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electro diagnosis

Ali Oncul, Ihsan Ates, Mehmet Fettah Arikan, Nisbet Yilmaz, Canan Topcuoglu, Fatma Meric Yilmaz, Mustafa Altay
BACKGROUND: The aim of this study is to investigate the serum levels of procalcitonin and its association with autoantibodies in patients with euthyroid Hashimoto's thyroiditis. METHODS: A total of 80 participants were included in the study; 40 of which were newly diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, aged over 18, and 40 of which were healthy volunteers. The serum levels of procalcitonin were measured by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kit. Thyroid function tests were analyzed in hormone laboratory with Electro-chemiluminescence immunoassay...
February 7, 2017: Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis
S S Cao, H Y Li, Q G Xu, S Y Tan, S H Wei
Objective: To study the characteristics of neurosyphilis with optic neuritis as an initial finding. Methods: Retrospective analysis of clinical data and laboratory testing results of 16 cases (27 eyes) with optic neuritis as an initial finding of neurosyphilis from October 2010 to March 2015 in General Hospital of People's Liberation Army was made. Results: Six-teen patients (12 males, 4 females) were collected, the median age of patients was 47 (range 33 to 65) years ,the mean age was (49.63±9.05) years. Treponema pallidum particle agglutination assay (TPPA) analysis was positive in all of the patients and rapid plasma reagin (RPR) test was positive in 14 patients (2 patients did not test)...
December 11, 2016: [Zhonghua Yan Ke za Zhi] Chinese Journal of Ophthalmology
Muamer Dervisevic, Mehmet Senel, Tugba Sagir, Sevim Isik
The detection of cancer cells through important molecular recognition target such as sialic acid is significant for the clinical diagnosis and treatment. There are many electrochemical cytosensors developed for cancer cells detection but most of them have complicated fabrication processes which results in poor reproducibility and reliability. In this study, a simple, low-cost, and highly sensitive electrochemical cytosensor was designed based on boronic acid-functionalized polythiophene. In cytosensors fabrication simple single-step procedure was used which includes coating pencil graphite electrode (PGE) by means of electro-polymerization of 3-Thienyl boronic acid and Thiophen...
April 15, 2017: Biosensors & Bioelectronics
Abdulkadir Tunç, Belma Doğan Güngen
BACKGROUND: Electro-diagnostic studies are the most reliable methods in diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Although there are many risk factors associated with CTS, there are a limited number of studies in the literature indicating that manual milking, which is frequently seen in Turkey, is a risk factor for CTS. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to evaluate demographic findings of cases referred due to initial diagnosis of CTS as well as aetiological data especially manual milking and to investigate the sensitivity of initial diagnosis of CTS...
November 11, 2016: Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
Atefeh Ghanbari Jolfaei, Pari Ghadamgahi, Masoud Ahmadzad-Asl, Amir Shabani
OBJECTIVES: To assess and compare demographic and diagnostic characteristics of inpatients with mood disorders in Iran. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We collected the demographic, clinical, and treatment characteristics of patients, who were hospitalized during five years from April 2006 to March 2010, in Iran hospital of psychiatry, a residency training center to evaluate the general clinical picture of the disorder. RESULTS: Overall, 95.3% of subjects had a diagnosis of bipolar I disorder (BID), 2...
September 2016: Iranian Journal of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Neveen Abd El Moneim Hussein, Zenat A El Kholy, Medhat M Anwar, Mohamed A Ahmad, Shaymaa M Ahmad
BACKGROUND: Diagnosis of pancreatic cancer (PC) by using sensitive and specific biomarkers is considered necessary. MiRNAs are master regulators of gene expression and several biological processes, and they are dysregulated in various cancers, where they play a vital role in either cancer progression or suppression. So, this study was designed to investigate the role of plasma miR-22-3p, miR-642b-3p and miR-885-5p expression as possible diagnostic markers in PC patients as compared to serum CA19-9...
January 2017: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
Hyejoong Jeong, Simona Ranallo, Marianna Rossetti, Jiwoong Heo, Jooseok Shin, Kwangyong Park, Francesco Ricci, Jinkee Hong
A method to control activation of a DNA nanodevice by supplying a complementary DNA (cDNA) strand from an electro-responsive nanoplatform is reported. To develop functional nanoplatform, hexalayer nanofilm is precisely designed by layer-by-layer assembly technique based on electrostatic interaction with four kinds of materials: Hydrolyzed poly(β-amino ester) can help cDNA release from the film. A cDNA is used as a key building block to activate DNA nanodevice. Reduced graphene oxides (rGOs) and the conductive polymer provide conductivity...
