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Rafael B Araujo, Amitava Banerjee, Puspamitra Panigrahi, Li Yang, Martin Sjödin, Maria Strømme, C Moyses Araujo, Rajeev Ahuja
Conducting polymers are being considered promising candidates for sustainable organic batteries mainly due to their fast electron transport properties and high recyclability. In this work, the key properties of polythiophene and polypyridine have been assessed through a combined theoretical and experimental study focusing on such applications. A theoretical protocol has been developed to calculate redox potentials in solution within the framework of the density functional theory and using continuous solvation models...
January 16, 2017: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics: PCCP
Rebecca L Erickson, Caroline A Browne, Irwin Lucki
In diabetes, glucocorticoid secretion increases secondary to hyperglycemia and is associated with an extensive list of disease complications. Levels of cortisol in humans, or corticosterone in rodents, are usually measured as transitory biomarkers of stress in blood or saliva. Glucocorticoid concentrations accumulate in human or animal hair over weeks and could more accurately measure the cumulative stress burden of diseases like chronic diabetes. In this study, corticosterone levels were measured in hair in verified rodent models of diabetes mellitus...
January 12, 2017: Physiology & Behavior
Tainá C S Caminha, Haroldo S Ferreira, Narithania S Costa, Ricardo P Nakano, Renata Elyonara S Carvalho, Antônio F S Xavier, Monica L Assunção
The WHO recommends the use of some anthropometric parameters as a screening resource for individuals under cardiometabolic risk. However, in the validation of these indicators, Brazilian women were not included. These women have different anthropometric profile compared to women who integrated the samples of the validation studies. We aimed to verify the accuracy of anthropometric indicators as a resource for the screening of women with hypertension. A cross-sectional study, with a probability sample of 3143 women (20-49 years) from the state of Alagoas (northeast of Brazil), was carried out...
January 2017: Medicine (Baltimore)
B Matard, B Cavelier-Balloy, P Reygagne
BACKGROUND: Follicular hyperkeratosis along with hyperplasia of the follicular and inter-follicular epithelia are major histopathological characteristics of Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS). The presence of an occasional thickening of lesional skin in some Folliculitis Decalvans (FD) patients and histological similarities between FD and HS led us to look for epidermal hyperplasia and follicular hyperkeratosis in FD patients. PATIENTS AND METHOD: We performed a retrospective histological analysis of 26 patients with FD...
January 9, 2017: Journal of Cutaneous Pathology
Velisha Ann Perumal-Pillay, Fatima Suleman
BACKGROUND: The South African (SA) public health system has employed an Essential Medicines List (EML) with Standard Treatment Guidelines (STGs) in the public sector since 1996. To date no studies have reported on the process of selection of essential medicines for SA EMLs and how this may have changed over time. This study reports on the decision making process for the selection of essential medicines for SA EMLs, over the years, as described by various members of the National Essential Medicines List Committee (NEMLC) and their task teams...
January 7, 2017: BMC Health Services Research
C Abing
PURPOSE: Radiation Oncology departments are faced with many options for pairing their treatment machines with record and verify systems. Recently, there is a push to have a single-vendor-solution. In order to achieve this, the department must go through an intense and rigorous transition process. Our department has recently completed this process and now offer a detailed description of the process along with lessons learned. METHODS: Our cancer center transitioned from a multi-vendor department to a single-vendor department over the 2015 calendar year...
June 2016: Medical Physics
P Alvarez, A Molineu, J Lowenstein, P Taylor, S Kry, D Followill
PURPOSE: IROC_H conducts external audits for output check verification of photon and electron beams. Many of these beams can meet the geometric requirements of the TG 51 calibration protocol. For those photon beams that are non TG 51 compliant like Elekta GammaKnife, Accuray CyberKnife and TomoTherapy, IROC_H has specific audit tools to monitor the reference calibration. METHODS: IROC_H used its TLD and OSLD remote monitoring systems to verify the output of machines with TG 51 non compliant beams...
June 2016: Medical Physics
T Denton, J Howe, A Spalding
PURPOSE: Occipital neuralgia is a condition wherein pain is transmitted by the occipital nerves. Non-invasive therapies generally alleviate symptoms; however, persistent or recurring pain may require invasive procedures. Repeated invasive procedures upon failure are considered higher risk and are often contraindicated due to compounding inherent risk. SRS has not been explored as a treatment option largely due to the extracranial nature of the target (as opposed to the similar, more established trigeminal neuralgia), but advances in linear-accelerator frameless-based SRS now present an opportunity to evaluate the novel potential of this modality for this application...
