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Volume kinetics

R Molinari, P Argurio
Inorganic As removal from contaminated water has been studied by off-line coupling of photocatalysis and complexation-ultrafiltration (CP-UF), showing that this combination permits to obtain a quite complete arsenic removal from the treated water. Two commercial polymers, poly(dimethylamine-coepichlorohydrin-coethylenediamine) (PDEHED) and poly(diallyl dimethyl amnmonium chloride) (PolyDADMAC) have been tested in the CP-UF process. The operating conditions (pH and polymer/As weight ratio) for As(V) complexation were determined finding values of 7...
November 27, 2016: Water Research
Kjetill Østgaard, Viktoria Kowarz, Wang Shuai, Ingrid A Henry, Michal Sposob, Hildegunn Hegna Haugen, Rune Bakke
Mass produced plastic syringes may be applied as vessels for cheap, simple and large scale batch culture testing. As illustrated for the cases of denitrification and of biogas formation, metabolic activity was monitored by direct reading of the piston movement due to the gas volume formed. Pressure buildup due to friction was shown to be moderate. A piston pull and slide back routine can be applied before recording gas volume to minimize experimental errors due to friction. Inoculum handling and activity may be conveniently standardized as illustrated by applying biofilm carriers...
December 1, 2016: Journal of Microbiological Methods
Wennie Subramonian, Ta Yeong Wu, Siang-Piao Chai
In this work, heterogeneous photocatalysis was used to treat pulp and paper mill effluent (PPME). Magnetically retrievable Fe2O3-TiO2 was fabricated by employing a solvent-free mechanochemical process under ambient conditions. Findings elucidated the successful incorporation of Fe2O3 into the TiO2 lattice. Fe2O3-TiO2 was found to be an irregular and slightly agglomerated surface morphology. In comparison to commercial P25, Fe2O3-TiO2 exhibited higher ferromagnetism and better catalyst properties with improvements in surface area (58...
November 30, 2016: Journal of Environmental Management
T S Anirudhan, J R Deepa
Purpose of this study is to report the synthetic procedure of a novel photo catalyst, nano zinc oxide incorporated graphene oxide/nanocellulose (ZnO-GO/NC) for the effective adsorption and subsequent photo degradation of ciprofloxacin (CF), an antibiotic widely used in the poultry. Self cleaning property in cellulose was achieved by introducing a nano zinc oxide incorporated graphene oxide into nanocellulose (NC) matrix. By incorporating nano zinc oxide (ZnO) in graphene oxide (GO), band gap could be tuned to 2...
November 17, 2016: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Xia Xu, Fei Deng, Mengmeng Lv, Binhui Ren, Wenwen Guo, Xiaoxiang Chen
BACKGROUND: No consensus exists on the outcome-related factors of interval debulking surgery (IDS) in patients with advanced high-grade serous ovarian cancer (HG-SOC) who underwent neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC). This study aimed to explore the optimal timing for IDS and the prognosis-associated factors of International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics stage IIIc to IV HG-SOC patients. METHODS: A total of 160 IIIc to IV stage HG-SOC patients were retrospectively analyzed...
December 2, 2016: Journal of Ovarian Research
Olivier Barret, David Alagille, Sandra Sanabria, Robert A Comley, Robby M Weimer, Edilio Borroni, Mark Mintun, Nicholas Seneca, Caroline Papin, Thomas Morley, Ken Marek, John P Seibyl, Gilles D Tamagnan, Danna Jennings
: (18)F-AV-1451 is currently the most widely used of several experimental tau PET tracers. The objective of this study was to evaluate (18)F-AV-1451 binding with full kinetic analysis using a metabolite corrected arterial input function, and to compare parameters derived from kinetic analysis with standardized uptake value ratio (SUVR) calculated over different imaging time intervals. METHODS: (18)F-AV-1451 PET brain imaging was completed in 16 subjects: 4 young healthy volunteers (YHV), 4 aged healthy volunteers (AHV) and 8 Alzheimer's disease subjects (AD)...
December 1, 2016: Journal of Nuclear Medicine: Official Publication, Society of Nuclear Medicine
Cheng Lian, Shuangliang Zhao, Honglai Liu, Jianzhong Wu
Understanding the charging kinetics of electric double layers is of fundamental importance for the design and development of novel electrochemical devices such as supercapacitors and field-effect transistors. In this work, we study the dynamic behavior of room-temperature ionic liquids using a classical time-dependent density functional theory that accounts for the molecular excluded volume effects, the electrostatic correlations, and the dispersion forces. While the conventional models predict a monotonic increase of the surface charge with time upon application of an electrode voltage, our results show that dispersion between ions results in a non-monotonic increase of the surface charge with the duration of charging...
