report several endocrine imbalances inducing various adverse effects, which often persist after treatment cessation in the form of post-finasteride syndrome. Here we present the case of a 52-year-old man receiving finasteride (1 mg/day) who developed an uncommon adverse effect represented by generalized vitiligo 2 months after finasteride discontinuation. Associated adverse effects encountered were represented by mild sexual dysfunction (as determined by the International Index of Erectile Function, IIEF) and moderate depressive symptoms (according to DSM-V criteria), all of these manifestations aggregating within/as a possible post-finasteride syndrome...
February 22, 2017: Skin Pharmacology and Physiology
Anne Masi, Marilena M DeMayo, Nicholas Glozier, Adam J Guastella
Since the documented observations of Kanner in 1943, there has been great debate about the diagnoses, the sub-types, and the diagnostic threshold that relates to what is now known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Reflecting this complicated history, there has been continual refinement from DSM-III with 'Infantile Autism' to the current DSM-V diagnosis. The disorder is now widely accepted as a complex, pervasive, heterogeneous condition with multiple etiologies, sub-types, and developmental trajectories. Diagnosis remains based on observation of atypical behaviors, with criteria of persistent deficits in social communication and restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior...
February 17, 2017: Neuroscience Bulletin
L C Miccio-Fonseca
Response to Ross on his comments regarding my purported misunderstanding of Ross's article and the DSM-V (Ross, 2015). Although Ross claims he offered no personal opinions of any kind in his commentary, undeniably there were two separate and independent comments in (Miccio-Fonseca (2015) and DeFeo (2015) addressing similar issues. Is this coincidental? This author maintains the stance expressed in the cited commentary.
January 2017: Journal of Child Sexual Abuse
Lenard A Adler, Stephen V Faraone, Thomas J Spencer, Patricia Berglund, Samuel Alperin, Ronald C Kessler
Although DSM-5 stipulates that symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are the same for adults as children, clinical observations suggest that adults have more diverse deficits than children in higher-level executive functioning and emotional control. Previous psychometric analyses to evaluate these observations have been limited in ways addressed in the current study, which analyzes the structure of an expanded set of adult ADHD symptoms in three pooled US samples: a national household sample, a sample of health plan members, and a sample of adults referred for evaluation at an adult ADHD clinic...
February 17, 2017: International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research
Madhukar H Trivedi, Tracy L Greer, Chad D Rethorst, Thomas Carmody, Bruce D Grannemann, Robrina Walker, Diane Warden, Kathy Shores-Wilson, Mark Stoutenberg, Neal Oden, Meredith Silverstein, Candace Hodgkins, Lee Love, Cindy Seamans, Angela Stotts, Trey Causey, Regina P Szucs-Reed, Paul Rinaldi, Hugh Myrick, Michele Straus, David Liu, Robert Lindblad, Timothy Church, Steven N Blair, Edward V Nunes
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate exercise as a treatment for stimulant use disorders. METHODS: The STimulant Reduction Intervention using Dosed Exercise (STRIDE) study was a randomized clinical trial conducted in 9 residential addiction treatment programs across the United States from July 2010 to February 2013. Of 497 adults referred to the study, 302 met all eligibility criteria, including DSM-IV criteria for stimulant abuse and/or dependence, and were randomized to either a dosed exercise intervention (Exercise) or a health education intervention (Health Education) control, both augmenting treatment as usual and conducted thrice weekly for 12 weeks...
February 14, 2017: Journal of Clinical Psychiatry
Mareen Geissler, Claudia Oellig, Karin Moss, Wolfgang Schwack, Marius Henkel, Rudolf Hausmann
A high-performance thin-layer chromatography method has been established for the identification and simultaneous quantification of the cyclic lipopeptides Surfactin, Iturin A and Fengycin in Bacillus culture samples. B. subtilis DSM 10(T), B. amyloliquefaciens DSM 7(T) and B. methylotrophicus DSM 23117 were used as model strains. Culture samples indicated that a sample pretreatment is necessary in order to run HPTLC analyses. A threefold extraction of the cell-free broth with the solvent chloroform/methanol (2:1, v/v) gave best results, when all three lipopeptides were included in the analysis...
November 10, 2016: Journal of Chromatography. B, Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences
Jerry Y Lee, Brenda Iglesias, Caleb E Chu, Daniel J P Lawrence, Edward J Crane Iii
A novel anaerobic, hyperthermophilic archaeon was isolated from a mud volcano in the Salton Sea geothermal system in Southern California, USA. The isolate, named strain 521T, grew optimally at 90°C, pH 5.5-7.3, and 0-2.0% w/v NaCl, with a generation time of 10 hours under optimal conditions. Cells were rod-shaped and nonmotile, ranging from 2-7 μm in length. Strain 521T grew only in the presence of thiosulfate and/or Fe(III) (ferrihydrite) as terminal electron acceptors in strictly anaerobic conditions, and preferred protein-rich compounds as energy sources, although the isolate was capable of chemolithoautotrophic growth...
