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Sanaz Mehrabani, Behnod Abbasi, Leila Darvishi, Mehdi Asemi Esfahani, Zahra Maghsoudi, Hossein Khosravi-Boroujeni, Reza Ghiasvand
BACKGROUND: Identification of food with lowering cholesterol level properties plays a vital role to control impaired lipid profile among type 2 diabetic patients. the current study aimed to evaluate the effects of yogurt and yogurt plus shallot intake on lipid profiles in type 2 diabetic women. METHODS: Forty-eight participants with type 2 diabetes were enrolled in this study. Participants in the first group (n = 22) received 150 ml of low-fat yogurt (1.5% fat) and those in the second group (n = 26) received 150 ml of low-fat yogurt (1...
2017: International Journal of Preventive Medicine
Stephanie S Pinto, Bianca Dm Cavalcante, Silvani Verruck, Lara F Alves, Elane S Prudêncio, Renata Dmc Amboni
The effect of the addition of Bifidobacterium BB-12 microencapsulated by spray drying with sweet whey and inulin on the microbiological, physicochemical and texture properties of Greek-style yogurt was evaluated during 28 days of storage. The survival of this probiotic under simulated gastrointestinal conditions was assessed after this storage time. Three formulations of Greek-style yogurt were produced: Control (with free cells); SW (with microcapsules produced only with sweet whey); and SWI (with microcapsules produced with sweet whey and inulin)...
August 2017: Journal of Food Science and Technology
A J Buehler, R L Evanowski, N H Martin, K J Boor, M Wiedmann
Fungi are important spoilage organisms in dairy products. However, little is known about the diversity of naturally occurring spoilage fungi in raw milk and processed dairy products, due at least in part to the fact that classical fungal identification methods require considerable expertise. To gain further insight into the fungal diversity in the dairy system, we isolated fungi from raw milk, raw and pasteurized milk cheese, and yogurt using the selective dichloran rose bengal chloramphenicol agar. In total, 361 fungal isolates were obtained and further characterized by DNA sequencing of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region and the nuclear ribosomal large subunit (LSU) rRNA gene if needed...
September 13, 2017: Journal of Dairy Science
Ruth Bartelli Grigolon, Karin Louise Lenz Dunker, Mireille Coelho Almeida, Denise Claudino Achôa, Angélica Medeiros Claudino
BACKGROUND: Female adolescents with type I diabetes mellitus (TIDM) have an increased risk of developing eating disorders (ED) due to the dietary recommendations. OBJECTIVE: Investigate the association between dietary intake and increased risk of ED. METHODS: Case-control study with 50 T1DM female adolescents (11-16 years) and 100 healthy peers (CG). Measures included food frequency questionnaire (FFQ-PP), Child-EDE.12, economic and anthropometric data...
September 14, 2017: Eating and Weight Disorders: EWD
Hai-Yan Yu, Li Wang, Kathryn L McCarthy
The effect of adding milk solids nonfat (MSNF) on the physical properties and microstructure of yogurts was investigated. The physical properties of fat free yogurt, fat free with MSNF yogurt, whole fat yogurt, and whole fat with MSNF yogurt were analyzed using shear viscosity, viscoelasticity, and texture analysis. The two yogurts with MSNF had higher consistency coefficient (K), storage modulus (G'), yield stress, and hardness. To gain insight into the multiphase system, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and brightfield microscope images were acquired...
October 2016: Journal of Food and Drug Analysis
Abdolkarim Sheikhi, Hojjat Giti, Mohammad Reza Heibor, Abdollah Jafarzadeh, Mansour Shakerian, Narges Baharifar, Fereidon Niruzad, Ali Sadeghi Moghaddam, Parviz Kokhaei, Mohammad Baghaeifar
Background Atopic dermatitis (AD) is an inflammatory skin disease which may be due to the imbalance between Th1-, Th2 and Treg cell-related immune responses. Evidences suggest that appropriate stimulation with probiotics may correct the skewed immune response in children with AD. The aim was to determine the effects of the yogurt culture lactobacillus Bulgaricus on the secretion of Th1/Th2/Treg type cytokines by PBMCs from children with AD. MethodsL. Bulgaricus was cultivated on MRS broth. The PBMCs from 20 children with AD were separated by Ficoll-Hypaque centrifugation and co-cultured with different concentrations of UV killed bacteria in RPMI-1640 plus 10% FCS for 48/72 h...