November 28, 2016: Journal of Chemical Physics
Amjed Javid, Manish Kumar, Seokyoung Yoon, Jung Heon Lee, Jeon Geon Han
The interdependence of 'size' and 'volume-fraction' hinders the identification of their individual role in the interface properties of metal nanoparticles (NPs) embedded in a matrix. Here, the case of Cu NPs embedded in a C matrix is presented for their profound antibacterial activity. Cu:C nanocomposite thin films with fixed Cu content (≈12 atomic%) are prepared using a plasma process where plasma energy controls the size of Cu NPs (from 9 nm to 16 nm). An inverse relationship between the size-effect on antibacterial activity against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria is established through the real time monitoring of an aliquot by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, which confirmed the inverse relationship of Cu ion release from the nanocomposite with varied Cu NP sizes...
November 30, 2016: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Hong Ren, Yulin Zhao, Man Wu, Donard S Dwyer, Robert W Peoples
The N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) receptor is a key target of ethanol action in the central nervous system. Alcohol inhibition of NMDA receptor function involves small clusters of residues in the third and fourth membrane-associated (M) domains. Previous results from this laboratory have shown that two adjacent positions in the M3 domain, F636 and F637, can powerfully regulate alcohol sensitivity and ion channel gating. In this study, we report that these positions interact with one another in the regulation of both NMDA receptor gating and alcohol action...
November 19, 2016: Neuropharmacology
Sylvain Auvity, Sébastien Goutal, Benoît Thézé, Catarina Chaves, Benoît Hosten, Bertrand Kuhnast, Wadad Saba, Raphaël Boisgard, Irène Buvat, Salvatore Cisternino, Nicolas Tournier
INTRODUCTION: A growing area of research suggests that neuroimmunity may impact the pharmacology of opioids. Microglia is a key component of the brain immunity. Preclinical and clinical studies have demonstrated that microglial modulators may improve morphine-induced analgesia and prevent the development of tolerance and dependence. Positron emission tomography (PET) using translocator protein 18kDa (TSPO) radioligand is a clinically validated strategy for the non-invasive detection of microglial activation...
November 8, 2016: Drug and Alcohol Dependence
William Joyce, Michael Axelsson, Tobias Wang
Most vertebrates increase cardiac output during activity by elevating heart rate with relatively stable stroke volume. However, several studies have demonstrated 'intrinsic autoregulation' of cardiac output where artificially increased heart rate is associated with decreased stroke volume, leaving cardiac output unchanged. We explored the capacity of noradrenaline to overcome autoregulation in the anaconda heart. Electrically pacing in situ perfused hearts from the intrinsic heart rate to the maximum attainable resulted in a proportional decrease in stroke volume...
November 10, 2016: Journal of Experimental Biology
Conrad W Merkle, Conor Leahy, Vivek J Srinivasan
Despite the prevalence of optical imaging techniques to measure hemodynamics in large retinal vessels, quantitative measurements of retinal capillary and choroidal hemodynamics have traditionally been challenging. Here, a new imaging technique called dynamic contrast optical coherence tomography (DyC-OCT) is applied in the rat eye to study microvascular blood flow in individual retinal and choroidal layers in vivo. DyC-OCT is based on imaging the transit of an intravascular tracer dynamically as it passes through the field-of-view...
October 1, 2016: Biomedical Optics Express
Pitt Allmendinger, Johannes Deiglmayr, Otto Schullian, Katharina Höveler, Josef A Agner, Hansjürg Schmutz, Frédéric Merkt
Studies of ion-molecule reactions at low temperatures are difficult because stray electric fields in the reaction volume affect the kinetic energy of charged reaction partners. We describe a new experimental approach to study ion-molecule reactions at low temperatures and present, as example, a measurement of the H2++H2→H3++H reaction with the H2+ ion prepared in a single rovibrational state at collision energies in the range Ecol /kB =5-60 K. To reach such low-collision energies, we use a merged-beam approach and observe the reaction within the orbit of a Rydberg electron, which shields the ions from stray fields...
November 16, 2016: Chemphyschem: a European Journal of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry
Xiang Xing, Hongxia Qu, Peng Chen, Bin Chi, Huifang Xie
Carbon as an adsorbent has been widely studied for wastewater treatment, but the regeneration of adsorbent has been scarcely reported. In this paper, an economical and environmental method was applied to regenerate carbon (XC-72). Results showed that both anhydrous ethanol and deionized water did not obtain optimal effect for the desorption of Acid Orange 7, Ponceau 2R and Rhodamine B, but the desorption effect was dramatically improved when anhydrous ethanol and deionized water were mixed in a certain volume ratio...
