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M Haug, B Reischl, G Prölß, C Pollmann, T Buckert, C Keidel, S Schürmann, M Hock, S Rupitsch, M Heckel, T Pöschel, T Scheibel, C Haynl, L Kiriaev, S I Head, O Friedrich
We engineered an automated biomechatronics system, MyoRobot, for robust objective and versatile assessment of muscle or polymer materials (bio-)mechanics. It covers multiple levels of muscle biosensor assessment, e.g. membrane voltage or contractile apparatus Ca2+ ion responses (force resolution 1µN, 0-10mN for the given sensor; [Ca2+] range ~ 100nM-25µM). It replaces previously tedious manual protocols to obtain exhaustive information on active/passive biomechanical properties across various morphological tissue levels...
December 7, 2017: Biosensors & Bioelectronics
Alexander A Marchione, Elizabeth L Diaz
A train of BURBOP universal rotation pulses has been used to generate a spin lock sufficient to observe TOCSY correlations over a 46 kHz 19F spectral window (i.e. 122 ppm on a 9.4 T spectrometer). This spin lock requires lower RF field (γB1 = 15 kHz), and was employed over a wider spectral window, than previously reported DIPSI-2 spin locks. The BURBOP-based spin lock was effected for 80-160 ms periods with a 2% duty cycle without evidence of harm to the RF coil of the probehead. Spectral separation and full set of correlations were obtained for a mixture of perfluorocarbons...
December 5, 2017: Journal of Magnetic Resonance
Shingo Ito, Georg Schitter
For high-resolution imaging without bulky external vibration isolation, this paper presents an atomic force microscope (AFM) capable of vibration isolation with its internal Z-axis (vertical) actuators moving the AFM probe. Lorentz actuators (voice coil actuators) are used for the Z-axis actuation, and flexures guiding the motion are designed to have a low stiffness between the mover and the base. The low stiffness enables a large Z-axis actuation of more than 700 µm and mechanically isolates the probe from floor vibrations at high frequencies...
December 5, 2017: Ultramicroscopy
N I Avdievich, I A Giapitzakis, A Pfrommer, T Borbath, A Henning
Ultra-high-field (UHF, ≥7 T) human magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) provides undisputed advantages over low-field MRI (≤3 T), but its development remains challenging because of numerous technical issues, including the low efficiency of transmit (Tx) radiofrequency (RF) coils caused by the increase in tissue power deposition with frequency. Tight-fit human head transceiver (TxRx) arrays improve Tx efficiency in comparison with Tx-only arrays, which are larger in order to fit multi-channel receive (Rx)-only arrays inside...
December 15, 2017: NMR in Biomedicine
Robert Sabiniewicz, Maksymilian Mielczarek, Tomasz Krolak, Lidia Wozniak-Mielczarek, Dariusz Ciecwierz
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 13, 2017: Europace: European Pacing, Arrhythmias, and Cardiac Electrophysiology
Marina Arbi, Dafni-Eleftheria Pefani, Stavros Taraviras, Zoi Lygerou
To ensure that the genetic material is accurately passed down to daughter cells during mitosis, dividing cells must duplicate their chromosomes and centrosomes once and only once per cell cycle. The same key steps-licensing, duplication, and segregation-control both the chromosome and the centrosome cycle, which must occur in concert to safeguard genome integrity. Aberrations in genome content or centrosome numbers lead to genomic instability and are linked to tumorigenesis. Such aberrations, however, can also be part of the normal life cycle of specific cell types...
December 14, 2017: Chromosoma
Ali Ali, Isabelle Le Potier, Nicolas Huang, Véronique Rosilio, Monique Cheron, Vincent Faivre, Isabelle Turbica, Florence Agnely, Ghozlene Mekhloufi
The effect of high pressure homogenization (HPH) on the structure of β-lactoglobulin (β-lg) was studied by combining spectroscopic, chromatographic, and electrophoretic methods. The consequences of the resulting structure modifications on oil/water (O/W) interfacial properties were also assessed. Moderated HPH treatment (100 MPa/4 cycles) showed no significant modification of protein structure and interfacial properties. However, a harsher HPH treatment (300 MPa/5 cycles) induced structural transformation, mainly from β-sheets to random coils, wide loss in lipocalin core, and protein aggregation via intermolecular disulfide bridges...
