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Igor Pomytkin, João P Costa-Nunes, Vladimir Kasatkin, Ekaterina Veniaminova, Anna Demchenko, Alexey Lyundup, Klaus-Peter Lesch, Eugene D Ponomarev, Tatyana Strekalova
While the insulin receptor (IR) was found in the CNS decades ago, the brain was long considered to be an insulin-insensitive organ. This view is currently revisited, given emerging evidence of critical roles of IR-mediated signaling in development, neuroprotection, metabolism, and plasticity in the brain. These diverse cellular and physiological IR activities are distinct from metabolic IR functions in peripheral tissues, thus highlighting region specificity of IR properties. This particularly concerns the fact that two IR isoforms, A and B, are predominantly expressed in either the brain or peripheral tissues, respectively, and neurons express exclusively IR-A...
April 24, 2018: CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics
Nathan A Gillespie, Michael C Neale, Timothy C Bates, Lisa T Eyler, Christine Fennema-Notestine, Jasmin Vassileva, Michael J Lyons, Elizabeth C Prom-Wormley, Katie L McMahon, Paul M Thompson, Greig de Zubicaray, Ian B Hickie, John J McGrath, Lachlan T Strike, Miguel E Rentería, Matthew S Panizzon, Nicholas G Martin, Carol E Franz, William S Kremen, Margaret J Wright
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Disentangling the putative impact of cannabis on brain morphology from other comorbid substance use is critical. After controlling for the effects of nicotine, alcohol and multi-substance use, this study aimed to determine whether frequent cannabis use is associated with significantly smaller subcortical grey matter volumes. DESIGN: Exploratory analyses using mixed linear models, one per region of interest (ROI), were performed whereby individual differences in volume (outcome) at seven subcortical ROIs were regressed onto cannabis and comorbid substance use (predictors)...
April 24, 2018: Addiction
Alexandra C E Draper, Richard J Piercy
Recurrent Laryngeal Neuropathy (RLN) is a highly prevalent and predominantly left-sided, degenerative disorder of the recurrent laryngeal nerves (RLn) of tall horses, that causes inspiratory stridor at exercise because of intrinsic laryngeal muscle paresis. The associated laryngeal dysfunction and exercise intolerance in athletic horses commonly leads to surgical intervention, retirement or euthanasia with associated financial and welfare implications. Despite speculation, there is a lack of consensus and conflicting evidence supporting the primary classification of RLN, as either a distal ("dying back") axonopathy or as a primary myelinopathy and as either a (bilateral) mononeuropathy or a polyneuropathy; this uncertainty hinders etiological and pathophysiological research...
April 24, 2018: Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine
K N Speight, P Hicks, C Graham, W Boardman, W G Breed, E Manthorpe, O Funnell, L Woolford
OBJECTIVE: This study reports necropsy findings of koalas from the Mount Lofty Ranges region in order to identify health threats to this mainland South Australian population. METHODS: Koalas from the Mount Lofty Ranges region (n = 85) that had died or been euthanased on welfare grounds were examined at necropsy during 2012-13 at the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, University of Adelaide. Disease findings, approximate age, sex and body condition of koalas were recorded...
May 2018: Australian Veterinary Journal
Dong Niu, Yanling Qiu, Li Li, Yihui Zhou, Xinyu Du, Zhiliang Zhu, Ling Chen, Zhifen Lin
House dust is the main source of human exposure to flame retardants by ingestion. This study investigated the occurrence of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in indoor dust from 22 houses in Shanghai, China. House dust was separately collected from the floor and elevated furnishings surface (mostly between 0.5 and 2 m height) for comparison. The concentrations of ∑22 PBDEs ranged from 19.4 to 3280 ng/g (with a geometric mean of 203 ng/g) and from 55.1 to 792 ng/g (with a geometric mean of 166 ng/g) in floor dust (FD) and elevated surface dust (ESD), respectively...
April 24, 2018: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Dongqing Yang, Asiri R Wijenayaka, Lucian B Solomon, Stephen M Pederson, David M Findlay, Stephen P Kidd, Gerald J Atkins
Periprosthetic joint infection (PJI) is a potentially devastating complication of orthopedic joint replacement surgery. PJI with associated osteomyelitis is particularly problematic and difficult to cure. Whether viable osteocytes, the predominant cell type in mineralized bone tissue, have a role in these infections is not clear, although their involvement might contribute to the difficulty in detecting and clearing PJI. Here, using Staphylococcus aureus , the most common pathogen in PJI, we demonstrate intracellular infection of human-osteocyte-like cells in vitro and S...
