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Paulo Almeida

Leonardo M Honório, Exuperry Barros Costa, Edimar J Oliveira, Daniel de Almeida Fernandes, Antonio Paulo G M Moreira
This work presents a novel methodology for Sub-Optimal Excitation Signal Generation and Optimal Parameter Estimation of constrained nonlinear systems. It is proposed that the evaluation of each signal must also account for the difference between real and estimated system parameters. However, this metric is not directly obtained once the real parameter values are not known. The alternative presented here is to adopt the hypothesis that, if a system can be approximated by a white box model, this model can be used as a benchmark to indicate the impact of a signal over the parametric estimation...
April 13, 2018: ISA Transactions
Ane Cristina Fayão Almeida, Francisco José Albuquerque de Paula, Jacqueline Pontes Monteiro, Carlos Alberto Nogueira-de-Almeida, Luiz Antonio Del Ciampo, Davi Casale Aragon, Ivan Savioli Ferraz
A high prevalence of vitamin D deficiency (VDD) in children has been observed worldwide, but there are few studies on the nutritional status of vitamin D (VD) in healthy infants. The main cause of deficiency in healthy children is breastfeeding without supplementation and lack or insufficiency of sun exposure. The aims of this study were to determine serum concentrations of 25(OH)D and verify its association with parathyroid hormone (PTH) concentrations and use of VD supplementation in healthy infants aged ≥ 6 to ≤ 24 months attended at two Primary Health Care Units in Ribeirão Preto city, São Paulo, Brazil...
2018: PloS One
Marta Liliane de Almeida Maia, Ana Lucia Santos Abreu, Paulo Cesar Koch Nogueira, Maria Luiza Dautro Moreira do Val, João Tomas de Abreu Carvalhaes, Maria Cristina de Andrade
OBJECTIVE: Early diagnosis and immediate treatment of hypophosphatemic rickets is of utmost importance as it may prevent subsequent sequelae. This report aims at warning pediatricians to consider the presence of the disease. CASE DESCRIPTION: Description of the metabolic profile, creatinine clearance, nutritional status, weight and body structure of a patient who presented the clinical-laboratorial characteristics of hypophosphatemic rickets and was followed in an outpatient clinic for tubulopathies over the period of 12 months...
March 29, 2018: Revista Paulista de Pediatria: Orgão Oficial da Sociedade de Pediatria de São Paulo
Renata Raimundo, Soraia Moreira, Francisca Saraiva, Rui J Cerqueira, Pedro Teixeira, Elson Salgueiro, André Lourenço, Mário J Amorim, Jorge Almeida, Paulo Pinho, Adelino F Leite-Moreira
Background: New models of aortic bioprostheses have proven excellent early haemodynamic profile, but their mid and long-term performance warrants further systematic assessment. The aim of this study is to report clinical and haemodynamic performance of St. Jude Medical Trifecta bioprosthesis during 5 years of implantation. Methods: We performed a single centre, retrospective, observational and descriptive study including all 556 individuals who underwent aortic valve replacement (AVR) with the Trifecta bioprosthesis (between July of 2011 and June of 2016)...
February 2018: Journal of Thoracic Disease
Camila Tavares Uchôa Guimarães, Nina Nayara Ferreira Martins, Kelly Cristina da Silva Oliveira, Caroline Martins Almeida, Thayanne Macedo Pinheiro, Carolina Oliveira Gigek, Sandro Roberto de Araújo Cavallero, Paulo Pimentel Assumpção, Marília Arruda Cardoso Smith, Rommel Rodríguez Burbano, Danielle Queiroz Calcagno
Liquid biopsies have great promise for precision medicine as they provide information about primary and metastatic tumors via a minimally invasive method. In gastric cancer patients, a large number of blood-based biomarkers have been reported for their potential role in clinical practice for screening, early diagnosis, prognostic evaluation, recurrence monitoring and therapeutic efficiency follow-up. This current review focuses on blood liquid biopsies' role and their clinical implications in gastric cancer patients, with an emphasis on circulating tumor cells (CTCs), circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) and circulating non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs)...