August 31, 2016: Small
Mualla Hamurcu, Gürdal Orhan, Murat Sinan Sarıcaoğlu, Semra Mungan, Zeynep Duru
We aimed to analyze the effects of progressive myelin loss and neurodegeneration seen in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) on visual tract with electrophysiological and structural tests. Fifty-one patients diagnosed with MS in the Neurology Department were followed up in neuro-ophthalmology outpatient clinic irrespective of their visual symptoms, and were included in our study. The patients were classified as the ones with the history of optic neuritis (group II) and ones without the history (group I) of optic neuritis...
August 18, 2016: International Ophthalmology
Soňa Janáčková, Steward Boyd, Elissa Yozawitz, Tammy Tsuchida, Marie-Dominique Lamblin, Sophie Gueden, Ronit Pressler
OBJECTIVE: Although seizures are more common in the neonatal period than in any other stage of childhood, those in preterm neonates are still poorly described. The aim of this study was to assess electro-clinical characteristics of seizures occurring before a corrected age of 40weeks in neonates born prematurely. METHOD: Retrospective analysis of EEG-documented seizures in neonates born prematurely. Seizures in a group of term neonates served as controls. RESULTS: Fifty-six prematurely born and 46 term born neonates were included...
August 2016: Clinical Neurophysiology: Official Journal of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology
Prashanth Ashok Kumar, Usha Anand
Sepsis is associated with various metabolic derangements as a consequence of inflammatory response, ischemia and oxidative stress. Four parameters of relevance are procalcitonin (PCT), ischemia modified albumin (IMA) pH and lactate. The study was carried out to highlight the concomitant occurrence of sepsis, ischemia and lactic acidosis, all of which could have deleterious effects on organ function. 26 critically ill patients with a provisional diagnosis of sepsis were the test subjects. The control group had 25 apparently healthy volunteers...
July 2016: Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry: IJCB
Babak Vahdatpour, Saeid Khosrawi, Maryam Chatraei
BACKGROUND: Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) considers the most common compression neuropathy, which nerve conduction studies (NCSs) used for its detection routinely and universally. This study was performed to determine the value of the median TLI and other NCS variables and to investigate their sensitivity and specificity in the diagnosis of CTS. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study was carried out among 100 hands of healthy volunteers and 50 hands of patients who had a positive history of paresthesia and numbness in upper extremities...
2016: Advanced Biomedical Research
María Gabriela Ramírez Arriola, Naima Hamido Mohamed, Juan José Abad Vivás-Pérez, Juan José Bretones Alcaráz, Juan Manuel García Torrecillas, Evelyn Huber
AIM: To describe the minor surgery (MS) characteristics in a Primary Care (PC) centre, and to evaluate the clinical pathological concordance and patient satisfaction. DESIGN: Descriptive and retrospective study. SETTING: Primary Care, urban health care centre, Almería, Spain. PARTICIPANTS: The population were the patients belonging to urban Primary Health Care centre, referred by their family physicians or paediatricians for the performing of MS during year 2013, and who consented to the intervention...
June 25, 2016: Atencion Primaria
Sławomir Kroczka, Katarzyna Stasiak, Marek Kaciński
BACKGROUND: Myasthenia gravis (MG) is an autoimmunologic disorder. It is characterized by various clinical symptoms and their dependency upon the exertion and the rest as well. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Between 2002-20014 in the Neurophysiology Laboratory at the Chair of Pediatric and Adolescent Neurology, Jagiellonian University in Krakow, the electrophysiological repetitive nerve stimulation study were performed in 44 children. The clinical picture and positive electrophysiological test were the ground to diagnose MG in 19 of them (12 girls and 7 boys)...
2016: Przegla̧d Lekarski
HyungJae Lee, SeungHyun Jeon, Jin-Suck Seo, Sung-Ho Goh, Ji-Youn Han, Youngnam Cho
We have developed a reusable nanostructured polypyrrole nanochip and demonstrated its use in the electric field-mediated recovery of circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) from the plasma of lung cancer patients. Although cfDNA has been recognized and widely studied as a versatile and promising biomarker for the diagnosis and prognosis of cancers, the lack of efficient strategies to directly isolate cfDNA from the plasma has become a great hindrance to its potential clinical use. As a proof-of-concept study, we demonstrated a technique for the rapid and efficient isolation of cfDNA with high yield and purity...