December 11, 2017: International Journal of Pharmaceutics
Samuel Y Hou, Anna Luisa Kühn, Ajit S Puri, Ajay K Wakhloo
Background Treatment of true ophthalmic artery (OA) or anterior choroidal artery (AChA) aneurysms with preservation of the parent vessel may be challenging. Flow diverters have limitations when dealing with branch vessels arising from the aneurysm sac. Visual loss or AChA territory infarcts have been reported both for surgical and endovascular treatment. Methods We evaluated the safety and efficacy of an open-cell design, laser-cut, self-expanding Nitinol stent, and use of cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) for stent-assisted coil embolization...
January 1, 2017: Interventional Neuroradiology
Aldo Fabrizio Berti, Atif Zafar, Asad Ikram, Christopher S Calder, Danielle Eckart Sorte
When multiple, recurrent infarcts occur in spite of maximal medical management, the level of suspicion for atypical vascular injury should be heightened. We present a case of a patient who presented with recurrent posterior circulation infarcts despite optimized medical management. On imaging, he was found to have external anatomical vertebral artery muscular and/or osseous compression leading to repetitive vascular injury and strokes. Recurrent intimal injury and vertebral artery to intracranial emboli despite anticoagulation and subsequent dual antiplatelet therapy necessitated definitive operative management...
January 1, 2017: Interventional Neuroradiology
Sang Hun Lee, Dae Chul Suh, Jung Cheol Park, Deok Hee Lee
During endovascular coiling, unexpected procedure-related complications such as coil misplacement have been reported, and these complications may induce emboli or thrombotic vessel occlusion. A malpositioned detached coil contained and immobilized within an intracranial aneurysm is difficult to remove using current methods. We report an effective retrieval technique for detached coils. The 'thread and catch technique' can be used when the malpositioned detached coil is immobilized within the aneurysm.
January 1, 2017: Interventional Neuroradiology
Linlin Fan, Pu-Jun Xie, Ying Wang, Zisu Huang, Jianzhong Zhou
In this work, the influences of a biosurfactant, mannosylerythritol lipids-A (MEL-A) towards β-glucosidase activity and their molecular interactions were studied by using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), circular dichroism spectroscopy (CD), isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC) and docking simulation. The enzyme inhibition kinetics data showed that MEL-A at a low concentration (< CMC, 20.0±5.0 μM) enhanced β-glucosidase activity, whereas it inhibited the enzyme activity at higher concentrations more than 20...
December 14, 2017: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Gregory J Nadolski, Nikunj R Chauhan, Maxim Itkin
PURPOSE: Assess the effectiveness of conventional lymphangiography, MR lymphangiography, and lymphatic embolization for the diagnosis and treatment of refractory chylous ascites. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A retrospective review of 31 patients (M/F:16/15, average age 52) who presented for the management of refractory chylous ascites was conducted to assess the diagnostic value of conventional and MR lymphangiography and outcome of lymphatic embolization. RESULTS: Of the total 31 patients, 25 presented with chylous ascites secondary to iatrogenic trauma and six patients with a non-traumatic etiology...
December 13, 2017: Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology
Tomotaka Ohshima, Shunsaku Goto, Taiki Yamamoto, Kojiro Ishikawa
Despite major developments in treating intracranial aneurysms by endovascular coil embolization, complete occlusion of the entire aneurysmal neck remains a problem. We present a novel endovascular strategy for middle- and large sized aneurysms called the "hemispheric divided coiling technique" and compare the short-term follow-up results of this technique with those of conventional coil embolization. Ten patients (mean age, 69.7 ± 9.7 years) with middle- or large-sized ruptured or unruptured intracranial aneurysms (mean maximum aneurysmal diameter, 12...
November 2017: Nagoya Journal of Medical Science
Tomotaka Ohshima, Chinmaya Dash, Andrey Belayev, Taiki Yamamoto, Shunsaku Goto, Yoko Kato
The use of 8-F balloon guide catheter (BGC) for proximal flow control was previously shown to prevent distal embolic complications during mechanical clot retrieval in patients with acute ischemic stroke. In this retrospective study, the utility of 8-F BGCs for proximal flow control during endovascular coiling of anterior circulation aneurysms was investigated. Patients who underwent endovascular coiling for anterior circulation aneurysms between August 2013 and December 2016 were retrospectively analyzed. Among a total of 152 patients included in this series, 64 patients presented with aneurysmal rupture, whereas the aneurysms were detected incidentally or due to mass effects in the remaining patients...
