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Claudia Mroz, Kristina M Schmidt, Sven Reiche, Martin H Groschup, Martin Eiden
Rift Valley fever virus is a mosquito-borne virus which is associated with acute hemorrhagic fever leading to large outbreaks among ruminants and humans in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. RVFV circulates between mosquitoes, ruminants, camels and humans, which requires divergent amplification and maintenance strategies that have not been fully explored on the cellular and molecular level. We therefore assessed monoclonal antibodies for their applicability to monitor the expression pattern and kinetics of viral proteins in different RVFV infected cell species...
June 9, 2018: Journal of Immunological Methods
Paula Martins, Daisy Machado, Thais Holtz Theizen, João Paulo Oliveira Guarnieri, Bruno Gaia Bernardes, Gabriel Piccirillo Gomide, Marcus Alexandre Finzi Corat, Camilla Abbehausen, José Luiz Proença Módena, Carlos Fernando Odir Rodrigues Melo, Karen Noda Morishita, Rodrigo Ramos Catharino, Clarice Weis Arns, Marcelo Lancellotti
The increase of Zika virus (ZIKV) infections in Brazil in the last two years leaves a prophylactic measures on alert for this new and emerging pathogen. Concerning of our positive experience, we developed a new prototype using Neisseria meningitidis outer membrane vesicles (OMV) on ZIKV cell growth in a fusion of OMV in the envelope of virus particles. The fusion of nanoparticles resulting from outer membrane vesicles of N. meningitidis with infected C6/36 cells line were analyzed by Nano tracking analysis (NTA), zeta potential, differential light scattering (DLS), scan and scanning transmission eletronic microscopy (SEM and STEM) and high resolution mass spectometry (HRMS) for nanostructure characterization...
May 29, 2018: Scientific Reports
Ana Luiza Pamplona Mosimann, Mirian Krystel de Siqueira, Ligia Fernanda Ceole, Claudia Nunes Duarte Dos Santos
BACKGROUND: A new isolate of Aura virus serendipitously discovered as a cell culture contaminant is reported in this manuscript. Aura virus belongs to the family Togaviridae and is classified in the genus Alphavirus. There are only two reports of Aura virus isolation from mosquitoes in the scientific literature, and the existence of a vertebrate host is still unknown. The discovery of this new isolate was based on transmission electron microscopy and nucleic acid amplification through a non-specific RT-PCR amplification protocol followed by sequencing...
May 29, 2018: Parasites & Vectors
E Gias, C L Brosnahan, D Orr, B Binney, H J Ha, M A Preece, B Jones
A rickettsia-like organism, designated NZ-RLO2, was isolated from Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) farmed in the South Island, New Zealand. In vivo growth showed NZ-RLO2 was able to grow in CHSE-214, EPC, BHK-21, C6/36 and Sf21 cell lines, while Piscirickettsia salmonis LF-89T grew in all but BHK-21 and Sf21. NZ-RLO2 grew optimally in EPC at 15°C, CHSE-214 and EPC at 18°C. The growth of LF-89 T was optimal at 15°C, 18°C and 22°C in CHSE-24, but appeared less efficient in EPC cells at all temperatures...
May 28, 2018: Journal of Fish Diseases
Tien-Huang Chen, Yi-Jun Wu, Jiun-Nan Hou, Yi-Hsuan Chiang, Chih-Chieh Cheng, Eny Sifiyatun, Cheng-Hsun Chiu, Lian-Chen Wang, Wei-June Chen
Mosquito cells allow dengue viruses (DENVs) to undergo replication without causing serious deleterious effects on the cells, leading to advantages for dissemination to other cells. Despite this, increased accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) is usually detected in C6/36 cells with DENV2 infection as shown in mammalian cells. Uniquely, oxidative stress caused by the ROS is alleviated by eliciting antioxidant defense which leads to protection of mosquito cells from the infection. In the present study, a novel p53 paralogue (p53-2) was identified and proved to be regulated in C6/36 cells with DENV2 infection...
