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Robert C Gauthier
Faraday's and Ampere's laws are converted to matrix operator form and rearranged such that the unknown relative permittivity and relative permeability tensors can be determined. The material and geometry of cylindrically symmetric optical resonator structures are determined through the electric and magnetic field component profiles and complex angular frequency of a proposed localized state. This differs from the usual utilization of the electromagnetic wave equations, solving for states given the material properties and geometry...
April 16, 2018: Optics Express
Alette H Ruarus, Laurien G P H Vroomen, Robbert S Puijk, Hester J Scheffer, Theo J C Faes, Martijn R Meijerink
PURPOSE: Irreversible electroporation (IRE) induces apoptosis with high-voltage electric pulses. Although the working mechanism is non-thermal, development of secondary Joule heating occurs. This study investigated whether the observed conductivity rise during IRE is caused by increased cellular permeabilization or heat development. METHODS: IRE was performed in a gelatin tissue phantom, in potato tubers, and in 30 patients with unresectable colorectal liver metastases (CRLM)...
April 23, 2018: Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology
Min Ju Yun, Kyeong Heon Kim, Sungho Kim, Hee-Dong Kim
In recent research of resistive random access memory (RRAM), solving the degradation phenomenon induced by both a high forming voltage to form the conducting filaments (CFs) and a high reset current is one of the main issues encountered. In this study, to overcome these problems, we propose forming-free bipolar resistive switching (BRS) behaviors by employing an ITO film with abundant oxygen vacancies, instead of conventional CF based RRAM requiring a forming process, and systematically investigate the feasibility of forming free BRS behaviors and a possible switching mechanism...
September 1, 2018: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Amir H Tavabi, Marco Beleggia, Vadim Migunov, Alexey Savenko, Ozan Öktem, Rafal E Dunin-Borkowski, Giulio Pozzi
A novel device that can be used as a tunable support-free phase plate for transmission electron microscopy of weakly scattering specimens is described. The device relies on the generation of a controlled phase shift by the magnetic field of a segment of current-carrying wire that is oriented parallel or antiparallel to the electron beam. The validity of the concept is established using both experimental electron holographic measurements and a theoretical model based on Ampere's law. Computer simulations are used to illustrate the resulting contrast enhancement for studies of biological cells and macromolecules...
April 4, 2018: Scientific Reports
Oksana V Bocharova, Sentyabrina P Reshta, Maiia Y Bocharova, Vasiliy I Eshtokin
BACKGROUND: Organoleptic properties and positive health effect on consumers both justify the importance of determining apple juice authenticity with respect to retail and wholesale trade networks worldwide. RESULTS: Adulteration of apple juice through dilution with water, as well as with ascorbic acid, has been determined. It has been demonstrated that polarization curves of a platinum electrode in apple juice are useful for undeclared antioxidant determination, as a result of the movement of the polarization curve to the left, by 200 mV, when ascorbic acid was added...
March 13, 2018: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
Moniruzzaman Shaikh, Amit D Lad, Gabriele Birindelli, Kevin Pepitone, Jagannath Jha, Deep Sarkar, Sheroy Tata, Gourab Chatterjee, Indranuj Dey, Kamalesh Jana, Prashant K Singh, Vladimir T Tikhonchuk, P P Rajeev, G Ravindra Kumar
We report the lifetime of intense-laser (2×10^{19}  W/cm^{2}) generated relativistic electron pulses in solids by measuring the time evolution of their Cherenkov emission. Using a picosecond resolution optical Kerr gating technique, we demonstrate that the electrons remain relativistic as long as 50 picoseconds-more than 1000 times longer than the incident light pulse. Numerical simulations of the propagation of relativistic electrons and the emitted Cherenkov radiation with Monte Carlo geant4 package reproduce the striking experimental findings...
February 9, 2018: Physical Review Letters
Luís Fernando Dos Santos Alves Morgan, Marcos Barbosa Pinotti, Fernanda Morais Ferreira, Giovana Mongruel Gomes, Guilherme Costa Silva, Rodrigo De Castro Albuquerque, Allyson Nogueira Moreira
Context: Light transmission (LT) into deeper areas of the dentin root is limited. Aim: The aim of this study is to perform a quantitative investigation of the radial transmission of light (LT) through different fiber posts and its influence on the Knoop hardness number (KHN) and bond strength (BS) of a dual-cure self-adhesive resin cement at 3 different depths. Materials and Methods: Four types of fiber posts (2 translucent and 2 conventional) were used...