March 13, 2018: Oncotarget
Madalena Esteves, Ricardo Magalhães, Paulo Marques, Teresa C Castanho, Carlos Portugal-Nunes, José M Soares, Armando Almeida, Nadine C Santos, Nuno Sousa, Hugo Leite-Almeida
Functional hemispheric asymmetries have been described in different cognitive processes, such as decision-making and motivation. Variations in the pattern of left/right activity have been associated with normal brain functioning, and with neuropsychiatric diseases. Such asymmetries in brain activity evolve throughout life and are thought to decrease with aging, but clear associations with cognitive function have never been established. Herein, we assessed functional laterality during a working memory task (N-Back) in a healthy aging cohort (over 50 years old) and associated these asymmetries with performance in the test...
2018: Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience
Lucia Tobase, Heloisa Helena Ciqueto Peres, Denise Maria de Almeida, Edenir Aparecida Sartorelli Tomazini, Meire Bruna Ramos, Thatiane Facholi Polastri
OBJECTIVE: To develop and evaluate an online course on Basic Life Support. METHOD: Technological production research of online course guided by the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation) instructional design model based on Andragogy and the Meaningful Learning Theory. The online course was constructed in the platform Moodle, previously assessed by a group of experts, and then presented to the students of the Nursing School of the University of São Paulo, who assessed it at the end of the course...
March 26, 2018: Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da U S P
Amanda Almeida Leite, Augusto César Leal da Silva Leonel, Jurema Freire Lisboa de Castro, Elaine Judite de Amorim Carvalho, Pablo Agustin Vargas, Luiz Paulo Kowalski, Danyel Elias da Cruz Perez
BACKGROUND: Only a few studies have evaluated the clinicopathological features of oral squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) in Brazil, and most were conducted in the most industrialized region of the country, i.e. the southeastern region. The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinicopathological features of this malignant neoplasm in northeastern Brazil. DESIGN AND SETTING: Retrospective study performed in an oral pathology laboratory in Recife, Brazil. METHODS: All cases of oral SCC that occurred between 2000 and 2015 were studied...
March 22, 2018: São Paulo Medical Journal, Revista Paulista de Medicina
Natalia Cristina Reinaldo Mariano, Mariana Naomi Sano, Victor Prado Curvêllo, Ana Lúcia Pompéia Fraga de Almeida, Karin Hermana Neppelenbroek, Thais Marchini Oliveira, Simone Soares
OBJECTIVE: This study assessed the prevalence of orofacial dysfunctions (ODs) and quality of life (QoL) in adults with and without a cleft lip and palate. DESIGN: Cross sectional. SETTING: Craniofacial Center, Hospital for Rehabilitation of Craniofacial Anomalies, Bauru, São Paulo, Brazil. METHODS: The study was composed of a sample of 120 patients: 60 adults in the cleft lip and palate group (CLPG) and 60 adults in the control group with no craniofacial anomalies...
January 1, 2018: Cleft Palate-craniofacial Journal
Fernanda Vargas E Silva Castanheira, Vanessa Borges, Fabiane Sônego, Alexandre Kanashiro, Paula Barbim Donate, Paulo Henrique Melo, Kenneth Pallas, Remo Castro Russo, Flávio Almeida Amaral, Mauro Martins Teixeira, Fernando Silva Ramalho, Thiago Mattar Cunha, Foo Y Liew, José Carlos Alves-Filho, Gerard J Graham, Fernando Queiroz Cunha
Sepsis is a systemic inflammatory response as a result of uncontrolled infections. Neutrophils are the first cells to reach the primary sites of infection and chemokines play a key role in recruiting neutrophils. However, in sepsis chemokines could also contribute to neutrophil infiltration to vital organs leading to multiple organ failure. ACKR2 is an atypical chemokine receptor, which can remove and degrade inflammatory CC chemokines. The role of ACK2 in sepsis is unknown. Using a model of cecal ligation and puncture (CLP), we demonstrate here that ACKR2 deficient () mice exhibited a significant reduction in the survival rate compared to similarly treated wild type (WT) mice...