May 1, 2018: Virology
Thiago Nunes Pereira, Marcele Neves Rocha, Pedro Henrique Ferreira Sucupira, Fabiano Duarte Carvalho, Luciano Andrade Moreira
Wolbachia, an intracellular endosymbiont present in up to 70% of all insect species, has been suggested as a sustainable strategy for the control of arboviruses such as Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya. As Mayaro virus outbreaks have also been reported in Latin American countries, the objective of this study was to evaluate the vector competence of Brazilian field-collected Ae. aegypti and the impact of Wolbachia (wMel strain) upon this virus. Our in vitro studies with Aag2 cells showed that Mayaro virus can rapidly multiply, whereas in wMel-infected Aag2 cells, viral growth was significantly impaired...
May 2, 2018: Scientific Reports
Peter G Passias, Dennis Vasquez-Montes, Gregory W Poorman, Themistocles Protopsaltis, Samantha R Horn, Cole A Bortz, Frank Segreto, Bassel Diebo, Chris Ames, Justin Smith, Virginie LaFage, Renaud LaFage, Eric Klineberg, Chris Shaffrey, Shay Bess, Frank Schwab
BACKGROUND CONTEXT: Distal Junctional Kyphosis (DJK) is a primary concern of surgeons correcting cervical deformity. Identifying patients and procedures at higher risk for developing this condition is paramount in improving patient selection and care. PURPOSE: Develop a risk index for DJK development in the first year after surgery. STUDY DESIGN/SETTING: Retrospective review of a prospective multicenter cervical deformity database. PATIENT SAMPLE: Patients over the age of 18 meeting one of the following deformities: cervical kyphosis (C2-7 Cobb angle >10°), cervical scoliosis (coronal Cobb angle >10°), positive cervical sagittal imbalance (C2-C7 sagittal vertical axis >4cm or T1-C6 >10 o ), or horizontal gaze impairment (chin-brow vertical angle >25o )...
April 27, 2018: Spine Journal: Official Journal of the North American Spine Society
Jiajia Yang, Yao Lin, Liming Jiang, Juemin Xi, Xiaodan Wang, Jiaoqiong Guan, Junying Chen, Yue Pan, Jia Luo, Chao Ye, Qiangming Sun
To elucidate the differences in microRNAs during dengue virus infection between Vero cell-adapted strain (DENV-2-Vero) and its source, the clinical C6/36 isolated strain (DENV-2-C6/36), a comparison analysis was performed in Vero cells by high throughput sequencing. The results showed that the expression of 16 known and 3 novel miRNAs exhibited marked differences. 5 known miRNAs were up-regulated in DENV-2-C6/36 group, while 11 known microRNAs were down-regulated in DENV-2-Vero group. The GO enrichment and KEGG pathway analysis showed that there was a distinct difference in regulating viral replication between two strains...
May 2, 2018: Virus Research
Xingang Yao, Yun Ling, Songxin Guo, Wenyu Wu, Shijun He, Qing Zhang, Min Zou, Kutty Selva Nandakumar, Xiaoguang Chen, Shuwen Liu
BACKGROUND: Acorus calamus l. (Acoraceae) is a well-known traditional Chinese medicinal plant, whose root are historically mainly used to treat neurodegenerative diseases, and for cholera treatment. This datum strongly indicates the antimicrobial activity of A. calamus. PURPOSE: Our goal is to find the active constituents of A. calamus to treat dengue virus (DENV) infections, and to study the effects and mechanisms of these active substances. METHODS: The root of A...
March 15, 2018: Phytomedicine: International Journal of Phytotherapy and Phytopharmacology
Weijia Zhang, Fan Li, Aiguo Liu, Xiaojuan Lin, Shihong Fu, Jingdong Song, Guifang Liu, Nan Shao, Zexin Tao, Qianying Wang, Ying He, Wenwen Lei, Guodong Liang, Aiqiang Xu, Li Zhao, Huanyu Wang
BACKGROUND: Kadipiro virus (KDV) belongs to the Reoviridae family, which consists of segmented, non-enveloped, double-stranded RNA viruses. It has previously been isolated from Culex, Anopheles, Armigeres and Aedes mosquitoes in Indonesia and China. Here, we describe the isolation and characterization of SDKL1625 from Anopheles sinensis mosquitoes in Shandong province, China. METHODS: In this study, we isolated Kadipiro virus in Aedes albopictus C6/36 cell culture and the complete genome sequencing was made by next generation sequencing...