January 2018: Indian Journal of Dental Research: Official Publication of Indian Society for Dental Research
Wenran Lv, Fuzhen Xie, Yongjun Huang, Jian Li, Xiaochuan Fang, Asif Rashid, Weiren Zhu, Ivan D Rukhlenko, Guangjun Wen
Electromagnetic force actuated plasmonic nonlinear metamaterials have attracted a great deal of interest from the scientific community over the past several years, owing to the abundant interactions between the electromagnetically induced Ampère's force and the stored mechanical force within the meta-atoms. Despite this interest, a comprehensive study of such metamaterials is still lacking, especially for the nonlinear coupling states analysis. Here we fill this gap by extensively studying the physics of electromagnetic force actuated plasmonic nonlinear metamaterials and presenting a number of new significant findings...
February 5, 2018: Optics Express
Christoph Bösel, Herbert Gross
A mathematical model in terms of partial differential equations (PDE) for the calculation of double freeform surfaces for irradiance and phase control with predefined input and output wavefronts is presented. It extends the results of Bösel and Gross [J. Opt. Soc. Am. A34, 1490 (2017)JOAOD60740-323210.1364/JOSAA.34.001490] for the illumination design of single freeform surfaces for zero-étendue light sources to double freeform lenses and mirrors. The PDE model thereby overcomes the restriction to paraxiality or the requirement of at least one planar wavefront of the current design models in the literature...
February 1, 2018: Journal of the Optical Society of America. A, Optics, Image Science, and Vision
Christian Mohn, Anneke Denda, Svenja Christiansen, Manfred Kaufmann, Florian Peine, Barbara Springer, Robert Turnewitsch, Bernd Christiansen
Seamounts are amongst the most common physiographic structures of the deep-ocean landscape, but remoteness and geographic complexity have limited the systematic collection of integrated and multidisciplinary data in the past. Consequently, important aspects of seamount ecology and dynamics remain poorly studied. We present a data collection of ocean currents and raw acoustic backscatter from shipboard Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) measurements during six cruises between 2004 and 2015 in the tropical and subtropical Northeast Atlantic to narrow this gap...
April 2018: Data in Brief
Luca Degli Esposti, Valentina Perrone, Chiara Veronesi, Marco Gambera, Giulio Nati, Francesco Perone, Paola Fausta Tagliabue, Stefano Buda, Claudio Borghi
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to assess the changes in adherence to treatment, in patients who switched from perindopril and/or amlodipine as a monotherapy (single-pill therapy, SPT) or two-pill combinations to fixed-dose combination (FDC) therapy. METHODS: A large retrospective cohort study, in three Italian Local Health Units, was performed. All adult subjects who received at least one prescription of anti-hypertensive drugs between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2014 were selected...
February 22, 2018: Current Medical Research and Opinion
Hsinhan Tsai, Wanyi Nie, Jean-Christophe Blancon, Constantinos C Stoumpos, Chan Myae Myae Soe, Jinkyoung Yoo, Jared Crochet, Sergei Tretiak, Jacky Even, Aditya Sadhanala, Giovanni Azzellino, Roberto Brenes, Pulickel M Ajayan, Vladimir Bulović, Samuel D Stranks, Richard H Friend, Mercouri G Kanatzidis, Aditya D Mohite
State-of-the-art light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are made from high-purity alloys of III-V semiconductors, but high fabrication cost has limited their widespread use for large area solid-state lighting. Here, efficient and stable LEDs processed from solution with tunable color enabled by using phase-pure 2D Ruddlesden-Popper (RP) halide perovskites with a formula (CH3 (CH2 )3 NH3 )2 (CH3 NH3 )n -1 Pbn I3 n +1 are reported. By using vertically oriented thin films that facilitate efficient charge injection and transport, efficient electroluminescence with a radiance of 35 W Sr-1 cm-2 at 744 nm with an ultralow turn-on voltage of 1 V is obtained...
February 2018: Advanced Materials
Thomas B H Schroeder, Anirvan Guha, Aaron Lamoureux, Gloria VanRenterghem, David Sept, Max Shtein, Jerry Yang, Michael Mayer
Progress towards the integration of technology into living organisms requires electrical power sources that are biocompatible, mechanically flexible, and able to harness the chemical energy available inside biological systems. Conventional batteries were not designed with these criteria in mind. The electric organ of the knifefish Electrophorus electricus (commonly known as the electric eel) is, however, an example of an electrical power source that operates within biological constraints while featuring power characteristics that include peak potential differences of 600 volts and currents of 1 ampere...