February 2, 2017: International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology
Junwei Cao, Tiphaine Birien, Nicolas Gayet, Zhaobin Huang, Zongze Shao, Mohamed Jebbar, Karine Alain
A novel sulfur-reducing bacterium, strain K6013T, was isolated from a sulfide sample collected at a depth of 2,771 m from a high-temperature hydrothermal vent in the Indian Ocean. Cells were Gram-negative, anaerobic, motile rods (0.9-2.2 × 0.4-0.6 μm). The strain grew at NaCl concentrations ranging from 1 to 4.5% (w/v) (optimum 2.5%), from pH 5 to 8 (optimum 6), and at temperatures between 40 and 75 °C (optimum 65 °C). Strain K6013T was an obligate chemolithoautotroph using thiosulfate, sulfur, and nitrate as terminal electron acceptors in the presence of H2, but not sulfate, sulfite nor nitrite...
February 1, 2017: International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology
Elena V Pikuta, Zhe Lyu, Melissa D Williams, Nisha B Patel, Yuchen Liu, Richard Brice Hoover, Hans-Jürgen Busse, Paul A Lawson, William B Whitman
A novel psychrotolerant bacterium strain ISLP-3T was isolated from a sample of naturally formed ice sculpture on the shore of Lake Podprudnoye in Antarctica. Cells were motile, stained Gram positive, non-spore-forming, straight or slightly curved rods with the shape of a baseball bat. The new isolate was facultatively anaerobic and catalase positive. Growth occurred at 3-35 ºC with an optimum at 24 °C, 0-2 % w/v NaCl with an optimum at 0.3 % and pH 6.2 - 9.5 with an optimum 7.5. Strain ISLP-3T grew on several carbon sources, with the best growth on D-cellobiose...
February 1, 2017: International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology
Maria Teresa Infante, Matteo Pardini, Maurizio Balestrino, Cinzia Finocchi, Laura Malfatto, Giuseppe Bellelli, Giovanni Luigi Mancardi, Carlo Gandolfo, Carlo Serrati
Delirium is an acute neuropsychiatric syndrome, very common in hospitalized people with medical and neurological conditions. The identification of delirium after stroke is not an easy task and validated psychometric instruments are needed to correctly identify it. We decided to verify if (1) formal training in DSM-V criteria is needed to correctly identify post-stroke delirium, (2) if the use of a brief psychometric instrument such as 4AT improves its identification, (3) the applicability of these scales in the stroke setting...
February 1, 2017: Neurological Sciences
R Uniyal, V K Paliwal, A Tripathi
BACKGROUND: New daily persistent headache (NDPH) is a type of chronic daily headache. NDPH can have migrainous (NDPH-CM) or tension-type character (NDPH-CTTH). Recently, NDPH patients have shown to have associated anxiety and depression. We compared anxiety, depressive symptoms, somatization and pain catastrophization among NDPH, healthy controls and patients with chronic low-back pain and between NDPH-CM and NDPH-CTTH. METHODS: We assessed the study population for depressive symptoms by Patient Health Questionnaire-9, anxiety by Generalized Anxiety Disorder Scale - 7, somatoform disorder using DSM IV (TR) criteria and pain catastrophizing by using Pain Catastrophizing Scale...
February 1, 2017: European Journal of Pain: EJP
Sooyeon Park, Sun Young Yoon, Min-Ji Ha, Jung-Hoon Yoon
A Gram-stain-negative, non-motile, aerobic and coccoid or rod-shaped bacterium, designated GHTF-23T, was isolated from a tidal flat on the South Sea, South Korea. Strain GHTF-23T grew optimally at 37 °C, at pH 6.5-7.5 and in the presence of 2.0 % (w/v) NaCl. In the neighbour-joining phylogenetic tree based on 16S rRNA gene sequences, strain GHTF-23T fell within the clade comprising the type strains of Microbulbifer species. Strain GHTF-23T exhibited 16S rRNA gene sequence similarities of 97.1-97.9 % to the type strains of M...
January 28, 2017: International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology
Marc J A Stevens, Raffael C Inglin, Leo Meile
The genome of Vagococcus teuberi DSM 21459(T), a strain isolated from Malian fermented milk, was sequenced using single-molecule real-time sequencing. The genome of V. teuberi DSM 21459(T) is the first sequenced genome of this novel species and the second genome among the genus Vagococcus.