September 12, 2017: Drug Research
Erick A Esmerino, Juliana P Ferraz, Elson R Tavares Filho, Letícia P F Pinto, Mônica Q Freitas, Adriano G Cruz, Helena M A Bolini
Yogurts, fermented milk beverages, and fermented milks have great similarity and are widely accepted by Brazilian population, but the factors that influence their choice and consumption are unknown. In this sense, the present study aimed to identify the main aspects involved in consumers' perception of 3 different products, comparing the findings by using the 2 fast qualitative methods, word association and projective mapping, and a standard method, focus group. The tasks were performed by different participants through graphic stimuli (word association and projective mapping) and focus interviews (focus group)...
September 6, 2017: Journal of Dairy Science
Sofia Lalou, Hani El Kadri, Konstantinos Gkatzionis
The effect of W1/O/W2 emulsion incorporation in set-type yogurt on the acidification process, physicochemical properties, bacterial growth kinetics and structural characteristics was investigated. The W1/O/W2 emulsion was formed by using a two-step homogenisation process and milk as the W1 and W2 phases, and stability was monitored with optical microscopy and cryo-SEM. Adding the W1/O/W2 emulsions reduced the acidification rate, viscosity and water retention capacity. Texture (adhesiveness, cohesiveness, hardness, and gumminess) differed in yogurts containing W1/O/W2 emulsion compared to controls during the acidification process, however, trends became stable during storage...
October 2017: Food Research International
Shuang Tian, Qian Xu, Ruyue Jiang, Tianshu Han, Changhao Sun, Lixin Na
Recently, some studies have focused on the relationship between dietary protein intake and the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), but the conclusions have been inconsistent. Therefore, in this paper, a systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studies regarding protein consumption and T2DM risk are conducted in order to present the association between them. We searched the PubMed and Embase databases for cohort studies on dietary protein, high-protein food consumption and risk of T2DM, up to July 2017...
September 6, 2017: Nutrients
Nusrat Yasmin, Mahjabeen Saleem, Mamoona Naz, Roquyya Gul, Hafiz Muzzammel Rehman
A thaumatin-like protein gene from Basrai banana was cloned and expressed in Escherichia coli. Amplified gene product was cloned into pTZ57R/T vector and subcloned into expression vector pET22b(+) and resulting pET22b-basrai TLP construct was introduced into E. coli BL21. Maximum protein expression was obtained at 0.7 mM IPTG concentration after 6 hours at 37°C. Western blot analysis showed the presence of approximately 20 kDa protein in induced cells. Basrai antifungal TLP was tried as pharmacological agent against fungal disease...
2017: BioMed Research International
Maria de Fátima Gomes da Silva, Ana Paula Dionísio, Antônio Augusto Ferreira Carioca, Lia Silveira Adriano, Claudia Oliveira Pinto, Fernando Antonio Pinto de Abreu, Nedio Jair Wurlitzer, Idila Maria Araújo, Deborah Dos Santos Garruti, Dorasilvia Ferreira Pontes
Syrup obtained from yacon roots could be well positioned as a nutritional product due to its high fructooligosaccharides (FOS) content. Considering this, we examined the potential food applications of yacon syrup, using the focal group methodology, and its sensorial acceptability when incorporated in yogurt. The beneficial effects of the consumption of yacon syrup were studied over a 2-week period in a double-blind placebo-controlled experiment (namely Test A) and other consistent of only one day of yacon syrup consumption (namely Test B) were also evaluated...
October 2017: Food Research International
Mahmoud Rouabhia, Dounia Rouabhia, Hyun Jin Park, Luc Giasson, Ze Zhang
OBJECTIVES: Investigate the effect of soft diet foods on gingival epithelial cell growth, migration, and mediator secretion. METHODS: Human gingival epithelial cells were stimulated for various time periods with the following soft diet foods: orange juice, drinkable yogurt, and a nutritional drink. Cell growth was determined by an MTT assay and cell migration was investigated by a scratch assay and F-actin filament staining. Keratin production was analyzed by Western blot and wound healing mediators IL-6 and human β-defensin 2 were quantified by ELISA...
October 2017: Food Research International
An Thi-Binh Nguyen, Michaël Nigen, Luciana Jimenez, Hassina Ait-Abderrahim, Sylvie Marchesseau, Laetitia Picart-Palmade
Dextran or xanthan were used as model exocellular polysaccharides (EPS) to compare the extraction efficiency of EPS from skim milk acid gels using three different protocols. Extraction yields, residual protein concentrations and the macromolecular properties of extracted EPS were determined. For both model EPS, the highest extraction yield (∼80%) was obtained when samples were heated in acidic conditions at the first step of extraction (Protocol 1). Protocols that contained steps of acid/ethanol precipitation without heating (Protocols 2 and 3) show lower extraction yields (∼55%) but allow a better preservation of the EPS macromolecular properties...
