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Opeyemi B Ogunsuyi, Adedayo O Ademiluyi, Ganiyu Oboh, Sunday I Oyeleye, Abayomi F Dada
This study examined the modulatory effect of Black nightshade ( Solanum nigrum L) and African eggplant ( Solanum macrocarpon L ) leaves on cognitive function, antioxidant status, and activities of critical enzymes of monoaminergic and cholinergic systems of neurotransmission in scopolamine-administered rats. Cognitive impairment was induced in albino rats pretreated with dietary inclusions of Black nightshade (BN) and African eggplant (AE) leaves by single administration (i.p.) of scopolamine (2 mg/kg body weight)...
June 2018: Food Science & Nutrition
Ronald J Pandolfi, Daniel B Allan, Elke Arenholz, Luis Barroso-Luque, Stuart I Campbell, Thomas A Caswell, Austin Blair, Francesco De Carlo, Sean Fackler, Amanda P Fournier, Guillaume Freychet, Masafumi Fukuto, Dogˇa Gürsoy, Zhang Jiang, Harinarayan Krishnan, Dinesh Kumar, R Joseph Kline, Ruipeng Li, Christopher Liman, Stefano Marchesini, Apurva Mehta, Alpha T N'Diaye, Dilworth Y Parkinson, Holden Parks, Lenson A Pellouchoud, Talita Perciano, Fang Ren, Shreya Sahoo, Joseph Strzalka, Daniel Sunday, Christopher J Tassone, Daniela Ushizima, Singanallur Venkatakrishnan, Kevin G Yager, Peter Zwart, James A Sethian, Alexander Hexemer
Xi-cam is an extensible platform for data management, analysis and visualization. Xi-cam aims to provide a flexible and extensible approach to synchrotron data treatment as a solution to rising demands for high-volume/high-throughput processing pipelines. The core of Xi-cam is an extensible plugin-based graphical user interface platform which provides users with an interactive interface to processing algorithms. Plugins are available for SAXS/WAXS/GISAXS/GIWAXS, tomography and NEXAFS data. With Xi-cam's `advanced' mode, data processing steps are designed as a graph-based workflow, which can be executed live, locally or remotely...
July 1, 2018: Journal of Synchrotron Radiation
Felicia Ibironke Thomas, Sunday Osasu Olotu, Joyce Ohiole Omoaregba
Background: Non-attendance to clinic appointments is associated with poorer treatment outcomes. There is a dearth of information about missed first clinic appointments among patients with schizophrenia in Nigeria. Aims: To determine the prevalence, correlates and reasons for missed first appointment among out-patients with schizophrenia at the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Benin City, Nigeria. Method: A cross-sectional descriptive study among 275 out-patients with schizophrenia, using the Mini International Neuro-Psychiatric Interview and the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale...
March 2018: BJPsych Open
Justin Hardick, Trevor A Crowell, Kara Lombardi, Akindiran Akintunde, Sunday Odeyemi, Andrew Ivo, George Eluwa, Jean Njab, Stefan D Baral, Rebecca G Nowak, Thomas C Quinn, Kent Barbian, Sarah Anzick, Sylvia Adebajo, Manhattan E Charurat, Julie Ake, Charlotte A Gaydos
Antimicrobial-resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae (NG) is a global public health issue that threatens effectiveness of current treatments of NG. Increased use of nucleic acid amplification tests (NAATs) in lieu of cultures makes obtaining clinical isolates for susceptibility testing difficult and samples collected in commercial transport buffer for NAATs do not preserve viable organism, while molecular methods of assessing antibiotic susceptibility do not require viable organism. We evaluated 243 NG-positive samples in Aptima transport media including urine, oral, and rectal swabs from Nigerian men who have sex with men for markers to penicillinase-producing NG, ciprofloxacin ( GyrA and ParC mutations), and extended spectrum cephalosporins (ESCs, PenA mosaic [allele X], PonA, mtrR, PorB mutations) by real-time PCR...
January 1, 2018: International Journal of STD & AIDS
Kilian Rapp, Stefanie Mikolaizak, Dietrich Rothenbacher, Michael D Denkinger, Jochen Klenk
Background: Physical activity is considered an effective measure to promote health in older people. There is evidence that the number of outdoor trips increases physical activity by increasing walking duration. The objective of this study was to analyse the relationship between daily time out-of-home and walking duration. Furthermore, predictors for walking duration and time out-of-home were evaluated. Methods: Walking duration was measured prospectively over a 1 week period by a body-fixed sensor and the time out-of-home was assessed by a questionnaire at the same days...
2018: European Review of Aging and Physical Activity
H Kemp, S Marinho, T M Cook, L Farmer, M Bellamy, W Egner, S Farooque, K Ferguson, K Floss, T Garcez, S Karanam, J Hitchman, K-L Kong, N McGuire, S Nasser, D N Lucas, M Thomas, H Torevell, A Warner, N J N Harper
BACKGROUND: UK national anaesthetic activity was studied in 2013 but weekend working was not examined. Understanding changes since 2013 in workload and manpower distribution, including weekends, would be of value in workforce planning. METHODS: We performed an observational survey of NHS hospitals' anaesthetic practice in October 2016 as part of the 6th National Audit Project of the Royal College of Anaesthetists (NAP6). All cases cared for by an anaesthetist during the study period were included...