April 6, 2018: Virology Journal
Nathalie J Vielle, Beatrice Zumkehr, Obdulio García-Nicolás, Fabian Blank, Miloš Stojanov, Didier Musso, David Baud, Artur Summerfield, Marco P Alves
While Zika virus (ZIKV) circulated for decades (African lineage strains) without report of outbreaks and severe complications, its emergence in French Polynesia and subsequently in the Americas (Asian lineage strains) was associated with description of severe neurological defects in newborns/neonates and adults. With the aim to identify virus lineage-dependent factors, we compared cell susceptibility, virus replication, cell death and innate immune responses following infection with two African and three contemporary Asian lineage strains of ZIKV...
April 3, 2018: Scientific Reports
Min-Yi Chen, Jin-Tai Lin, Chia-Shuo Hsu, Chung-Kai Chang, Ching-Wen Chiu, Hao Ming Chen, Pi-Tai Chou
Colloidal perovskite quantum dots represent one of the most promising materials for applications in solar cells and photoluminescences. These devices require a low density of crystal defects and a high yield of photogenerated carriers, which are difficult to realize in tin-halide perovskite because of the intrinsic instability of tin during nucleation. Here, an enhancement in the luminescent property of tin-halide perovskite nanoplates (TPNPs) that are composed of strongly coupled layered structures with the chemical formula of PEA2 SnX4 (PEA = C6 H5 (CH2 )2 NH3 , X = Br, I) is reported...
May 2018: Advanced Materials
Christopher Montemagno, Sandrine Bacot, Mitra Ahmadi, Brigitte Kerfelec, Daniel Baty, Marlene Debiossat, Audrey Soubies, Pascale Perret, Laurent Riou, Daniel Fagret, Alexis Broisat, Catherine Ghezzi
Background: Mesothelin is a cell-surface glycoprotein restricted to mesothelial cells overexpressed in several cancers, including triple negative breast cancers (TNBC) not responding to trastuzumab and hormonal-based therapies. Mesothelin-targeting therapies are currently being developed. However, the identification of patients potentially eligible to such therapeutic strategy remains challenging. The objective of this study was to perform the radiolabeling and pre-clinical evaluation of 99m Tc-A1 and 99m Tc-C6, two anti-mesothelin single domain antibodies (sdAb)-derived imaging agents...
March 23, 2018: Journal of Nuclear Medicine: Official Publication, Society of Nuclear Medicine
Daisuke Kobayashi, Katsunori Murota, Ryosuke Fujita, Kentaro Itokawa, Akira Kotaki, Meng Ling Moi, Hiroko Ejiri, Yoshihide Maekawa, Kohei Ogawa, Yoshio Tsuda, Toshinori Sasaki, Mutsuo Kobayashi, Tomohiko Takasaki, Haruhiko Isawa, Kyoko Sawabe
In 2014 in Japan, 162 autochthonous dengue cases were reported for the first time in nearly 70 years. Here, we report the results of the detection and isolation of dengue virus (DENV) from mosquitoes collected in Tokyo Metropolis in 2014 and 2015. The phylogenetic relationship among DENV isolates from mosquitoes and from patients based on both the entire envelope gene and whole coding sequences was evaluated. Herein, 2,298 female and 956 male Aedes albopictus mosquitoes were collected at six suspected locations of DENV infection in Tokyo Metropolis from August to October in 2014 and grouped into 124 and 35 pools, respectively, for viral genome detection and DENV isolation...