January 15, 2018: Food Chemistry
Voula Alexandraki, Maria Kazou, Bruno Pot, Effie Tsakalidou, Konstantinos Papadimitriou
Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus is widely used in the production of yogurt and cheese. In this study, we present the complete genome sequence of L. delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus ACA-DC 87 isolated from traditional Greek yogurt. Whole-genome analysis may reveal desirable technological traits of the strain for dairy fermentations.
August 24, 2017: Genome Announcements
Yuko Yamamoto, Kazuhiro Fujino, Juri Saruta, Toru Takahashi, Masahiro To, Shinya Fuchida, Tomoko Shimizu, Yohei Kamata, Kyoko Misawa, Keiichi Tsukinoki
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to investigate the alterations in the salivary IgA levels of elderly persons administered yogurt fermented with Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus (L. bulgaricus) OLL1073R-1, which has been reported to reduce the risk of colds. BACKGROUND: Salivary immunoglobulin (Ig)A plays an important role in the defence of the oral cavity mucous membrane against foreign antigens and pathogens. Accordingly, low levels of salivary IgA are associated with an increased risk of upper respiratory tract infection...
August 23, 2017: Gerodontology
Magdy Mohamed Ismail, Mohamed Farid Hamad, Esraa Mohamed Elraghy
Stirred yogurt manufactured using probiotic culture which usually called Rayeb milk in the Middle East region is one of the most important functional fermented milk products. To increase the health and functionality properties to this product, some ingredients like fruits, cereal, and whey protein are used in production. This study was carried out to prepare functional Rayeb milk from goat's milk, barley flour (15%) and honey (4%) mixtures using ABT culture. Also, vanilla and cocoa powder were used as flavorings...
August 23, 2017: Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins
Nasrin Taghipour Birgani, Shahla Elhami
A simple and sensitive method was proposed for the preconcentration of trace levels of Al(III) prior to its determination by spectrophotometry, based on dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction. The complexation of the Al(III) was performed by chelation with Eriochrome Cyanine R (ECR). In this method, cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB) as a dispersant was dissolved in chloroform as an extractant solvent, and then the solution was rapidly injected by a syringe into the samples containing Al(III), which had already been complexed by ECR at optimized pH...
January 1, 2017: Journal of AOAC International
René Rizzoli, Emmanuel Biver
Fermented milk products like yogurt or soft cheese provide calcium, phosphorus, and protein. All these nutrients influence bone growth and bone loss. In addition, fermented milk products may contain prebiotics like inulin which may be added to yogurt, and provide probiotics which are capable of modifying intestinal calcium absorption and/or bone metabolism. On the other hand, yogurt consumption may ensure a more regular ingestion of milk products and higher compliance, because of various flavors and sweetness...
August 19, 2017: Calcified Tissue International
Mohamed Maarouf Ali Zeinhom, Yijia Wang, Yang Song, Mei-Jun Zhu, Yuehe Lin, Dan Du
The detection of E. coli O157:H7 in foods has held the attention of many researchers because of the seriousness attributed to this pathogen. In this study, we present a simple, sensitive, rapid and portable smartphone based fluorescence device for E. coli O157:H7 detection. This field-portable fluorescent imager on the smartphone involves a compact laser-diode-based photosource, a long-pass (LP) thin-film interference filter and a high-quality insert lenses. The design of the device provided a low noise to background imaging system...
August 4, 2017: Biosensors & Bioelectronics
H Rosales-Bravo, H C Morales-Torres, J Vázquez-Martínez, J Molina-Torres, V Olalde-Portugal, L P Partida-Martínez
AIMS: Identify novel bacterial taxa that could increase the availability of branched-chain amino acids and the amount of distinctive volatiles during skim milk fermentation. METHODS AND RESULTS: We recovered 344 bacterial isolates from stool samples of healthy and breastfed infants. Five were selected based on their ability to produce branched-chain amino acids. Three strains were identified as Escherichia coli, one as Klebsiella pneumoniae and other as Klebsiella variicola by molecular and biochemical methods...
August 17, 2017: Journal of Applied Microbiology
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