April 24, 2018: MBio
José-Luis L Rivero
From a terrestrial ancestry, fin whale ( Balaenoptera physalus ) is one of the largest animal on Earth with a sprinter antipredator strategy, and a characteristic feeding mode, lunge feeding, which involve bouts of high-intensity muscle activity demanding high metabolic output. We investigated the locomotor muscle morphology and metabolism of this cetacean to determine whether its muscle profile (1) explains this unique swimming performance and feeding behaviour, (2) is or is not homogeneous within the muscle, and (3) predicts allometric variations inherent to an extreme body size...
April 24, 2018: Journal of Experimental Biology
Jack Lam, Danilo Bolano
OBJECTIVES: We theorize and test the health of older adults as a result of their activity engagement, as well as a product of their spouse's engagement. METHOD: We draw on 15 waves of couple-level data from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey. Using responses of time engaged in nine different activities, we estimate Latent Class Models to describe activity profiles of partnered older adults. Given potential health selections into activity engagement, we lag older adults' activity engagement by one wave to examine its association with subsequent health...
April 16, 2018: Social Science & Medicine
Xianyang Bao, Long Yu, George P Simon, Shirley Shen, Fengwei Xie, Hongsheng Liu, Ling Chen, Lei Zhong
A widely recognized challenge in starch chemistry is to manipulate the graft copolymerization onto starch melt by reactive extrusion (REX). To understand the complex in-situ graft copolymerization in highly concentrated systems, we firstly used a mixer to achieve a homogeneous viscous starch melt, and then undertook dynamic rheological measurements to study the rheokinetics of the reaction. The in-situ synthesis also facilitated the characterization of the microstructures of reaction products. The melt mixture could be regarded to be completely micromixed since the rheokinetics was predominated by the reaction kinetics...
July 15, 2018: Carbohydrate Polymers
Shakeel Shakeel, Syed Rehan Ali, Farida Karim, Sidra Ishaq, Iman Qaiser, Kanwal Nayani, Ayesha Ahmed
OBJECTIVE: To determine the clinical and immunological characteristics and short-term outcome of children with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). STUDY DESIGN: A descriptive cohort study. PLACE AND DURATION OF STUDY: Paediatric Rheumatology Clinic, The Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, from January 2011 to December 2015. METHODOLOGY: Clinical and immunological profile and short-term outcome of children less than 16 years of age admitted in the paediatric ward, with the diagnosis of SLE was studied...
May 2018: Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons—Pakistan: JCPSP
Constant G N Gbalégba, Hampâté Ba, Kigbafori D Silué, Ousmane Ba, Emmanuel Tia, Mouhamadou Chouaibou, Nathan T Y Tian-Bi, Grégoire Y Yapi, Brama Koné, Jürg Utzinger, Benjamin G Koudou
BACKGROUND: Since 2000, substantial progress has been made in reducing malaria worldwide. However, some countries in West Africa remain a hotspot for malaria with all age groups at risk. Asymptomatic carriers of Plasmodium spp. are important sources of infections for malaria vectors and thus contribute to the anchoring of the disease in favourable eco-epidemiological settings. The objective of this study was to assess the asymptomatic malaria case rates in Korhogo and Kaedi, two urban areas in northern Côte d'Ivoire and southern Mauritania, respectively...
April 25, 2018: Infectious Diseases of Poverty
Rebecca Helman, Kopano Ratele
BACKGROUND: In light of the global health burden of violence, which is predominantly perpetrated by men, studies have explored the relationship between masculinities and violence. However, there is a relative lack of work focusing on non-hegemonic men and masculinities in relation to violence. Such work has the potential to advance violence prevention work. OBJECTIVE: This article aims to show the shifting relationship between constructions of violent and non-violent masculinity in the talk of a genderqueer man...
2018: Global Health Action
X Tang, C Zhuo, Y C Xu, N S Zhong
Objective: To investigate the species and antimicrobial resistance of bacterial pathogens isolated from hospitalized patients in respiratory ward in China. Methods: This was a multicenter retrospective study based on a national epidemiological network called China Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System (CARSS). The non-repetitive strains isolated from lower respiratory tract and blood samples in 91 hospitals from seven geographic regions of CARSS were reviewed. The distribution of specimen type, hospital level (secondary and tertiary hospital), patient age group [geriatric (>65 years old), adult (15 to 65 years old), pediatric (28 days to 14 years old ) and newborn group (≤28 days)] and ward type (respiratory intensive care unit and general respiratory ward) were analyzed for MRSA, PRSP, CREC, CRKP, CRPA, CRAB, ESBL-EC and ESBL-KP...