December 13, 2017: Nature
Xiaolong Liu, Reza Yazdanpanah Abdolmalaki, Gregory J Mancini, Jindong Tan
This paper proposes an in vivo laparoscopic lighting system design to address the illumination issues, namely poor lighting uniformity and low optical efficiency, existing in the state-of-the-art in vivo laparoscopic cameras. The transformable design of the laparoscopic lighting system is capable of carrying purposefully designed freeform optical lenses for achieving lighting performance with high illuminance uniformity and high optical efficiency in a desired target region. To design freeform optical lenses for extended light sources such as LEDs with Lambertian light intensity distributions, we present an effective and complete freeform optical design method...
December 2017: Journal of Biomedical Optics
Chanchal Sow, Shingo Yonezawa, Sota Kitamura, Takashi Oka, Kazuhiko Kuroki, Fumihiko Nakamura, Yoshiteru Maeno
Mott insulators can host a surprisingly diverse set of quantum phenomena when their frozen electrons are perturbed by various stimuli. Superconductivity, metal-insulator transition, and colossal magnetoresistance induced by element substitution, pressure, and magnetic field are prominent examples. Here we report strong diamagnetism in the Mott insulator calcium ruthenate (Ca2 RuO4 ) induced by dc electric current. The application of a current density of merely 1 ampere per centimeter squared induces diamagnetism stronger than that in other nonsuperconducting materials...
November 24, 2017: Science
Felix Bourier, Bernhard Schwarz, Amir Brkic, Lara Wolff, Verena Semmler, Marc Kottmaier, Elena Risse, Marta Telishevska, Stephanie Brooks, Sarah Lengauer, Marielouise Kornmayer, Katharina Koch-Büttner, Florian Berger, Gabriele Hessling, Isabel Deisenhofer, Tilko Reents
INTRODUCTION: For radiofrequency (RF) ablation, the EP Shuttle® (Stockert GmbH, Freiburg, Germany), Ampere® (St. Jude Medical, St. Paul, MN, USA), and SmartAblate® (Biosense Webster, Diamond Bar, CA, USA) generator models are most frequently used in clinical practice. The aim of this study was to assess the correlation between selected and delivered RF power for different generators. METHODS AND RESULTS: In an experimental setup, ablation catheters were connected to the EP Shuttle® , Ampere® , and SmartAblate® generators...
February 2018: Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology
Ampere A Tseng
The equivalent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHGEs) by Mahayana Buddhists with vegetarian diets is quantitatively evaluated. The Buddhists in seven Mahayana-dominated countries or regions, i.e., China, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, are studied. Assessments of the vegetarian population among these Mahayana-dominated countries or regions are performed. Correlation formulas based on data from a national survey are developed to quantify the GHGEs of various dietary groups by using the meat consumption as the only required input...
October 20, 2017: Journal of Religion and Health
Tetsuya Furukawa, Yuri Shimokawa, Kaya Kobayashi, Tetsuaki Itou
The magnetoelectric effect in bulk matter is of growing interest both fundamentally and technologically. Since the beginning of the century, the magnetoelectric effect has been studied intensively in multiferroic materials. However, magnetoelectric phenomena in materials without any (anti-)ferroic order remain almost unexplored. Here we show the observation of a new class of bulk magnetoelectric effect, by revisiting elemental trigonal tellurium. We demonstrate that elemental tellurium, which is a nonmagnetic semiconductor, exhibits current-induced magnetization...
October 16, 2017: Nature Communications
Christoph Bösel, Herbert Gross
In beam shaping applications, the minimization of the number of necessary optical elements for the beam shaping process can benefit the compactness of the optical system and reduce its cost. The single freeform surface design for input wavefronts, which are neither planar nor spherical, is therefore of interest. In this work, the design of single freeform surfaces for a given zero-étendue source and complex target irradiances is investigated. Hence, not only collimated input beams or point sources are assumed...
September 1, 2017: Journal of the Optical Society of America. A, Optics, Image Science, and Vision
Bailey S Tye, Rushi J Vyas
This research looks at the use of high frequency (HF) magnetic fields to desorb/reduce harmful chemical compounds within gasoline and diesel that commonly leak out of underground storage tanks. Using a multi-strand coil design, measured magnetic fields of over 3 kilo-amperes per meter are generated at an optimal frequency of 117 kHz without skin-depth losses, and without the use of expensive super-conductors or liquid-cooled mechanisms. This high frequency magnetic field is successfully used in non-contact-based magnetic heating and desorption of Gasoline and Diesel mixed with sand, water and easily-dispersible, benign micrometer-sized iron filings, used as a magnetic absorber...
October 2017: Heliyon
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