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P Miller, K M Kidwell, D Thomas, M Sabel, J M Rae, D F Hayes, B I Hudson, D El-Ashry, M E Lippman
PURPOSE: Elevated S100A8 expression has been observed in cancers of the bladder, esophagus, colon, ovary, and breast. S100A8 is expressed by breast cancer cells as well as by infiltrating immune and myeloid cells. Here we investigate the association of elevated S100A8 protein expression in breast cancer cells and in breast tumor stroma with survival outcomes in a cohort of breast cancer patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Tissue microarrays (TMA) were constructed from breast cancer specimens from 417 patients with stage I-III breast cancer treated at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center between 2004 and 2006...
July 17, 2017: Breast Cancer Research and Treatment
Triparna Mukherjee, Shatarupa Chakraborty, Aksar Ali Biswas, Tapan Kumar Das
Our study aiming for the diminution of arsenic concentration in arsenic contaminated aqua environment by using novel adsorbents based on bio-fabricated silver nanoparticles on a fungal cell surface. Bioreduction of silver ion was done in a non-enzymatic manner in presence of the biomass of fungus Aspergillus foetidus MTCC8876. Aspergillus spp. cells were harvested following the bioreduction and made into carbon by carbonization that led to pore formation (pore width of 2.35 nm) on the cell surface. The average size of silver nanoparticles in the sample of SACF (silver nanoparticles adhered to mesoporous carbonized fungal cell) was 35 nm...
July 12, 2017: Journal of Environmental Management
Renata N Teixeira, Gerson Dos Santos Leite, Matteo Bonini, Renata Gorjão, Rosana C Agondi, Cristina M Kokron, Celso R F Carvalho
OBJECTIVE: To assess the frequency of atopy (specific IgE levels), to evaluate the allergic symptoms using the Allergy Questionnaire for Athletes (AQUA), and to determine whether atopy is associated with allergic symptoms in elite endurance athletes. DESIGN: Cross-sectional study. SETTING: Assessments were performed at Hospital das Clinicas-São Paulo University Medical School. PARTICIPANTS: Fifty-nine elite endurance athletes (triathletes and runners)...
July 11, 2017: Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine: Official Journal of the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine
Wei Su, Kui Zhou, Fanglin Cai, Cheng Chen, Bibimaryam Mousavi, Somboon Chaemchuen, Francis Verpoort
: A dinuclear ruthenium complex [RuII(NCNHCO)(pic)2]22+ (2) was firstly prepared and characterized spectroscopically and electrochemically. Instead of the conventional ligand exchange, complex 2 dissociates in-situ to afford two single-site Ru aqua complexes, [RuII(OH2)(NCNHCO)(pic)2]+, which mediates water oxidation through proton-coupled electron transfer events. In electrokinetic studies, complex 2 demonstrated a TOF of 150.3 s-1 comparable to those state-of-the-art catalysts at neutral conditions. TONs of 2173 and 217 were attained in chemical and photochemical water oxidation when 2 was used as a catalyst, exhibiting good stability...
July 11, 2017: Chemistry, An Asian Journal
Petar Čanović, Ana Rilak Simović, Snežana Radisavljević, Ioannis Bratsos, Nicola Demitri, Marina Mitrović, Ivanka Zelen, Živadin D Bugarčić
With the aim of assessing how the aromaticity of the inert chelating ligand can influence the activity of ruthenium(II) polypyridyl complexes, two new monofunctional ruthenium(II) complexes, [Ru(Cl-Ph-tpy)(phen)Cl]Cl (1) and [Ru(Cl-Ph-tpy)(o-bqdi)Cl]Cl (2) (where Cl-Ph-tpy = 4'-(4-chlorophenyl)-2,2':6',2″-terpyridine, phen = 1,10-phenanthroline, o-bqdi = o-benzoquinonediimine), were synthesized. All complexes were fully characterized by elemental analysis and spectroscopic techniques (IR, UV-Vis, 1D and 2D NMR, XRD)...
July 10, 2017: Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry: JBIC
Ali Sharif, Muhammad Furqan Akhtar, Bushra Akhtar, Ammara Saleem, Maria Manan, Maryam Shabbir, Muneeb Ashraf, Sohaib Peerzada, Shoaib Ahmed, Moosa Raza
Lack of data on safety of herbal medicines have endangered human health and life. The present study evaluated the genotoxic and mutagenic effect of Kalanchoe laciniata to access the safety and usefulness of the medicinal plant. Aqua-methanolic and n-hexane extracts of K. laciniata were evaluated for the genotoxic potential using Ames assay and cytotoxicity was evaluated using MTT assay. Ames assay was conducted using two strains of Salmonella typhimurium TA-100 and TA-102 whereas MTT assay was performed on baby hamster kidney cell line BHK-21...