September 2016: Biomaterials
Frough Riahi, Maryam Izadi-Mazidi, Niloufar Khajeddin, Shahriar Nasirzadeh, Fatemeh Shafieian, Ammar Helalinasab, Mozhgan Deilamani
OBJECTIVE: Medically unexplained symptoms are physical symptoms, which cannot be explained by organic ‎causes. This study aimed to investigate mental health in patients with medically unexplained ‎physical symptoms. ‎ METHOD: One hundred outpatients who were admitted to the Electro Diagnosis Clinic of Imam Khomeini ‎hospital, Ahvaz/Iran, participated in this study. Data were collected using physical examination, ‎paraclinical examinations, and SCL-90-R, and analyzed through multivariate analysis of variance ‎‎ (MANOVA), Chi-square test and Fisher's exact test...
January 2016: Iranian Journal of Psychiatry
Thanh Duc Mai, Farid Oukacine, Myriam Taverna
A novel electrokinetic preconcentration technique based on multiple isotachophoresis (M-ITP) realised in a micro-bored capillary to improve sensitivity for capillary electrophoresis with hydrodynamic injection was developed. The M-ITP operation relies on pressure-assisted pushing of a preconcentrated sample plug after the first ITP process back to the injection end of the capillary, followed by a large volume hydrodynamic injection prior to application of the second ITP step. This operational cycle was repeated as many times as desired with very good repeatability of the peak areas and peak heights at each ITP round (RSD less than 8%)...
July 1, 2016: Journal of Chromatography. A
Ilaria Boscolo Galazzo, Maria Vittoria Mattoli, Francesca Benedetta Pizzini, Enrico De Vita, Anna Barnes, John S Duncan, Hans Rolf Jäger, Xavier Golay, Jamshed B Bomanji, Matthias Koepp, Ashley M Groves, Francesco Fraioli
The major challenge in pre-surgical epileptic patient evaluation is the correct identification of the seizure onset area, especially in MR-negative patients. In this study, we aimed to: (1) assess the concordance between perfusion, from ASL, and metabolism, from (18)F-FDG, acquired simultaneously on PET/MR; (2) verify the utility of a statistical approach as supportive diagnostic tool for clinical readers. Secondarily, we compared (18)F-FDG PET data from the hybrid PET/MR system with those acquired with PET/CT, with the purpose of validate the reliability of (18)F-FDG PET/MR data...
2016: NeuroImage: Clinical
Pragya Pant, R G Singh, Santosh K Singh, Vijay P Singh, Prodip K Doley, M Sivasankar
Diagnosis of membranous nephropathy (MN) and focal and segmental glomerulo- sclerosis (FSGS) needs a renal biopsy, which is an invasive procedure with potentially serious complications. Proteomics may be applied for the development of a biomarker for these diseases which will obviate the need of biopsy. Serum sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electro-phoresis (SDS-PAGE) analysis gives an idea of the various proteins with different molecular weights (MWs) in a given sample. This study was conducted to analyze proteins with different MWs in patients with MN and FSGS and to compare the two groups with regard to their protein profile...
May 2016: Saudi Journal of Kidney Diseases and Transplantation
Rodolfo Hurle, Luisa Pasini, Massimo Lazzeri, Piergiuseppe Colombo, NicolòMaria Buffi, Giovanni Lughezzani, Paolo Casale, Emanuela Morenghi, Roberto Peschechera, Silvia Zandegiacomo, Alessio Benetti, Alberto Saita, Pasquale Cardone, Giorgio Guazzoni
OBJECTIVE: To report the oncological safety and the risk of progression for patients with non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) included in an active surveillance (AS) programme after the diagnosis of recurrence. PATIENTS AND METHODS: This is a prospective study enrolling patients with history of pathologically confirmed low grade pTa-pT1a NMIBC and diagnosed with a tumour recurrence. Inclusion criteria consisted of negative urine cytology, presence of ≤5 lesions with a diameter of ≤10 mm, absence of carcinoma in situ (CIS) or persistent gross haematuria...
December 2016: BJU International
Alper Yavuz, Hakan Bulus, Adnan Taş, Altan Aydın
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE: Appendectomy is one of the most common operations carried out by general surgeons. The recent introduction of the alternative energy-based devices in surgery and their use in the laparoscopic appendectomy shortened the duration of operations, but these devices are used generally for meso dissection. These devices did not receive wide acceptance among surgeons as there is not enough evidence confirming their use in appendicular lumen operations. Our objective in this study was to test the safety of three types of appendectomy...
December 2016: Journal of Laparoendoscopic & Advanced Surgical Techniques. Part A
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