August 24, 2017: Shock
Alessandro de Oliveira Silva, Maurílio Tiradentes Dutra, Wilson Max Almeida Monteiro de Moraes, Silvana Schwerz Funghetto, Darlan Lopes de Farias, Paulo Henrique Fernandes Dos Santos, Denis Cesar Leite Vieira, Dahan da Cunha Nascimento, Vânia Silva Macedo Orsano, Brad J Schoenfeld, Jonato Prestes
Objectives: The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of resistance training (RT) on body composition, muscle strength, and functional capacity in elderly women with and without sarcopenic obesity (SO). Methods: A total of 49 women (aged ≥60 years) were divided in two groups: without SO (non-SO, n=41) and with SO (n=8). Both groups performed a periodized RT program consisting of two weekly sessions for 16 weeks. All measures were assessed at baseline and postintervention, including anthropometry and body composition (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry), muscle strength (one repetition maximum) for chest press and 45° leg press, and functional capacity (stand up, elbow flexion, timed "up and go")...
2018: Clinical Interventions in Aging
Marta Correia-da-Silva, Verónica Rocha, Cláudia Marques, Cláudia Deus, Adriana Marques-Carvalho, Paulo Oliveira, Andreia Palmeira, Madalena Pinto, Maria Emília Sousa, José Sousa Lobo, Isabel Almeida
Resveratrol (RSV) is a polyphenolic compound with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties partly associated with sirtuin-1 (SIRT1)-activation in the skin. However, poor water solubility may limit RSV efficacy. This work aimed to clarify the interest of a new synthetic water-soluble RSV derivative (resveratrol glucoside sulfate, RSV-GS) for topical application. Resveratrol glucoside sulfate was synthesized using microwave-assisted sulfation. Cytotoxicity assays were performed with the keratinocyte HaCaT cell line, using MTT reduction, neutral red uptake, Alamar Blue/resazurin reduction, trypan blue exclusion, and measurement of ATP concentration...
March 27, 2018: Journal of Molecular Endocrinology
M J Dos Santos, E Leal de Moraes, M Santini Martins, E Carlos de Almeida, L Borges de Barros E Silva, V Urias, M C Silvano Corrêa Pacheco Furtado, Á Brito Nunes, S El Hage
BACKGROUND: The goal of this study was to identify the tendency toward donations of tissue and organs from donors with brain death between 2001 and 2016 as registered by an organ procurement organization in São Paulo City. METHODS: This quantitative, retrospective, exploratory study encompassed all Tissue and Organ Donation Terms signed between 2001 and 2016. A logistic regression model was applied to verify whether there was an upward or downward trend in donation...
March 2018: Transplantation Proceedings
Roberto M Ferreira, Paolo B Villela, Juliano C G Almeida, Pedro Paulo N Sampaio, Felipe N Albuquerque, Fernanda M C Pinheiro, William França Filho, José Ary B E Salles, João Mansur Filho
Kounis syndrome (KS) consists of an association between hypersensitivity reactions triggered by various environmental and pharmacological factors and acute coronary syndromes. Blood supply may be compromised by either vasospasm (type I), native plaque destabilization (type II) or stent thrombosis (type III). Although the prognosis is generally favorable, treatment should include aggressive anti-thrombotic and anti-allergic therapies. A case compatible with type III KS, manifested as a macular rash followed by two episodes of stent thrombosis after primary angioplasty (PCI) of the right coronary artery is presented, and complemented by a review on the topic...
March 13, 2018: Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine: Including Molecular Interventions
Paulo V G Alabarse, Priscila S Lora, Jordana M S Silva, Rafaela C E Santo, Eduarda C Freitas, Mayara S de Oliveira, Andrelise S Almeida, Mônica Immig, Vivian O N Teixeira, Lidiane I Filippin, Ricardo M Xavier
BACKGROUND: Rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by chronic polyarticular synovitis and presents systemic changes that impact quality of life, such as impaired muscle function, seen in up to 66% of the patients. This can progress to severely debilitating state known as rheumatoid cachexia-without loss of fat mass and body weight-for which there is little consensus in terms of diagnosis or treatment. This study aims to evaluate whether the collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) animal model also develops clinical and functional features characteristic of rheumatoid cachexia...