November 2017: Nagoya Journal of Medical Science
Xinjian Xu, Fei Teng, Jingjing Li, Juan Wu, Rui Zhu, Wenbin Ji
Isolated pubic ramus fractures are common and generally uncomplicated injuries in the elderly. However, pubic ramus fractures are closely related to important vascular structures. The corona mortis, located in the retropubis, has an important anastomotic value, as it serves as a communication between the internal and external iliac vessels. The following case report describes an 88-year-old male who was diagnosed with a right superior pubic ramus fracture, which led to a severe picture of hemodynamic instability...
December 8, 2017: American Journal of Emergency Medicine
Yasutaka Baba, Michiyo Higashi, Kazuo Awai
Transcatheter arterial or venous embolization has been widely used to address solid tumors by occluding the tumor-feeding vessels. It is also performed to treat portosystemic shunts and to stop bleeding by repair of the site of trauma. Commonly used embolic materials are gelatin sponges, coils, beads, and liquid agents such as absolute ethanol, histoacyryl, and onyx. In the field of interventional radiology, embolotherapy is performed routinely. Liquid embolization agents have different characteristics. Their coagulation time, the inflammatory reaction of the vascular wall or surrounding tissue, and their adhesion to the vascular wall vary...
December 13, 2017: Minimally Invasive Therapy & Allied Technologies: MITAT
Miou Yamamoto, Toru Ogawa, Masayoshi Yokoyama, Yoshihito Funaki, Kenta Shobara, Aya Shibamoto, Juan Ramón Vanegas Sáenz, Keiichi Sasaki
This study aimed to examine the dynamic change in bone metabolism by immediate loading in several sites around implants using high-resolution Na18F-PET scan. Two titanium implants (Ø 1.2 mm) were inserted parallel to each other in the right tibiae of Wistar rats (n = 4). The left tibia was set as control side. One day after insertion, closed coil springs of 4.0 N were attached to the expose superior portions of the implants to apply a continuous mechanical stress. The rats with fluorine-18 (18F) ion (5 mCi/rat) intravenously injected were scanned by PET scanner at 4, 7, 14, 28 days after load application...
December 13, 2017: Odontology
Charles R Watts, Andrew Gregory, Cole Frisbie, Sándor Lovas
The conformational space and structural ensembles of amyloid beta (Aβ) peptides and their oligomers in solution are inherently disordered and proven to be challenging to study. Optimum force field selection for molecular dynamics (MD) simulations and the biophysical relevance of results are still unknown. We compared the conformational space of the Aβ(1-40) dimers by 300 ns replica exchange MD simulations at physiological temperature (310 K) using: the AMBER-ff99sb-ILDN, AMBER-ff99sb*-ILDN, AMBER-ff99sb-NMR, and CHARMM22* force fields...
December 13, 2017: Proteins
Mina Guirgis, Jema Hua Xu, Alar Kaard, Bibombe P Mwipatayi
Background: Visceral arterial pseudoaneurysms (VAPAs) are rare vascular entities with serious consequences. Traditionally, they are associated with trauma, infection, and inflammatory disease, or they can arise as a post-operative complication. Report: An 87 year old man presented with abdominal pain and was found to have a spontaneous VAPA on a computed tomography angiogram. Serial imaging 4 months previously had demonstrated no aneurysm. Between scans, warfarin was changed to apixaban for aortic valve replacement, but he had no other changes to any other medications...
2017: EJVES Short Reports
Jiaofen Nan, Nannan Zong, Qiqiang Chen, Liangliang Zhang, Qian Zheng, Yongquan Xia
The acoustic problem of the split gradient coil is one challenge in a Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Linear Accelerator (MRI-LINAC) system. In this paper, we aimed to develop a scheme to reduce the acoustic noise of the split gradient coil. First, a split gradient assembly with an asymmetric configuration was designed to avoid vibration in same resonant modes for the two assembly cylinders. Next, the outer ends of the split main magnet were constructed using horn structures, which can distribute the acoustic field away from patient region...
2017: Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine
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