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Chi-Hsin Huang, Ta-Shun Chou, Jian-Shiou Huang, Shih-Ming Lin, Yu-Lun Chueh
In this study, the resistive switching scheme using TiO2 nanorod arrays synthesized by a large-scale and low-cost hydrothermal process was reported. Especially, the nonlinear I-V characteristics of TiO2 nanorod arrays with a nonlinearity of up to ~10, which suppress the leakage current less than 10(-4) Acm(-2), were demonstrated, exhibiting a self-selecting resistive switching behavior. It provides a simple pathway for integration of RRAM crossbar arrays without additional stacking of active devices. The mechanisms of the nonlinear resistive switching behaviors were discussed in detail...
May 18, 2017: Scientific Reports
Jackie Crowe
Mental health leaders, policy makers and successive national and state governments have tried countless incremental reforms. Yet, for decades in Australia, independent inquiries and reports have concluded that our mental health 'system of care' is a misnomer. It is fragmented, ineffective, inefficient and unfair. For far too long, people, families and communities have paid a heavy price for this. Reform in itself will not be the solution that we can hang all our hopes on. Disruptive innovations are now sneaking into the mental health sector and beginning to be taken up en masse...
April 27, 2017: Public Health Research & Practice
Megan L Auld, Leanne M Johnston
PURPOSE: Many children with cerebral palsy (CP) are known to experience tactile impairments. Research evaluating specific interventions to manage this is, however, minimal. This paper seeks to consolidate current literature and provide a framework to help clinicians and researchers think strategically about tactile treatment selection and future research planning. METHOD: The framework is described via a novel analogy - "The Apartment Block Theory". The theory describes the relative effectiveness of three intervention strategies aimed at overcoming a poorly responsive tactile system: (1) Pressing the buzzer - providing repeated passive tactile stimulation at the periphery; (2) Sneaking in the door - providing active tactile-enhanced motor training that capitalises on the opportunity to provide high-dose tactile input during motor interventions; and (3) Connecting another way - providing visually enhanced touch strategies with the aim of enhancing tactile function, which can be compared to phoning the apartment as an alternative to using the buzzer...
April 14, 2017: Disability and Rehabilitation
Emre Ünver, Alexis Garland, Sepideh Tabrik, Onur Güntürkün
A small number of species are capable of recognizing themselves in the mirror when tested with the mark-and-mirror test. This ability is often seen as evidence of self-recognition and possibly even self-awareness. Strangely, a number of species, for example monkeys, pigs and dogs, are unable to pass the mark test but can locate rewarding objects by using the reflective properties of a mirror. Thus, these species seem to understand how a visual reflection functions but cannot apply it to their own image. We tested this discrepancy in pigeons-a species that does not spontaneously pass the mark test...
April 10, 2017: Animal Cognition
Aud Johannessen, Anne-Sofie Helvik, Knut Engedal, Kirsten Thorsen
BACKGROUND: Two of the most common types of young-onset dementia (<65 years old) are Alzheimer's disease and frontotemporal lobe dementia (FTLD). A limited amount of research that focuses on the needs of spouses of persons with young-onset FTLD (yo-FTLD) has been published. Thus, we have carried out a study aiming to examine the spouses of yo-FTLD experiences and needs for assistance in daily life. METHOD: Qualitative interviews with 16 informants (aged 51-69 years; nine wives, six husbands and one male cohabitant) were conducted in 2014 and 2015...
March 9, 2017: Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences
Jason A Lewis, Trevor E Pitcher
Sperm competition is prevalent and intense in many animal mating systems, and is a major force driving evolution of such mating systems. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of seminal plasma on sperm velocity of male Chinook salmon (Onchorhynchus tshawytscha), which possesses a mating system with male alternative reproductive tactics and intense sperm competition. Male Chinook salmon either adopt a small, precocious sneaking tactic (jack) or a large, dominant tactic (hooknose). To test whether the seminal plasma can effect sperm velocity amongst sperm competitors, two experiments were done whereby males were paired based upon the alternative tactic each male adopted, with the first experiment consisting of jack-hooknose pairs (N = 16) and the second experiment consisting of jack-jack and hooknose-hooknose pairs (N = 12 and 14, respectively)...
April 1, 2017: Theriogenology
Mohammed Zackriya, Harish M Kittur, Albert Chin
The major issue of RRAM is the uneven sneak path that limits the array size. For the first time record large One-Resistor (1R) RRAM array of 128x128 is realized, and the array cells at the worst case still have good Low-/High-Resistive State (LRS/HRS) current difference of 378 nA/16 nA, even without using the selector device. This array has extremely low read current of 9.7 μA due to both low-current RRAM device and circuit interaction, where a novel and simple scheme of a reference point by half selected cell and a differential amplifier (DA) were implemented in the circuit design...
February 10, 2017: Scientific Reports
J J Piek
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 2017: Netherlands Heart Journal
Robert Gombar, Trevor E Pitcher, Jason A Lewis, Janeen Auld, Panayiotis O Vacratsis
Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) are external fertilizers that display sneak-guard alternative reproductive tactics. The larger hooknose males dominate mating positions, while the smaller jack males utilize sneak tactics to achieve fertilization. Although poorly understood, previous studies have suggested that differences in spermatozoa quality may play a critical role in sperm competition. Considering that the seminal plasma strongly regulates spermatozoa quality and other processes critical for fertilization success, we employed label free quantitative mass spectrometry utilizing ion mobility separation coupled to cross-species bioinformatics to examine the seminal plasma proteome of Chinook salmon...