January 26, 2017: Genome Announcements
José A López-Villalobos, Jesús Andrés-De Llano, María V López-Sánchez, Luis Rodríguez-Molinero, Mercedes Garrido-Redondo, Ana M Sacristán-Martín, María T Martínez-Rivera, Susana Alberola-López
BACKGROUND: The aim of this research is to analyze Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Rating Scales IV (ADHD RS-IV) criteria validity and its clinical usefulness for the assessment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as a function of assessment method and age. METHODOLOGY: A sample was obtained from an epidemiological study (n = 1095, 6-16 years). Clinical cases of ADHD  (ADHD-CL) were selected by dimensional ADHD RS-IV and later by clinical interview (DSM-IV)...
February 2017: Psicothema
Vasil A Gaisin, Alexander M Kalashnikov, Denis S Grouzdev, Marina V Sukhacheva, Boris B Kuznetsov, Vladimir M Gorlenko
A novel, thermophilic filamentous anoxygenic phototrophic bacterium, strain isl-2T, was isolated from the Strokkur Geyser, Iceland. Strain isl-2T formed unbranched multicellular filaments with gliding motility. The cells formed no spores and stained Gram-negative. The existence of pili was described in Chloroflexus spp. for the first time. Optimal growth occurred in a pH range of 7.5-7.7 and at a temperature of 55°C. Strain isl-2T grew photoheterotrophically under anaerobic conditions in the light and chemoheterotrophically under aerobic conditions in the dark...
January 23, 2017: International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology
Seyeon Shin, Hyung-Yeel Kahng
An aerobic, Gram-negative bacterium, designated strain SD70(T), was isolated from sea cucumber aquaculture farm sediment in Taean, Korea, and its taxonomic status was established by undertaking a polyphasic study. Cells of strain SD70(T) were non-motile, catalase-, and oxidase-positive, non-spore-forming, and horseshoe-shaped. Optimal growth was observed under 25-30°C, pH 7.0-8.0, and 3.0-5.0% (w/v) NaCl conditions. Phylogenetic analyses based on 16S rRNA gene sequences revealed that strain SD70(T) fell within an evolutionary group comprising species of the genus Cyclobacterium...
February 2017: Journal of Microbiology / the Microbiological Society of Korea
M Mailhe, D Ricaboni, V Vitton, A Benezech, G Dubourg, C Michelle, C Andrieu, N Armstrong, F Bittar, P-E Fournier, D Raoult, M Million
The strain Marseille-P2749(T) (= CSUR P2749 = DSM 103085) was isolated as part of culturomics study from a liquid duodenum sample from a French man. Bacterial cells were Gram-negative bacilli, fusiform shaped and non-spore forming, and they grew in microaerophilic and anaerobic atmosphere. Its genome is 1 809 169 bp long and contains 1646 protein-coding genes. The DNA G+C content was 27.33 mol%. This strain exhibited a 95.9% sequence similarity with Fusobacterium periodonticum, the phylogenetically closest species with standing in nomenclature...
March 2017: New Microbes and New Infections
Roberto Lewis-Fernández, Neil Krishan Aggarwal, Peter C Lam, Hanga Galfalvy, Mitchell G Weiss, Laurence J Kirmayer, Vasudeo Paralikar, Smita N Deshpande, Esperanza Díaz, Andel V Nicasio, Marit Boiler, Renato D Alarcón, Hans Rohlof, Simon Groen, Rob C J van Dijk, Sushrut Jadhav, Sanjeev Sarmukaddam, David Ndetei, Monica Z Scalco, Kavoos Bassiri, Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola, Hendry Ton, Joseph Westermeyer, Johann M Vega-Dienstmaier
BACKGROUND: There is a need for clinical tools to identify cultural issues in diagnostic assessment. AIMS: To assess the feasibility, acceptability and clinical utility of the DSM-5 Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI) in routine clinical practice. METHOD: Mixed-methods evaluation of field trial data from six countries. The CFI was administered to diagnostically diverse psychiatric out-patients during a diagnostic interview. In post-evaluation sessions, patients and clinicians completed debriefing qualitative interviews and Likert-scale questionnaires...
January 19, 2017: British Journal of Psychiatry: the Journal of Mental Science
Sharmila Banerjee Mukherjee
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neuro-developmental disorder commonly seen in children. It is characterized by age inappropriate, impaired social communication and the presence of stereotypic behavior. This disorder is hypothesized to result from cerebral dysfunction arising from a complex interaction between genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors. ASD should be suspected in children failing ASD specific screening tests, in the presence of red flags in social, language and/or play domains, in children with developmental or language delay, abnormal behavior, poor school performance or in those who are at high risk...
January 19, 2017: Indian Journal of Pediatrics
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