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Antonietta Pietrangelo, Neale D Ridgway
Oxysterol-binding protein (OSBP) and OSBP-related proteins (ORPs) constitute a large eukaryotic gene family that transports and regulates the metabolism of sterols and phospholipids. The original classification of the family based on oxysterol-binding activity belies the complex dual lipid-binding specificity of the conserved OSBP homology domain (OHD). Additional protein- and membrane-interacting modules mediate the targeting of select OSBP/ORPs to membrane contact sites between organelles, thus positioning the OHD between opposing membranes for lipid transfer and metabolic regulation...
March 13, 2018: Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences: CMLS
Luna Samanta, Ashok Agarwal, Nirlipta Swain, Rakesh Sharma, Banu Gopalan, Sandro C Esteves, Damayanthi Durairajanayagam, Edmund Sabanegh
PURPOSE: Varicocele may disrupt testicular microcirculation and induce hypoxia-ischemia related degenerative changes in testicular cells and spermatozoa. Superoxide production at low oxygen concentrations exacerbates oxidative stress in men with varicocele. Therefore, the present study was designed to study the role of mitochondrial redox regulation and its possible involvement in sperm dysfunction in varicocele-associated infertility. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Differentially expressed mitochondrial proteins were identified in 50 infertile men with varicocele and ten fertile controls by secondary LC-MS/MS data-driven in silico analysis...
March 9, 2018: Journal of Urology
Wenqiang Zhang, Xin Jin, Xin Meng, Wenzhong Tang, Baoqing Shan
We studied the processes and mechanisms that drove phosphorus (P) release and transformations at the sediment-water interface (SWI) because of the decomposition of plant debris. The results showed that, as the simulation time increased, the pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), and oxidation reduction potential (ORP) in Duckweed+Sediment+Water (DWS) and Duckweed+Water (DW) initially decreased and then increased before stabilizing. Changes in the physicochemical characteristics affect the microhabitat and the release and transformations of P at the SWI...
March 3, 2018: Chemosphere
Jianqiang Miao, Xiuhuan Li, Dong Lin, Xili Liu, Brett M Tyler
Oxysterol-binding protein (OSBP) related proteins (ORPs) are a large conserved family of lipid transfer proteins in eukaryotes. In oomycetes, some ORPs are the target of the novel oomycide oxathiapiprolin. By searching the Phytophthora sojae genome database, two ORP proteins, PsORP1 (Protein ID: 558498) and PsORP2 (Protein ID: 470921), were found. Here we investigated the biological function of PsORP2. The expression level of PsORP2 was higher in germinated cysts and late infection than in other developmental stages...
March 9, 2018: Environmental Microbiology Reports
Daniele Frascareli, Sheila Cardoso-Silva, Juliana de Oliveira Soares-Silva Mizael, André Henrique Rosa, Marcelo Luiz Martins Pompêo, Julio Cesar López-Doval, Viviane Moschini-Carlos
Depending on the environmental conditions, surface sediments can retain all the contaminants present and provide a record of the anthropic activities affecting the aquatic environment. In order to analyze the impacts on reservoirs, surface sediments were collected in three characteristic regions (riverine, transitional, and limnetic zones) of seven reservoirs in São Paulo State, Brazil. Analyses were made of grain size, organic matter (OM), total phosphorus (TP), and total nitrogen (TN). Inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-AES) was used to determine pseudo-total and bioavailable metals (Cu, Cd, Cr, Ni, Pb, Zn, Mn, Fe, and Al)...
March 8, 2018: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
Shenghua Zhang, Weilu Wang, Kaixiang Zhang, Peiyao Xu, Yin Lu
The phosphorus (P) release from bloom-cyanobacterium during its decline period is one of the most important parts involved in lake P-biogeochemical cycle, which is an important nutrient self-regulating process to sustain eutrophic status in lakes. An in situ experiment was set up to study the phosphorus release mechanisms of cyanobacterial blooms in Dianchi Lake during its decline period. In the enclosure, the cyanobacteria were dying out gradually and this process further affected the water quality parameters and lead to P release from bloom-cyanobacteria...
March 1, 2018: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Xia Su, Ying Tian, Hongzhuan Zhou, Yinglong Li, Zhenhua Zhang, Beiyu Jiang, Bing Yang, Jue Zhang, Jing Fang
In recent years, plasma activated solution (PAS) have made a good progress in the disinfection of medical device, tooth whitening, fruit preservation. In this study, we investigated the inactivation efficacy of Newcastle disease virus by PAS. Water, 0.9% NaCl and 0.3% H2 O2 were excited by plasma to obtain the corresponding solutions PAS(H2 O), PAS(NaCl) and PAS(H2 O2 ). The complete inactivation of virus after PAS treatment for 30 min was confirmed by the embryo lethality assay (ELA) and hemagglutination (HA) test...