November 2016: Water Science and Technology: a Journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research
Tobey Betthauser, Patrick J Lao, Dhanabalan Murali, Todd E Barnhart, Shozo Furumoto, Nobuyuki Okamura, Charles K Stone, Sterling C Johnson, Bradley T Christian
PURPOSE: This study compared the in vivo imaging characteristics of tau positron emission tomography (PET) ligands (18) F-THK-5351 and (18)F-THK-5317 in the context of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Additionally, reference tissue distribution volume ratio (DVR) estimation methods and standard uptake value ratio (SUVR) timing windows were evaluated to determine the optimal strategy for specific binding quantification. METHODS: Twenty-eight subjects (mean age 71±7yrs) underwent either dynamic 90-minute (18)F-THK-5317 or (18)F-THK-5351 PET scans...
November 10, 2016: Journal of Nuclear Medicine: Official Publication, Society of Nuclear Medicine
J Rodriguez, A García, T Poznyak, I Chairez
The aim of this study was to characterize the ozone reaction with phenanthrene adsorbed in two types of soils (sand and agricultural). The effect of soil physicochemical properties (texture, bulk density, particle density, porosity, elemental composition, permeability, surface area and pore volume) on the phenanthrene decomposition was evaluated. Commercial sand has a uniform morphology (spherical) with a particle size range between 0.178 and 0.150 mm in diameter, regular elemental composition SiO2, specific density of 1701...
November 14, 2016: Chemosphere
András Komáromi, Ulrika Estenberg, Folke Hammarqvist, Olav Rooyackers, Jan Wernerman, Åke Norberg
BACKGROUND: Better knowledge of albumin kinetics is needed to define the indications for albumin use in clinical practice. This study involved two approaches: the synthesis rate and transcapillary escape rate of albumin were measured simultaneously at different levels of plasma albumin concentration in relation to acute inflammation and surgery; and two different tracers were compared to determine plasma volume and the transcapillary escape rate. METHODS: Healthy volunteers (n = 10), patients with acute inflammatory abdominal disease (n = 10), and patients undergoing elective pancreatic resection (n = 10) were studied...
November 15, 2016: Critical Care: the Official Journal of the Critical Care Forum
Hannah Staley, Elijah Flenner, Grzegorz Szamel
We use computer simulations to study the cooling rate dependence of the stability and energetics of model glasses created at constant pressure conditions and compare the results with glasses formed at constant volume conditions. To examine the stability, we determine the time it takes for a glass cooled and reheated at constant pressure to transform back into a liquid, ttrans, and calculate the stability ratio S=ttrans/τα, where τα is the equilibrium relaxation time of the liquid. We find that, for slow enough cooling rates, cooling and reheating at constant pressure results in a larger stability ratio S than for cooling and reheating at constant volume...
November 14, 2016: Journal of Chemical Physics
Z T Y Liu, B P Burton, S V Khare, D Gall
We have studied the phase equilibria of three ceramic quasibinary systems Ti1-x Zr x N, Ti1-x Hf x N and Zr1-x Hf x N (0  ⩽  x  ⩽  1) with density functional theory, cluster expansion and Monte Carlo simulations. We predict consolute temperatures (T C), at which miscibility gaps close, for Ti1-x Zr x N to be 1400 K, for Ti1-x Hf x N to be 700 K, and below 200 K for Zr1-x Hf x N. The asymmetry of the formation energy ΔE f(x) is greater for Ti1-x Hf x N than Ti1-x Zr x N, with less solubility on the smaller cation TiN-side, and similar asymmetries were predicted for the corresponding phase diagrams...
November 15, 2016: Journal of Physics. Condensed Matter: An Institute of Physics Journal
Stuart B Hooper, Kelly J Crossley, Valerie A Zahra, Jeroen van Vonderen, Alison Moxham, Andrew W Gill, Martin Kluckow, Arjan B Te Pas, Euan M Wallace, Graeme R Polglase
OBJECTIVE: While delayed umbilical cord clamping (UCC) is thought to facilitate placental to infant blood transfusion, the physiological factors regulating flow in the umbilical arteries and veins during delayed UCC is unknown. We investigated the effects of gravity, by changing fetal height relative to the placenta, and ventilation on umbilical blood flows and the cardiovascular transition during delayed UCC at birth. METHODS: Catheters and flow probes were implanted into preterm lambs (128 days) prior to delivery to measure pulmonary, carotid, umbilical artery (UaBF) and umbilical venous (UvBF) blood flows...
November 8, 2016: Archives of Disease in Childhood. Fetal and Neonatal Edition
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