July 2018: British Journal of Anaesthesia
Mitchell N Sarkies, Jennifer White, Kate Henderson, Romi Haas, John Bowles
QUESTION: Are additional weekend allied health services effective and cost-effective for acute general medical and surgical wards, and subacute rehabilitation hospital wards? DESIGN: Systematic review and meta-analysis of studies published between January 2000 and May 2017. Two reviewers independently screened studies for inclusion, extracted data, and assessed methodological quality. Meta-analyses were conducted for relative measures of effect estimates. PARTICIPANTS: Patients admitted to acute general medical and surgical wards, and subacute rehabilitation wards...
June 18, 2018: Journal of Physiotherapy
Sunday O Peters, Tanveer Hussain, Adeyemi S Adenaike, Matthew A Adeleke, Marcos De Donato, Jordan Hazzard, Masroor E Babar, Ikhide G Imumorin
Genetic polymorphisms and diversity of BoLA-DRB3.2 are essential because of DRB3 gene's function in innate immunity and its association with infectious diseases resistance or tolerance in cattle. The present study was aimed at assessing the level of genetic diversity of DRB3 in the exon 2 (BoLA-DRB3.2) region in African, American and Asian cattle breeds. Amplification of exon 2 in 174 cattle revealed 15 haplotypes. The breeds with the highest number of haplotypes were Brangus (10), Sokoto Gudali (10) and Dajal (9), while the lowest number of haplotypes were found in Holstein and Sahiwal with 4 haplotypes each...
2018: Journal of Genomics
James J Odanga, Samira Mohamed, Sizah Mwalusepo, Florence Olubayo, Richard Nyankanga, Fathiya Khamis, Ivan Rwomushana, Tino Johansson, Sunday Ekesi
Avocado ( Persea americana ) fruits are an important source of income and a nutritious food for small-scale growers and other stakeholders involved in farming along the Afrotropical highlands of Taita Hills and Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya and Tanzania, respectively. Avocado fruits are infested by several insect pests, namely the Asian invasive fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel) (Diptera: Tephritidae), and the false codling moth, Thaumatotibia leucotreta Meyrick (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae). However, there is inadequate information on the distribution patterns of these pests in small-scale avocado cropping systems in the East African highlands...
June 19, 2018: Insects
Michelle Lerman, Julia A Gaebler, Sunday Hoy, Jessica Izhakoff, Laura Gullett, Timothy Niecko, Pinar Karaca-Mandic, Thomas O'Donnell, Stanley G Rockson
OBJECTIVE: Phlebolymphedema (chronic venous insufficiency-related lymphedema) is a common and costly condition. Nevertheless, there is a dearth of evidence comparing phlebolymphedema therapeutic interventions. This study sought to examine the medical resource utilization and phlebolymphedema-related cost associated with Flexitouch (FLX; Tactile Medical, Minneapolis, Minn) advanced pneumatic compression devices (APCDs) relative to conservative therapy (CONS) alone, simple pneumatic compression devices (SPCDs), and other APCDs in a representative U...
June 15, 2018: Journal of Vascular Surgery
Sunday Dominico, Patricia E Bailey, Nguke Mwakatundu, Mkambu Kasanga, Jos van Roosmalen
BACKGROUND: In rural Tanzania access to emergency obstetric and newborn care is threatened by poor roads and understaffed facilities among other challenges. Districts in Kigoma, Pwani and Morogoro regions were targeted by a local non-governmental organization to assist local government to build capacity and improve access to clinical management of severe obstetric and newborn complications. The program upgraded ten primary health care centres to provide comprehensive emergency obstetric and newborn care...
June 19, 2018: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth
Daniel F Sunday, Edwin P Chan, Sara V Orski, Ryan C Nieuwendaal, Christopher M Stafford
Polyamide nanomembranes are at the heart of water desalination, a process which plays a critical role in clean water production. Improving their efficiency requires a better understanding of the relationship between chemistry, network structure, and performance but few techniques afford compositional information in ultrathin films (<100 nm). Here, we leverage resonant soft x-ray reflectivity, a measurement that is sensitive to the specific chemical bonds in organic materials, to quantify the functional group concentration in these polyamides...
March 2018: Physical Review Materials
David Obinna Nduka, Adegboyega Sunday Sotunbo, Idris Adedapo Ibrahim, Opeyemi Joshua, Patience E Tunji-Olayeni, Bolatito Akinbile
Effective site supervision plays an important role in construction project delivery. This situates site supervisors in taking the responsibilities of coordinating and controlling all physical aspects of the day-to-day task in construction projects. A cross-sectional design approach was adopted by administering a well-structured questionnaire to selected built environment professionals. Descriptive statistics was performed on the data obtained and are presented on figures and tables. The data was also subjected to inferential statistics using Kruskal Wallis test to analyze the perceptions of respondents on effects of site supervision of construction works on completion time and quality respectively...