February 23, 2018: Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Jufang Zhang, Hongshun Yang, Joel Zhi Yang Chan
We developed a portable flow-through, electrochemical sanitizing unit to produce near neutral pH electrolyzed water (producing NEW). Two methods of redirecting cathode yields back to the anode chamber and redirecting anode yields the cathode chamber were used. The NEW yields were evaluated, including: free available chlorine (FAC), oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), and pH. The performances of 2 electrodes (RuO2 -IrO2 /TiO2 and IrO2 -Ta2 O5 /TiO2 ) were investigated. The unit produced NEW at pH 6.46 to 7...
February 22, 2018: Journal of Food Science
Shijie Li, Zhuoyue Song, Tingting Liu, Jian Liang, Jun Yuan, Zhanchi Xu, Zhanghua Sun, Xiaoping Lai, Qingping Xiong, Danyan Zhang
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of Ostrea rivularis polysaccharide (ORP) against testicular oxidative stress injury via kelch-like ECH-associated protein 1-nuclear erythroid 2-related factor 2/antioxidant response element (Keap1-Nrf2/ARE) pathway. In pharmacological experiments in vivo, ORP administration could dose-dependently inhibit body and testicular weight loss, ameliorate epididymal sperm quality and protect reproductive impairment in cyclophosphamide-induced male Balb/c mice...
April 15, 2018: Carbohydrate Polymers
Jeffrey K Luttrull
OBJECTIVES: To examine the effect of subthreshold diode micropulse laser (SDM) on pattern electroretinography (PERG) and visual function in retinitis pigmentosa (RP). METHODS: The records of all patients (pts) undergoing SDM in a vitreoretinal subspecialty practice were reviewed. Inclusion criteria included the presence of RP evaluated before and after SDM by PERG. As a secondary outcome measure, the results of automated omnifield resolution perimetry (ORP) were also reviewed...
February 16, 2018: Eye
Chaoran Meng, Zhaoling Li, Chaoyun Wang, Chongwen Yu, Xuerong Bi, Siyi Wang
This protocol demonstrates a method for ramie fiber extraction by scouring raw ramie in an alkali hydrogen peroxide system supported by a controlled-release alkali source. The fiber extracted from ramie is a type of textile material of great importance. In previous studies, ramie fiber was extracted in an alkali hydrogen peroxide system supported only by sodium hydroxide.However, due to the strong alkalinity of sodium hydroxide, the oxidation reaction speed of hydrogen peroxide was difficult to control and thus resulted in great damage to the treated fiber...
February 6, 2018: Journal of Visualized Experiments: JoVE
Naoki Nomoto, Masashi Hatamoto, Muntjeer Ali, Komal Jayaswal, Akinori Iguchi, Tsutomu Okubo, Masanobu Takahashi, Kengo Kubota, Tadashi Tagawa, Shigeki Uemura, Takashi Yamaguchi, Hideki Harada
The characteristics of sludge retained in a down-flow hanging sponge reactor were investigated to provide a better understanding of the sewage treatment process in the reactor. The organic removal and sulfur oxidation conditions were found to differ between the first layer and the following three layers. It was found that 63% and 59% of the organic matter was removed in the first layer, even though the hydraulic retention time was only 0.2 h. It is thought that the organic removal resulted from aerobic and anaerobic biodegradation on the sponge medium...
February 2018: Water Science and Technology: a Journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research
Jinsoo Rhu, Sung Joo Kim, Gyu Seong Choi, Jong Man Kim, Jae-Won Joh, Choon Hyuck David Kwon
BACKGROUND: While minimal invasive surgery is becoming popular in liver resection, right posterior sectionectomy (RPS) is still considered as a difficult procedure. We summarize the clinical data and investigate the feasibility of laparoscopic right posterior sectionectomy (LRPS) in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) by comparing its outcomes with those of open right posterior sectionectomy (ORPS). METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed 191 patients who underwent RPS for HCC during January 2009 to August 2016 at Samsung Medical Center...
February 9, 2018: World Journal of Surgery
Markus Bredemeier, Lediane Moreira Lopes, Matheus Augusto Eisenreich, Sheila Hickmann, Guilherme Kopik Bongiorno, Rui d'Avila, André Luis Bittencourt Morsch, Fernando da Silva Stein, Guilherme Gomes Dias Campos
BACKGROUND: Xanthine oxidase inhibitors (XOI), classified as purine-like (allopurinol and oxypurinol) and non-purine (febuxostat and topiroxostat) XOI, present antioxidant properties by reducing the production of reactive oxygen species derived from purine metabolism. Oxidative stress is an important factor related to endothelial dysfunction and ischemia-reperfusion injury, and may be implicated in the pathogenesis of heart failure, hypertension, and ischemic heart disease. However, there is contradictory evidence regarding the possible cardiovascular (CV) protective effect exerted by XOI...