June 2016: Medical Physics
M J Hajianpour, Hannah Bombei, Scott M Lieberman, Rachael Revell, Rachana Krishna, Robert Gregorsok, Simon Kao, Jeff M Milunsky
BACKGROUND AND OVERVIEW: Lacrimo-auriculo-dento-digital (LADD) syndrome is an autosomal dominant disorder with variable lacrimal and salivary gland hypoplasia and aplasia, auricular anomalies and hearing loss, dental defects and caries, and digital anomalies. CASE DESCRIPTION: The authors present the cases of 2 unrelated children with enamel defects and history of dry mouth leading to recurrent dental caries. The referring diagnoses were Sjögren disease and hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, respectively...
December 30, 2016: Journal of the American Dental Association
Claudio Bassi, Giovanni Marchegiani, Christos Dervenis, Micheal Sarr, Mohammad Abu Hilal, Mustapha Adham, Peter Allen, Roland Andersson, Horacio J Asbun, Marc G Besselink, Kevin Conlon, Marco Del Chiaro, Massimo Falconi, Laureano Fernandez-Cruz, Carlos Fernandez-Del Castillo, Abe Fingerhut, Helmut Friess, Dirk J Gouma, Thilo Hackert, Jakob Izbicki, Keith D Lillemoe, John P Neoptolemos, Attila Olah, Richard Schulick, Shailesh V Shrikhande, Tadahiro Takada, Kyoichi Takaori, William Traverso, Charles R Vollmer, Christopher L Wolfgang, Charles J Yeo, Roberto Salvia, Marcus Buchler
BACKGROUND: In 2005, the International Study Group of Pancreatic Fistula developed a definition and grading of postoperative pancreatic fistula that has been accepted universally. Eleven years later, because postoperative pancreatic fistula remains one of the most relevant and harmful complications of pancreatic operation, the International Study Group of Pancreatic Fistula classification has become the gold standard in defining postoperative pancreatic fistula in clinical practice. The aim of the present report is to verify the value of the International Study Group of Pancreatic Fistula definition and grading of postoperative pancreatic fistula and to update the International Study Group of Pancreatic Fistula classification in light of recent evidence that has emerged, as well as to address the lingering controversies about the original definition and grading of postoperative pancreatic fistula...
December 28, 2016: Surgery
Hajime Takahashi, Ai Iwakawa, Chihiro Ohshima, Daisuke Kyoui, Shiori Kumano, Takashi Kuda, Bon Kimura
Listeria monocytogenes infects humans via food products, causing listeriosis. Consequently, food companies pay meticulous attention to the risk of contamination of their products by this bacterium. While fragment analysis methods such as pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) are used to trace the sources of contamination for this bacterium, some drawbacks have been identified, namely the complexity of the methods and the difficulty of making data comparisons. As an alternative, multilocus sequence typing (MLST) is now seeing widespread use; however, owing to its cost, time, and labor requirements, its diffusion into the food industry has been slow...
December 16, 2016: International Journal of Food Microbiology
Erika Litvin Bloom, Rena R Wing, Christopher W Kahler, J Kevin Thompson, Sari Meltzer, Jacki Hecht, Haruka Minami, Lawrence H Price, Richard A Brown
Fear of gaining weight after quitting cigarette smoking is a major barrier to smoking cessation among women. Distress tolerance, which refers to one's ability and willingness to tolerate physical and emotional discomfort, predicts successful behavior change. Novel interventions rooted in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) have emerged that aim to increase distress tolerance and engagement in values-oriented behavior. In this study, we developed a 9-week, group-based distress tolerance intervention for weight concern in smoking cessation among women (DT-W)...
December 1, 2016: Behavior Modification
Yuelin Song, Qingqing Song, Yao Liu, Jun Li, Jian-Bo Wan, Yitao Wang, Yong Jiang, Pengfei Tu
Universal acquisition of reliable information regarding the qualitative and quantitative properties of complicated matrices is the premise for the success of metabolomics study. Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) is now serving as a workhorse for metabolomics; however, LC-MS-based non-targeted metabolomics is suffering from some shortcomings, even some cutting-edge techniques have been introduced. Aiming to tackle, to some extent, the drawbacks of the conventional approaches, such as redundant information, detector saturation, low sensitivity, and inconstant signal number among different runs, herein, a novel and flexible work-flow consisting of three progressive steps was proposed to profile in depth the quantitative metabolome of plants...
February 8, 2017: Analytica Chimica Acta
Barbara Muzzatti, Maria Antonietta Annunziata
PURPOSE: Body image is a psychological dimension of the experience of cancer, which varies along the clinical features of the disease itself and in its phases, as well as its effects in terms of functioning and quality of life. In 2012, Supportive Care in Cancer published a review addressing the relevance, application, and instruments of body image assessment for oncological settings. Since then, many research papers have been published on this topic and new questionnaires for assessing body image in oncology are now available...