May 2018: American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
Anna Affini, Stefanie Hagenow, Aleksandra Zivkovic, Jose Marco-Contelles, Holger Stark
The design of multi-targeting ligands was developed in the last decades as an innovative therapeutic concept for Parkinson's disease (PD) and other neurodegenerative disorders. As the monoamine oxidase B (MAO B) and the histamine H3 receptor (H3 R) are promising targets for dopaminergic regulation, we synthetized dual-targeting ligands (DTLs) as non-dopaminergic receptor approach for the treatment of PD. Three series of compounds were developed by attaching the H3 R pharmacophore to indanone-related MAO B motifs, leading to development of MAO B/H3 R DTLs...
March 25, 2018: European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Irene Espadas, Thomas W Maddox, Felipe de Vicente
Objectives The objective of this study was to define safe corridors for the optimal placement of bicortical implants in the feline cervical spine (C2-T1) using CT. Methods CT images of feline cervical spines (n = 16) were reviewed retrospectively. Multiplanar reconstructions were used to define the optimal safe corridors. Safe corridors were defined by their angle of insertion, width and length. The insertion point within the vertebral body was also described. Vertebral measurements were compared between vertebrae using multilevel linear regression, and left and right measurements within vertebrae were compared with the paired samples Wilcoxon signed-rank test...
February 1, 2018: Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery
Q Liu, C Wang, G Guo, W J Huo, S L Zhang, C X Pei, Y L Zhang, H Wang
Branched-chain volatile fatty acids (BCVFA) supplements could promote lactation performance and milk quality by improving ruminal fermentation and milk fatty acid synthesis. This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of BCVFA supplementation on milk performance, ruminal fermentation, nutrient digestibility and mRNA expression of genes related to fatty acid synthesis in mammary gland of dairy cows. A total of 36 multiparous Chinese Holstein cows averaging 606±4.7 kg of BW, 65±5.2 day in milk (DIM) with daily milk production of 30...
February 12, 2018: Animal: An International Journal of Animal Bioscience
Ying-Zhao Yan, Chong-An Huang, Qi Jiang, Yi Yang, Jian Lin, Ke Wang, Xiao-Bin Li, Hai-Hua Zheng, Xiang-Yang Wang
BACKGROUND: Thyroid cartilage is an important barrier in anterior cervical approach surgery. The objective of this study is to establish normative values for thyroid cartilage at three planes and to determine their significance on preoperative positioning and intraoperative traction in surgery via the anterior cervical approach. METHODS: Neck CT scans were collected from 600 healthy adults who did not meet any of the exclusion criteria. Transverse diameters (D1, D2, and D3) of the superior border of the thyroid cartilage (SBTC), inferior border of the thyroid cartilage (IBTC), and the trachea transverse diameters of the inferior border of the cricoid cartilage (IBCC) were measured on a horizontal plane...
February 8, 2018: Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research
Leonard Westermann, Carolin Spemes, Peer Eysel, Marvin Simons, Max J Scheyerer, Jan Siewe, Dominik Baschera
BACKGROUND: Our aim was to examine the specific dimensions of cervical pedicles in a large Caucasian cohort on high dissolving CT scans. METHODS: A retrospective analysis of 100 cervical spine CT scans with a maximum slice thickness of 1 mm in axial, sagittal, and coronal reconstructions was performed. The pedicle axial length (PAL), inner and outer pedicle diameter (IPD/OPD), pedicle sagittal and transverse angle (PSA/PTA), pedicle height (PH), pedicle width (PW), and the cortical thickness (COT) at different margins were measured by two independent observers...
April 2018: Acta Neurochirurgica
Miles O Fortner, Paul A Oakley, Deed E Harrison
[Purpose] To present a case of the non-surgical improvement in cervical kyphosis in a patient with history of cervical spine trauma and advanced osteoarthritis. [Subject and Methods] A 38 year old male presented with a chief complaint of chronic neck pain that was not substantially relieved by recent previous traditional physiotherapy and chiropractic manipulation. The cervical radiograph demonstrated a cervical hypolordosis of 5° as measured by the Harrison posterior tangent method from C2-C7. There was a 15° kyphosis at C4-C6 with advanced degenerative changes consistent with previous spine trauma...
January 2018: Journal of Physical Therapy Science
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