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Eglal R Souaya, Mona A Khorshed, Mahmoud M Ghuniem
Background: There is increasing concern about the health effects on humans due to continuous consumption of fruit juices contaminated with metals. Objective: Quadrupole inductively coupled mass spectrometry (Q-ICP-MS) was optimized, validated, and applied in routine analysis for determination of As, Pb, Cd, Sb, Hg, Cu, Zn, Fe, Al, Cr, Sn, Co, Mn, and Ni in fruit juice beverages. Methods: Several validation parameters, such as detection limits (DLs), quantification limits, linearity, accuracy, and measurement uncertainty (MU), were studied under optimized Q-ICP-MS conditions...
May 18, 2018: Journal of AOAC International
Maiko Naito, Yu Kurahara, Shiomi Yoshida, Naoya Ikegami, Takehiko Kobayashi, Shojiro Minomo, Kazunobu Tachibana, Kazunari Tsuyuguchi, Seiji Hayashi, Katsuhiro Suzuki
BACKGROUND: Pulmonary non-tuberculous mycobacterial disease (PNTM) is a known risk factor for chronic pulmonary aspergillosis (CPA). However, few studies have focused on the prognosis of PNTM-associated CPA. In the present investigation, we aimed to elucidate the clinical course and prognostic factors of CPA in patients with PNTM. METHODS: We retrospectively investigated the medical records of 62 patients with CPA and a history of PNTM who were admitted to Kinki-chuo Chest Medical Center between 2010 and 2015...
May 11, 2018: Respiratory Investigation
Hui Wang, Jun Wang, Yang Xiao
Objective: To observe the outcomes of Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with CO_2 laser surgery on the clinical course and serum immunological indexes of Adult onset Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis. Method: 69 cases of adult recurrent respiratory papilloma patients who enrolled in Beijing Tongren Hospital from September 2014 to March 2016 were divided randomly into two groups.The Chinese medicine surgery group were treated with traditional Chinese medicine combined with CO_2 laser surgery and the surgery group were treated with CO_2 laser surgery alone...
January 20, 2018: Journal of Clinical Otorhinolaryngology, Head, and Neck Surgery
Filippo Ghezzi, Laura Monni, Andrea Nistri
KEY POINT SUMMARY: Excessive neuronal excitability characterizes several neuropathological conditions including neurodegenerative diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Hypoglossal motoneurons (HMs) that control tongue muscles, are extremely vulnerable to this disease and undergo damage and death when exposed to excessive glutamate extracellular concentration that causes excitotoxicity. Our laboratory devised an in vitro model of excitotoxicity obtained by pharmacological block of glutamate transporters...
May 7, 2018: Journal of Physiology
Youn-Hee Choi, Takayuki Kosaka, Miki Ojima, Shinichi Sekine, Yoshihiro Kokubo, Makoto Watanabe, Yoshihiro Miyamoto, Takahiro Ono, Atsuo Amano
BACKGROUND: The association of periodontal bacteria with lipid profile alteration remains largely unknown, although it has been suggested that chronic periodontitis increases the atherosclerotic risk. This cross-sectional study investigated the relationship between the prevalence and total burden of periodontal bacteria and serum lipid profile. METHODS: Saliva from enrolled participants was collected to detect 4 major periodontal bacteria (Porphyromonas gingivalis, Treponema denticola, Tannerella forsythia, and Prevotella intermedia) using Polymerase Chain Reaction method...
May 4, 2018: BMC Oral Health
Issei Takeuchi, Yuta Kamiki, Kimiko Makino
Oral mucositis is one of the most common side effects induced by cancer therapy, and the prevention or rapid treatment of the symptoms of oral mucositis can improve patients' quality of life and reduce the need for treatment interruption. In this study, poly(dl-lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA) nanoparticles coated with chitosan hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride was used as a carrier of rebamipide, and its usefulness was evaluated using a mouse model for oral mucositis. The surface properties and particle size of this nanoparticle were considered to be advantageous for the treatment of oral mucositis...
April 25, 2018: Colloids and Surfaces. B, Biointerfaces
Nazia Khan, Ameeduzzafar, Kushagra Khanna, Aseem Bhatnagar, F J Ahmad, A Ali
PURPOSE: Enhancing the ocular hypotensive effect of forskolin (FK) by means of biodegradable chitosan (CS) coated poly lactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) nanoparticles (NP's). METHODS: One step emulsion-sonication process was employed for the formulation of CS-PLGA NP's with optimization being carried out by employing a four factor four level Box Behnken Design Expert. Physical and spectral characterization, drug release, permeation, confocal and ocular tolerance studies (ex-vivo & in vivo) were performed...