April 12, 2018: Chinese Journal of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases
Núria Pont, Victòria Salvadó, Clàudia Fontàs
A supported liquid membrane is developed for the separation of Cd from either high in salinity or acidity aqueous media. The membrane consisted of a durapore (polyvinylidene difluoride) polymeric support impregnated with a 0.5 M Aliquat 336 solution in decaline. The effect of carrier concentration, organic solvent and feed and receiving solutions on the metal permeability is studied. This system allows the effective transport of trace levels of Cd through the formation of CdCl₄2− , which is the predominant species responsible for the extraction process, in both NaCl and HCl solutions...
April 23, 2018: Membranes
Marina V Il'ina, Oleg I Il'in, Yuriy F Blinov, Alexey A Konshin, Boris G Konoplev, Oleg A Ageev
Recent studies in nanopiezotronics have indicated that strained graphene may exhibit abnormal flexoelectric and piezoelectric properties. Similar assumptions have been made with regard to the properties of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), however, this has not so far been confirmed. This paper presents the results of our experimental studies confirming the occurrence of a surface piezoelectric effect in multi-walled CNTs under a non-uniform strain. Using atomic force microscopy, we demonstrated the piezoelectric response of multi-walled CNTs under compression and bending...
April 21, 2018: Materials
Pedro Ivo SimÕes, Giussepe Gagliardi-Urrutia, Fernando J M Rojas-Runjaic, Santiago Castroviejo-Fisher
We describe a new species of nurse-frog (Aromobatidae, Allobates) from northwestern Brazilian Amazon. Allobates juami sp. nov. is distinguished from similar congeneric species by the combination of the following characters: body-size range (snout-to-vent length 17.5-18.5 mm), lack of dark pigments on ventral surfaces of male specimens, dorsal color pattern (predominantly solid dark brown, but conspicuously light brown over snout and urostyle regions), presence of conspicuous pale dorsolateral and ventrolateral stripes, and presence of a diffuse pale paracloacal mark...
February 26, 2018: Zootaxa
Marco Infusino, Axel Hausmann, Stefano Scalercio
In this paper, we redescribe Ptilophora plumigera variabilis Hartig, 1968 and raise it to species rank. Furthermore we describe Ptilophora nebrodensis sp. n. from Sicily, as the third European species belonging to the genus Ptilophora Stephens, 1828. These two species are allopatric vicariants of Ptilophora plumigera (Denis Schiffermüller, 1775) respectively in Apennine Italy and Sicily. We present the differential features mainly concerning the morphology of genitalia and molecular data. Ptilophora variabilis shows a scattered distribution, generally very localized, whereas P...
January 3, 2018: Zootaxa
Martin Schorr, Oleg E Kosterin, Sergey N Borisov, Milen Marinov
The spelling of the specific name of an Anormogomphus species in its original description by Bartenev (1913) was variable, kiritshenkoi (5 times) vs kiritschenkoi (1 time). Bartenev himself did not mention this species in his further publications. Later authors proceeded to use different spelling versions of this name, including those not in the original paper. According to the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN), the valid spelling should be chosen by the First Reviser. Acting as such, we choose as valid the name spelling Anormogomphus kiritshenkoi Bartenev, 1913, since it predominates in the original description, appears in the species subtitle, and is a proper transliteration from Cyrillic to Latin...
January 12, 2018: Zootaxa
Danilo Harms, Nadine DupÉrrÉ
Solifuges are an enigmatic and poorly studied group of arachnids. Commonly referred to as camel spiders or sun spiders, these animals are voracious predators of small animals and found in arid biomes of the Old World and the Americas. In this paper, we provide a catalogue for the solifuges (Arachnida: Solifugae) that are held at the Center of Natural History in Hamburg. The collections in Hamburg are predominantly historical and were accumulated by Karl Kraepelin between 1889 and 1914 with the help of other famous arachnologists such as Ferdinant Karsch and Eugène Simon...
January 23, 2018: Zootaxa
Sinian Li, Yiming Shao, Kanglan Li, Changmei HuangFu, Wenjie Wang, Zhou Liu, Zhiyou Cai, Bin Zhao
Vascular cognitive impairment (VCI), the second most common cause of dementia in elderly people, is a term that refers to all forms of cognitive disorders that can be attributed to cerebrovascular disease such as manifestations of discrete infarctions, brain hemorrhages, and white matter lesions. The gut microbiota (GM) has emerged recently as an essential player in the development of VCI. The GM may affect the brain's physiological, behavioral, and cognitive functions through the brain-gut axis via neural, immune, endocrine, and metabolic pathways...
April 17, 2018: Journal of Alzheimer's Disease: JAD
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