2017: EXCLI journal
Agata Hanna Bryk, Jacek R Wiśniewski
Red blood cells (RBCs) are the most abundant cell type in the human body. RBCs and, in particular their plasma membrane composition, have been extensively studied for many years. During the past decade proteomic studies have extended our knowledge on RBCs composition, however these studies did not provide quantitative insights. Here we report a large scale proteomic investigation of RBCs and their 'white ghost' membrane fraction. Samples were processed using the multi-enzyme digestion filter-aided sample preparation (MED-FASP and analyzed using Q-Exactive mass spectrometer...
July 8, 2017: Journal of Proteome Research
Julia Wiktor, Fabien Bruneval, Alfredo Pasquarello
Partial molar volumes of ions in water solution are calculated through pressures obtained from ab initio molecular dynamics simulations. The correct definition of pressure in charged systems subject to periodic boundary conditions requires access to the variation of the electrostatic potential upon a change of volume. We develop a scheme for calculating such a variation in liquid systems by setting up an interface between regions of different density. This also allows us to determine the absolute deformation potentials for the band edges of liquid water...
July 12, 2017: Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation
Hua Xie, Wang Jian Fang, Xiao Qiang Yao
One of the most interesting phenomena in coordination polymers (CPs) is the co-existence of different interlaced motifs. However, CPs having two different interlaced motifs at the same time are still rare. Colourless block-shaped crystals of the two-dimensional polymer poly[[aqua(μ2-naphthalene-2,6-dicarboxylato){μ2-4,4'-[oxybis(4,1-phenylene)]dipyridine}cadmium(II)] monohydrate], {[Cd(C12H6O4)(C22H16N2O)(H2O)]·H2O}n, (I), was synthesized under hydrothermal conditions by the self-assembly of 4,4'-[oxybis(4,1-phenylene)]dipyridine (OPY) with Cd(II) in the presence of naphthalene-2,6-dicarboxylic acid (H2ndc)...
July 1, 2017: Acta Crystallographica. Section C, Structural Chemistry
Bo Li, Wanrong Guo, Fan Zhang, Meiyan Liu, Shang Wang, Zhonghua Liu, Shuanglin Xiang, Youlin Zeng
Glycolipids might become a new type of promising non-viral gene delivery systems because of their low cytotoxicity, structural diversity, controllable aqua- and lipo-solubility, appropriate density and distribution of positive charges, high transfer efficiency and potential targeting function. In this study, four kinds of L-arabinose-based cationic glycolipids (Ara-DiC12MA, Ara-DiC14MA, Ara-DiC16MA and Ara-DiC18MA) containing quaternary ammonium as hydrophilic headgroup and two alkane chains as hydrophobic domain were synthesized and characterized...
2017: PloS One
Bao-Shan He, Jun-Xia Zhang
In this paper, carboxyl groups were introduced by liquid oxidation methods onto multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) to improve the MWCNTs' electrocatalytic properties. A platinum wire microelectrode (ME) was corroded using aqua regia and subsequently embedded with MWCNTs to achieve more active sites, producing a so-called powder microelectrode (PME). Compared with conventional MEs, the PME has a larger specific surface area and more active sites. When PME was used to detect ascorbic acid (AA), the AA oxidation potential shifted negatively and current peak was visibly increased...
July 2, 2017: Sensors
Aurélie Dufour, Christophe Migon
Several protocols using different treatments (various mixtures of acids at different temperatures for mineralisation) or using several analysis instrumentations were tested with the aim to define the method allowing the analysis of some groups of elements. This study proposes a protocol of sample treatment and analysis permitting in a single batch the determination of 16 elements (Al, As, Ba, Cd, Co, Cu, Fe, K, Mg, Mn, Na, Ni, Pb, Ti, V and Zn) with different chemical features such as volatile or refractory trace elements...
2017: MethodsX
Cátia A L Graça, Adriana Correia de Velosa, Antonio Carlos S C Teixeira
Photochemical redox reactions of Fe(III) complexes in surface waters are important sources of radical species, therefore contributing to the sunlight-driven elimination of waterborne recalcitrant contaminants. In this study, the effects of three Fe(III)-carboxylates (i.e., oxalate, citrate, and tartrate) on the UVA photoinduced oxidation of the herbicide amicarbazone (AMZ) were investigated. A Doehlert experimental design was applied to find the Fe(III):ligand ratios and pH that achieved the fastest AMZ degradation rate...
June 18, 2017: Chemosphere
Antonio Shegani, Charalampos Triantis, Berthold A Nock, Theodosia Maina, Christos Kiritsis, Vassilis Psycharis, Catherine Raptopoulou, Ioannis Pirmettis, Francesco Tisato, Minas S Papadopoulos
In the present work, we investigated potential means to obtain neutral tricarbonyl mixed-ligand fac-[M(CO)3L(1)L(2)] complexes (M = Re, (99m)Tc) containing the (2-hydroxyphenyl)diphenylphosphine (POH) bidentate ligand (L(1)H) and a series of monodentate ligands (L(2)). First, fac-[Re(CO)3(PO)(H2O)], 1, was synthesized by reaction of POH and [Et4N]2[Re(CO)3Br3] in equimolar amounts in MeOH at room temperature. Interestingly, with excess of POH this reaction afforded fac-[Re(CO)3(PO)(POH)], 2, with POH operating both as a bidentate and as a monodentate ligand...