April 30, 2018: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
Belinda I Gómez, Matthew K McIntyre, Jennifer M Gurney, Kevin K Chung, Leopoldo C Cancio, Michael A Dubick, David M Burmeister
Intravenous (IV) resuscitation of burn patients has greatly improved outcomes and become a cornerstone of modern burn care. However, the heavy fluids and vascular access required may not be feasible in austere environments, mass casualty, or delayed transport scenarios. Enteral resuscitation has been proposed for these situations; we sought to examine the effectiveness of this strategy on improving burn-induced kidney injury. Anesthetized Yorkshire swine sustaining 40% TBSA full-thickness contact burns were randomized to three groups (n = 6/group): fluid deprivation, ad libitum water access, or 70 mL/kg/d Oral Rehydration Salt solution (ORS)...
2018: PloS One
Amer M Zeidan, Hanna A Knaus, Tara M Robinson, Andrea Mh Towlerton, Edus H Warren, Joshua F Zeidner, Amanda L Blackford, Amy S Duffield, David Rizzieri, Mark G Frattini, Yair M Levy, Mark A Schroeder, Anna Ferguson, Katherine E Sheldon, Amy E DeZern, Ivana Gojo, Steven D Gore, Howard Streicher, Leo Luznik, B Douglas Smith
PURPOSE: After failure of hypomethylating agents (HMAs), patients with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) have dismal survival and no approved treatment options. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN: We conducted a phase 1b investigator-initiated trial of ipilimumab in patients with high-risk MDS that have failed HMAs. Patients received monotherapy at 2 dose-levels (DL; 3 and 10mg/kg) with an induction and a maintenance phase. Toxicities and responses were evaluated with CTCAE.4 and IWG-2006 criteria...
May 1, 2018: Clinical Cancer Research: An Official Journal of the American Association for Cancer Research
Yulong Zhang, Zhong Zheng, Mengliu Yu, Chinyun Hsu, Emily Berthiaume, Hsinchuan Pan, Xinli Zhang, Adam Z Stieg, Benjamin Wu, Huiming Wang, Kang Ting, Chia Soo
Successful osseointegration of orthopaedic and orthodontic implants is dependent on a competition between osteogenesis and bacterial contamination on the implant-tissue interface. Previously, by taking advantage of the highly interactive capabilities of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs), we effectively introduced an antimicrobial effect to metal implant materials using a AgNP/poly(DL-lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) coating. Although electrical forces have been shown to promote osteogenesis, creating practical materials and devices capable of harnessing these forces to induce bone regeneration remains challenging...
April 17, 2018: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Elena Nikolskaya, Mariya Sokol, Mariya Faustova, Olga Zhunina, Murad Mollaev, Nikita Yabbarov, Oksana Tereshchenko, Roman Popov, Eugen Severin
PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to compare the physico-chemical and biological properties of polymeric nanoparticles obtained from poly(DL-lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA) with different ratios of monomers loaded with daunorubicin (DNR). METHODS: DNR-loaded nanoparticles (NPs) were prepared with use of modified simultaneous double-emulsion solvent evaporation/diffusion technique. NPs were characterized using dynamic light scattering, atomic force microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and differential scanning calorimetry and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy...
2018: Acta of Bioengineering and Biomechanics
Kejing Wu, Guangrong Feng, Yingying Liu, Changjun Liu, Xingyilong Zhang, Shijie Liu, Bin Liang, Houfang Lu
The aim of this work was to study promotion of ball milling and CO2 assistance on cellulose hydrolysis kinetics in water medium. Kinetic behaviors were analyzed based on first-order and shrinking core models. The results showed that cellulose hydrolysis is enhanced by ball milling and CO2 assistance. Ball milling reduced crystallinity and particle size of cellulose, resulting in high cellulose conversion, while hydrolysis promoted by CO2 assistance was weaker. Double-layer hydrolysis was observed for ball-milled cellulose, and rate constant in active layer is higher...
March 31, 2018: Bioresource Technology
Aradhana Harrison, Ranjeet Singh Mashon, Naveen Kakkar, Sheila Das
Inherited hemoglobin disorders include thalassemias and structural variants like HbS, HbE, and HbD, Hb Lepore, HbD-Iran, Hb-H disease and HbQ India. HbQ India is an uncommon alpha-chain structural hemoglobin variant seen in North and West India. Patients are mostly asymptomatic and often present in the heterozygous state or co-inherited with beta-thalassaemia. This study was done in a tertiary care teaching hospital in North India over a period of 7 years among patients referred from antenatal and other clinics for screening of hemoglobin disorders...