June 2018: Data in Brief
Peter Martin, Mario Cortina-Borja, Mary Newburn, Gill Harper, Rod Gibson, Miranda Dodwell, Nirupa Dattani, Alison Macfarlane
BACKGROUND: Maternity care has to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is known that obstetric intervention can influence the time of birth, but no previous analysis at a national level in England has yet investigated in detail the ways in which the day and time of birth varies by onset of labour and mode of giving birth. METHOD: We linked data from birth registration, birth notification, and Maternity Hospital Episode Statistics and analysed 5,093,615 singleton births in NHS maternity units in England from 2005 to 2014...
2018: PloS One
Sunday A Afolalu, Abiodun A Abioye, Mfon O Udo, Olayide R Adetunji, Omolayo M Ikumapayi, Samuel B Adejuyigbe
The effects of temperature and time variances on nano-additives treatment of mild steel during machining was presented in this study. Mild steel of 150 kg mass containing 0.56% carbon was charged into the furnace at melting and pouring temperature of 1539 and 1545 °C respectively. Also charged into the furnace with the mild steel were 0.05% max phosphorous and a bit of sulphur. Thereafter, the sample was cooled and annealed at a temperature of 900 °C for 9 h and then cooled to 300 °C of hardening, normalizing and tempering respectively...
August 2018: Data in Brief
Ayoola A Ayodeji, Igho E Blessing, Fayomi O Sunday
Biodiesel was produced from soybean oil using calcium oxide and cow bone as heterogeneous catalysts, through transesterification process. The soybean oil used was characterized using gas chromatography mass spectrometer (GCMS) and the cow bone catalyst produced was characterized X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer. The effects of the variation of methanol/oil mole ratio, catalyst concentration and reaction temperature on biodiesel yield during the transesterification of soybean oil were investigated. Reaction time of 3 h and stirring rate of 500 rpm were kept constant...
June 2018: Data in Brief
Adam F Hannon, Daniel F Sunday, Alec Bowen, Gurdaman Khaira, Jiaxing Ren, Paul F Nealey, Juan J de Pablo, R Joseph Kline
A block copolymer self-consistent field theory (SCFT) model is used for direct analysis of experimental X-ray scattering data obtained from thin films of polystyrene- b -poly(methyl methacrylate) (PS- b -PMMA) made from directed self-assembly. In a departure from traditional approaches, which reconstruct the real space structure using simple geometric shapes, we build on recent work that has relied on physics-based models to determine shape profiles and extract thermodynamic processing information from the scattering data...
April 2018: Molecular Systems Design & Engineering
Daniëlle D Huijts, Julia T van Groningen, Onno R Guicherit, Jan Willem T Dekker, Leti van Bodegom-Vos, Esther Bastiaannet, Johannes A Govaert, Michel W Wouters, Perla J Marang-van de Mheen
Background: It is unclear whether emergency weekend colon and rectal cancer surgery are associated with worse outcomes (ie, weekend effect) because previous studies mostly used administrative data, which may insufficiently adjust for case-mix. Materials and Methods: Prospectively collected data from the 2012-2015 Dutch ColoRectal Audit (n=5,224) was used to examine differences in 30-day mortality and severe complication and failure-to-rescue rates for emergency weekend (Saturday and Sunday) versus Monday surgery, stratified for colon and rectal cancer...
June 2018: Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network: JNCCN
Stephen T O Othim, Srinivasan Ramasamy, Ruth Kahuthia-Gathu, Thomas Dubois, Sunday Ekesi, Komi K M Fiaboe
Spoladea recurvalis F. is a major pest moth of amaranth ( Amaranthus spp.) flowers worldwide, with a potential of causing complete foliage loss under severe outbreaks. Chemical insecticides are uneconomical for resource-poor farmers and pose health and environmental risks. Host plant resistance (HPR) to insects is an effective, economical and environmentally friendly alternative that is poorly understood and largely unexploited among traditional leafy vegetables. A total of 35 amaranth accessions were evaluated for the expression of their antixenotic and antibiotic traits against S...
June 8, 2018: Insects
Chrystelle N H Atinkpahoun, Nang Dinh Le, Steve Pontvianne, Hélène Poirot, Jean-Pierre Leclerc, Marie-Noëlle Pons, Henri H Soclo
Dynamic influent models, which have been proposed to test control strategies using virtual wastewater treatment plants, should be as realistic as possible. The number of inhabitants in the catchment at any given time and their ways of life are among the parameters affecting the quality of these models. Census data related to work and school commutes were used to evaluate the number of people present in a given urban area. Based on the example of a large urban catchment (Grand Nancy, France), the results show that a population increase of 30% could occur during working hours resulting from the imbalance between workers leaving and coming into the catchment...
May 1, 2018: Science of the Total Environment
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