March 22, 2017: Journal of Proteomics
I S Magalhaes, A M Smith, D A Joyce
The strategies and traits males evolve to mate with females are incredible in their diversity. Theory on the evolution of secondary sexual characters suggests that evolving any costly trait or strategy will pay off and stabilise in the population if it is advantageous compared to the alternative less costly strategy, but quantifying the relative success of the two can be difficult. In Lake Malawi, Africa, there are >200 species of cichlid fish in which the males form leks and spend several weeks per year building sand-castle "bowers" several times their size...
January 27, 2017: Scientific Reports
Elizabeth Gibney
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 22, 2016: Nature
Zongwei Wang, Jian Kang, Zhizhen Yu, Yichen Fang, Yaotian Ling, Yimao Cai, Ru Huang, Yangyuan Wang
A resistive switching device with inherent nonlinear characteristics through a delicately engineered interfacial layer is an ideal component to be integrated into passive crossbar arrays for the suppression of sneaking current, especially in ultra-dense 3D integration. In this paper, we demonstrated a TaOx-based bipolar resistive switching device with a nearly symmetrical bi-directional nonlinear feature through interface engineering. This was accomplished by introducing an ultra-thin interfacial layer (SiO2-x) with unique features, including a large band gap and a certain level of negative heat of oxide formation between the top electrode (TiN) and resistive layer (TaOx)...
February 3, 2017: Nanotechnology
Garrett M Janzen, Matthew B Hufford
In a new study, DNA from a 5,310-year-old corn cob found in the Tehuacán Valley in Mexico was sequenced and compared to modern maize and its wild progenitor grasses. The sample was found to be an intermediate between modern maize and its wild relatives, suggesting a gradual, protracted domestication process.
December 5, 2016: Current Biology: CB
Max E Valentinuzzi, Martin Hill Ortiz, Daniel Cervantes, Ron S Leder
Recently, during the Christmas season, a friend of mine visited me and, sneaking a look at my bookshelves, found two rather old Nikola Tesla biographies, which I had used to prepare a "Retrospectroscope" column for the then-named IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine when our dear friend Alvin Wald was its editor-inchief [2]. Eighteen years have elapsed since then; soon, the idea came up of revamping the article. Cynthia Weber, the magazine's current associate editor, considered it acceptable, and here is the new note divided in two parts: that is, a slightly revised version of the original article followed by new material, including some quite interesting information regarding Tesla's homes and laboratories...
November 2016: IEEE Pulse
(no author information available yet)
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 10, 2016: Nature
Woorham Bae, Kyung Jean Yoon, Cheol Seong Hwang, Deog-Kyoon Jeong
This paper describes a novel readout scheme that enables the complete cancellation of sneak currents in resistive switching random-access memory (RRAM) crossbar array. The current-mode readout is employed in the proposed readout, and a few critical advantages of the current-mode readout for crossbar RRAM are elucidated in this paper. The proposed scheme is based on a floating readout scheme for low power consumption, and one more sensing port is introduced using an additional reference word line. From the additional port, information on the sneak current amount is collected, and simple current-mode arithmetic operations are implemented to cancel out the sneak current from the sensing current...
October 31, 2016: Nanotechnology
Christian Brix Folsted Andersen, Kristian Stødkilde, Kirstine Lindhardt Sæderup, Anne Kuhlee, Stefan Raunser, Jonas H Graversen, Søren Kragh Moestrup
Haptoglobin (Hp) is an abundant human plasma protein that tightly captures hemoglobin (Hb) during hemolysis. The Hb-Hp complex formation reduces the oxidative properties of heme/Hb and promotes recognition by the macrophage scavenger receptor CD163. This leads to Hb-Hp breakdown and heme catabolism by heme oxygenase and biliverdin reductase. Gene duplications of a part of or the entire Hp gene in the primate evolution have led to variant Hp gene products that collectively may be designated "the haptoglobins (Hps)" as they all bind Hb...
May 10, 2017: Antioxidants & Redox Signaling
Frederic Michard
Many mobile phone or tablet applications have been designed to control cardiovascular risk factors (obesity, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, diabetes and hypertension) or to optimize treatment adherence. Some have been shown to be useful but the long-term benefits remain to be demonstrated. Digital stethoscopes make easier the interpretation of abnormal heart sounds, and the development of pocket-sized echo machines may quickly and significantly expand the use of ultrasounds. Daily home monitoring of pulmonary artery pressures with wireless implantable sensors has been shown to be associated with a significant decrease in hospital readmissions for heart failure...
August 26, 2016: Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing
Yuya Makiguchi, Mitsuru Torao, Takahito Kojima, Trevor E Pitcher
In most teleost fish species, sperm competition is a key factor in determining male reproductive success, leading to selection on males to increase their reproductive investment in gonads and ejaculate competitiveness. In this study, reproductive investment patterns were assayed by examining the relative investment in gonads and sperm quality metrics (in river water and in the presence of ovarian fluid) of masu salmon, Oncorhynchus masou, representing two fixed male alternative reproductive tactics (ARTs; small sneaking parr males and large dominant anadromous males)...
December 2016: Theriogenology
Ah Rahm Lee, Gwang Ho Baek, Tae Yoon Kim, Won Bae Ko, Seung Mo Yang, Jongmin Kim, Hyun Sik Im, Jin Pyo Hong
Three-dimensional (3D) stackable memory frames, including nano-scaled crossbar arrays, are one of the most reliable building blocks to meet the demand of high-density non-volatile memory electronics. However, their utilization has the disadvantage of introducing issues related to sneak paths, which can negatively impact device performance. We address the enhancement of complementary resistive switching (CRS) features via the incorporation of insulating frames as a generic approach to extend their use; here, a Pt/Ta2O5-x/Ta/Ta2O5-x/Pt frame is chosen as the basic CRS cell...
2016: Scientific Reports
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