April 2018: Indian Journal of Hematology & Blood Transfusion
Megan E Romano, Melissa N Eliot, R Thomas Zoeller, Andrew N Hoofnagle, Antonia M Calafat, Margaret R Karagas, Kimberly Yolton, Aimin Chen, Bruce P Lanphear, Joseph M Braun
BACKGROUND: Phthalates, endocrine-disrupting chemicals that are commonly found in consumer products, may adversely affect thyroid hormones, but findings from prior epidemiologic studies are inconsistent. OBJECTIVES: In a prospective cohort study, we investigated whether maternal urinary phthalate metabolite concentrations and phthalate mixtures measured during pregnancy were associated with thyroid hormones among pregnant women and newborns. METHODS: We measured nine phthalate metabolites [monoethyl phthalate (MEP), mono-n-butyl phthalate, mono-isobutyl phthalate, monobenzyl phthalate (MBzP), and four monoesthers of di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate] in urine collected at approximately 16 and 26 weeks' gestation among women in the Health Outcomes and Measures of the Environment Study (2003-2006, Cincinnati, Ohio)...
March 23, 2018: International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health
Anaeze C Offodile, Hsuan-Yu Chou, Jennifer An-Jou Lin, Charles Yuen Yung Loh, Kai-Ping Chang, Mario A Aycart, Huang-Kai Kao
INTRODUCTION: Our aim is to examine the correlation between perioperative hyperglycemia and post-operative outcomes following microvascular reconstruction of head and neck defects. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Retrospective review of a prospectively collected database of 350 consecutive patients who underwent microvascular reconstruction of malignant head and neck defects over a 2 year period. The relationship between perioperative hyperglycemia (≥ 180 mg/dL) and the incidence of the following complications was evaluated: flap loss, flap-related complications and surgical site infections (SSI)...
April 2018: Oral Oncology
Deborah A Chon, Tamar Reisman, Jane E Weinreb, Jerome M Hershman, Angela M Leung
BACKGROUND: Levothyroxine is the most commonly prescribed medication in the United States. Many foods and medications, including calcium supplements, can interfere with levothyroxine absorption. No studies have investigated the effect of cow's milk, a common breakfast staple, on the absorption of oral levothyroxine. Cow's milk contains approximately 450 mg of elemental calcium per 12 oz (355 mL) serving. METHODS: A pharmacokinetic study was conducted in healthy euthyroid subjects to assess levothyroxine absorption with and without concurrent cow's milk consumption...
March 28, 2018: Thyroid: Official Journal of the American Thyroid Association
Dandan Li, Weilong Shi, Tiansheng Wang, Huilin Tang
To assess the efficacy and safety of sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors plus dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) inhibitor in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), we performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of 14 randomized controlled trials (RCTs) involving 4,828 patients. Compared with DPP-4 inhibitor, SGLT2 inhibitor/DPP-4 inhibitor combination therapy was significantly associated with a decrease in glycemic control [HbA1c: -0.71%, fasting plasma glucose (FPG): -25.62 mg/dL, postprandial plasma glucose: -44...
March 23, 2018: Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism
Jianping Li, Bin Yang, Hongcheng Pan, Guobao Xu
The selective and sensitive detection of rare earth elements is thought to be difficult because the concentration of those elements in the sample is commonly at a low level and they normally have severe mutual interference which is caused by homologous chemical properties. In this study, a novel molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) sensor was fabricated for highly sensitive and selective determination of ultra-trace Tb3+ . The Tb3+ -ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid complex (Tb-EDTA) as the template molecule was incorporated into mono-6-mercapto-β-cyclodextrin (mono-6-SH-β-CD) to form a Russian Matryoshka (RM)-structured molecule (CD/Tb-EDTA)...
March 14, 2018: Biosensors & Bioelectronics
Phealay May, Patricia Bremond, Christophe Sauzet, Philippe Piccerelle, Frédérique Grimaldi, Serge Champion, Pierre-Henri Villard
(1) Objective: Highlight the in vitro effects of 3T3-L1 cell exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB118 and 153) or benzo(a)pyrene (BaP) alone or as a cocktail on adipogenesis (ADG) by focusing on changes in lipid metabolism and inflammatory-related genes expression (INFG) and ADG-related genes expression (ADGG); (2) Results: Treatment from the early stage of cell differentiation by BaP alone or in combination with PCBs decreased the expression of some of the ADGG ( PPARγ Glut-4 , FAS , Lipin-1a , Leptin , and Adiponectin )...
March 13, 2018: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Vinod K Bhutani, M Jeffrey Maisels, David L Schutzman, Martin E Castillo Cuadrado, Janelle L Aby, Debra L Bogen, Robert D Christensen, Jon F Watchko, Ronald J Wong, David K Stevenson
AIM: To identify neonates at risk of haemolytic hyperbilirubinaemia through near-concurrent measurements of total serum/plasma bilirubin (TB) or transcutaneous bilirubin (TcB) and end-tidal breath carbon monoxide (CO), corrected for ambient CO (ETCOc), an index of bilirubin production and haemolysis. METHODS: Paired TB/TcB (mg/dL) and ETCOc (ppm) measurements were obtained in newborns (n = 283) at 20 to <60 hours of age in five nurseries. TB/TcB values were assigned TB/TcB percentile risk values using the Bhutani hour-specific nomogram...
March 13, 2018: Acta Paediatrica
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