February 7, 2018: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders
Ke Wang, Xiangbo Yin, Hailong Mao, Chu Chu, Yu Tian
In this study, dynamic changes in fungal communities, trophic modes and effect factors in 60 days composting of cow manure were analyzed by using high throughput sequencing, FUNGuild and Biolog FF MicroPlate, respectively. Orpinomyces (relative abundance >10.85%) predominated in feedstock, and Mycothermus became the dominating genus (relative abundance >75%) during the active phase. Aerobic composting treatment had a significant effect on fungal trophic modes with pathogenic fungi fading away and wood saprotrophs increasing over composting time...
January 31, 2018: Bioresource Technology
Minhyoung Lee, Gregory D Fairn
Oxysterol-binding protein-related proteins are implicated in the sensing and transporting lipids at the membrane contact sites. One of the members of the mammalian ORP family, ORP8, is thought to transport lipids through directly tethering both ER and PM membranes. Targeting to PM is thought to be mediated by N-terminal pleckstrin homology [1] domain via binding to phosphoinositides. Sequence alignments and NMR structural determination revealed that the PH domain of ORP8 is atypical and contains an insertion of 20 amino acids in an unstructured loop region that may potentially block interactions with ligands...
January 31, 2018: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Ahmed M E Khalil, Osama Eljamal, Bidyut Baran Saha, Nobuhiro Matsunaga
Nanoscale zero-valent iron (nZVI) is a versatile treatment reagent that should be utilized in an effective application for nitrate remediation in water. For this purpose, a laboratory-scale continuous-flow system (LSCFS) was developed to evaluate nZVI performance in removal of nitrate in different contaminated-water bodies. The equipment design (reactor, settler, and polisher) and operational parameters of the LSCFS were determined based on nZVI characterization and nitrate reduction kinetics. Ten experimental runs were conducted at different dosages (6, 10 and 20 g) of nZVI-based reagents (nZVI, bimetallic nZVI-Cu, CuCl2-added nZVI)...
January 18, 2018: Chemosphere
Chuanyi Zhang, Guangrong Sun, Kuixia Zhao, Siqi Zou, Limei Yuan
In this study, a novel anaerobic-anoxic/nitrification (A2N) two-sludge sequencing batch reactor (SBR) configured with post-aeration (A2NO-membrane bioreactor process) was conducted to evaluate the operational efficiency, process characteristics, and microbial community structure in treating synthetic and municipal wastewater. When influent C/N ratios were 4.2-8.6, the removal efficiencies of COD, NH4+-N, TN, and TP were 86.4-90.0, 85.2-93.6, 61.8-76.0, and 97.6-99.3%, respectively, and the effluent concentrations met the first level A criteria of GB18918-2002...
February 2, 2018: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Jin Huang, Carl J Mousley, Louis Dacquay, Nairita Maitra, Guillaume Drin, Chong He, Neale D Ridgway, Ashutosh Tripathi, Michael Kennedy, Brian K Kennedy, Wenshe Liu, Kristin Baetz, Michael Polymenis, Vytas A Bankaitis
Kes1/Osh4 is a member of the conserved, but functionally enigmatic, oxysterol binding protein-related protein (ORP) superfamily that inhibits phosphatidylinositol transfer protein (Sec14)-dependent membrane trafficking through the trans-Golgi (TGN)/endosomal network. We now report that Kes1, and select other ORPs, execute cell-cycle control activities as functionally non-redundant inhibitors of the G1/S transition when cells confront nutrient-poor environments and promote replicative aging. Kes1-dependent cell-cycle regulation requires the Greatwall/MASTL kinase ortholog Rim15, and is opposed by Sec14 activity in a mechanism independent of Kes1/Sec14 bulk membrane-trafficking functions...
January 26, 2018: Developmental Cell
Sinan Khadhouri, Catherine Miller, Sarah Fowler, Luke Hounsome, Alan McNeill, Jim Adshead, John S McGrath
OBJECTIVES: To describe contemporary radical prostatectomy (RP) practice using the British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) data and audit project and to observe differences in practice in relation to surgeon or centre case volume. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Data on 13,920 Radical Prostatectomy (RP) procedures performed by 178 surgeons across 86 centres were recorded on the BAUS data and audit platform between 1st January 2014 and 31st December 2015. This equates to approximately 95% of total RPs performed over this period when compared to HES (Hospital Episode Statistics) data...
February 1, 2018: BJU International
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