March 25, 2018: Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle
Natan Messias Almeida, Jefferson Thiago Souza, Carlos Roberto Silva Oliveira, Thatiany Teixeira Bezerra, Reinaldo Rodrigo Novo, José Alves Siqueira Filho, Paulo Eugênio Oliveira, Cibele Cardoso Castro
Monomorphic enantiostylous species produce flowers with a displacement of the style to the left (L) or right (R) on the same individual, and they may exhibit different dynamics for the production of these floral types, which may influence levels of selfing. We investigated the production dynamics of L and R floral types in seven monomorphic enantiostylous species of the genera Senna and Chamaecrista. Our hypothesis was that most species present similar proportions of floral morphs daily. Individuals were classified daily over a period of seven days according to the functional status, i...
March 23, 2018: Plant Biology
Iara A Borges, Mary G Reynolds, Andrea M McCollum, Poliana O Figueiredo, Lara L D Ambrosio, Flavia N Vieira, Galileu B Costa, Ana C D Matos, Valeria M de Andrade Almeida, Paulo C P Ferreira, Zélia I P Lobato, Jenner K P Dos Reis, Erna G Kroon, Giliane S Trindade
Since 1999 Vaccinia virus (VACV) outbreaks involving bovines and humans have been reported in Brazil; this zoonosis is known as Bovine Vaccinia (BV) and is mainly an occupational disease of milkers. It was only in 2008 (and then again in 2011 and 2014) however, that VACV was found causing natural infections in Brazilian equids. These reports involved only equids, no infected humans or bovines were identified, and the sources of infections remain unknown up to date. The peculiarities of Equine Vaccinia outbreaks (e...
2018: Frontiers in Microbiology
Adriano Marques de Almeida, Paulo Roberto Santos Silva, André Pedrinelli, Arnaldo J Hernandez
Although anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction is considered a successful procedure in restoring knee stability, few studies have addressed the issue of aerobic capacity after ACL surgery. Soccer players need technical, tactical and physical skills to succeed, such as good knee function and aerobic capacity. Our purpose is to evaluate aerobic fitness in ACL injured professional football players and six months after ACL reconstruction compared to a control group. Twenty athletes with ACL injury were evaluated and underwent ACL reconstruction with hamstrings autograft, and were compared to twenty healthy professional soccer players...
2018: PloS One
Luiza Ianny de Lima, Karen Rapp Py-Daniel, Maria Adelaide Guimarães, Luís Alexandre Muehlmann, Ana Carolina Mafud, Yvonne Primerano Mascarenhas, Josué de Moraes, José Roberto de Souza de Almeida Leite, Cheng-Shi Jiang, Ricardo Bentes Azevedo, João Paulo Figueiró Longo
AIM: To develop a self-nanoemulsifying drug-delivery system (SNEDDS) able to improve oral absorption of epiisopiloturine (EPI), and test the antischistosomal activity in a mice model. RESULTS: SNEDDS had a nanoscopic size and was able to enhance EPI bioavailability after oral administration, and SNEDDS-EPI (40 ) improved the in vivo antischistosomal activity of EPI, demonstrating that SNEDDS was able to improve the pharmacokinetics of EPI, and to maintain the pharmacodynamic activity against Schistosoma mansoni in vivo...
March 22, 2018: Nanomedicine
Paulo Afonso Medeiros Kanda, Aline de Almeida Xavier Aguiar, Jose Lucivan Miranda, Alexandre Loverde Falcao, Claudia Suenia Andrade, Luigi Neves Dos Santos Reis, Ellen White R Bacelar Almeida, Yanes Brum Bello, Arthur Monfredinho, Rafael Guimaraes Kanda
Microcephaly (MC), previously considered rare, is now a health emergency of international concern because of the devastating Zika virus pandemic outbreak of 2015. The authors describe the electroencephalogram (EEG) findings in sleep EEG of epileptic children who were born with microcephaly in areas of Brazil with active Zika virus transmission between 2014 and 2017. The authors reviewed EEGs from 23 children. Nine were females (39.2%), and the age distribution varied from 4 to 48 months. MC was associated with mother positive serology to toxoplasmosis (toxo), rubella (rub), herpes, and dengue (1 case); toxo (1 case); chikungunya virus (CHIKV) (1 case); syphilis (1 case); and Zika virus (ZIKV) (10 cases)...
2018: Neurodiagnostic Journal
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