July 17, 2017: Inorganic Chemistry
Hitoshi Okada, Kou Kawada, Susumu Itoh, Miyo Ozaki, Isami Kakutani, Takeshi Arai, Kosuke Koyano, Saneyuki Yasuda, Takashi Iwase, Koji Murao, Takashi Kusaka
BACKGROUND: We occasionally encounter increases in direct bilirubin(DB) value on reanalysis of the surplus serum collected in the past from a neonate with indirect hyperbilirubinemia. But the details of this phenomenon are unclear. We evaluated the change of DB and the relation of bilirubin photoisomer of the serum exposed to room light. METHODS: Surplus sera from neonates with indirect hyperbilirubinemia were exposed to room light for 24 hours. The bilirubin fraction assay of samples was performed by the bilirubin oxidase method (Nescauto and Aqua-auto Kainos reagent) and high-performance liquid chromatography ...
January 1, 2017: Annals of Clinical Biochemistry
Felix Greimel, Christine Scheuerer, Andre Gessner, Michaela Simon, Thomas Kalteis, Joachim Grifka, Achim Benditz, Hans-Robert Springorum, Jens Schaumburger
The efficacy of antibiotic monotherapy and combination therapy in the treatment of implant-associated infection by Staphylococcus aureus was evaluated in an animal study. The femoral medullary cavity of 66 male Wistar rats was contaminated with S. aureus (ATCC 29213) and a metal device was implanted, of which 61 could be evaluated. Six treatment groups were studied: flucloxacillin, flucloxacillin in combination with rifampin, moxifloxacin, moxifloxacin in combination with rifampin, rifampin, and a control group with aqua...
2017: Drug Design, Development and Therapy
Nicola J Nasser, Shlomit Fenig, Amiram Ravid, Ariella Nouriel, Naama Ozery, Sara Gardyn, Ruth Koren, Eyal Fenig
Radiation dermatitis occurs frequently during adjuvant radiation therapy for breast cancer. Prevention of radiation dermatitis by applying various creams and ointments has a limited success, and Aqua cream which has urea as one of its active ingredients is used in many institutions as a preventive treatment. The primary goal of this study is to assess the effect of vitamin D (calcipotriol) ointment in prevention of radiodermatitis in breast cancer patients compared to Aqua cream. Twenty-three women with localized breast cancer who underwent breast-conserving surgery and opted to receive adjuvant radiotherapy to breast only were enrolled in this study...
2017: NPJ Breast Cancer
Hae-Cheol Kim, Seunghyun Son, Yong Hoon Kim, Jong Seong Khim, Jungho Nam, Won Keun Chang, Jung-Ho Lee, Chang-Hee Lee, Jongseong Ryu
The Yellow Sea is a shallow marginal sea with a large tidal range. In this study, ten areas located along the western coast of the Korean Peninsula are investigated with respect to remotely sensed water quality indicators derived from NASA MODIS aboard of the satellite Aqua. We found that there was a strong seasonal trend with spatial heterogeneity. In specific, a strong six-month phase-lag was found between chlorophyll-a and total suspended solid owing to their inversed seasonality, which could be explained by different dynamics and environmental settings...
June 19, 2017: Marine Pollution Bulletin
Feng Zhang, Bing-Guang Zhang
In the title complex, [Ca2Cu(C9H3O6)2(H2O)2] n , the Ca(II) and Cu(II) cations are bridged by the benzene-1,3,5-tri-carboxyl-ate anions (BTC(3-)) to form the coordination polymer, in which each BTC(3-) anion bridges two Cu(II) and five Ca(II) cations with a μ7 coordination mode. The Cu(II) cation, located at an inversion centre, is in a nearly square-planar geometry defined by four O atoms from four bridging BTC(3-) anions, while the Ca(II) cation is in a distorted octa-hedral geometry defined by five O atoms from bridging BTC(3-) anions and one water mol-ecule...
June 1, 2017: Acta Crystallographica. Section E, Crystallographic Communications
Marc I Stutter, Jonathan Cains
The degradation of aquatic ecosystems by multiply-acting stressors is a key threat requiring new approaches to identify impairment processes and restoration targets. Heterotrophic respiration of C-substrates can be an integrative indicator of how aquatic ecosystems respond to pollution. We utilised sixteen C-substrates (simple metabolites to dissolved organic matter (DOM)) to characterise substrate induced respiration (SIR) for sediments from sixteen NE Scotland streams covering a range of land use-related pollution pressures...
June 8, 2017: Chemosphere
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