December 17, 2016: Supportive Care in Cancer: Official Journal of the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer
Keith M Carroll, Heiko Wolf, Armin Knoll, Jennifer E Curtis, Yadong Zhang, Seth R Marder, Elisa Riedo, Urs Duerig
The effects of increasing the driving forces for a 1-D assembly of nanoparticles onto a surface are investigated with experimental results and models. Modifications, which take into account not only the particle-particle interactions but also particle-surface interactions, to previously established extended random sequential adsorption simulations are tested and verified. Both data and model are compared against the heterogeneous random sequential adsorption simulations, and finally, a connection between the two models is suggested...
December 27, 2016: Langmuir: the ACS Journal of Surfaces and Colloids
G Weiss, C Lai, M E Fife, A M Grabiec, B Tildy, R J Snelgrove, G Xin, C M Lloyd, T Hussell
Triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-1 (TREM-1) is expressed on neutrophils and monocyte/macrophages and amplifies Toll-like receptor-mediated inflammation during infection. TREM-1 also exists in an antagonistic soluble form (sTREM-1) that has been used as a peripheral biomarker in sepsis, though the mechanisms of its release are not entirely clear. The requirement of TREM-1 in single microbial infections is controversial, with some studies showing a protective role and others a contribution to immunopathology...
December 14, 2016: Mucosal Immunology
Takahiro Karasaki, Kazuhiro Nagayama, Hideki Kuwano, Jun-Ichi Nitadori, Masaaki Sato, Masaki Anraku, Akihiro Hosoi, Hirokazu Matsushita, Masaki Takazawa, Osamu Ohara, Jun Nakajima, Kazuhiro Kakimi
The importance of neoantigens for cancer immunity is now well-acknowledged. However, there are diverse strategies for predicting and prioritizing candidate neoantigens, and thus neoantigen loads reported in the literature vary a great deal. To clarify this issue, we compared the numbers of neoantigen candidates predicted by four currently utilized strategies. Whole-exome sequencing (WES) and RNA-Seq of 4 non-small cell lung cancer patients was performed. We identified 361 somatic missense mutations from which 224 candidate neoantigens were predicted using MHC class I binding affinity prediction software (Strategy I)...
December 13, 2016: Cancer Science
Robert Fritz, Janet G Bauer, Sue S Spackman, Amanjyot K Bains, Jeanette Jetton-Rangel
OBJECTIVES: Evidence-based dentistry now guides informed consent in which clinicians are obliged to provide patients with the most current, best evidence, or best estimates of outcomes, of regimens, therapies, treatments, procedures, materials, and equipment or devices when developing personal oral health care, treatment plans. Yet, clinicians require that the estimates provided from systematic reviews be verified to their validity, reliability, and contextualized as to performance competency so that clinicians may have confidence in explaining outcomes to patients in clinical practice...
December 2016: Journal of Evidence-based Dental Practice
Natalija Ivdra, Anko Fischer, Sara Herrero-Martin, Thomas Giunta, Magali Bonifacie, Hans-Hermann Richnow
Multielemental stable isotope analysis of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) has the potential to characterize sources, sinks, and degradation processes in the environment. To verify the applicability of this approach for source identification of hexachlorocyclohexane (HCHs), we provide a data set of carbon, hydrogen, and chlorine stable isotope ratios (δ(13)C, δ(2)H, δ(37)Cl) of its main stereoisomers (α-, β-, δ- and γ-HCHs) from a sample collection based on worldwide manufacturing. This sample collection comprises production stocks, agricultural and pharmaceutical products, chemical waste dumps, and analytical-grade material, covering the production time period from the late 1960s until now...
January 3, 2017: Environmental Science & Technology
Françoise Vincent-Hubert, Emmanuelle Uher, Carole Di Giorgio, Cécile Michel, Michel De Meo, Catherine Gourlay-France
The genotoxicity of river water dissolved contaminants is usually estimated after grab sampling of river water. Water contamination can now be obtained with passive samplers that allow a time-integrated sampling of contaminants. Since it was verified that low density polyethylene membranes (LDPE) accumulate labile hydrophobic compounds, their use was proposed as a passive sampler. This study was designed to test the applicability of passive sampling for combined chemical and genotoxicity measurements. The LDPE extracts were tested with the umu test (TA1535/pSK1002 ± S9) and the Ames assay (TA98, TA100 and YG1041 ± S9)...
December 8, 2016: Ecotoxicology
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